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I have uploaded TONS of old photographs. The best way I can figure to organize them online is by surname. Each photo should be labeled as to who it is, and possibly where and when it was taken. These photos are really only half of my “collection” of family history. The other half is the actual history part, and is much more complicated than labeling and dating photos. I would love to have the time to put the history information up, and when I figure out an easy time effective way to do that, I certainly will. So enjoy the photos for now, if you have any questions about the people and places you see here, please email me.


Also, since I have a personal website as well, my family history photos are entangled with my personal photos. If you click on the links below, it will take you directly to that family’s album. To view another family album, you’ll have to come back to this page and follow the links… Or you can sort through the personal photos to find the album you are looking for. I know it gets a little confusing for the viewer, but its easy for me! Thanks for visiting!


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