By Group Name
Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1493Julia Florence18501942
1493Martin A.18551943
Number of Plots:2
1030Charles L.No Data19 Aug 1932
1030May CombesNo DataNo Datano date, but on same stone with husband
Number of Plots:2
187Elizabeth Cornell(31 July 1801)16 Feb 1828wife Will Tred, dau Leo & Sus.Corne24.8.15
Number of Plots:1
1088Annie E.18791943
1088David1873No Data
Number of Plots:2
Number of Plots:1
75Amelia(1814)5 Dec 1868wife of Ezekiel Valentine54
1391Edward W.1857no data
76Ezekiel(3 Nov 1814)3 Jan 187661.2.0
1056Hewlett(13 Dec 1810)24 May 187463.5.11
1057Maria(27 Dec 1812)21 Oct 1868wife of Hewlett Valentine55.9.24
1391no datano datano data"Valentine-Father" /B.Abrams data, 1998
1391no datano datano data"Valentine-Mother" / B.Abrams data, 1998
1391Susie A. (Abrams)18651932wife of Edward W. Valentine
Number of Plots:8
Van Cott
Number of Plots:1
Van Deusen
1405Cornelius C.18451937
1403Emily18551930wife of Cornelius C. Van Deusen
1404Emma(1849)15 Sept 1885wife of Cornelis C. Van Deusen36
1189Henry C.8 Mar 184311 July 1928
1189Phebe A. Mott28 Feb 18435 Dec 1921wife of Henry C. Van Deusen datano datafirst "name" taken from footstone: W.C.V.D.
Number of Plots:6
Van Loon
1871John M.18381922
1872Mary E.18471919
Number of Plots:2
Van Nostrand
1808George11 Oct 188331 Jan 1942Father
Number of Plots:1
Van Pelt
2000Calvin(25 July 1868)25 Feb 1871son of Garret Van Pelt2.7.0
790George H.(1837)5 Nov 1880Footstone "my son"45
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