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David D. (ALK) Casselman. was born at Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY, near Albany New York about 1734; around the year 1750 the family moved to Hampshire County, Virginia where his father Andreas and his older brother William had received land grants from Lord Fairfax of Virginia on 23 August 1749, this is when the name was changed to Castleman, on the paperwork for the land grants. About 1786 the families dispersed when Jacob moved with his family to Pennsylvania, then on to Tennessee and Lewis with family settled on a farm near Clear Creek in Woodford County Kentucky. Andreas, William and Dietrick II later followed son & brother Jacob to Pennsylvania leaving David as the only male member of the Castleman Family in Virginia.

David married about 1756 to Margaret Johnson, born about 1737 in Virginia. Margaret descended on her mothers side from the Hampton family for whom Hampton, Virginia is named. They bought "Head Springs" farm at Summit Point, Frederick County Virginia (now Hampshire County West Virginia) in 1762 and sold it ten years later in 1772 when he purchased "Glen Owen" Farm from Squire & Mrs. George Washington.

"Glen Owen" was located in Frederick County Virginia (now Clarke County Virginia), about three miles east of Berryville, between Berryville and Bluemont on the west bank of the Shenandoah River, on what is today's "Historic Scenic Highway" state route 7. His son David Jr. at one time operated a ferry service across the Shenandoah River near there and the bridge that eventually replaced the ferry service is officially named the "Castleman Ferry Bridge".

David and Margaret raised seven sons and three daughters there at "Glenn Owen" before Margaret died in 1803 and was buried there on the farm. In 1811 David sold this farm retaining the burial ground where his wife was buried. He then bought "Rose Hill" farm at Wickliffe, Frederick County Virginia where he lived with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Jacob Shively until his death on February 3, 1826. He is buried with Margaret at "Glen Owen Farm".

Evidently David had not finished paying for "Glen Owen" before his death as one paragraph of David's will states: "It is my will and desire that my executor hereafter named shall apply the rent arising from the said farm, first to the payment of the annuities due Mr. & Mrs. Washington, the residue if any to be applied in such manner as my executor may think advantageous. My executor shall have full right and privilege to make compromise with the Washington's which they may deem most expedient, in order to release the land from the encumbrance of the said annuity". Thus it would seem that when he moved to "Rose Hill" he "rented" out the "Glen Owen" farm in order to complete paying for it. In his will he made equal distribution to all his surviving children except Elizabeth who he lived with his last years.

The Last will and testament of David Castleman Sr. of Frederick County, Virginia, made the nineteenth day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two. I give and devise to eight of my children, William, John, Mary Odel, James, Benjamin, David, Thomas and Elizabeth Shively and also a half share to my grandson James Castleman all my estate real, person, miscel, whatever and wherever to them their heirs, executors, administrators and a assignee after paying all my just debts and legacys hereafter named.

In the first place it is my will and desire that Elizabeth Shively shall have the tract of land which I purchased of Machem Repass where on her and my son in law Jacob Shively now lives at twenty dollars per acre to be paid for in three equal annual payments; the first payment to be made twelve months after my death and so in each and every year until the whole is paid to my executors hereinafter named. But should she not except of the land aforesaid at the price & terms aforesaid within one month after my executors qualifies to this my last will, then it is my desire that my executors do sell the aforesaid tract of land together with all the other of my estate real, personal & mixed whatever and wherever at their discretion for the best price and upon such terms as may appear to them most beneficial to my children named as aforesaid & it is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and twelve hundred dollars to Elizabeth Shively for and in consideration of her attention & services to me provided she not except of the land aforesaid. Then she is to have this sum together with an equal share with my children as aforesaid.

I do further give and devise to Elizabeth Shively all my household & kitchen furniture of every kind. It is my will and desire that the money which my two sons John and Thomas owes me shall be collected of them in three equal annual payments with interest thereon in one, two and three years after my death and lastly, I do nominate and appoint my sons William Castleman & David Castleman & my friend Charles McCormick sole executors of my last will.

Witness my hand & seal this 19th day of December, 1822.

note: In the following obituary published 27 February 1826 at the National Intelligencer, Washington D.C., You will see where some of the erroneous information about David's place of birth started.

In the neighborhood of Snicker's Ferry, Virginia, on the 13th instant, David Castleman, aged 92 years, for nearly (70) seventy of which he resided in the County of Frederick. He raised a numerous and respectable family of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild. It is estimated that they are amounted to two hundred and forty persons. He was born 1734 in England (error!) and he died 13 February 1826. He married Margaret Johnson (date unknown) who was born 1739 and died 30 November 1808 on the "Glen Owen" farm (error, buried there) in Frederick County, Virginia

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