By Group Name
Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1647Annie L.18661928
1047Carman L.(31 Feb 1889)31 July 1889son of Wilbur J. & Libbie Wright0.5.0
1052Catherine9 Nov 181624 Nov 1885footstone: C.W.
409Charles(12 Apr 1831)27 June 190473.2.15
1521Charles L.18811904
408Delmarier(22 Feb 1864)15 Oct 1864son of William & Adaline Wrigth23.7.25
1288Dorlon28 Mar 183730 May 1910
766EdgarNo Data16 Sept 1894Father
1201Edward Raymond(10 Jan 1857)22 Nov 1891son of Samuel & Phebe Wright34.10.12
208ElaziaNo DataNo Data
2Elocey(30 Jan 1810)16 Apr. 1831Wife of Israel Wright Footstone EV21.3.17
1291Floyd Dorlon(Dec 1886)1 Apr 1887infant son of Dorlon & Anna S. Wright0.4.0
1890George Lewis7 June 18321 Feb 1927
840George S.(5 June 1868)21 Mar 1890son of James S & Catherine Wright21.9.18
1076George W.18611939
297Hannah(21 Sept 1851)30 May 1890dau of James & Hannah Wright
1050Isaac L.17 May 18425 Oct 1917"Father"
3Israel(30 Jan. 1804)16 Apr. 183121.3.17
295James(5 Sept 1801)24 Apr 185957.7.21
1046James27 Mar 182329 Sept 1904
842James S.(1792)19 Oct 186371
1203James S.18441925
767James T.(8 mar 1857)27 July 189841.4.19
296Letitia(31 Aug 1805)27 Apr 1873wife of James Wright67.7.21
1048LibbieNo DataNo Data
1044Lois(30/1Oct 1853)16 Apr 1868daughter of James & Lydia G. Wright14.5.16
1045Lydia G.9 June 182013 May 1896wife of James Wright
1049Lyron H.(25 Sept 1867)17 Aug 1868son of Isaac L. & Rosilla Wright0.10.23
1205M. Emma(22 Mar 1846)23 Oct 1881wife of James S. Wright35.7.1
213Margret18451906wife of Davenport Wright
4Maria(4 July 1810)10 Jan. 1895Wife of Israel Wright Footstone EV84.5.27
410Mary A.(14 Nov 1831)14 Sept 190775.10.0
1289Mary A.(1841)20 Mar 1874Our Mother33
1055Mary E.25 Jan 186819 Nov 1915wife of Wilbur Wright Sr.
1290Mary E.(13 Feb 1896)17 Feb 18960.0.4
1349Mary E.18541881footstone: M.E.W.
1246Myrtleno datano datadaughter of William & Sadie Wright
1162Oakley(7 July 1852)9 Feb 189946.7.2
1247Oliverno datano datason of William & Sadie Wright5.0.0
1198Phebe J.(1835)11 Jan 1903wife of Samuel Wright68
1519Richardson(1830)17 July 189464
1051Robert16 Oct 18183 Sept 1875footstone: R.W.
1468Robert D.18781945
1050Rosilla15 Feb 184425 Aug 1915wife of Isaac L. Wright / "Mother"
1198Samuel10 Nov 18306 May 1907(A son nameless, buried with him.)
1204Samuel B.30 July 190519 Aug 1907
767Sarah(3 Oct 1831)11 Oct 187241.0.8
1298Sarah Jane(15 Mar 1841)2 Sept 1915wife of Martin V.B. Wright74.5.18
1285Stephen datano data
1162Susan E.No DataNo Datawife of Oakley Wright
1705Wilbur F.19011939
1055Wilbur J.No DataNo Data
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