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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1355Louis B.7 Nov 188212 Apr 1944
Number of Plots:1
1320Addieno datano dataSister
1319Adline F.22 Sept 185728 Dec 1908wife of John E. Frost / Mother
125Amelia(14 Mar 1814)7 Jan 1880wife of Issac Frost loose stone 14565.9.24
1222Charles8 Mar 185129 June 1914
1526Daisy A.18751943
1526David L.18481929
59Isaac(8 Mar 1824)8 Nov 1860Footstone I.F.36.8.0
1526Isaac T.1875no data
194Israel4 Feb 179426 Aug 181521.6.22
433Israel(1 Apr 1821)27 July 185552.3.26
126Issac(29 Mar 1791)2 Jan 1854back of 14262.9.4
423James(5.8 mo 1792)12 mo 1862husband of Phebe Frost70.4.7
1334John1883no data
1222Katie18 Aug 188328 Feb 1898
1733Kennethno data3 May 1931Fire & Police Dept. markers
1633Laura B.26 July 187112 Feb 1921daughter of Augustus & Mary L. Abrams
1334Lydia18881943wife of John Frost
1526Lydia J.18511923
860Nathaniel(12 Jan 1842)27 Mar 187028.2.15
60Sarah A.(5 June 1860)3 dec 1872Daughter of Issac & Catherine Frost
192Sarah Ann(9 June 1814)1 Sept 1815dau of James & Phebe Frost1.2.23
Number of Plots:22
1102Abram B.18551920
Number of Plots:2
1826Clara datano data
1826Williamno datano data
Number of Plots:2
Number of Plots:1
Gennert datano data(on gate is inscribed 1935 E.F.G.)
Number of Plots:1
1879Harold U.25 Dec 18974 Apr 1944Pvt. New York Air Service
Number of Plots:1
1210Hieronymus18841932son of Hieronymus & Matilda Gerhold
1210Matilda18501922wife of Hieronymus Gerhold
Number of Plots:3
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