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Dove Cottage, Thorpe, Derbyshire, England

A family history of the ancestors of 
Andrew Wager

The history of this family is typical of many of the people of England. Some of the lines have been traced back to the middle of the 17C - just about to the time of Civil War. There are no famous people, and indeed, the majority are agricultural labourers, living in typical obscurity in Shropshire, Norfolk and other counties in the south and midlands of England. There is a leavening of coal miners, a brewer and publican or two. Very few of them were rich enough to leave wills (although the wills that there are provide much insight into their lives), and few of them got into trouble with the law. As a result they left few traces. However, there is still much of interest both anecdotally, and as a snapshot of the social history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The author of these pages is Andrew Wager, born in 1946 in Sheffield, England.
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