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Index of Names - A-B
A complete listing of all the known relatives of my father, Albert Clarke Edwards


Aalto, August (1866-1958)
Aalto, Lempi Ilona (1893-1966)
Aalto, Maria (Nyyssala) (1870-1946)

Abad, Christian Nicholas (1973-)
Abad, Francis Louis (Sr.) (1925-1948)
Abad, Francis Louis (Jr.) (1946-)
Abad, Heather Mist (1978-)
Abad, June Patricia (Huddleston) (1922-2007)
Abad, Matthew Lucas (1975-)
Abad, Patricia Ann (unknown)

Abella, Brandi Lynn (Cassingham) (1975-)
Abella, Vincent

Abbott, Carla Jo (Morhardt) (1958-)
Abbott, Dennis R.
Abbott, Frederick Edgar (1868-1933)
Abbott, Mary Anna (Magness) (1873-1963)
Abbott, Mary Elizabeth (1894-1983)       [obituary]

Abraham, Ashley Elizabeth (1969-)
Abraham, Elizabeth Jane (Valentine) (abt 1960-)
Abraham, Elliot Thomas (1995-)
Abraham, Judy Elizabeth (Wells) (1941-)
Abraham, Katherine
Abraham, Thomas Kenneth (1941-)
Abraham, Thomas Kyle (1966-)

Acitio, Lisa

Acken, Evelyn (unknown)
Acken, Florence Ida (Smith) (1894-)
Acken, Harry Van (Sr.)
Acken, Harry Van (Jr.)

Acosta , Lorraine Joice (abt 1936-)

Adam, Beverly A. (Foss)
Adam, Carolyn Sue (Siegenthaler) (abt 1938-)
Adam, Charles W. (1909-1986)
Adam, Dean F. (abt 1936-)
Adam, Deborah Jean (1955-)
Adam, Douglas K. (1943-)
Adam, Edwin L.
Adam, Evelyn (Wortman)
Adam, Joy Annette (1947-)
Adam, Marie (Adams) (1914-2007)   [obituary]
Adam, Marvel E. (unknown) (1943-)
Adam, Melba Sue (1937-1982)
Adam, Michelle
Adam, Sherry Lynn (abt 1961-)
Adam, Teresa Lynn (1963-)
Adam, Terry D. (1940-)
Adam, Yvonne Marie (abt 1967-)

Adams, Aaron C.
Adams, Alpha P. (1896-1975)
Adams, Ardillis Alvin (1828-1909)          [obituary]
Adams, Anna B. (1854-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Arlene (1935-)

Adams, Beal Mystery Kin
Adams, Beal Austin (1858-1918) Mystery Kin
Adams, Benjamin F.
Adams, Benjamin Keith (1990-)
Adams, Bessie (Rizer) (1898-1977) Mystery Kin
Adams, Billy Morris (1931-)
Adams, Birdie (Morris) (1885-1960)
Adams, Bobbi Jo (Kitchenmaster) (abt 1953-)

Adams, Carl W. (1891-1985) Mystery Kin
Adams, Carol (1952-)
Adams, Carol (Tannenbaum)
Adams, Carol Louise (1955-)
Adams, Catharine M. (Bowersock) (1848-1928)
Adams, Catherine Colleen
Adams, Cecil (1915-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Cheryl E. (1955-)
Adams, Clayton L. (1923-1944)   [obituary]
Adams, Clayton Lee
Adams, Cora Florence (1865-1931)

Adams, Dale K. (1955-)
Adams, Debra Ann (1951-)
Adams, Della (Marquand) (1868-1953) Mystery Kin
Adams, Donald H. (abt 1935-)
Adams, Dorothy A. (Carmean) (1912-2005)
Adams, Dorothy J. (1916-1982)
Adams, Dortha (1916-) Mystery Kin

Adams, Elizabeth (unknown) Mystery Kin
Adams, Elizabeth M. (1855-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Ella (1863-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Eric
Adams, Eunice Grace (1900-) Mystery Kin

Adams, Fern W. (Wiggins) (1896-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Floyd Edward (1910-1968)   [obituary1, obituary2]

Adams, George W. (1827-1893) Mystery Kin
Adams, Glen A. (1893-1977) Mystery Kin
Adams, Glenn W. (1905-1987)
Adams, Glenn William
Adams, Grace Evelyn (Finnegan) (1911-1995)
Adams, Grace Marie (Biel) (1906-1981)

Adams, Harriet M. (Marshall) (abt 1871-)
Adams, Harvey John
Adams, Harvey Kurtindolph (1845-)
Adams, Hazel Mae (1916-1992)
Adams, Henry Irving (1890-1968)
Adams, Homer H. (1920-2002)   [obituary]

Adams, Ida Lillie (Ruth)
Adams, Irene E. (Riley) (1924-)

Adams, Jack Alan (1953-1980)
Adams, James Edwin (1984-)
Adams, James H. (1912-1968)   [obituary]
Adams, Jane (Cassingham) (1830-1901) Mystery Kin
Adams, Janice Diane (Rutherford) (1964-)
Adams, John D. (abt 1939-)
Adams, John Edward
Adams, John Robert
Adams, John Walter (Sr.) (1881-1970)   [obituary]
Adams, John Walter (Jr.) (1908-1999)
Adams, John
Adams, John (1959-)
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Joyce (1956-)
Adams, Judith K. (Parson) (abt 1940-)

Adams, Kari Lynn (Foster) (1968-)
Adams, Kathryn Jean (1985-)
Adams, Kristi

Adams, Leona Veronica (Martin) (1924-)
Adams, Leta Eileen (1922-2002)
Adams, Lewis Ned (abt 1926-)
Adams, Linda (abt 1947-)
Adams, Lori
Adams, Lucy A. (1870-1957)
Adams, Lysle Martin (1906-1992)

Adams, Mabel (1894-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Marcella Gertrude (Volz) (1916-2007)
Adams, Margaret (1862-1905) Mystery Kin
Adams, Marie (Merriman) (1895-)
Adams, Marie (1914-2007)   [obituary]
Adams, Marie Agnes (Heck) (1915-1973)
Adams, Martha Eliza (Gibson) (1882-1965)
Adams, Martha J. (1866-1888) Mystery Kin
Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Mary Helen (Edds) (1909-1985)
Adams, Mildred F. J. (unknown) (1924-2006)
Adams, Michael Keith (1957-)
Adams, Minerva J. (Linton) (1847-1871)

Adams, Nora (Matulich)
Adams, Norma Jane (Theobald) (1927-)

Adams, Orra A. (Millison) (1870-1944)

Adams, Paul (Jr.)
Adams, Peggy Sue (Walker) (1958-)

Adams, Ralph R. (abt 1902-)
Adams, Ralph Reed (1873-1959)
Adams, Ray T. (1890-1985) Mystery Kin
Adams, Rebecca D. (Trego) (1862-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Rhoda Ann (1887-)
Adams, Rhonda Kay (abt 1958-)
Adams, Richard L. (1946-1995)
Adams, Rita Mary (Hoersten) (1918-)
Adams, Robert (-1929)
Adams, Roger M. (abt 1932-)
Adams, Rosanne L. (1949-)
Adams, Ruth Ellen (1956-)
Adams, Ruth Marie (1941-)

Adams, Sarah Rachel (1986-)
Adams, Sharon L. (Webster)
Adams, Shirley Ann (1939-2001)
Adams, Sophia (1860-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Susan
Adams, Susan Jane (May) (abt 1840-)
Adams, Susannah (unknown)

Adams, Tania Sue (abt 1960-)
Adams, Thomas (abt 1828-)
Adams, Thomas H. (1856-) Mystery Kin
Adams, Treva (1904-1995)
Adams, Treva (abt 1954-)

Adams, Virgil (Sr.) (1896/1897-1980) Mystery Kin
Adams, Virgil (Jr.) (1927-1974) Mystery Kin

Adams, Wilma Laverna (1918-1993)

Adams, Zee Maud

Adamson, Bill E. (abt 1951-)
Adamson, Gregg (abt 1954-)
Adamson, Robert E. (abt 1929-)
Adamson, Ruth V. (Gregg) (abt 1930-)

Adang, Charles P. (1895-1977)
Adang, Charles William (1929-1983)
Adang, Freda A. (Smith) (1902-1974)
Adang, Lavina (unknown) (1857/58-)
Adang, Nicholas (abt 1853-)
Adang, Roberta J. (Tait) (1931-)
Adang, Rosemary (1926-)
Adang, Rosemary (1954-)
Adang, William Charles (1929-1983)

Ade, Anna Marie (Martzahn) (1901-1992)
Ade, Jean Marie (1928-)
Ade, Oliver Edgar (1901-1973)

Adkins, Addie Barnett
Adkins, Allen Bert (1938-2010)          [obituary]
Adkins, Barbara Ann (1942-)
Adkins, Charles Elmer (1933-)
Adkins, David Edward (1964-1964)
Adkins, Derema Marie (1934-2007)          [obituary]
Adkins, Donna May (1940-2005)          [obituary]
Adkins, Dorothy Agnes (Dew) (1918-2011)          [obituary]
Adkins, Douglas O. (1903-1973)
Adkins, Georgia G. (Cummings) (1886-1940)
Adkins, Gloria Lee (1935-2001)          [obituary]
Adkins, Gregory Allen (1957-2000)          [obituary]
Adkins, Jaclyn (1963-)
Adkins, Kenneth Charles (1960-)
Adkins, Lisa Carol (1965-)
Adkins, Lois Mae (Sutton) (1936-)
Adkins, Loraine K. (Urfer) (abt 1959-)
Adkins, Patricia (Green) (1940-)
Adkins, Rhonda L. (1961-)
Adkins, Roscoe (1912-1977)
Adkins, Sonja D. (Hawkins) (1938-)

Adkisson, Barbara (1965-)

Agass, Jacob
Agass, James
Agass, Joshua
Agass, Julie (Olinger)

Ahlers, Jill D. (1967-)

Ahlquist, Brent (1966-)
Ahlquist, Camilla Anne (1995-)
Ahlquist, Ethan
Ahlquist, Jesse
Ahlquist, Judy Lorraine (Winters) (1967-)
Ahlquist, Max
Ahlquist, Seth Austin (1993-)

Aiken, Rachel Joy (1985-)

Ainsworth, Margaret Elizabeth (1900-1969)

Airsman, Sarah

Aitken, Carlie
Aitken, Cindy K. (Cassingham)
Aitken, Don
Aitken, Jeannette M.
Aitken, McKinzie

Ake, Anna (Sommers) (1861-1933)
Ake, Clarence Harrison (1889-1957)
Ake, Dorathea F. (Finney) (1910-1984)
Ake, Elias (1857-1944)
Ake, Jack Douglas (1911-1976)
Ake, Mabel Printha (Merriman) (1890-1985)

Akers, Martha Ellen (1838-1900)

Albert, Darla Lea (1942-1990)
Albert, Eddie (1935-)
Albert, Irene Isabelle (Cassingham) (1915-)
Albert, J. Wayne

Albertson, Amy Louise (1961-)
Albertson, Audrina
Albertson, Brittany Lauren (1989-)
Albertson, Chloe (Skroburt)
Albertson, Deborah (unknown)
Albertson, Earl
Albertson, Jean Rae (Glover) (1931-)
Albertson, Judith Ann (Fulton) (1965-)
Albertson, Karin (1934-)
Albertson, Kristin Elise (1992-)
Albertson, Maurice Orval (1931-)
Albertson, Mercedes Fairbanks (Rhodes) (1905-1995)
Albertson, Michael Earl (1962-)
Albertson, Mona Louise (Griffin) (1934-)
Albertson, Paula (unknown)
Albertson, Philip Calvin (1905-1941)
Albertson, Philip Earl (Sr.) (1929-2006)              [obituary]
Albertson, Philip Earl (Jr.) (1959-)
Albertson, Rhoda (Harvey)
Albertson, Richard Rhodes (1932-)
Albertson, Rohn
Albertson, Sarah Beth (1969-)
Albertson, Sierra
Albertson, Tabitha
Albertson, Vivian Kay (Belveal)

Albright, Cynthia Hazel (Franks) (1929-2002)
Albright, Harvey E. (abt 1923-1999)
Albright, Teresa Dianne (abt 1946-)

Alexander, Bessie
Alexander, Kelly
Alexander, Kristen
Alexander, Lisa (unknown)
Alexander, Nancy (Vollmer) (1939-2012)  [obituary]
Alexander, Olive Catherine (1864-1960)
Alexander, Robert

Alford, Jeffrey Richard
Alford, John Robert (Sr.) (1936/1937-1972)
Alford, John Robert (Jr.)
Alford, Lisa (Carter)
Alford, Vicki Lee (Roshon)

Allbright, Kristen (Alexander)
Allbright, Michael

Allen, Aaron Gibbs
Allen, Betty Ann (Hall) (abt 1930-)
Allen, Blaine Thomas (1953-)
Allen, Brenda Lee (1962-)
Allen, Carl W. (1902-1979)
Allen, Constance D. (Bosler) (1954-)
Allen, Derek Lee (1982-)
Allen, Donald K. (1957-)
Allen, Donna Marie (Sealscott) (abt 1946-)
Allen, Dustin (1976-)
Allen, Edna Ann (1881-1949)
Allen, Elizabeth (Bartells)
Allen, Frank
Allen, Gary
Allen, Gary Craig (abt 1946-)
Allen, Gladys (1896-1990)
Allen, Gove Liahona (1996-)
Allen, Helen J. (Edwards) (1909-1998)
Allen, Jennifer (abt 1974-)
Allen, Jeremy Adrian (1973-2003)
Allen, Karen Marie (abt 1968-)
Allen, Lewis J.
Allen, Lisa Lynn (1957-)
Allen, Lois
Allen, Lydia Eden (2002-)
Allen, Lynn (Bradley) (abt 1962-)
Allen, Margaret May (1873-1942)
Allen, Mary (Roberts)
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Maxine L. (Stambach) (1935-)
Allen, Maxwell (abt 1946-)
Allen, Merwin
Allen, Nora Lovina (Sriner) (1896-1969)
Allen, Ollie
Allen, Orval C. (1904-1973)
Allen, Orval Dean (1930-)
Allen, Pam
Allen, Pamila Lynn (Bonnett) (1962-)
Allen, Paul T. (1935-)
Allen, Peter Jeremy (2000-)
Allen, Sarah (Lanfear) (1821-1898)
Allen, Sariah Eve (1998-)
Allen, Scott Douglas
Allen, Spencer Paul (1977-)
Allen, Stephanie Erika (Edwards) (1975-)
Allen, Stuart Thomas (1982-)
Allen, Susan (Adams)
Allen, T. J. (abt 1979-)
Allen, Timothy E. (abt 1955-)
Allen, Tracy Lee (1960-)
Allen, Velda Arlene (Fisher) (1937-)
Allen, Violet F. (1908-1996)   [obituary]
Allen, Warren

Allensworth, Janel Denise (McGrath) (1970-)
Allensworth, Lauren Marie (1997-)
Allensworth, Madison Jane (1999-)
Allensworth, Steven Edward (1970-)

Allerding, Ann Catherine (Galsanliter) (1824-1901)
Allerding, Catherine (1864-1947)
Allerding, John Michael (1819-1895)

Allgire, Carol Rose (Sites) (abt 1979-)
Allgire, Jerrame A. (abt 1975-)

Allison, Beverly Lou (Grant) (1932-)
Allison, Ethel A. (1879-1964)
Allison, Robert LaMoine (1930-)

Allmandinger, Marie Magdaleen (1901-1995)

Allred, Patricia

Almlof, Beda

Alspach, Margaret M. (1877-1965)

Alspaugh, Julia Ann (1835-1913)

Altenburg, Harriet E.

