By Plot Number
Rockville Cemetery
PlotLastFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1511ConoverHarriet Louisa9 Apr 186825 Jan 1885only daughter of George W.& C. Alydia Conover
1512RhodesMargaret Ann18611935
1513FisherAlfred S.14 Sept 187022 Apr 1901
1514SmithLetitia(5 Apr 1891)16 May 18910.1.11
1515SmithElizabeth A. Rhodes(Nov 1851)23 Jan 1909wife of Wilson Smith57.2.0
1516SmithWilson(16 Apr 1849)31 Jan 192171.9.15
1517no dataButzieno datano data(Footstone in a lot by itself)
1519WrightRichardson(1830)17 July 189464
1520KummerMary18431925wife of Joseph Wright
1521WrightCharles L.18811904
1522HautschJohn Henry18501896
1522HautschE. Louise18521933wife of John Henry Hautsch
1524CombsAlanson14 Jan 187313 Oct 1918
1524CombsArthur R.8 May 190213 Oct 1918
1524CombsLorraine M.30 Sept 191114 Oct 1918
1525JohnsonRuth Ellenno datano data(a child's grave)
1526FrostIsaac T.1875no data
1526FrostDavid L.18481929
1526FrostDaisy A.18751943
1526FrostLydia J.18511923 datano data(on gate is inscribed 1935 E.F.G.)
1528CarmanJoseph S.24 Mar 183416 Aug 1906Father
1528CarmanPhoebe J.26 Nov 18347 Oct 1919wife of Joseph. S. Carman / Mother
1528DeMottHorace W.2 May 18935 May 1894son of Ellsworth & Minretta DeMott / Horace
1528DeMottMinretta18631947wife of Ellsworth H. DeMott
1528CarmanA. Wallace18681914also see plot 1530
1528CarmanPhoebe S.18711924wife of A. Wallace Carman /also see plot 1529
1528CarmanHerbert L.18911908Herbert
1528CarmanHarold W.18971898Harold
1529CarmanPhoebe18711924wife of A. Wallace Carman /also see plot 1528
1530CarmanA. Wallace18681914also see plot 1528
1531DeMottEllsworth H.18621932
1532WattsSamuel H.18491924S.H.W.
1532WattsChristianna18541938wife of Samuel H. Watts / C.W.
1532BrowerMary E.18331919M.E.B.
1533BurlingGeorgia A.18591929
1533MillsGeorge V.18261909
1533MillsPhebe18261897wife of George V. Mills
1533BurlingJoseph S.18511928
1534MottElizabeth A.(10 Apr 1831)28 May 190776.1.18
1535BondPhebe Ann18501926wife of William Bond / P.A.B.
1536HortonPhebe J.21 Mar 18529 Jan 1921wife of David V. Horton
1537HortonDavid V.4 May 184617 Oct 1903
1538AbramsSarah J. Mott18411906Mother
1539AbramsCharles H.18881924Husband
1540MorsMary E.18411895
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