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History of Delaware County - Perry Township
(Excerpts from pages 9 through 19)

Perry Township occupies the southeast corner of Delaware County, being bounded by Liberty township on the north, Randolph county on the east, Henry county on the south, and Monroe township on the west, with sections numbered from 1 to 24 and 31 to 36 inclusive.

The six sections 31 through 36 above, being the north tier, is the only portion of Perry township in Congressional township twenty, north. The other four tiers of sections being in township nineteen. The entire civil township of Perry, however, is in range eleven, east, the range lines being the township lines at both the east and west boundaries. The east line of Perry, being also the east line of range eleven, makes that point eleven times six miles, or 66 miles east of the base range line.

Commencing at the northwest corner of the township, we find that section 31 was entered by Cornelius Van Arsdoll, George Ribble, Lewis Reese, Thomas Hacket and Garret Gibson, the first entry being made in November, 1822, and the last in October, 1830. The present owners of this section are W. W. Rees, Lewis Rees, James T. Page, J. Rees, Sr., W. R. Moore, J. M. Lenon and G. Hughes.

The lands in section 32 were entered by Wilder Potter, Daniel Ribble, Daniel Thompson, Aaron Cecil, John W. Cecil and George Ribble, the first of these entries being dated December 16, 1822, and the last September 1, 1833. This section (32) is now owned by S. R. Cecil, W. R. Cline, S. E. Cecil, S. G. Cecil, L. Whitney, P. Whitney, S. and E. Jordan and John Rees, Sr. The section has two gravel roads through it.

Section 33 was entered by William Poff, Isaac Jackson, Martin Keesling, Wilder Potter and Jacob Marshall, The entry made by Wilder Potter was the first, December 16 1822, and was the tract of land before mentioned as that on which Goldsmith C. Gilbert had settled and improved. The last entry in this township was made by William Poff, March 12, 1836. As shown by our latest authority, the land in this section in now owned by M. J. Cline, Lewis Keesling, W. R. Cline and W. A. Cunningham. Prairie creek crosses the southwest corner of this section, and the Smithfield and Selma pikes the eastern part.

The first entry of public lands in section 35 (My note: probably intended to be 34) was made by Loring Waldo on June 29, 1830, and was eighty acres, being the west half of the northeast quarter of the section. The balance of the section was entered later on, up to August, 1834, by Michael G. Carver, Albert Robinson, Hilda Adkins and Peter Halstead. This section is now owned by M. Dunkin, A. H. Ratcliff, M. A, Murray, E. C. Clark, W. A. Clark, Lewis Keesling and A. C. Duncan. Good gravel roads extend along both the east and north lines of the section.

Section 35 seems to have been some later in getting into the market than the sections west of it, as the earliest entry of any of its lands were not made until July, 1830, and the last entry July, 1836. This section was entered by Henry Row, Joseph Derr, Ira Main, Thompson Stansbury and Peter Deft; the present owners being M. C. Moore, M. Helm, G. Helm, W. S. Helm, C. Swingley, T. Brewer, J. Brooks, S. Helm, A. H. Ratcliff, L. E. Chenoweth, M. A. Andars and G. T. Helm. The Blountsville and Smithfield pike runs along the west line, and a gravel road on or near the north line of this section.

Section 36 is in the northeast corner of the township. The first entry of land was by Joel Drake, in August,1833, and was only forty acres. Mr. Drake entered another forty acre tract joining the first, the following February, 1834. The balance of the section was all taken up in 1856 by Martin Dye, Alexander Nisbet, Henry Dye, James Barr, William Baird and Robert R. Barr. This section is now owned by T. M. Amburn, J. L. Remel, E. Thompson, E. Sample, J. and D. Sample, E. and J. Brooks, H. Will, M. E. Cline and J. Brooks.

Section No. 1, in Perry township, was settled and the land entered by William King, John Fetters, Bowater Bates, John Connor, William Locke, Thomas Clevenger, William Baird, Norris Flemming and Joseph Whitacre. The first of these entries was made by John Connor October 31, 1822, and the first or earliest entry made in the township. This was the east half of the southeast quarter of the section, and is now owned by L. Lindsey, S. Reese and S. M. Warner. The last entry in the section was made by Joseph Whitacre in March, 1837. The present owners of section 1 are R. Brewer, J. J. Fetters' heirs, H. Fetters, S. M. Warner, A. Reese, L. Lindsey, M. E. Cline, W. Terrel, J. E. Clevenger and T. G. Clevenger.