Althaus, Annette L. (1961-)
Althaus, Janice E. (unknown) (abt 1962-)
Althaus, Jeffrey A. (abt 1961-)
Althaus, Larry Ned (1938-)
Althaus, Patricia S. (Drury) (abt 1940-)
Althaus, Randall S. (abt 1962-)

Altizer, Julia Wilson (1907-2000)
Altizer, Myrtle (Wilson) (1885-1962)
Altizer, William Edward (1884-1965)

Alverson, Ruth Evelyn (1888-1972)
Alverson, Sarah Caroline (Dresser) (1859-1891)
Alverson, Thomas Jefferson (1858-1929)

Alvis, Daisy Victoria )Storrs) (1960-)
Alvis, Damon (1981-)
Alvis, Lon
Alvis, Ondray (1978-)

Amaral, Carolina (Suarez)
Amaral, Flora Viola (1902-1980)
Amaral, Joe
Amaral, Nora Viola (1902-1989)

Ambler, Michael L.
Ambler, Michelle Lynn (1970-)

Amonette, Margaret Joan (1933-1991)
Amonette, Margaret Wilson (Scott) (1898-1955)
Amonette, William Luther (1896-1953)
Amonette, William Robert (1931-1991)
Amonette, Wilma Ann (Anderson) (1932-)

Amrine, Andrew E. (1850-1912)
Amrine, Kezziah (Shreyer) (1852-1914)
Amrine, Lena Mae (1880-1971)

Amstutz, James Calvin (abt 1946-)
Amstutz, Jeni
Amstutz, Lori
Amstutz, Sue Ellen (Cupples) (abt 1947-)

Anadell, Elfrieda (Schmid) (1907-1982)
Anadell, Janet Lynn (1973-)
Anadell, Leon (1907-1971)
Anadell, Linda Lou (Miller) (1946-1980)
Anadell, Mindy (1976-)
Anadell, Thomas Roy (1944-)

Anders, Cynthia (Huddleston) (1960-)
Anders, Joshua Paul (1989-)
Anders, Scott A. (1960-)

Andersdotter, Caroline Carlotta (1865-1946)

Andersen, Mildred (Poole) (1910-1987)
Andersen, Neil R. (1933-1993)    [obituary]
Andersen, Thomas Jacob (1892-1972)
Andersen, Zelma Anne (Corderman) (1945-1998)    [obituary]

Anderson, Alice (Robbins)
Anderson, Allen
Anderson, Anna Carena (Stephenson) (1871-1945)
Anderson, Angelique Leland (1963-)
Anderson, Anthony David (Sr.) (1957-)
Anderson, Anthony David (Jr.) (1980-)
Anderson, Ashley
Anderson, Ashley Dee (Caldwell)

Anderson, Betsy (Ashley)
Anderson, Betty (Martin)
Anderson, Bobby Francis (1933-)
Anderson, Bradley
Anderson, Bradley B.
Anderson, Brian
Anderson, Britni Marie (1991-)

Anderson, Carl Clayton (1899-1999)
Anderson, Carol (unknown)
Anderson, Caroline
Anderson, Caroline Goodwin (Cassingham) (1886-1942)
Anderson, Carroll D. (1929-)
Anderson, Cecil M. (1890-1957)
Anderson, Charles Duane (abt 1954-)
Anderson, Charles Edwin (1896-1965)
Anderson, Charles Miron (1867/1868-1945)

Anderson, Dana Dee (1952-)
Anderson, Darrel (abt 1931-)
Anderson, Dave
Anderson, David Charles (1972-)
Anderson, David E.
Anderson, David Peter (1947-)
Anderson, Deanne
Anderson, Debby Joann (1957-)
Anderson, Deborah K. (Marshall) (abt 1953-)
Anderson, Debra Louise (1957-)
Anderson, Debra Sue (unknown) (abt 1956-)
Anderson, Delinda Lee (1954-)
Anderson, Denise (1960-)
Anderson, Dolores Ann (Hopkins) (1936-2004)               [obituary]
Anderson, Dolores Maxine (Pauley) (1926-2000)               [obituary]
Anderson, Donna (unknown) (abt 1941-)
Anderson, Donna J.
Anderson, Donna Lynn (Sutton) (1949-)
Anderson, Doris C. (abt 1921-)

Anderson, Earl Milford (1904-1952)
Anderson, Edward A. (1865-1927)
Anderson, Edwin (1897-1978)
Anderson, Elaine Winifred (1922-2003)
Anderson, Elsie May (1906-1995)
Anderson, Elva M. (1902-2001)
Anderson, Esther Amy (1901-1988)
Anderson, Ethan
Anderson, Eva Fern (Kirkpatrick) (1894-1980)
Anderson, Evelyn (Nelson)
Anderson, Everett Aven (1909-2012)

Anderson, Florence (unknown)
Anderson, Frances Lynn (Horton) (1959-)

Anderson, Gerald Clifford (1920-2002)              [obituary]
Anderson, Gerry
Anderson, Gladys P. (Riley) (1901-1956)

Anderson, Harry B. (abt 1883-)
Anderson, Hazel Bell (1915-1995)
Anderson, Henrietta (Foelske) (1868-1951)
Anderson, Hilma Jeannette (1920-1997)
Anderson, Hugh

Anderson, Isaac Carson (Sr.) (1922-1996)
Anderson, Isaac Carson (Jr.) (1955-)
Anderson, Ina Arlene (1933-)
Anderson, Iva Jane (1900-1975)

Anderson, Jacqueline Alice (1975-)
Anderson, James
Anderson, James L. (abt 1961-)
Anderson, Jane Lowe (Phillips) (1931-)
Anderson, Janet Gayle (Watts) (1963-)
Anderson, Janine (abt 1941-)
Anderson, Jay L. (1921/1922-)
Anderson, Jennie (Biddle)
Anderson, Jennifer Marie (1975-)
Anderson, Jess Leroy (1918-1982)
Anderson, Jill Lynn (Throckmorton) (1975-)
Anderson, Joann (Hiteman) (1932-)
Anderson, John F. (abt 1832-)
Anderson, John Lloyd (1911-1975)
Anderson, John Michael (1969-)
Anderson, John Sterling (1992-)
Anderson, Jordan Wesley (1990-)
Anderson, Josephine (Pongratz)

Anderson, Kelly Larraine (Townsend) (1969-)
Anderson, Kimberley Ann (1972-)
Anderson, Kitty Mae (Wilkinson) (1930-2012)         [obituary]

Anderson, Leah P. (Naylor) (1896-)
Anderson, Leah Livenia (Edwards) (1870-1961)
Anderson, Livenia L. (1894-1989)
Anderson, Lizzie (1896-1896)
Anderson, Lizzie (Roberts)
Anderson, Lloyd (1917-)
Anderson, Lola (unknown)
Anderson, Louis Henry (1923-1978)
Anderson, Luann (1955-)

Anderson, Margie (McFarland)
Anderson, Marilyn Ann (1936-1936)
Anderson, Mark
Anderson, Marlyn (Engstrom) (abt 1935-)
Anderson, Marvel E. (1901-1981)
Anderson, Mary I. (Edwards) (1879-1964)
Anderson, Mary J. (unknown) (abt 1842-)
Anderson, Mary Lou (unknown)
Anderson, Mary Luzetta (1893-1980)
Anderson, Miron Arthur (1913-1968)
Anderson, Mitchel Jay (1995-)
Anderson, Mona Renee (Laux) (1967-)
Anderson, Myrtle (Charles) (1903-1987)
Anderson, Myrtle Johanna (1896-1987)

Anderson, Nancy Elaine (Sargent) (1951-)
Anderson, Nellie Cordelia (1904/1905-)
Anderson, Noah

Anderson, Orrin Royal (1909-1968)

Anderson, Peter Martin (1868-1944)

Anderson, Rachel Elizabeth (2000-)
Anderson, Rebecca Suzanne (Ellis) (1957-)
Anderson, Rhonda
Anderson, Richard Earl (Sr.) (1932-1973)
Anderson, Richard Earl (Jr.) (1954-1969)
Anderson, Robert John (Sr.) (1851-1926)
Anderson, Robert John (Jr.) (1907-1987)
Anderson, Rolleen (abt 1940-)
Anderson, Rose (unknown)
Anderson, Roy

Anderson, Shaun
Anderson, Sheryl Rae (Erickson) (1954-)
Anderson, Susie May Elizabeth (McCoy) (1907-2005)           [obituary]

Anderson, Teresa
Anderson, Teresa (abt 1963-)
Anderson, Terri (unknown) (abt 1949-)
Anderson, Terry
Anderson, Timothy (abt 1958-)
Anderson, Timothy Albert (1966-)
Anderson, Tina (Carr)
Anderson, Tina Jo (unknown) (abt 1974-)
Anderson, Tony

Anderson, Velma May (Charles) (1909-1976)   [obituary]
Anderson, Verna Emma (Misener) (1906-1980)
Anderson, Violet Mary (1908-1911)
Anderson, Vivian

Anderson, William E.
Anderson, William Edward

Andis, Carson E. (1858-1928)            [obituary]
Andis, Edith G. (unknown) (abt 1903-)
Andis, George W. (1901-)
Andis, Phoebe (Low) (abt 1835-1911)
Andis, Robert Preston (1830-1917)
Andis, Viola L. (Edwards) (1869-)

Andrews, Mary J. (1821-)

Angel, Bruce Nolan (1959-)
Angel, Dale Nolan (1926-1982)
Angel, Debi (Crump) (1957-)
Angel, Edgar Harvey (1885-1967)
Angel, Elyse Renee (1991-)
Angel, George Washington (1839-1925)
Angel, Joan (Kasper) (1958-)
Angel, Maria (Wilson) (1851-1916)
Angel, Nina Estil (Cassingham) (1888-1985)
Angel, Randy Wayne (1957-)
Angel, Sara (Jackson) (1934-)
Angel, Sara Margaret (1989-)

Angne, Bethany Paige (Griesdorn) (1968-)
Angne, Christopher Scott (1967-)
Angne, Paige Elizabeth (1999-)

Annis, Kathleen Mary (1959-)

Anspach, Stella A. (1879-1935)

Anspaugh, Albert J. (1868-1938)
Anspaugh, Christina (Sauers) (1844-1921)
Anspaugh, Clara Carmen (1894-1950)
Anspaugh, Cora Evelene (Hively) (1875-1925)
Anspaugh, Della Mae (1902-1984)
Anspaugh, Elijah W. (1838-1910)
Anspaugh, Elva N. (1891-1985)
Anspaugh, Herchel W. (1899-1899)
Anspaugh, Malinda (1822-1889)
Anspaugh, Della Mae (1902-)

Antmeyer, Laurl Jean

Applegate, Clarence Ivan (1882-1962)
Applegate, Diane Kay (Erickson) (1959-)
Applegate, Gale
Applegate, Opal (abt 1921-)
Applegate, Sarah Gertrude (Duling) (1884-1974)
Applegate, Timothy (1958-)

Appleman, Deloris E. (abt 1940-1993)

Arbogast, Janis Marie (Geyer) (1953-)
Arbogast, John Edward (1957-)
Arbogast, John Frederick (1983-)
Arbogast, Lester S. (1980-)
Arbogast, Sherise R. (Weimer) (1984-)

Archer, Wayman Wilma

Arimond, Sheila Rae (1950-)

ArizMendi, Rose Marie (1951-)

Arkarro, Hiney (1904-1982)
Arkarro, Iris Mabel (Bettandorff) (1915-1969)

Arlington, Alex
Arlington, Amanda Zoe (1970-)
Arlington, Angela Eve (1972-)
Arlington, Anthony
Arlington, Candace Jo (1957-)
Arlington, Carol (Roberts)
Arlington, Dinah Marie (1961-)
Arlington, Emily Joy (1959-)
Arlington, Herbert F. (1916-1990)           [obituary]
Arlington, Jacob
Arlington, James Neil
Arlington, Jennifer
Arlington, Jeramie M. (1975-)
Arlington, Jerry Edward (1971-)
Arlington, Jerry Michael (1937-)
Arlington, Jessica
Arlington, JoAnne (Shull) (1937-)
Arlington, Karen S. (Edwards) (1959-)
Arlington, Larry David (1938-)
Arlington, Laura S. (1962-)
Arlington, Lois Maxine (Humbarger) (1917-2008)           [obituary]
Arlington, Maranda K.
Arlington, Mary E. (Nagel) (1960-)
Arlington, Matthew
Arlington, Matthew David (1958-)
Arlington, Michael Kim (1955-)
Arlington, Nathan G. (1964-)

Armand, Christian J. (1869-1947)
Armand, Jan Mabel M. (1911-)
Armand, Lela Vesta (Bucknell) (1874-1938)

Armstrong, Alford (1824-)
Armstrong, Ardis Louine
Armstrong, Blaine C. (1947-)
Armstrong, Dorothy Amelia May (Carder)
Armstrong, Elsie Irene (1901-1971)
Armstrong, Elsie M. (Morgan) (1845-1922)
Armstrong, Eulah Hazel (1906-1989)
Armstrong, Gail Ilene (1952-)
Armstrong, Gertrude Elisabeth (Perry) (1877-1964)
Armstrong, Hattie (1861-)
Armstrong, Hayes Morgan (1877-1951)
Armstrong, Hayes Richard (1910-1986)
Armstrong, Hazel Dee (Cassingham) (1911-)
Armstrong, Hubert M. (abt 1835-)
Armstrong, Inez Lucille (1913-1994)
Armstrong, Leah Vivian (1915-1995)
Armstrong, Leona Grace (1919-1921)
Armstrong, Loren Ellsworth (1903-1965)
Armstrong, Mary Jane (1848-1926)
Armstrong, Phillip
Armstrong, Ruby Pearl (1908-1994)
Armstrong, Ruth Alline (Griffiths) (1904-)
Armstrong, Sherry Layne (Moustachetti) (1958-1992)

Armsworth, Mary Beth (1947-1984)

Arnold, Alfred E. Mystery Kin
Arnold, Caroline E. (1848-) Mystery Kin
Arnold, Caroline Goodwin (Cassingham) (1886-1942)
Arnold, Charles F. (1881-)
Arnold, Della B. (1879-)
Arnold, Grace Elsie (1883-)
Arnold, Hannah (Strickler) (1833/34-)
Arnold, John Stouffer (1829/30-)
Arnold, Julia Ida (Edwards) (1857-1894)
Arnold, Lee Edwards (1892-)
Arnold, Maude G. (1885-)
Arnold, Ralph P. (abt 1885-)
Arnold, Samuel Henry (1854/55-1932)
Arnold, Sarah (Cassingham) (1823-1848) Mystery Kin

Arntz, Judith Elaine (Misener) (1946-)
Arntz, Shawn

Arrington, Ercel V.

