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A Listing of Every Cassingham America Has Ever Seen

There have been at least three Cassingham families that have migrated to the U.S (The number may be as high as four or more).

The first American Cassingham we know anything about is Thomas Cassingham (Sr.) who came to the U.S. in 1818 with his (very pregnant) wife and seven children. His wife, Phoebe Ford, gave birth to their eighth child almost immediately upon arrival in the U.S. They had an additional four children after settling in Muskingum County Ohio.

John and Elizabeth Cassingham arrived with their family by 1843. They settled in Coshocton County Ohio (a county adjacent to Muskingum County where Thomas lived). Of their eight children the first seven were born in England. Only the youngest, who was born in 1843, was probably born in the U.S.

Frank Cassingham came to the U.S. sometime before 1875 settling in Providence, Rhode Island. The fact that he settled in an area where none of the earlier Cassingham's had lived may mean that Frank is not closely related to Thomas or John. On the other hand, his arrival is much later than the others. He was not born until 1840, so even if closely related, he would not have known Thomas or John who had both gone to the U.S. by then (or in the case of John, was just leaving). Also, the Cassingham family were, by 1875, very much dispersed over the United States -- some still lived in Ohio, but others had moved on to Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, etc.

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