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When my father died in 1970 I knew very little about his family. My mother's family was very well documented by 1961 in a book titled "Our Brokaw/Bragaw Heritage" but I had no idea about my paternal genealogy. I became an amateur genealogist at that time and began to trace my paternal "Roots". Fortunately it was not all that difficult as some of my cousins that I "discovered" already had began the trace and it was fairly simple to trace a direct line to my 7th great grandfather in 1615 Adelshofen, future Germany, in about three years; the trace was plain and well documented. Of course it was a skimpy tree at that point and I spent the next few years fleshing out MY Castleman family tree.

As I met more and more "cousins" I was to learn that many of them were not as fortunate as I and could not "connect" to any particular line. Being fortunate in that by 1984 I was able to commit much time to travel and research I wished to help in their search and, I seemed to be very lucky at making connections. There were/are many unfortunate "cousins" that may never be able to absolutely connect their line back as far as I have, for that I am truly sorry. Many connections will have to be assumed because of a "lack of absolute evidence" and the rule of assumption may be necessary in some cases to tie some lines together. This does not mean that one should accept this as an absolute and discontinue searching, by all means search, you can never be sure of anything. I have worked as a census taker and when I saw the cavalier attitude many enumerators took to gathering information I was very disillusioned, I learned that those records like almost all other public records are subject to the interpretation of the person writing it down and many mistakes or outright falsehoods were recorded.

Even though I have made every effort to validate the information contained herein, time and trepidation have taken their toll and at times it was just not possible to do so. Also, there is a lot of data out there such as property transfers etc., that I have located and choose not to include, I go to sleep reading that stuff. There are others much more adept at that than I. This website is a very small portion of the information on my database of more than 25,000 connected names, many with documentation and some without. This effort is therefore "My Best Guess" and should be viewed in that respect.

Also, all you "Teckies" that have to have all the bells and whistles, will find this bare bones site very boring. I am dedicating the site to that huge majority of users that want information, not a circus.

Other than Photos, which I feel are information of a kind, there will be no fancy, time consuming graphics, if you want animation go watch the Disney channel. For music I suggest your stereo, I even feel I owe you an apology for this time consuming explanation. Besides, I don't know how to do all that stuff anyway!


Explanation: Many times over the years I have been asked why I placed the initials of the sire in the Castleman line i.e. (SBC). And as I explained many times it was because there are so many name duplications it helps me to keep the line straight, even though I still have many duplicates with the initials inserted, it still helps.

When I first did this site I deleted all those initials thinking it would lessen the confusion for those not familiar with my methods. Now I find many people relied on that system to assist them and are disappointed that I deleted the initials from the web pages so, I have reinstated them in this updated site. If you have any corrections or deletions please feel free to e-mail me - [email protected], and always remember, this is: MY BEST GUESS.

Note: This is by no means supposed to be a comprehensive history and has often been shortened, just hitting highlights so that it won't be so boring and time consuming. Occasionally I will also use "Hans" or "Hanss", the diminutive of "Johannes". In our Americanized English this would be the equivalent of using Johnny or John for Jonathan.

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My Castleman Ancestry et al


Agee - Allen - Anderson - Anthony -Appolonia - Ash - Auld - Azevedo - Bacher - Baggarly - Bailey - Ballew - Barker - Bartling - Beatty - Becker - Bevens - Bewley - Blackmon - Blades - Bland - Blazer - Bouwens - Bradley - Brashears - Breckenridge - Brian - Brock - Brown - Bryant - Buckley - Bullock - Burch - Burnett - Bush - Carman - Carroll - Castile - Chaddock - Check - Cichon - Clark - Clifford - Cole - Conley - C ook - Cope - Costello - Covert - Covington - Cowgill - Cox - Crady - Crawford - Cresson - Crone - Crow - Crownover - Custard - Cutler - Daniels - Darnell - Davids - Davis - Davison - De Fore - Deering - Delcourt - Dennis - DeQuasie - Dever - Dickerson - Dickey - Dillenbach - Dockrey - Dodge - Douglass - du May - Duncan - Duvall - Dyson - Earhart - Eller - Ellis - Emigin - Essex - Estes - Evans - Ewing - Ezzell - Fahey - Farr - Felty - Fisher - Fletcher - Francis - Frost - Frederick - Gallagher - Gates - Gatewood - Gest - Gill - Gille' - Gillispie - Gilmore - Glaze - Godnick - Gooch - Gooderham - Goodrich - Gould - Gravier - Groves - Hall - Hallford - Halsted - Hanks - Hardin - Hardt - Harrison - Hartman - Harvey - Heald - Higgins - Hilton - Hirtzen - Hobbie - Hodgen - Hoff - Hope - Howard - Howerton - Huberin - Hughes - Hulen - Hurt - Hybau - Hyde - Ingrum - Jans - Johnson - Jones - Journeycake - Jumper - Keenan - Kelley - Kidd - Kiethley - King - Knudson - Knyteen - LaRue/LaRoux - Lassiter - Laughlin - Lawhead - Leeper - Le Fevre - Lingenfelter - Liston - Locke - Loveless - Lowther - Lyons nee ??? - Lucas - Manes - Martin - Matlock - Mauldin - Mayo - McAllister - McCauley - McConnell - McCracken - McCreary - McGlathin - McMillan - McNamara - McVey - Meuer - Miller - Molich - Monk - Montgomery - Morgan - Morrison - Motch - Mott - Mylar - Nanamura - Nuss - Oates - Oleson - Oliver - Osborn - Owsley - Parker - Patterson - Pearsall - Pendleton - Pennington - Pierce - Ponder - Post - Powell - Price - Prine - Ray - Redding - Renfrow - Rhodes - Rinderin - Roberts - Robertson - Roper - Ross - Runyon - Russell - Saltzmann - Scarborough - Schafer - Schmidt - Scott - Sears - Shamlim - Shephard - Shepherd - Sinclair - Smart - Smith - Socia - Sprecker - Stanford - Stetson - Storey - Stricklen - Stryker - Stubblefield - Suydam-Mount - Talbott - Taylor - Teague - Teel - Tennison - Thompson - Torres - Travis - Tucker - Vail - Van Cleave - Van Middlesward - Van Nest - Van Nortwick - Van Nostrand - Van Vechten - Van Wickelen - Vicars - Waggoner - Waldron - Walterin - Walters - Warner - Weas - Wells - Wheeler - White - Wickersham - Wiley - Williams - Wilson - Wiltfang - Wiltsie - Wood - Woodward - Wright - Yoakum/Yocum - Young - Zeh (See)


Decendants of James & Nancy (Yocum) Castleman & John & Amy (Young) Yoakum

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