Arter, Alice

Arthur, Flora

Asay, Donald T. E. (abt 1895-)
Asay, Evelyn Corrine (1922-)

Ash, Betty Louise (1925-)

Ashburn, Charles Michael (1951-)
Ashburn, Clarence Marcellus (1883-1935)            [obituary]
Ashburn, Clarence Miller (1926-2005)            [obituary]
Ashburn, Clora Fay (Miller) (1887-1974)
Ashburn, Edgar Sherman (1868-1956)
Ashburn, Evelyn Rosalie (Maurice) (1923-2012)            [obituary]
Ashburn, Gertrude Bell (1889-1956)
Ashburn, Helen (1919-1999)
Ashburn, Imogene (Davis) (1927-1979)            [obituary]
Ashburn, Jean (1924-1924)
Ashburn, Jennifer Faye
Ashburn, Josephine (Bell) (1871-1940)
Ashburn, Nancy Loretta (unknown) (abt 1953-)
Ashburn, Rebecca Jean (1956-)
Ashburn, Stephanie
Ashburn, William David (1953-)

Ashby, Susan Carole (1950-)

Ashcraft, Della Elizabeth (Riley) (1876-1957)
Ashcraft, Doris Mae (1901-1995)
Ashcraft, Russell Edward (1874-1952)

Ashinhust, Addie May (1903-1984)
Ashinhust, Emma (Shinn) (1874-)
Ashinhust, James Russell (1855-1928)

Ashley, Betsy
Ashley, Delbert
Ashley, Jack Grey (1923-1994)
Ashley, Jefferey Robert (1978-)
Ashley, Lois Virginia (Barcus) (1924-2014)
Ashley, Lucinda Lee (Hurd) (1948-)
Ashley, Mae (Jaecks)
Ashley, Robert Delbert (1944-)

Ashman, Alice Anne (Thompson) (1945-1974)
Ashman, Charles Richard
Ashman, Teresa Anne (abt 1964-)

Ashton, Alison (1980-)
Ashton, Andrea (1983-)
Ashton, Elaine (Lopez) (1954-)

Askew, Carol Louise (Basquez) (1938-)
Askew, David D. (1965-)
Askew, Dillon
Askew, Jerry (-2003)
Askew, John D. (1959-)
Askew, Larry D. (1961-)
Askew, Louana (unknown)
Askew, Melinda L. (1958-)

Assadi, Fereidoo (1960-)
Assadi, Janice Arlene (Winters) (1965-)
Assadi, Katrina Halleh (1991-)
Assadi, Kenton Camron (1994-)
Assadi, Kristina Sara (1992-)

Aten, Austin
Aten, Billy Dale
Aten, Billy Daniel (1986-)
Aten, Casey Jo (1984-)
Aten, Judith Jannette (Francisco) (1962-)

Atherton, Adaline B. (Morgan) (1848-1904)
Atherton, Lisa Marie (1964-)
Atherton, Margaret Selina (1883-1964)
Atherton, Silvester Hanford (1849-1931)

Atkins, Byrd Gilbert (1932-1976)
Atkins, Claud Graham (1936-)
Atkins, Gregory L. (1963-)
Atkins, Helen Eliza (Baker) (1912-1981)
Atkins, Karen
Atkins, Lynnell Marie (1965-)
Atkins, Martha Helen (1947-)
Atkins, Marvin L. (abt 1936-)
Atkins, Robert Archibald (1905-1970)
Atkins, Sherilan Ann (Bladel) (1938-)

Atwater, Durinda C. (1869-1931)
Atwater, John J. (1846-)
Atwater, Mary (Dunn) (1850-)

Atwood, Al
Atwood, Helen E. (Edwards) (abt 1915-)

Aududdle, George ( abt 1827-)
Aududdle, Margaret Jane (1866-bef 1920)
Aududdle, Nancy (unknown) ( abt 1834-)

Auer, Albert J. (1855-1942)
Auer, Anna (Soliday) (abt 1840-1909)
Auer, Ida Belle (Sriner) (1865-1936)      [obituary]
Auer, John Jacob (abt 1827-)

Aufderhaar, Emma Ellen C. (-1960)

Auflick, Cindy Kaye
Auflick, Clara J. (Dew)
Auflick, David Allen
Auflick, Kimly (Frazier)
Auflick, Laura (unknown)
Auflick, Lowell Edgar (1935-1996)
Auflick, Pamela Sue
Auflick, Rona (Frey)
Auflick, Stephen Matthew

Austin, Catharine Pauline (1946-)
Austin, Frank Tilden (1918-1974)
Austin, Linda Joyce (1947-)
Austin, Phyllis Ann (1949-2010)            [obituary]
Austin, Rosalie (Lemons) (1917-2002)

Averill, Allison Nicole

Avery, Heide (1959-)

Aydelott, Byron D. (1901-1958)
Aydelott, Ela Myrtle (Miller) (1904-1969)


Baber, Alexander Powhatan (1954-)
Baber, Alice L. (Stephenson) (1892-1966)
Baber, Andrew B. (1970-)
Baber, Andrew Woodson (1981-2001)
Baber, Ashley (abt 1988-)

Baber, Bertha Blanche (1894-1949)         [obituary]
Baber, Bessie E. (1885-1888)
Baber, Betty S. (abt 1925-)

Baber, Charlene E. (1921-)
Baber, Charles Alexander (1858-1939)
Baber, Charles C. (1908-1974)
Baber, Charles McNutt (1897-1955)
Baber, Colleen (Jenkins)

Baber, Diane (unknown) (1958-)
Baber, Dorothy Louise (Woodson) (1923-2011)           [obituary]

Baber, Elizabeth Ann (1926-2009)           [obituary]
Baber, Ella Ruth Christie (1912-2012)           [obituary]
Baber, Elsie Erma (Christie) (1888-1964)
Baber, Ethelbert Price (1877-1962)

Baber, Florence Emma (1889-1920)           [obituary]
Baber, Fred Lee (1888-1968)

Baber, Garnett (Frasier) (1895-1977)
Baber, George William (1905-1965)
Baber, Goldie K. (unknown) (1902-1956)

Baber, Helen Laura (1899-1972)
Baber, Helen Virginia (1915-2003)
Baber, Henry S. (1901-1956)

Baber, Irma Louise (Creswell) (1904-1998)

Baber, Jacob
Baber, James Blaine (Sr.) (1892-1949)
Baber, James Blaine (Jr.) (1928-2008)           [obituary]
Baber, James Greg (1961-)
Baber, Jane F. (abt 1929-)
Baber, Jarret (abt 1989-)
Baber, Jodie (unknown)
Baber, Joseph
Baber, Judith (Downs) (abt 1938-)

Baber, Kimberly S. (Klopf) (1966-)

Baber, Locksie Irene (Swope) (1881-1941)
Baber, Lucie Katherine (1903-1981)
Baber, Lynn (unknown)

Baber, Mary Jean (1920-)
Baber, Mayra Catagena (Marrero) (1955-)
Baber, Myrtle May (1901-1989)

Baber, Natalie

Baber, Powhatan Miller (Sr.) (1883-1929)
Baber, Powhatan Miller (Jr.) (1917-)

Baber, Rebecca
Baber, Rick L. (1956-)

Baber, Sally A. (1967-)
Baber, Stephen Christie (1947-)
Baber, Susan Wood (1951-)

Baber, Todd N. (1964-)

Baber, Virginia M. (abt 1927-)
Baber, Virginia Sue (1940-)
Baber, Virginia Susan (Miller) (1861-1929)

Bachman, Anastacia Lee (1975-)
Bachman, Diane Rose (Inman)
Bachman, Donald Franklin (1934-)
Bachman, Franchesca Rae (1977-)
Bachman, Jeremy Louis (1979-)
Bachman, Joellen (Grise)
Bachman, Martin Louis (1955-)
Bachman, Mary Lamora (Wagner) (1936-)
Bachman, Matthew Christian (1986-)

Backholm, Floyd Eugene (1928-1986)
Backholm, Naomi Ruth (Lilly) (1929-bef 2007)

Backous, Sharon (1958-)

Backstrom, Arnold C. (1901-1991)
Backstrom, Erick G. (abt 1874-)
Backstrom, Melba A. (Ehrett) (1904-1937)
Backstrom, Olga (unknown) (abt 1877-)

Bagley, Mary (1804-aft 1894)

Bagwell, Natalie (1974-)

Bailey, Ansel
Bailey, Bonita Kay (1941-2007)            [obituary]
Bailey, Catherine (Balcon)
Bailey, Claude L. (1907-1960)
Bailey, Ella (abt 1885-)
Bailey, Florence Edith (Reiselt) (1911-1997)
Bailey, George (1868-1912)
Bailey, James Albert (1914-1982)
Bailey, JoAnn
Bailey, Joy L. (1959-)
Bailey, Lindra (1950-)
Bailey, Lorene Lee (Snell) (1946-)
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth (1878-1973)
Bailey, Nora C. (1870/71-)
Bailey, Myrtle (Woodward) (1873-1941)
Bailey, Sarah (abt 1876-1960)
Bailey, Vernadine Virginia (Egolf) (1917-2006)    [obituary]

Bair, Aaron (1846-1933)
Bair, Ada Elma (1876-1893)
Bair, Bessie Bell (King) (1888-1973)
Bair, Cuba Lurea (1898-1980)
Bair, Donald L. (1925-1973)
Bair, Edith Elnora (1921-1941)
Bair, George J. (1821-1895)
Bair, Joan
Bair, Lois
Bair, Mary Ellen (1918-2000)
Bair, Mary Malisa (Shriner) (1854-1937)
Bair, Mildred I. (1907-)
Bair, Opal Louise (1910-1975)
Bair, Osa Delphis (1879-1894)            [obituary]
Bair, Ottie Pearl (1883-1971)
Bair, Pearl Irene (1911-1999)
Bair, Rebecca Ann (Shook) (1824-1911)
Bair, Robert R. (1920-1988)
Bair, Ruby Mae (1914-1992)
Bair, Sarah Alice
Bair, Timothy Monroe (1881-1953)

Baird, Mary Jane (11893-1990)

Bakaler, Fannie (1888-1971)

Baker, Aaron (1851-1900)
Baker, Aaron (1909-1967)
Baker, Aaron
Baker, Adelaide (unknown)
Baker, Addie Barnett (Adkins)
Baker, Alice (1895-1984)
Baker, Alice Luetta (Clabaugh) (1877/1878-1980)
Baker, Alice Margaret (Powell) (1918-1996)      [obituary]
Baker, Angeline (unknown) (abt 1847-)

Baker, Barbara Joan (1928-)
Baker, Benjamin (1878-1943)            [obituary]
Baker, Bernard Lacy (1917-1993)
Baker, Bernard Michael (1955-2003)
Baker, Bernice Hilda (1908-1977)
Baker, Bessie Aletha (1897-1930)
Baker, Beulah (1899-)

Baker, Carol Ray (1953-)
Baker, Carolyn (unknown)
Baker, Carroll Warren (1904-1961)
Baker, Charles Jason (Sr.) (1850-1913)
Baker, Charles Jason (Jr.) (1884-1902)
Baker, Chloe (Leaman) (1891-1946)
Baker, Clara Ellen (1961-)
Baker, Claud V. (abt 1911-)
Baker, Cleo Alice (Spohn) (1908-1930)
Baker, Clyde A. (1869-1950)
Baker, Conrad ( abt 1832-)

Baker, Delores (unknown) (1929-)
Baker, Donald Arthur (1901-1956)

Baker, Earl Raymond (1920-)
Baker, Eleanora (Toedt) (1869-1957)
Baker, Eliza Jane (Egolf) (1859-1917)
Baker, Elsie Hazel (1908-1986)
Baker, Erie (1883-1896)
Baker, Esther Ruth (Beekman) (1921-1999)

Baker, Fairy
Baker, Florence Adelle
Baker, Forrest Aaron (1903-1973)
Baker, Frances Venita (Cassingham) (1917-)

Baker, George E. (1872-1963)
Baker, George Edmond (1920-2006)
Baker, George W. C. (1870/71-)
Baker, Glenn W. (Sr.) (1907-1988)
Baker, Glenn W. (Jr.) (1929-)

Baker, Harrie (unknown)
Baker, Harriet Angeline (Foote) (1888-1904)
Baker, Harriet Eveline (Lane)
Baker, Helen Eliza (1912-1981)
Baker, Henry T.
Baker, Hugo E. (abt 1898-)

Baker, Jacob F. (1914-1999)
Baker, James A. (1909-1975)
Baker, James Rogers
Baker, Jamie
Baker, Janie E. (1886-1979)
Baker, Janis (Elliott)
Baker, John Randolph (1900-1978)
Baker, Joseph (1888-1931)
Baker, Josie M. (1901-)
Baker, June (1974-)

Baker, Kent A. (1960-)

Baker, Lavina I. (unknown) (abt 1898-)
Baker, Lewis (1983-)
Baker, Luella (Cassingham) (1856-1904)
Baker, Luella Minnie (1913-1987)
Baker, Lura Mae (Cassingham) (1891-1973)

Baker, Mabel (Miller) (-1921)
Baker, Matilda A. (1844-1922)
Baker, Margo Lynn
Baker, Margy Cecilia (1953-)
Baker, Marinda Mary (Desaire) (1950-)
Baker, Martha Eva (Whitt) (1885-1939)
Baker, Martha Jane (1908-1908)
Baker, Martha Lee (1947-)
Baker, Mary Beth Allene (1971-)
Baker, Mary Helen (abt 1918-)
Baker, Mildred Isabelle (Nichols) (1915-1999)
Baker, Minnie Eva (Chapman) (1880-1960)
Baker, Minnie Flora (Schoeny) (1883-1952)            [obituary]
Baker, Myrtle Williams (1892-)

Baker, Nellie (unknown) (1910-1953)
Baker, Nellie M. (1905-1982)      [obituary]
Baker, Nellie Marie (Kimball) (1918-2003)
Baker, Nola (1907-1984)

Baker, Patricia A. (1934-)

Baker, Ralph James (1945-)
Baker, Ralph Peter (1913-1994)      [obituary]
Baker, Ralph W. (1884-1922)
Baker, Raymond Henry (1917-2002)
Baker, Robert Walton (1949-)
Baker, Rosa Lovena (Sullens)

Baker, Susan E. (Garrison) (1848-)