Section No. 2 was entered by Robert R. Barr, Henry Way, Andrew McAlister, William Dilts, James Barr, John Brooks and Nelson Thayer, in the years of 1832-35-36 and 37, and is now owned by P. A. Helm, H. Kennedy, J. M. Lenon, M. H. McCormick, E. J. Halstead, P. R. Clevenger and J. L. Ullom. The Blountsville and Smithfield free gravel road runs along the west side of this section. The Christian church stands near the southwest corner on section 11, and school No. 1 near the northeast corner on section No. 1.

All the public land in section No. 3 was taken up in six entries, four of which were made in 1830 and the other two in 1836. The parties making these entries were William M. Clark, Lyman Halstead, Peter Halstead, Joseph Walling, Samuel Halstead and David Hoover. The present owners of the lands of this section are W. A. Clark, C. Clark, G. W. Keesling, L. E. Doughty, John Williams, Jr., and W. C. Scott. This section has good roads along the east, south, half of the west, and through the center east and west. School No. 2 is near the west line of the section, in section No. 4.

Section four might be termed one of the early settled sections of the township, as the first entry of land in this section was made in December, 1822, but a short time after Mr. Conner made his entry in section one, and was made by James Bryson. The other settlers entering land in this section were Joseph Walling, David Hoover, William N. Rowe, John Will, Louisa Thayer and William J. Cecil. This section is now owned by John Williams, Jr., Wm. J. Williams, W. and B. Gilmore, A. R Holloway, George W. Keesling, and J. B. Cecil. A road runs through the section, north and south, near the center, and Prairie creek crosses the west side.

The earliest land entry in section No. 5 was dated October 9, 1826, and was made by Daniel Thompson. From then until October 25, 1834, all the land in this section was taken up by Aaron Cecil, Benjamin Walker, George Ribble and William J. Cecil. Relatives of some of the first settlers still own and occupy a greater portion of this section. The present owners are S. G. Cecil, Z. W. Cecil, J. B. Cecil, S. and E. Jordan and John Rees, Jr. The southeast quarter of the section joins the village of New Burlington, from which place a gravel road runs north through the section; also the Muncie and New Burlington free gravel road angles across the section.

Section six was entered in the years 1830 to 1836, inclusive, but the records show no entries in either 1833 nor 1834. These entries were made by Samuel Cecil, Joseph Keesling, James Cecil, John VanArsdol, Daniel Keesling and Henry Mulkins, and now owned by J. Rees, Sr., M. C. Will, S. and E. Jordan, A Keesling, John Rees, Jr., John Will, R. Rees and C. Cunningham. This section we find short of 640 acres, as in fact, are all the sections of the township bordering on Monroe.

Section seven was entered in the years 1834 and 1836, and all but two of these entries were made in the year 1836. The names of the parties taking this section from the government were James Cecil, David Robinson, John Kirkpatrick, Sr., William Drum, Isaiah Gandy, Samuel Hutchings, Joseph R. Pratt and Keder Homan. This is also a fractional section and now owned by Jane Felton, H. TempIin, L. Rees, O. Ladd, John B. Jackson, E. D. Jackson, G. W. Helmick, Jacob Keesling, E. J. Jackson and James Carmichael. A good road passes through the center of the section, east and west; another angles across the western half and another along the greater part of the north line.

The public land in section eight was entered by Aaron Richardson, Benjamin J. Blythe, Solomon Johnson, Calvin Cecil, James Cary, William Cecil, Almron Spencer, William Drum and Ephraim Cary, in the years of 1829, '31, '32 and '36. The lands are now owned by S. Jump, J. B. Cunningham, T. P. Iron, J. and W. Williams, A. Shockley, E. Cary, R. J. Carey, C. W. Cecil, James Carmichael and W. R. Moore. The village of New Burlington occupies a portion of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter, and school No. 4 is located on the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter. This section is in a high state of cultivation, with good roads.

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