All The Relatives Of Albert Clarke Edwards

All My Father's Relatives

The avowed purpose of this site is to list every one of my father's relatives. The database now holds more than 14,000 individuals. More than 10,000 of whom are currently listed on this site.

For ease of use, I have divided the data into 5 areas. (The index is a single consolidated one, however.) Each area is devoted to one of my father's primary ancestors. The buttons at left will tell you about each.

Here is his ancestor chart:

Albert Clarke Edwards
William Edwards
Norman Edwards
Alpheus Edwards
Joseph Edwards
(abt 1776)
Prudence (abt 1780)
Leah Shriner
Peter Shriner
Sara (1770)
Melissa Hastings
Seymour Hastings
(abt 1790)
Ella Cassingham
William Cassingham
(abt 1822)
Thomas Cassingham
Phoebe Ford
(abt 1780)
Elizabeth Cummings
(abt 1834)
Ebenezer Cummings
(abt 1793)
Jane Harris
(abt 1800)
James Harris
Jane German