Baker, Treasa

Baker, Velma (Rogers)
Baker, Viola May (1882-)

Baker, William
Baker, William Emerson (1903-1996)
Baker, William Guy (1878-1937)
Baker, William Lane
Baker, William R. (1845-)
Baker, Winfield Lawrence (1880-)
Baker, Winsome (1922-1999)

Bakke, Anton Robert (1981-)
Bakke, Calmer George
Bakke, Daren Layne (1946-)
Bakke, Darla Kay (1977-)
Bakke, Lana Fay (Johnson) (1951-)
Bakke, Sheila Nellie (Halverson)

Bakkedahl, Lavonne Marie

Balcon, Catherine

Baldridge, Billie
Baldridge, Maryland (Geren) (1941-)

Baldwin, Julia
Baldwin, Lucien
Baldwin, Maria (Lanfear) (1820-1895)

Balkenbusch, Virginia F. (Miller) (1917-1974)

Ball, Leon Jay (1947-)
Ball, Sharon Kay (Hams) (1947-)

Ballard, Barbara A. (1940-)
Ballard, Brooke (Belveal)
Ballard, Cora Olive (Logsdon) (1888-1965)
Ballard, Ervin Wade (1908-1978)
Ballard, Ivan
Ballard, Lewis Ervine (1889-1940)
Ballard, Ura Rowena (Weatherly) (1906-1991)            [obituary]
Ballard, Wade

Bamber, Frank A.
Bamber, John G.
Bamber, Mary (Davis) (1863-1937)

Baney, Mary Joe

Bank, Cynthia Ann (1958-)

Banks, Debra Eugenia (1956-)
Banks, Dee Edwin
Banks, Doris Eugenia (Strickland)
Banks, Flora M. (Carlock) (1877-)
Banks, George (1872-1963)
Banks, Inez Opal (1885-1986)

Bannon, Elizabeth Ann (1943-)

Banta, Nancy (1961-)

Barauck, Alfred Howard
Barauck, Alice Jane (Wilner)
Barauck, Dvora [Lisha] Rachel (1953-)

Barber, Becky Sue

Barcus, Beulah (1911-1938)
Barcus, Clara Elizabeth (1921-2003)
Barcus, Donald Jack
Barcus, Lois Virginia (1924-2014)
Barcus, Mary A. (Gaff) (1857-bef 1887)
Barcus, Mary Ellen (McHenry) (1921-2013)    [obituary]
Barcus, Mary Lynn
Barcus, Noah Mark (1857-1927)
Barcus, Oliver Jack (1918-1990)
Barcus, Orpha Pearl (Staples) (1889-1972)
Barcus, Orville Otto (1913-1916)
Barcus, Otto Marion (1884-1948)
Barcus, Roscoe Lee (1910-1989)

Bardeen, Kathryn

Bare, Amelia (unknown) (1886-1960)
Bare, Darla D.
Bare, Edgar (1883-1890)
Bare, Effie F. (1881-1974)
Bare, Eliza Dora (Ellis) (1861-1954)    [obituary]
Bare, Eugene (1882-1975)
Bare, Frank Watson (1874-1945)
Bare, George Elliott (1858-1940)
Bare, Nina Dell (Ellis) (1882-bef 1922)
Bare, Pauline Dotson (1897-1983)
Bare, Porter (1887-1890)
Bare, Roy (1885-1965)
Bare, Rush (1892-)
Bare, Samuel Fletcher (1856-1912)
Bare, Sarah E. (Ellis) (1875-bef 1900)
Bare, Serena Plunkett (Edds) (1856-1941)

Barefoot, Joy

Barger, Deena Dianne (Hams) (1969-)
Barger, Hailey Diane (1990-)
Barger, Robert Roger (abt 1954-)

Bark, Frankie (1992-)
Bark, Sara (1993-)
Bark, Stacey Renae (Schnitzler) (1970-)

Barkalow, Audrey (1905-1945)
Barkalow, Carrie H. (Phoenix) (1874-)
Barkalow, William M. (1863-1936)

Barker, Alan
Barker, Desse Elizabeth (Cassingham) (1902-1973)
Barker, Elbert D. (1900-1983)
Barker, Fredrick Stickley (abt 1879-1972)
Barker, Kathryn (Elsworth) (1928-1981)
Barker, Mary Elizabeth (Bailey) (1878-1973)
Barker, Richard (Sr.)
Barker, Richard (Jr.)

Barkley, Margaret A. (1845-)

Barnes, Beverly Jack
Barnes, Caroline (Taylor) (1872-1900)
Barnes, Edward Sherman (1864-1920)
Barnes, Fern A. (1896-1990)

Barnett, Helen Erlene (Miller) (1941-2009)
Barnett, Kenneth Jerrie (1927-2009)
Barnett, Tracey

Barnhart, Clarence Lewis (1900-1993)    [obituary]
Barnhart, Cynthia Ann (Rogers) (1934-)
Barnhart, David Franklin (1963-)
Barnhart, David Knox (1941-)
Barnhart, Frances Erma (Knox) (1908-1979)
Barnhart, Grant Marvel (1991-)
Barnhart, Hollis Anne (Hoelscher) (1955-)
Barnhart, John Rogers (1959-)
Barnhart, Katherine Elliott (1970-)
Barnhart, Michael Baker Grulio
Barnhart, Rebecca Linotn (1970-)
Barnhart, Robert Knox (1933-2007)
Barnhart, William Clarence (1990-)

Barnum, Charles Tenney (1937-)
Barnum, Jennifer L. (1965-)
Barnum, Jodi Linn (1971-1971)
Barnum, Rose Anne (Fisher) (1943-)
Barnum, Stephanie Jo (1969-)

Barone, Rose

Barr, Carmen Carolyn (Van Druff) (1943-)
Barr, Kimberli Sue (1964-)
Barr, William Price (1941-)

Barrett, Brenda P. (Dilmore) (abt 1938-)
Barrett, Kevin
Barrett, Lindsay R.
Barrett, Pam (unknown)
Barrett, William Caton (abt 1937-)

Barron, Anna (Wilson) (1806-)
Barron, Anna Laura (1843-)
Barron, Bobbie Jean (1961-)
Barron, Bobby Curtis (1932-)
Barron, Candace Amelia (1846-1924)
Barron, Debra Anne (1957-)
Barron, Evelyn (Morris)
Barron, Jane (1807-1896)
Barron, John C. (1823-1910)
Barron, Katherine Yvonne (1955-)
Barron, Linda Elaine (1959-)
Barron, Maria (Flannegan)
Barron, Rachel S. (Cassingham) (abt 1821-bef 1882)
Barron, Thomas McCrady (1803-1847)
Barron, Thomas Terry
Barron, Yvonne Irene (Salladay) (1936-)

Barrows, Byron (1937-)
Barrows, Byron Richard (1967-)
Barrows, Elizabeth Renee (1962-)
Barrows, Penelope Jane (Herrell) (1940-)
Barrows, Quinton Byron (1991-)
Barrows, Rhonda Dee (1964-)
Barrows, Robin Ann (1957-)

Barry, Jason Edward (1967-)
Barry, Madeline Eve (1997-)
Barry, Rene Mari (Cassingham) (1966-)
Barry, Zachary Thomas (1995-)

Barstow, Ethel Rose (Goodrich) (1897-1987)
Barstow, Gidion Forrester (1882-)
Barstow, Kathleen
Barstow, Kathleen Cecile (Milliken) (1935-)
Barstow, Richard Forrester (1931-1999)

Bartells, Elizabeth

Bartels, Dave W. (abt 1948-)
Bartels, Jacob Martin (2009-)
Bartels, Jamie Marie (Lemerand) (1979-)
Bartels, Ned A. (1966-)
Bartels, Reagan Avery (2015-)
Bartels, Teresa (Anderson) (abt 1963-)

Bartlett, Charles Eldon (1923-1986)
Bartlett, Doris (Bennett)
Bartlett, Linda Ann (1947-)

Barzee, Charity Jane (1830-1901)
Barzee, Elizabeth (Whiteham) (1796-1856)
Barzee, James Woodard (1792-1854)

Bascombe, Ellen

Basham, David Elles (Jr.) (1919-)
Basham, Judith Ray (1943-)
Basham, Nancy Jane (Cassingham) (1920-)
Basham, Paula Sue (1946-)
Basham, Richard Wallace (1949-1973)

Basquez, Arthur David (1909-1995)
Basquez, Betty (Evans)
Basquez, Barbara J. (1960-)
Basquez, Bryan Arthur (1992-)
Basquez, Carol Louise (1938-)
Basquez, Connie Mae (1943-)
Basquez, Edna Earl (Essick) (1915-2002)
Basquez, Edward Arthur (1941-)
Basquez, Edward Timothy (1964-)
Basquez, Jennifer (1985-)
Basquez, Paul David (Sr.) (1936-1962)
Basquez, Paul David (Jr.) (1962-)
Basquez, Sandra Shirline (Horton) (1948-)
Basquez, Stephanie (1969-)
Basquez, Susan Kay (1966-)
Basquez, Theresa (unknown)
Basquez, Tricia (1991-)

Bass, Donald (1911-1980)
Bass, Margaret (Easer) (1912-1987)
Bass, Rosemary (1937-)

Bassett, Chelsey
Bassett, Helen E. (Edwards) (abt 1915-)
Bassett, Lois Mildred (1923-)
Bassett, Lori (Amstutz)
Bassett, Mindy
Bassett, Smokey

Bastian, Debbie Dawn (1973-)

Bates, Cathy (1949-)
Bates, Cynthia (1955-)
Bates, Jesse (1926-1991)
Bates, Marcus (1951-)
Bates, Reitta (Frazer) (1924-)

Batesole, Aida (Hurse) (1914-1987)
Batesole, Anna Lucille (Edwards) (1889-1987)
Batesole, Genevieve Lucille (1907-1994)
Batesole, Kenneth L. (1915-1992)
Batesole, Lee Myron (1886-1947)
Batesole, Mary Ola (Lemons) (1923-1981)
Batesole, Myron Edward (1911-1978)
Batesole, Nancy Jane (Beaghler) (1846-1905)
Batesole, William Henry (1843-1922)

Battenfield, Dana Michele (Cassingham) (1949-)
Battenfield, Virgil D.

Baudino, Donna Lynn (Sutton) (1949-)
Baudino, Jared Matthew (1975-)
Baudino, Jayson Michael (1974-)
Baudino, Michelle Ann (Olson) (1970-)
Baudino, Robin (unknown)
Baudino, Rodney J. (1948-)
Baudino, Steve (1968-)

Bauer, Matilda

Baugh, Helen Erlene (Miller) (1941-2009)
Baugh, John Wesley (1940-)

Baughman, Carol (Lieb) (1926-)
Baughman, Daniel L. (1925-1993)
Baughman, Harry J. (abt 1891-)
Baughman, Iva Belle (Kissell) (abt 1895-)

Baum, Cora M. (1876-1942)
Baum, Daniel (1849-)
Baum, Gloria Jean (Edwards) (1947-)
Baum, Herbert E.
Baum, Mary Ann (unknown) (1856-)

Baumeister, Evelyn K. (1908-)
Baumeister, Frederick (1839-)
Baumeister, Matilda (Menancon) (1841-)
Baumeister, Nettie E. (Schultz) (abt 1881-)
Baumeister, Peter (1881-)
Baumeister, Vernie (abt 1913-)

Bausman, Darlene (unknown)
Bausman, Kandace L. (1948-)
Bausman, Kenneth L. (1928-2008)

Baxter, Charity Ann (1787-1868)
Baxter, Ruth N.

Bayles, Jean Elizabeth (1945-)

Bayley, Evelyn (1872-1963)

Beach, Angela Ruth (Teesdale) (1963-)
Beach, Camilla Stuart (Cantwell) (1850-)
Beach, Danielle Nichole (1986-)
Beach, Henry Dennis (1850-)
Beach, Louis Kossuth (1890-1954)
Beach, Nellie Madden (Williams) (1888-1980)
Beach, Richard Lee (Sr.)
Beach, Richard Lee (Jr.)
Beach, Vera Louise (Crupper)

Beaghler, Nancy Jane (1846-1905)

Beal, Louise (abt 1865-)

Bealmear, Austin (1911-)
Bealmear, Bertha B. (Reiselt) (1886-1964)
Bealmear, Gus (1916-)
Bealmear, Henry (1879-)

Bear, Minnie Oal

Beard, Amy Lee (1946-)
Beard, Ann Lyn (1950-)
Beard, Arlo L. (1914-2008)             [obituary]
Beard, Carol L. (1946-)
Beard, Debra Ann (Adams) (1951-)
Beard, Diane Kay (1959-)
Beard, Eleanor Louise (Dixon) (1931-)
Beard, Evelynn R.
Beard, Gladys (Pontzius)
Beard, Harold
Beard, Jacqueline Renee (1964-)
Beard, John William (1897-1968)             [obituary]
Beard, LeeAnne (1973-)
Beard, Lillian Frances (Dickerson) (1919-2000)             [obituary]
Beard, Marie Magdaleen (Allmandinger) (1901-1995)
Beard, Phyllis Jean (1922-)
Beard, Richard Lee (1949-)
Beard, Rita Marie
Beard, Russell (Jr.) (1925-2006)
Beard, Russell Chester
Beard, Russell Lewis (1958-)
Beard, Sandra Lynn (Kleber)
Beard, Shirley Ann (Adams) (1939-2001)
Beard, Vera Joan (Butler)
Beard, William Eugene (Sr.) (1936-)
Beard, William Eugene (Jr.)

Bearman, Emily Jane (1959-)
Bearman, Paul (1925-1990)

Beato, Dominic Matthew (2014-)
Beato, Gregory Carl (1979-)
Beato, Marco Louis (2012-)
Beato, Susan Ann (Gonnam) (1978-)

Beatty, Brenda Jean (1967-)
Beatty, Bruce Howard (1942-)
Beatty, Leona
Beatty, Sandra Marie (Sutton) (1946-)
Beatty Valerie Ann (1970-)

Beauchamp, Helen Mary (Howard) (1911-1983)
Beauchamp, Hilary G. (1908-1968)
Beauchamp, John (1878-)
Beauchamp, Melanie (Angelica) (1881-)

Bechtold, Clara Mae (1912-1999)    [obituary]
Bechtold, George W.
Bechtold, Martha (Shinkle)

Beck, Adrian Gordon
Beck, Florence Elain (Miller)
Beck, Valerie Jean (1961-)

Becker, Geneva (Egolf) (1914-)
Becker, Gerald
Becker, Henry Bryant
Becker, Sara Elizabeth (Warner) (1900-)
Becker, Thelma Jean (1923-)

Beckett, Catherine Maxine (Christie) (1912-1994)
Beckett, James Daniel (1916-2005)
Beckett, Leona P. (Miller) (1897-1996)
Beckett, Ray Peck (1887-1952)

Beckman, Ferdericka R.

