Fairview Cemetery, Delaware Co, IN

History of Fairview Cemetery

According to historian Thomas Helm: In about 1833, the cemetery was established on land donated for that purpose by one of the Beeson brothers, in the NE part of Monroe Township, near the Christian Friends meeting house. The cemetery has been called Christian Friends and Brick. It seems likely that the cemetery was first called Christian Friends, although you will sometimes see the names "Christian" and "Friends" used separately. At one time, the cemetery was surrounded by a brick wall of some nature, and so was called Brick.

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William Brown Gravestone
Robert Brown Gravestone
Samuel Brown Gravestone
Patsy Turner Gravestone
Mary E. Brown Gravestone
Caroline Brown Gravestone
Dianna Brown Gravestone
Isaac Brown Gravestone
Patsey and J. Turner Gravestones
Robert Brown and Lydia E "Emma" Fuson Gravestones

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