Beckner, David A. (1969-)
Beckner, Douglas E. (1950-)
Beckner, Frankie Marie (Stouder) (1948-1992)    [obituary]
Beckner, Gloria J. (Leatherman) (1933-)
Beckner, John F. (Jr.) (1924-2000)    [obituary]
Beckner, Marcelyn L. (1952-)
Beckner, Mark A. (1954-)
Beckner, Michele R. (1973-)
Beckner, Rosemary Lynn (1949-)

Bedinger, Dorothea Ellen (1938-)

Bedow, Bethany Marie (1993-)
Bedow, David Lee (1962-)
Bedow, Kathleen Marie (Smith) (1961-)
Bedow, Stephanie Kristina (1995-)

Beebe, Bonnie Jeanne (1944-)
Beebe, Judith Kay (Vick)
Beebe, Rose Lee (Rowe)
Beebe, Shelden Ralph
Beebe, William L.

Beecroft, Sharon Lee (abt 1943-)

Beehler, Elizabeth (Schalmo) (1860-1944)
Beehler, Ernest Peter (1887-1965)
Beehler, Ethel Louise (Wood) (1891-1973)
Beehler, Frederick (1853-1943)
Beehler, Helen L. (1917-1999)
Beehler, Nedra A. (1915-2008)            [obituary]

Beekman, Albert Samuel (1930-2003)
Beekman, Anna Lorena (Edds) (1894-1982)
Beekman, Donna (unknown) (1939-)
Beekman, Edward James (1931-2000)
Beekman, Esther Ruth (1921-1999)
Beekman, Florence I. (1916-2002)
Beekman, Harriet (unknown) (1920-)
Beekman, Isaac Lydall (Sr.) (1883-1954)
Beekman, Isaac Lydall (Jr.) (1925-)
Beekman, Jean Charlotte (abt 1937-)
Beekman, Norma Lucille (1923-2000)
Beekman, Richard P. (abt 1928-)
Beekman, Rosemary (unknown)
Beekman, Walter John (1917-2005)

Beeks, Renee Louise (abt 1957-)

Beeler, Blanche J. (1902/1903-)
Beeler, Chad Michael (1975-)
Beeler, Christopher William (1877-)
Beeler, Georgia V. (Taft) (1881-)
Beeler, Mildred M. (1905/1906-)
Beeler, Rick Dale (1950-)
Beeler, Sean Patrick (1973-)
Beeler, Shirley Louise (Erickson) (1951-)
Beeler, Tiffany (Burroughs) (1973-)

Beemer, Isaac (1825-)
Beemer, Rosetta (1861-1934)
Beemer, Sarah J. (unknown) (1836-)

Beerman, Emma V. (1908-)
Beerman, Evelyn M. (1909-)
Beerman, Geraldine R. (1912-)
Beerman, Harry A. (Jr.) (1920-1920)
Beerman, Harry August (1886-1981)
Beerman, Henry
Beerman, Johanna (Rhul)
Beerman, Martha Ethel (Merriman) (1888-1956)

Beers, Edna Ann (Allen) (1881-1949)
Beers, Johnny Egbert (1875-1955)
Beers, Marilynn Edna (1919-1997)
Beers, Vera

Beggs, Martha Elizabeth

Behrens, Marion Silvia (1956-)

Beinoras, Alvina Frances (Pingree)
Beinoras, Anne Frances (1960-)
Beinoras, Stephen J.

Bekchanova, Zulfiya (1974-)

Belden, Cody (2000-)
Belden, Jessica Dale (Krueger)
Belden, Michael Kevin

Beldowski, Frank C.
Beldowski, Mary (Merkel)
Beldowski, Nancy Mary (1947-)

Belgard, Dianne Lee (Van Druff) (1954-)
Belgard, Richard Lee (1948-)

Bell, Alma Caroline (Eichmann) (1901-1984)
Bell, Anna Mystery Kin
Bell, Jamilan Ann (1959-)
Bell, Jennette (Rolf) (1861-1941)
Bell, John William (1857-1938)
Bell, Josephine (1871-1940)
Bell, Joyce Delores (1927-)
Bell, Mark Joseph (1895-1956)
Bell, Nellie Maud (1885-1965)
Bell, Robert
Bell, Sherilan Ann (Bladel) (1938-)

Belleville, Melissa Anne (Householder) (1976-)
Belleville, Ryan L. (1973-)

Bellin, Amy Louise (1963-)
Bellin, Jean M. (Pennell)
Bellin, Richard A.

Belveal, Brian Lee (Sr.) (1952-2009)             [obituary]
Belveal, Brian Lee (II) (1974-)
Belveal, Brooke
Belveal, Cristin
Belveal, Dave
Belveal, Floyd (abt 1872-)
Belveal, Livenia L. (Anderson) (1894-1989)
Belveal, Minnie Wilma (Porter) (1872-1962)
Belveal, Robert Floyd (1919-1981)
Belveal, Roger A. (1923-2005)             [obituary]
Belveal, Scott
Belveal, Stacey
Belveal, Sylvia Iva (Maddox) (1926-1998)
Belveal, Vivian Kay
Belveal, William Ross (1895-1977)

Benischek, Greg (1960-)
Benischek, Lucas (1994-)
Benischek, Teresa Lanae (Edwards) (1962-)

Bennett, Adam Alan (1964-)
Bennett, Bessie Grace (Cation) (1894-1990)
Bennett, Carol Ann (Whiting)
Bennett, Carol Marie (Harris) (1943-)
Bennett, Charles Day (-1962)
Bennett, Clifford Cation (1913-1996)
Bennett, Cora Ann
Bennett, Daniel
Bennett, Diane Louise (1942-)
Bennett, Doris
Bennett, Gwendolyn Ann (Fletcher) (1943-)
Bennett, Hazel Irene (Cassingham) (1920-)
Bennett, Jan (unknown)
Bennett, Jennifer Lynn (1971-)
Bennett, Nancy (Glazener)
Bennett, Rebecca
Bennett, Rhonda (unknown)
Bennett, Robert Neal (1943-)
Bennett, Victor Aaron (1968-)
Bennett, Virginia A. (1887-)
Bennett, Warren Wayne (1940-)

Bent, Beverly G. (abt 1923-)
Bent, George Surbin (1892-1980)
Bent, Hazel V. (Hams) (abt 1896-1929)

Bentley, Andrew Carl (2000-)
Bentley, Daniel Ray (abt 1974-)
Bentley, Danielle Rae (2004-)
Bentley, Elijah John (2007-)
Bentley, Shannon Michelle (Stuck) (1975-)

Bentz, Minnie E. (1889-1982)
Bentz, Rebecca (Eckert)
Bentz, Tobias

Berdine, Jacob R. (abt 1852-)
Berdine, Jacob S. (abt 1828-)
Berdine, Malona I. (Cassingham) (abt 1857-bef 1896)
Berdine, Mary Ann (unknown) (abt 1832-)

Berg, Gladys (Nilsen)
Berg, John William
Berg, Marjorie Ellen (1924-)

Bergersen, Alida Margaret (1912-2008)

Bergh, Esther

Berkes, Kenneth Lee
Berkes, Ricky Lee
Berkes, Tina Marie (Kessinger)

Berquist, Faye G. (Flora) (1891-1987)
Berquist, Kathryn F. (abt 1912-)
Berquist, Melvin W. (1910/1911-)
Berquist, William August (1885-)

Berry, Caitlin
Berry, Catherine Samantha (Cassingham) (1914-1974)
Berry, Earl (1890-1946)
Berry, Erma (McGee) (1891-1986)
Berry, Lisa (Hively) (1970-)
Berry, Louise (abt 1919-)
Berry, Merle Clark (1913-1960)
Berry, Oreta (abt 1913-)
Berry, Susie Elmira

Berro, Settie Joy (1937-)

Berschauer, Evelyn Rosalie (1933-)
Berschauer, Johannes (1906-1978)
Berschauer, Olinda (Flagler) (1906-1994)

Besante, Carlos (1929-)
Besante, Judy (Turney) (1941-)

Best, Charles H. (abt 1896-1952)
Best, Hallie Elizabeth (Ward) (1900-1977)

Bethany, David
Bethany, David
Bethany, Valerie J. (Splawn) (1963-)

Bettandorff, Althea Rose (McManus) (1922-1999)
Bettandorff, Audrey Leah (unknown) (1923-1995)
Bettandorff, Charles (1882-1955)
Bettandorff, Charles Norman (1918-2005)
Bettandorff, Georgia G. (Cummings) (1886-1940)
Bettandorff, Iris Mabel (1915-1969)
Bettandorff, James Michael (1946-)
Bettandorff, John N. (1922-)
Bettandorff, Jonathan Charles (1984-)
Bettandorff, Joy L. (Bailey) (1959-)
Bettandorff, Lorraine Marguerite (Pellissier) (1949-)
Bettandorff, Margaret Ruth Adams (Keeney) (1947-)
Bettandorff, Margaret S. (1914-1914)
Bettandorff, Margaret (Skillman) (abt 1860-)
Bettandorff, Mark (1951-1960)
Bettandorff, Nicholas (abt 1856-1908)
Bettandorff, Ruth E. (Stewart) (1948-)
Bettandorff, Staci Marie (1985-)
Bettandorff, William John (1947-)

Bettencourt, Lucille Marie (1935-)

Betts, Carly Ann (1986-)
Betts, Edwin
Betts, Karin Denise (Hyatt) (1958-)
Betts, Lawrence (1953-)
Betts, Wanda (unknown)

Bewick, Tamar Woodward

Beyer, Cristina (Greer)

Bias, Jacob Brody
Bias, Jennifer (Morrison) (abt 1970-)
Bias, Molly Elizabeth
Bias, Rodney (abt 1968-)
Bias, Zachary Hunter

Bibby, Heather (Radford)

Bice, Linda

Bickers, Lilian B. Phillips

Biddle, Jennie

Biederman, Mary Barbara (1930-1982)

Biel, Grace Marie (1906-1981)
Biel, Naomi (unknown) (abt 1887-)
Biel, William B. (abt 1881-)

Bieneck, Eleonore Ruth (1933-1995)

Bier, Cindy (1966-)

Bigelow, Alicia R.
Bigelow, Anne Elizabeth (Sheehe) (abt 1976-)
Bigelow, Aslin
Bigelow, Brian
Bigelow, Brooke
Bigelow, Charla Renee (abt 1971-)
Bigelow, Diane M. (Ewald) (1946-)
Bigelow, Jason Warren (abt 1968-)
Bigelow, Jay Walter (1945-2006)             [obituary]
Bigelow, Jeffrey D. (abt 1965-)
Bigelow, John William (1948-)
Bigelow, Josephine (Sanders)
Bigelow, Kirsten
Bigelow, Kristina M. (Leimar) (abt 1969-)
Bigelow, Kyle
Bigelow, Lauren
Bigelow, Leta Eileen (Adams) (1922-2002)
Bigelow, Lora Lynn (1972-)
Bigelow, Mallori (abt 1996-)
Bigelow, Monta Kay (1946-)
Bigelow, Nolan (abt 1994-)
Bigelow, Patricia A. (Leiter) (1949-)
Bigelow, Rhonda Marie (Tegtmeyer) (1965-)
Bigelow, Sharon Kathleen (1957-)
Bigelow, Steven John (abt 1971-)
Bigelow, Tabitha
Bigelow, Timothy M. (1968-)
Bigelow, Walter J. (1916-1964)             [obituary]
Bigelow, William

Biggins, Patricia

Biggs, Abigail Elizabeth
Biggs, Alice Virginia (1923-)
Biggs, Amy Ann (Dauer) (1972-)
Biggs, Betty Jean (Naylor) (abt 1932-)
Biggs, Cheryl Ann (1950-)
Biggs, Christopher David (1979-)
Biggs, Ella Jean (1945-)
Biggs, Frank David (1955-)
Biggs, Frank Raymond (1920-2000)            [obituary]
Biggs, Halee
Biggs, Harold Davis (1915-2001)            [obituary]
Biggs, Ivo Maxine (Bender) (1922-1981)
Biggs, Jerry Davis (1950-)
Biggs, Jessica L. (Flory)
Biggs, Jessie Raylene (1954-)
Biggs, Jimmy Glenn (1931-)
Biggs, Judy Lee (Bullock) (1950-)
Biggs, Kathy Lou (Doub) (abt 1954-)
Biggs, Kerri Sue (1956-)
Biggs, Lois (Heatherly) (1921-2004)            [obituary]
Biggs, Loran Wayne (1952-2008)            [obituary]
Biggs, Lucas Cortney (1978-)
Biggs, Matthew Aaron (1982-)
Biggs, Myra Amy (1925-)
Biggs, Nola Frances (Ellis) (1892-1983)            [obituary]
Biggs, Pamela Kay (Burks) (1960-)
Biggs, Richard Lee (1973-)
Biggs, Ryan Davis (1971-)
Biggs, Vanessa Diane (1975-)
Biggs, Vaughan Davis (1889-1952)
Biggs, Vivian Jaunice (O'Neal) (1917-2003)            [obituary]

Biladeau, Harrietta Idaho (Cummings) (1862-1919)
Biladeau, Marie (abt 1895-)
Biladeau, Roy

Biles, Betty Jean

Billock, Cynthia J. (Puchta) (abt 1962-)
Billock, Timothy

Binder, Patricia

Bingham, Bonnie Lynn (1954-)
Bingham, Harriet (-1945)

Birchim, Alana Kelly (1978-2001)
Birchim, Barbara Lynn (Sherwood) (1946-)
Birchim, David D. (1969-)
Birchim, Dorcas Loraine (Haynes) (1923-)
Birchim, James Bowensmith (1980-)
Birchim, James Douglas (1946-1968)
Birchim, James Franklin (1897-1959)
Birchim, James Leman (1923-2004)
Birchim, Jean Kathleen (1954-)
Birchim, John J. (1975-)
Birchim, Katherine M. (Dixon) (abt 1905-)
Birchim, Kenneth Craig (1950-)
Birchim, Kimberle A. (1968-)
Birchim, Noah Cameron (1981-)
Birchim, Russell Robert (1948-)
Birchim, Tansy Sue (Smith) (1948-)
Birchim, Vicki Lynn (Tockey) (1954-)

Bird, Andrew George (1886-1984)
Bird, Anna (1883/1884-)
Bird, Eldon L. (1927-)
Bird, Ellen Lorene (1929-)
Bird, Elmira H. (Stouder) (1859-1938)
Bird, Eva A. (1918-2004)         [obituary]
Bird, George (1859-)
Bird, James (1818-1855)
Bird, Janette Alice (Wells) (1934-1993)
Bird, Jerry (abt 1967-2003)
Bird, Karen Deann(Wilson) (abt 1954-)
Bird, Mary Luzetta (Anderson) (1893-1980)
Bird, Matilda (Eych) (1820-1868)
Bird, Norma Y. (1931-)
Bird, Ochmig L. (1850-1927)
Bird, Roland Andrew (Sr.) (1926-2003)         [obituary]
Bird, Roland Andrew (Jr.) (abt 1954-)
Bird, Samantha A. (unknown) (1869-)

Birkle, Alicia Lee (1982-)
Birkle, Angeline Marie (Wilson) (1978-)
Birkle, Austin James (1995-)
Birkle, Betty Jean (Miller) (1956-)
Birkle, Catrina Dene (1975-)
Birkle, Dale Lee (1954-)
Birkle, Irene Rose (Weber) (1931-)
Birkle, James Allen (1972-)
Birkle, James Ray (1951-)
Birkle, Julie (Chambers)
Birkle, Kaitlyn
Birkle, Kathy LaVonne (Humphrey) (1954-)
Birkle, Kelly LaRay (1976-)
Birkle, Peggy Sue (1981-)
Birkle, Raymond Robert William (1997-)
Birkle, Raymond Victor (1979-)
Birkle, Rhonda Dee (1972-1972)
Birkle, Riley Dean (2007-)
Birkle, Ronald Dean (1956-)
Birkle, Shelly Lynn (McCord) (1974-)
Birkle, Terry Ann (1961-)
Birkle, Tonya Jean (1978-)
Birkle, Vikki Kay (1950-1987)
Birkle, Victor R. (1924-2000)
Birkle, Viola Ann (Tipton) (1956-)

Biros, Dave (1946-)
Biros, Sandra Marie (Erickson) (1950-)

Bisco, June

Bish, Addie (Leatherman) (1888-1956)
Bish, Barbara (Hiestand) (1821-1890)
Bish, Earl C. (1889-)
Bish, Eilene M. (1939-)
Bish, Elva Etta (McClure) (1888-1968)
Bish, Evelyn Irene (Miller) (1924-)
Bish, Frank
Bish, Fred Leander (1914-1999)
Bish, Gladys Marier (1906-2001)
Bish, Hannah (Martin) (1856-1936)
Bish, Harry Lloyd (1916-2008)             [obituary]
Bish, Hazel (abt 1913-)
Bish, Jacob (1821-1890)
Bish, John W. (1945-)
Bish, John Wesley (1884-1972)             [obituary1, obituary2]
Bish, Leonard (1908-1969)             [obituary]
Bish, Lillie Dell (1879-1970)             [obituary]
Bish, Lillie Mae (1907-1978)
Bish, Lloyd Glen (1943-1997)
Bish, Lola Mae (1925-2001)
Bish, Louise M. (1940-)
Bish, Mabel (Perrin)
Bish, Mabel Elizabeth (1909-2004)             [obituary]
Bish, Mary Ann (1861-1933)
Bish, Max Lee (1947-1970)
Bish, Murlin Newton (1905-1956)
Bish, Nancy (abt 1948-)
Bish, Perry
Bish, Peter (1855-1918)
Bish, Rosemary (abt 1945-)
Bish, Roy (abt 1919-)
Bish, Saul (1885-1950)
Bish, Sophie
Bish, Verna Ruth (1919-)
Bish, William Mervin (Sr.) (1910-1997)
Bish, William Mervin (Jr.) (abt 1943-)
Bish, Willy Bell
Bish, Wilma L. (Tracy) (1922-1998)

Bitting, Benjamin Frank
Bitting, Elizabeth Jane (1923-)
Bitting, Mabel Ruth (Ott)

Black, Beverly Jean (abt 1960-)
Black, David Ashley (abt 1958-)
Black, Edna Lucille (1906-1979)             [obituary]
Black, Edward
Black, Irving Thomas (1921-)
Black, Kathleen J. (Ward) (1966-)
Black, Marianne (1937-)
Black, Rosa (Wolfe)
Black, Ruth Evelyn (Scott) (1920-2009)         [obituary]
Black, Tony

Blackburn, Alexander Lee (1988-)
Blackburn, Andy
Blackburn, Bayley Joy (2011-)
Blackburn, Cory
Blackburn, Douglas John (1983-)
Blackburn, Heath
Blackburn, Heather Joy (Voltz)
Blackburn, J. J.
Blackburn, James C.
Blackburn, James Orrie (Sr.) (1896-1985)
Blackburn, James Orrie (Jr.) (1927-2007)             [obituary]
Blackburn, Jeb
Blackburn, John Mark (1958-)
Blackburn, Julia Elizabeth (unknown)
Blackburn, Karen (unknown)
Blackburn, Kyle
Blackburn, Lisa (unknown)
Blackburn, Marcie (Linten) (abt 1874-1943)
Blackburn, Mary Louise (Holder) (1931-1998)
Blackburn, Mary Sophronia (Sites) (1903-1991)
Blackburn, Miriam Ruth (1924-)
Blackburn, Sam
Blackburn, Sandra Lee (Curryer) (1960-)
Blackburn, Sean Michael (1985-)

Blackman, Bonnie Berniece (McFarland) (1945-)

Blackshere, Loretta

Blackwell, Autumn
Blackwell, Eileen Janette (Peterson) (1957-)
Blackwell, Gryphen Archer
Blackwell, Lisa Darian (Haskin) (1961-)
Blackwell, Nigel

Bladel, Blanche Marie (1914-1973)
Bladel, Dorothy (Paschall)
Bladel, Frank F. (1853-)
Bladel, Freda (unknown) (1865-)
Bladel, Grace Dora (Girtch) (1891-1978)
Bladel, John A. (1885-1971)
Bladel, John H. (1911-1939)
Bladel, Sherilan Ann (1938-)

Blair, Abbie Elizabeth (1992-)
Blair, Colleen Michele (Johnson) (1965-)
Blair, Elizabeth (abt 1896-)
Blair, Kaitlain Nichole (1993-)
Blair, Scott

Blake, Karen Marie (abt 1962-)

Blalack, Erma Eveline (1932-2003)         [obituary]
Blalack, Pearly (Medford)
Blalack, William

Bland, Betty (Ward)
Bland, Donald
Bland, Grace P. (Roll) (1904-)
Bland, James
Bland, Sheila Y. (abt 1960-)
Bland, William J.

Blankenship, Bertha
Blankenship, Debra Jean (Seum) (1953-)
Blankenship, Demetria J. (abt 1985-)
Blankenship, Desiree (1974-)
Blankenship, Donna Jean (1949-2010)         [obituary]
Blankenship, Jim
Blankenship, Oscar

Blauser, Arlyn W. (1903-1962)         [obituary]
Blauser, Audene Mary (1906-1973)
Blauser, Brent David (1981-)
Blauser, Caryn Elizabeth (Cipriano) (1962-)
Blauser, Deborah Jean (Hughes) (1954-)
Blauser, Debra Elaine (1952-)
Blauser, Derek Hughes (1985-)
Blauser, Edward Solomon (1880-1951)
Blauser, Fayne Darling (1907-1955)
Blauser, Gregory Lee (1949-)
Blauser, Jillian
Blauser, Joan Darlene (1932-)
Blauser, John (1846-1933)
Blauser, Leola Pauline (Hartsook) (abt 1928-1957)
Blauser, Mabel M. (Pugh) (1906-1997)
Blauser, Marjorie A. (unknown) (1922-1989)
Blauser, Mary A. (Linder) (1850-1919)
Blauser, Muriel Viola (1902-1971)
Blauser, Randy (1960-)
Blauser, Roland Ray (1904-1956)
Blauser, Ronald Roland (1927-2004)         [obituary]
Blauser, Ryan
Blauser, Suzanne Louise (1940-)
Blauser, Trey Blaine (1990-)
Blauser, Winnie Viola (Giesy) (1880-1960)

Blazevitch, Terri Lynn

Bleichner, Louise Katherine (1927-)

Blender, Edith Evelyn (Peck) (1901-1993)
Blender, Paul Otto (1898-1982)

Blodget, Darrow (1816-1898)
Blodget, Luzetta (1843-1917)
Blodget, Melinda (Sneer) (1823-)

Blosser, Elizabeth (1815-1896)

Blount, Elmina Mystery Kin

Blythe, Alfred (1874-1953)
Blythe, Mary (1904-1938)
Blythe, Mary Jane (Hopson) (1876-1956)

Boan, Margie Leonita (1937-)

Bobo, Beatrice (Kincaid) (1892-)
Bobo, Walter L.

Bockian, Steven T. (1962-)
Bockian, Teresa Ann (Tulloss) (1964-)

Boden, Brecca Ann (1974-)
Boden, Craig Lawrence (1949-)
Boden, John Bradley (1977-)
Boden, Susan (Foster) (1951-)

Bodenheimer, Crystal Margie (Senter) (1913-1994) Mystery Kin
Bodenheimer, Donovan (1908-1974) Mystery Kin

Boecher, Carol Ann (Patterson)
Boecher, Leonard

Boffo, Ann Marie (Kelsey) (1962-)
Boffo, Anthony Robert (1961-)
Boffo, Desiree Leah (1984-)
Boffo, Dominique Marie (1986-)

Bogart, Peggy Rae (1957-)

Boggs, Minnie A. (1891-1985)

Boginska, Elizabeth

Bohnet, Brandon
Bohnet, Bruce
Bohnet, Kelly LaRay (Birkle) (1976-)

Bolte, Marlene Martha Anna (1933-)

Bolton, Gladys (Maguire)
Bolton, Grady
Bolton, Lulu Marjorie (1914-)

Bond, Elizabeth (abt 1801-)
Bond, Elsie (1890-1957)
Bond, Pat (1953-)

Bondar, Aileen Grace (Edwards) (1920-2000)
Bondar, Kazis (unknown) (abt 1897-)
Bondar, Vicki Marie (1953-)
Bondar, Victor (1917-1970)
Bondar, William (abt 1894-)

Bondy, Cheryl A. (1961-)

Bone, Howard
Bone, Lois (Fox) (1938-)

Bonham, Linda Kay (Diver) (1953-)
Bonham, Randal E. (abt 1952-)

Bonillas, Rosabel Ethel (1905-1991)

Bonnar, Clyde Louis (1925-1996)
Bonnar, Emma (Kreps)
Bonnar, Ida Ella May (Essick) (1924-)
Bonnar, Pete

Bonner, Sophia (1802-1867)

Bonnett, Pamila Lynn (1962-)
Bonnett, Richard

Bonney, Ada Ann (Stubblefield) (1874-1952)
Bonney, Frank James (1871-1941)
Bonney, Vona V. (1910-2005)

Boone, Alma Edra (1908-1983)
Boone, Carl
Boone, Edna Alice (Scott) (abt 1948-)
Boone, Kelli Ann (Kain) (1973-)
Boone, Stanley Lewis
Boone, Tina Marie (1967-1968)

Boose, Pauline L. (Cassingham) (1903-)

Booth, Clarence E. (1921-1988)
Booth, Diana Lynn (1945-)
Booth, Doris C. (1919-2007)         [obituary]
Booth, Edith Gertrude (Edds) (1897-1979)
Booth, Edith May (Gaerte) (1919-2000)
Booth, Gladys May (1918-1987)
Booth, J. P.
Booth, Robert S. (1926-1974)
Booth, Stanley Alexander (1894-1967)
Booth, Wilda (Woods)
Booth, Willis J. (1921-1988)

Bope, Maude

Borah, Frances A. (1826-1919)

Borchet, David
Borchet, John David (1989-)
Borchet, Kathleen Annette (Johnson) (1963-)
Borchet, Steven Michael (1995-)

Borden, Colton (1994-)
Borden, Curtis (1960-)
Borden, Lori (Willy) (1958-)
Borden, Morgan (1989-)

Bordner, Irene (abt 1906-)
Bordner, Susan Myrtle (Shriner) (1882-)

Boren, Manuel (1915-1980)
Boren, Mollie (Kuykendall) (1883-1942)
Boren, Roberta Irene (Hopkins) (1922-2005)
Boren, Thomas Edmond (1880-1956)

Borgstrom, Abbie Elizabeth (2001-)
Borgstrom, Alexandria Hope (1993-)
Borgstrom, Bret Christopher (1991-)
Borgstrom, Christian Erwin (1910-1948)
Borgstrom, Christopher John (1966-)
Borgstrom, Daniel Pirc (1999-)
Borgstrom, Erin Elizabeth (1986-)
Borgstrom, Jeffrey David (1961-)
Borgstrom, Julia (Lacey)
Borgstrom, Karen Sue (Pirc) (1967-)
Borgstrom, Lela (Jurcic) (1968-)
Borgstrom, Marian Lynn (1962-)
Borgstrom, Mark Erwin (1963-)
Borgstrom, Matthew Robert (1998-)
Borgstrom, Molly Marie (1988-)
Borgstrom, Nicholas Joseph (1997-)
Borgstrom, Priscilla Agnes (McGrath) (1938-)
Borgstrom, Robert Erwin (1936-)
Borgstrom, Robert Joseph (1960-)
Borgstrom, Ryan Kelly (1994-)
Borgstrom, Sara Marie (1968-)
Borgstrom, Sarah Kay (Sutton) (1962-)

Bork, John WIlliam (1951-)
Bork, Joyce Arlene (Edwards) (1954-1998)

Borland, Alma (unknown) (1866-)
Borland, Fred (1867-)
Borland, Grace B. (1886-)

Borneman, Heather (Martin) (1974-)
Borneman, Thomas

Bos, Anton F.
Bos, Erma Diane (Ward) (1897-)

Bosanko, Arthur George (1886-1922)
Bosanko, Charlotte Maybell (Egolf) (1891-1964)
Bosanko, Elizabeth Dolores (Doll) (1923-)
Bosanko, Robert George (1920-1978)

Bosch, Andrea (1964-)

Bosler, Constance D. (1954-)
Bosler, Paul

Bosworth, Cynthia (1801-1846)

Bothwell, Bruce (1922-1971)
Bothwell, Vera Lorena (Cowins) (1900-1972)
Bothwell, Violet Lorraine (1922-1971)         [obituary]

Bostwick, Grace Elizabeth (1881-1953)
Bostwick, Sarah (Airsman)
Bostwick, T. J.

Bottens, Eleanor (unknown) (abt 1840-)
Bottens, Henry A. (1865-)
Bottens, John (abt 1832-)
Bottens, Sylvia E. (Lincoln) (1877-)

Bottom, Archie Horace (1901-1983)
Bottom, Archie Lloyd (1925-2008)
Bottom, Clyde H. (1944-)
Bottom, Eulah Hazel (Armstrong) (1906-1989)
Bottom, Gerald K.
Bottom, Kathryn (Hittle)
Bottom, Kenneth Dean (1927-1981)
Bottom, Lois Irene (1940-1985)
Bottom, Marvin D.
Bottom, Naomi (unknown) (abt 1867-)
Bottom, Orpha Ophelia (Bradley)
Bottom, S. Jerry (abt 1847-)
Bottom, Tony Lloyd

Boucher, Kathleen Anne (McGrath) (1956-)
Boucher, Myrtle
Boucher, Thomas Gerard (1962-)

Boughton, Eliza (unknown) (abt 1824-)
Boughton, John W. (1856-1936)
Boughton, Mary Frances (Cassingham) (1852-1931)
Boughton, Styles H. (abt 1824-)

Boulger, Courtney Nicole (1990-
Boulger, Pamela Jean (Feldenzer) (1964-)
Boulger, Scott R. (1971-2007)

Boullion, Brandon David (1985-)
Boullion, Holly Kay (1972-)
Boullion, Kari Lynn (Foster) (1968-)
Boullion, Kelsey Lynn (1989-)
Boullion, Lavonne Marie (Bakkedahl)
Boullion, Megan Vera (1992-)
Boullion, Russell Lee
Boullion, Wayne Russell (1968-)

Bourland, Lester Earl (1930-1999)
Bourland, Mary Lois (Shriner) (1916-2005)

Bowen, Almira
Bowen, Cheryl E. (Adams) (1955-)
Bowen, Franklin David (1946-)

Bowengen, Ella Maurine

Bower, Marion (1909-1985)

Bowers, Cora May (1893-1949)
Bowers, Hannah Irene (Eversole) (abt 1866-)
Bowers, Jim Powhotan (abt 1864-)
Bowers, Justin
Bowers, Kara
Bowers, Kevin
Bowers, Kim (Webster) (1961-)

Bowersock, Catharine M. (1848-1928)

Bowker, Leona

Bowman, Amanda (Kohn) (1847-1916)
Bowman, Anna Myria (Cassingham) (1860-1946)
Bowman, Betty Louise (1925-1997)
Bowman, Callia (Miller)
Bowman, Charles Austin (1880-1969)
Bowman, Charles Earl (1903-1989)
Bowman, Chester Orville (1922-)
Bowman, Clair Ivan (1903-1977)
Bowman, Clifford Eugene (1927-)
Bowman, Dice
Bowman, Edith Lucinda (1910-1997)
Bowman, Elsie Marie (1889-)
Bowman, Fern Edna (Shepard) (1909-1967)
Bowman, George
Bowman, Johnathan Robert (1852-1935)
Bowman, Joseph (1844-)
Bowman, Mabel Gertrude (1913-1977)
Bowman, Mary Elizabeth (1869-1915)
Bowman, Olive Wilhemena (1895-)
Bowman, Patricia Alice (1929-)
Bowman, Perneshia Alice (Williams) (1884-1970)

Bower, Hannah Eliza (abt 1858-)

Boyce, Blake
Boyce, Kamryn Blake
Boyce, Lauren Brooke
Boyce, Peggy Sheryl (Walker) (1960-)

Boyd, Angela Michelle (1969-)
Boyd, Connie Marie
Boyd, Daniel Duane (1967-)
Boyd, David E. (1938-2006)
Boyd, Debbie (Woody) (abt 1948-)
Boyd, Gladys
Boyd, Goldie May (1910-1984)
Boyd, Kenneth William (1914-1979)
Boyd, Margaret Ellen (Kain) (1949-)
Boyd, Margaret Joan (Amonette) (1933-1991)
Boyd, Mary Lou (Smith) (1941-2006)
Boyd, Peggy
Boyd, Ronald
Boyd, Thomas (1946-)
Boyd, Wanda Sue
Boyd, Whitney

Boydston, James Rogers [Baker]

Boyer, A. Howard
Boyer, Edward Errett (1874-1952)
Boyer, Elizabeth B. (1892-1968)
Boyer, Elizabeth Pearl (Yontz) (1878-1953)
Boyer, Martha Jane (1932-)
Boyer, Mary Lee (1934-)
Boyer, Matthew J. (1972-)
Boyer, Melissa Kay (Smith) (1972-)
Boyer, Michael J. (1947-)
Boyer, Peggy Ann (Mosier) (1948-)
Boyer, Rhiannon Kay (1995-)
Boyer, Ruth (Spencer) (1905-1992)
Boyer, Sally (Wade)
Boyer, Samuel Gaylord (1908-1973)
Boyer, Shirley (1944-)
Boyer, Wesley John (2000-)

Boyers, Maud A. (abt 1880-)

Boyle, Bud E. (1985-2001)
Boyle, Caroline Goodwin (Cassingham) (1886-1942)
Boyle, Gene Ellis (1959-2001)
Boyle, Lori J.
Boyle, Shawna Rae (1983-)
Boyle, Terry Ann (Birkle) (1961-)
Boyle, Thomas Patrick (abt 1884/1885-)

Boyles, Judy
Boyles, Mark Joseph (1956-)
Boyles, Mary Sue (Miller) (1930-)
Boyles, Wayland Dane (1927-)

Boyton, Jay Wayne
Boyton, Roberta Kathleen (Lemons) (1944-)

Bozarth, Elizabeth Emma (1846-1920)
Bozarth, Isaac
Bozarth, Rhoda (Seybold)

Brackney, Nancy C. (1883-1972)

Bradley, Lynn (abt 1962-)
Bradley, Orpha Ophelia

Braithwaite, Amy Elisabeth (2009-)
Braithwaite, Ian Fritz (2006-)
Braithwaite, Kirk F. (1965-)
Braithwaite, Stephanie Erika (Edwards) (1975-)

Bramschreiber, Janice Rose (Keller) (1929-1996)

Branch, Amy (unknown)
Branch, John Mark
Branch, Kelsey
Branch, Opal Mae (Wagner) (1934-2010)           [obituary]
Branch, Sharon Annette (1965-)
Branch, William Onesimus (1933-2002)           [obituary]

Brandt, Amy (unknown) (abt 1969-)
Brandt, Annette Magdalene (1908-2009)              [obituary]
Brandt, Clifford (1935-)
Brandt, David (1870-1938)
Brandt, David
Brandt, Debra
Brandt, Dennis J. (abt 1966-)
Brandt, Donald Lee (1964-)
Brandt, Genevra (1935-)
Brandt, Gloria Ann (1960-)
Brandt, Harold Dimock (1911-1985)
Brandt, Harold James (1940-)
Brandt, Joseph
Brandt, Lena (Kropshot) (1875-1938)>br> Brandt, Mary Elizabeth (Riley) (1913-2006)           [obituary]
Brandt, Patricia (unknown) (1941-)
Brandt, Ruth Ann (Sutton) (1940-)
Brandt, Tamara Lynn (unknown) (abt 1967-)
Brandt, Timothy Allen (1967-)
Brandt, Timothy James (1964-)

Branning, Suzanne

Brantley, Lucille Elvira (1910-1944)
Brantley, Sarah Ester (Hodge) (1885-)
Brantley, William E.

Brauneller, Charlotte (Howell)
Brauneller, Ron

Braunton, Addie May (Kirkpatrick) (1876-1966)
Braunton, Alice
Braunton, Bertram A. (1901-1965)
Braunton, Don
Braunton, Emma (Haslett) (1844-1925)
Braunton, Ernest (1867-1945)
Braunton, Ernestine E. (1917-)
Braunton, Genelda L. (Missel) (1922-2010)       [obituary]
Braunton, Helen May (1906-1997)
Braunton, Marion Cecile (1908-1994)
Braunton, Nancy
Braunton, Stanley Earle (1910-2000)
Braunton, Virginia Louise (Maxfield) (1913-1983)
Braunton, William James (1835-1922)

Brawngart, Sherri L.

Bray, Letha V. (Clevidence) (1911-)

Breed, Charles Bradley (1853-1947)
Breed, Ethel Mary (1886-1957)
Breed, Lilly C. (Nairn) (1857-1934)

Breitfeller, Michelle K. (Outcalt) (abt 1967-)
Breitfeller, Richard A. (abt 1961-)

Bren, Delmer Fred
Bren, Kayla Jean (1983-)
Bren, Norah Joy (2012-)
Bren, Pat Lester (1958-)
Bren, Peggy Joyce (Frerichs)
Bren, Rachel Joy (Aiken) (1985-)
Bren, Rebecca Jean (Curryer) (1958-)
Bren, Samuel Patrick (1985-)

Brennan, Katherine (abt 1893-)

Brent, David Kenner (1973-)
Brent, Farrand (1899-1963)
Brent, Giles Clarence (1935-)
Brent, James Farrand (1966-)
Brent, Joseph Warren (1969-)
Brent, Martha Luella (1930-)
Brent, Martha Mildred (Talbott) (1905-1985)
Brent, Sharon (Kopka)

Bresler, Bill
Bresler, Carol Sue (Vonarx)

Bress, Amanda

Bretschneider, Karen Sue

Brewer, Beverly Lou (Grant) (1932-)
Brewer, Charles Glen (1928-1988)
Brewer, Christine Lynn (1958-)
Brewer, Darrell Rex (1927-1998)
Brewer, David Michael (1987-)
Brewer, Dorothy Elaine (1964-)
Brewer, Karen Ann (Hanses) (1959-)
Brewer, Kay
Brewer, Kristyn Lynn (1990-)
Brewer, Luella Lea (1951-)
Brewer, Marie (Taylor)
Brewer, Martha Luella (Brent) (1930-)
Brewer, Michael Eugene (1961-1990)
Brewer, Michelle Ilene (1966-)
Brewer, Rachel Michelle (1996-)
Brewer, Robert Charles (1957-)
Brewer, Sue Florence (Sriner) (1933-)
Brewer, Wilbur
Brewer, Wilbur Leroy (1954-)

Bridge, Beverly J. (Harrold) (1939-)
Bridge, Charlotte Elizabeth (1898-1992)
Bridge, Elizabeth (Hartley) (1865-)
Bridge, Louis A. (1868-)
Bridge, Roger L. (abt 1939-)

Bridges, Amy Louise (Albertson) (1961-)
Bridges, John
Bridges, Sarah Louise

Briggs, Benjamin Mark (1989-)
Briggs, Charles Walker (1986-)
Briggs, Henry Steven (1994-)
Briggs, Janet Kay (Walker) (1959-)
Briggs, Mark
Briggs, Norman H.
Briggs, Virginia R. (Lamb) (1925-)

Bright, Florence L. (Brown) (1924-2004)       [obituary]
Bright, Robert (1924-1998)

Brimhall, Janet Frances

Briner, Betty Joan (Knafel) (1931-)
Briner, Richard Floyd (1932-1973)

Briscoe, Monica Evilyn (1900-)

Britsch, Arleta Jean (Merriman) (1934-)
Britsch, Virgil Lee (1927-)

Brittenham, Beatrice Leslie (1910-1913)
Brittenham, Emrie Alvie (1882-1949)
Brittenham, James Allen (1854-)
Brittenham, Lillie Juanita (1911-1995)
Brittenham, Lillie Myrle (Edwards) (1882-1913)
Brittenham, Mary Elizabeth (Calip) (1858-)
Brittenham, Pearl Addie (1888-)
Brittenham, Rosabelle Mary (1907-1981)

Britton, Lilian Leticia (1863-)

Brock, Elmer (1887-1970)
Brock, Rhoda Armellia (Stetler)
Brock, Rose Ann (1928-)

Brockert, Clarence Adams (1907-1988)
Brockert, Florence Ethel (Loemker) (1904-1993)
Brockert, John Clarence (1873-1951)
Brockert, Lucy A. (Adams) (1870-1957)
Brockert, Mae P. (1894-)
Brockert, Ruth Ann (1937-)

Brokar, Dana Michele (Cassingham) (1949-)
Brokar, Larry D.

Bronson, Esma Ruth (Burkholder) (1900-1996)
Bronson, Frederick Otto (1897-1960)
Bronson, Waunetta R. (1920-1974)

Brooker, Adam (1981-)
Brooker, Amy (1988-)
Brooker, Ann (1990-)
Brooker, Beth Louise (1967-)
Brooker, Breana (1994-)
Brooker, Dennis Earl (1959-)
Brooker, Diana (Perion) (1969-)
Brooker, Hannah Paige (1999-)
Brooker, Heide (Avery) (1959-)
Brooker, Ina Arlene (Anderson) (1933-)
Brooker, Karen Sue (1964-)
Brooker, Kathie Ann (1962-)
Brooker, Kayla (1993-)
Brooker, Lisa (1979-)
Brooker, Megan (1987-)
Brooker, Paul Alan (1965-)
Brooker, Ralph Arnold (1923-)
Brooker, Randall Lee (1957-)
Brooker, Ryan W. (1990-)
Brooker, Sherry (Troutman) (1962-)
Brooker, Teresa Lynn (Marsh)
Brooker, Vivian (Alexander)

Brookman, Tina

Brooks, Fay (1923-)
Brooks, Laura Jane
Brooks, Sarah E. (1847-)

Brouhard, Floyd
Brouhard, Judith Lynn (1942-)
Brouhard, Ruby (Manifeld)

Brown, Albert Lewis (Sr.) (1856-1925)
Brown, Albert Lewis (II) (1885-1949)
Brown, Albert Lewis (III) (1917-)
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Annabelle (abt 1960-)
Brown, Austin

Brown, Betty R. (1923-)
Brown, Billy Hugh

Brown, Carol Ann (1951-)
Brown, Carolyn Eliza
Brown, Catherine Lucille (1913-1977)
Brown, Charles (1883-)
Brown, Cora Fayre (Churchill) (1886-1968)

Brown, Danny L. (1949-)
Brown, David Lee
Brown, Dorothy I. (1919-2009)     [obituary]

Brown, Edith Mae (Burnap) (1892-abt 1968)
Brown, Edward G. (1916-1997)
Brown, Elbert Dean
Brown, Elmer Edward (1881-)
Brown, Emma (Cassingham) (1857-1923)
Brown, Eva Cordelia (Hoss)

Brown, Florence L. (1924-2004)       [obituary]
Brown, Frank W. (1887-1954)

Brown, Gladys L. (Egolf) (1901-1988)
Brown, George (1884-)
Brown, Gloria (Peck)
Brown, Grant Elliott (abt 1957-)
Brown, Grant Raymond

Brown, Harry
Brown, Hazel May (1921-1998)
Brown, Heather Nicole
Brown, Hester (Klein)
Brown, Homer H. (1909-2005)       [obituary]

Brown, Isla (unknown)

Brown, James W. (1911-)
Brown, Jason L. (abt 1971-)
Brown, John Lloyd (1890-1976)
Brown, Joyce (abt 1964-)

Brown, Laurel (Lemons) (1950-)
Brown, LaVerne
Brown, Lela Madlynn (Perry) (1925-2012)
Brown, Leroy
Brown, Lewis (1886-)
Brown, Linda Joe (abt 1964-)

Brown, Marjorie R. (1913-1982)
Brown, Mary (unknown)
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary Kay
Brown, Matthew Ryan
Brown, Mitch
Brown, Myrtle R. (Fierce) (abt 1895-)

Brown, Nancy Elizabeth (Smith) (1952-)
Brown, Nathan (1973-)
Brown, Nellie

Brown, Olena (1880-)

Brown, Paula Martha
Brown, Pearl E. (Cassingham) (1889-1972)

Brown, Ralph Merrill (1893-1966)
Brown, Richard (abt 1918-)
Brown, Robert James (1917-1978)
Brown, Roberta Lee
Brown, Roy Eugene
Brown, Ruby P. (Irwin) (1924-)
Brown, Ruby Pearl (Armstrong) (1908-1994)

Brown, Sarah Alice (1870-1945)
Brown, Sarah Mae
Brown, Scott Hershey
Brown, Sheryl (Roth)
Brown, Simeon (1826-)
Brown, Sue Elaine (abt 1954-)
Brown, Susan
Brown, Susie Elmira (Berry)

Brown, Tammy L. (unknown)
Brown, Terry Ellen (Sargent) (1948-)
Brown, Timothy

Brown, Vallona L. (1849-1929)
Brown, Velma
Brown, Veneta (Languille) (1896-1988)
Brown, Virginia (1915-2008)       [obituary]

Brown, Wanda

Bruce, Betty Jane (Cassingham) (1926-1953)
Bruce, Nora Vivian (1951-1956)

Brueger, Magdalena (1849-1929)

Bruening, Ione Elaine (Hoxie) (1908-1997)
Bruening, K.

Brumbaugh, Blanche (1898-1966)
Brumbaugh, Canna Elizabeth (Pence) (1900-1987)
Brumbaugh, Estella M. (1884-1960)
Brumbaugh, Florence Alverda (Pumphrey) (1857-1941)
Brumbaugh, John Henry (1861-1947)
Brumbaugh, Lena Z. (Nickey) (1887-1954)
Brumbaugh, Roscoe Bert (1886-1973)
Brumbaugh, Roscoe Nickey (1918-)

Brumfield, Ann (1790-1853)

Brunn, Martha

Bruns, Barbara Ann
Bruns, Beck Alexander (1997-)
Bruns, Claiborne Kinnard (1908-1990)
Bruns, Cruz Anderson (1997-)
Bruns, Eula Ferrill (Butler) (1910-)
Bruns, Kenneth Ralph (abt 1959-)
Bruns, Lydia Jane (Williman) (abt 1961-)
Bruns, Logan Andrik (1997-)
Bruns, Mary Sue
Bruns, Reilly Ana (1997-)

Brunson, Emmett (1893-)
Brunson, Ivy P. (Davis) (1890-1979)

Brunswick, James
Brunswick, John
Brunswick, Richard (abt 1964-)
Brunswick, Susan E. (Vick) (1970-)

Bryan, Cowden M. (1830-)
Bryan, Elizabeth Bagley (1839-1886)
Bryan, Jacob (1794-1880)
Bryan, Magdalena D. (1844/1845-1924)
Bryan, Mary (Bagley) (1804-aft 1894)
Bryan, Rebecca (Leothus) (abt 1816-)
Bryan, William Patterson (abt 1811-)

Bryant, Charlotte
Bryant, Glenn Eric (1968-2004)       [obituary]
Bryant, Landon Eric
Bryant, Sandra (Wagner) (abt 1962-)

Buchanan, Annette
Buchanan, David Grant (1864-1931)
Buchanan, Jastina L. (Cheeseman) (1869-1889)
Buchanan, Larry Michael
Buchanan, Mary Mabel (Smith) (1890-1952)
Buchanan, Matthew
Buchanan, Robert Grant (1888-1968)
Buchanan, Stephanie (abt 1986-)
Buchanan, Tina (Stahl) (abt 1951-)

Bucher, Anna Dorothea (abt 1840-)

Buck, Frank David (1941-)
Buck, Judith Ann (Haskin) (1937-)
Buck, Thelma J. (1905-1992)

Buckingham, Laura

Buckley, Durelda M. (Burgett) (1915-2008)
Buckley, Joan (1952-)
Buckley, Nancy (1822-1866)

Buckman, Arthea Marie (1947-)
Buckman, Arthur William (1921-)
Buckman, David Alan (1953-)
Buckman, Dorothea Lucille (Edwards) (1924-)
Buckman, Jane Ellen (1954-)
Buckman, Judy Ann (1951-)
Buckman, Paul Arthur (1950-)

Bucknell, Lela Vesta (1874-1938)

Budrow, Iva May (Sparrow) (1895-1977)
Budrow, Marie (1924-1989)
Budrow, William John (1883-1947)

Buerer, Henry (1850-1897)
Buerer, Margaretha (Schwab) (1853-1932)
Buerer, Mary Melinda Mildred (1888-1962)

Buetle, Cleopha Regina (1884-1966)

Buettgenbach, Lisa Sue (Millison) (1957-)

Buford, Josephine

Bullis, Emily (abt 1844-)

Bulsom, Ruth

Bunch, Stella Mae

Bungum, Pearl C.

Bunn, Alva H. (1873-1874)
Bunn, Janette (Edwards) (1850-bef 1900)
Bunn, Jefferson (1847-1928)
Bunn, Lula Effie (1876-1961)
Bunn, Nevada Jane (1870-1960)

Bunthoff, Mary Jane (Dew) (1935-1998)

Burdette, Alice Faye (1891/1892-1949)
Burdette, Alma Ruth (McKinney) (1914-2002)
Burdette, Andrew
Burdette, Arthur Latrhop (1898-1973)
Burdette, Attrice (Claytor) (1893-1976)

Burdette, Cameron
Burdette, Carrie Ruth (Foster) (1880-1952)       [obituary]
Burdette, Christine (unknown) (1940-)
Burdette, Cleo Daily (1877-1898)
Burdette, Cody
Burdette, Collin
Burdette, Cora Susan (1878-1950)
Burdette, Cornelia (abt 1919-)
Burdette, Crista Anne (1978-)

Burdette, Donald C. (abt 1912-)

Burdette, Elizabeth W. (Ellis) (1901-1975)
Burdette, Emily Grace (1982-)
Burdette, Everette Clifton (II) (1950-)
Burdette, Everette Clifton (1880-1954)

Burdette, Gay (McCraw)
Burdette, Georgia Alma (1881-1961)
Burdette, Georgia Demetrius (1863-1931)
Burdette, Gertrude (Campbell) (1889-1971)
Burdette, Guy Herman (1886-1960)         [obituary]

Burdette, Haley
Burdette, Harriett A. (1924-)
Burdette, Hazeltine Judson (Edds) (1858-1917)
Burdette, Helen (1914-1986)
Burdette, Helen Grace (Gaal) (1911-1994)
Burdette, Hortense Elizabeth (1894-1969)

Burdette, Ida B. (1896-1980)
Burdette, Ida Tipton (1893-1970)       [obituary]

Burdette, Jackson
Burdette, James Calvin (Sr.) (1887-1963)
Burdette, James Calvin (Jr.) (1913-1957)
Burdette, James Edward (1937-2010)       [obituary]
Burdette, James Keith (abt 1972-)
Burdette, James Kevin (1961-)
Burdette, James Lake (1883-1952)
Burdette, Jean (1924-)
Burdette, Jennifer R. (1980-)
Burdette, Jesse Robinson (1852-1918)
Burdette, Jim
Burdette, Judy (unknown) (1946-)

Burdette, Kathleen Frances (1916-2008)         [obituary]

Burdette, Laura Eva (1889-1977)    [obituary]
Burdette, Lewis Allen (1852-1933)
Burdette, Lewis Jackson (1835-1903)
Burdette, Lucille (1916-1997)
Burdette, Lucy Jane (1856-1883)
Burdette, Lydia Susan (Roach) (1868-1941)

Burdette, Margery (1922-2011)       [obituary]
Burdette, Margie L. (abt 1922-)
Burdette, Marie Scott (1912-1988)
Burdette, Martin Luther (1860-)
Burdette, Michelle Lorainne (1971-)
Burdette, Mildred Estella (Chapman) (1898-1980)
Burdette, Miles S. (1918-1992)

Burdette, Naomi (1877-1959)       [obituary]

Burdette, Oliver Dennis (1909-1939)
Burdette, Oretha L. (1912-1996)           [obituary]
Burdette, Orral Lorraine (1910-2005)       [obituary]

Burdette, Pauline (unknown) (abt 1890-)
Burdette, Pinie Ethel (Legg) (1888-1961)       [obituary]

Burdette, Richard Calvin (1944-2008)       [obituary]
Burdette, Robert Ashby (1887-)
Burdette, Russell Kelley (1903-1963)

Burdette, Semma Ramus (Scott) (1856-1932)
Burdette, Sheila (Lafon) (1951-)
Burdette, Susan Irene (Bell) (1916-1981)
Burdette, Susannah (Scott) (1827-1909)

Burdette, Taylor

Burdette, Virginia Louise (1913-1957)       [obituary]

Burdick, Arthur Standon (1888-1974)
Burdick, Caralu Smith (1909-1998)
Burdick, Cary (Lovell)
Burdick, Cora Chaney
Burdick, Edward Stanton (1858-)
Burdick, Luna Esther (Holdridge) (1864-)
Burdick, Mary Ethel (Jones) (1882-1959)

Burford, Cecil Ray (Sr.) (1905-1988)
Burford, Cecil Ray (Jr.) (abt 1926-)
Burford, Daniel T. (1867-)
Burford, Danny
Burford, Deloris
Burford, Idalene (abt 1924-)
Burford, Jacob (1817-)br> Burford, Madaline (Stabler)
Burford, Mary Etta (McEndree) (1873-)
Burford, Pattsy C. (1935-2004)       [obituary]
Burford, Racheal A. (unknown) (1843-)
Burford, Ruby (Hickman) (1902-1941)
Burford, Vivian (Wilson Stabler) (1906-1982)

Burg, Edward H. (1873-)
Burg, John (1848-abt 1931)
Burg, Loretta J.(Craig)
Burg, Mary Myrtle A. (Edwards) (1872-)

Burge, Dorphe Ann (-1967)

Burger, Kevin
Burger, Virginia (Linton) (1938-)

Burgett, Amelia C. (Lebo) (1848-1926)
Burgett, Durelda M. (1915-2008)
Burgett, Ellis Vernon (1889-1922)
Burgett, Florence May (Myers) (1893-)
Burgett, Harvey Parker (1850-1908)
Burgett, Vona M. (1911-2006)       [obituary]

Burk, Jerry (abt 1957-)
Burk, Veronica L. (Ward) (1958-)

Burke, Joan Howard (Pillatsch) (1945-)
Burke, Joseph (1937-)

Burkholder, Esma Ruth (1900-1996)

Burnap, Allen A. (1861-)
Burnap, Edith Mae (1892-abt 1968)
Burnap, Katrine (1866-)

Burnett, Dorothy Jean

Burns, Danny Edward (abt 1954-)
Burns, Elmira Rebecca (1860-1938)
Burns, Harry Edward (1935-1967)
Burns, Lycurgus (1830-1904)
Burns, Mary A. (Stoteler) (1835-1916)
Burns, Vanessa Louise (Coats) (abt 1954-)

Burr, Mabel I.

Burrill, Danyka B.
Burrill, Deborah Evelyn (Elkin) (1980-)

Bursehard, Emma

Burt, Noralyn Kay

Burton, Mehitable S. (abt 1861-)

Busby, Betty June (1930-)

Buser, Mary

Bushong, Eliza (Seitz) (1843-1921)
Bushong, Sylvia Maude (1879-1967)
Bushong, William Jefferson (1843-1884)

Bussert, Charma Lee (Ety) (1942-)
Bussert, Ronald L. (1939-)

Butler, Alison Paige (1974-)
Butler, Amy Charlotte (1961-)

Butler, Bernice (Paige) (1910-1987)
Butler, Bertha A. (1898-1958)
Butler, Bertha A. (Rich) (1873-)
Butler, Bertus G. (Hamm) (1874-)

Butler, Carole Jean (Fark)
Butler, Catherine
Butler, Catherine Elizabeth (McGrath) (1871-1957)
Butler, Charity Ann (Baxter) (1787-1868)
Butler, Charles Wesley (1872-)
Butler, Charlotte Grace (Paige) (1913-1982)
Butler, Clara Estelle (Rich) (1881-1957)

Butler, David
Butler, Dolores (Van Arsdale)
Butler, Doug

Butler, Ernest Everett (1908-1954)
Butler, Etta (Hendrickson) (1904-1984)
Butler, Eula Ferrill (1910-)

Butler, Gary
Butler, George Baxter (Sr.) (1874-1940)
Butler, George Baxter (Jr.) (1920-1995)
Butler, George Wesley (1895-)

Butler, Harold Thomas (1907-1975)
Butler, Harriet (Cassingham) (1835-1920)
Butler, Helen Charlotte (1903-1978)
Butler, Henry (1781-1855)

Butler, James Vernon (1893-)
Butler, Jane
Butler, Janice
Butler, Jeanne Estelle (1950-)
Butler, Jesse Paul (1966-)
Butler, Joan Charlotte (1931-)
Butler, Judith Lora (Robertson) (1938-)

Butler, Karen Elizabeth (1953-)
Butler, Kristine Leslie (1975-)

Butler, Lawrence Dean (Sr.) (1935-1987)
Butler, Lawrence Dean (Jr.) (1966-)
Butler, Lawrence George (1904-1982)
Butler, Lisa Joan (1967-)
Butler, Lora Sue (1959-)
Butler, Lowell Rich (1901-1989)

Butler, Marion Lowell (1935-1997)   [obituary]
Butler, Mary Meredith (1915-)
Butler, Mary Jeanne (Foy) (1923-2005)     [obituary]
Butler, Michael George (1946-)
Butler, Mildred Maxine (1910-1994)
Butler, Milton Leslie (1875-1964)
Butler, Molly Ann (1967-)

Butler, Nancy Lynn (Frosch) (1944-)
Butler, Nathan Michael (1970-)

Butler, Phillip

Butler, Richard Milton
Butler, Robert Allen
Butler, Ruth (1909-)

Butler, Samuel Baxter (1818-1876)
Butler, Sarah Matilda (Griffin) (1875-1897)
Butler, Steven Paul (1953-1998)   [obituary]
Butler, Susan Jane

Butler, Thomas Cassingham (1869-1953)

Butler, Vera Joan
Butler, Vilas Ross (abt 1905-)

Butler, Wayne Nicols (1943-)

Butterfield, Charles Emerson (1828-1884)
Butterfield, Francesca Clarissa (1852-1936)
Butterfield, Isabelle (Stebbins) (1833-1907)
Butterfield, Sarah Jane (1855-1898)

Buttes, Troy A. (zbt 1971-)
Buttes, Valarie Rose (Vensor) (1975-)

Buzzini, Dori L. (1963-)
Buzzini, George A. (III)
Buzzini, Patricia (Patton)

Byers, Annie Edna (1881-1916)
Byers, Dorothy Frances (Cooke) (1903-1996)
Byers, George James (abt 1906-)

Byk, Bobby (1971-)
Byk, Dorothy Elain (Piper) (1946-1975)
Byk, Mary Clara (1967-)
Byk, Wally (1965-)

Byrd, Don
Byrd, Melinda
Byrd, Sharon (Justin)