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The Tennessee Transcript, Savannah, TN

Tennessee Transcript 8/7/1879: Mr. Samuel Newman died last Thursday; he leaves a wife and four children to morn his loss. (Saltillo, August 2, 1879)


News Progress, Savannah, TN

News Progress, Savannah, TN 4/8/1959: Edward Melvin Adams of Pyburn died 4/5/1959, 83 yrs. old.

News Progress 9/10/1958: James Daniel Hooper buried 9/6/58 Shady Grove Cemetery, wife, Mrs. Mae Norwood Hopper, two daughters, Mrs. Blanche Ellis and Mrs. Evia Lewis, two sons, Elmer and Lois Hopper, one brother, Irwin Hopper, two sisters, Mrs. Martha Vital and Mrs. Mary Allen, one uncle, Jessie Hopper.


Savannah Courier, Savannah, TN

Savannah Courier 1/4/1990: W. P. Adams, Sr., age 79, of Crump, died.

Savannah Courier 2/9/1989: Carlos Buel Essary, age 67, died 1/31/1989. He was born and reared in Enville community of Chester County, the son of son of James Dexter and Millie Adams Essary. Married Lois Marie Rickman. He was buried 2/2/1989 in Milledgeville Cemetery. Leaves on daughter, Vickie Smith of Olive Hill; two sons, Rickey and Rusty Essary of Milledgeville; Five sisters, Mrs. Faye Bishop of Enville; Sue Clark of Adamsville; Lois Smith of Reagan; Margie Essary and Judy Knauff of Memphis. Five brothers, Auvie of Reagan, Maxwell and James of Enville, N. H. of Luray, and Webb of Savannah. Five grandchildren.

Savannah Courier 12/15/1988: Morris Chapel: Cordie Johnson Kennedy, age 82, daughter of Tommy and Nadie Moffitt Johnson, died 12/7/1988, wife of Ernest Kennedy, buried 12/10/1988 in Morris Chapel Cemetery. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Hamm of Morris Chapel, two sons, Jerry of Morris Chapel and James M. of Memphis, five sisters, Mrs. Lydia Turnbow of Morris Chapel, Mrs. Loree Conder, Mrs. Alvada Hamm, Mrs. Jodie McBride and Mrs. May Haynes, all of Memphis, two brothers, Clarence Johnson and K. C. Johnson of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 11/17/1988: Rosa (Gean) Johnson, age 92, born in Wayne County, buried 11/12/1988 in Savannah Cemetery. Married George M. Johnson who died 1957.

Savannah Courier 6/16/1988: Benson, Mr. William Harmon Benson died 6/12/1988.

Savannah Courier 3/24/1988: I. D. Johnson, Jr. age 77, buried 3/16/88 in Shiloh Cemetery. Died 3/14/1988, son of Isaac and Sarah E. League Johnson.

Savannah Courier 12/31/1987: Elva Mae Adams, age 77, of Waynesboro died 12/20/1987.

Savannah Courier 12/17/1987: L. C. Bridges, age 77, buried 12/12/1987 Milledgeville Cemetery. Died 12/11/1987, son of Edward and Oda Smith Bridges.

Savannah Courier 12/10/1987: Mary Reed Owens, age 81, died 12/04/1987, daughter of John and Ella Harville Reed. Married Aubry Vester Owens who died 10/28/1980.

Savannah Courier 10/1/1987: Margaret Jane Bratton Johnson, age 75, buried 9/30/1987 in Penhook Cemetery. Died 9/28/1987, wife of Walker Johnson who died 1984.

Savannah Courier 4/2/1987: Doris Faye (Hendman) Johnson, age 54, died 3/28/1987, buried Savannah Cemetery on 3/30/87, wife of Tommy Lewis Johnson, daughter of Nellie Irene Long and Seldom B. Hendman.

Savannah Courier 3/5/1987: Della (Southerland) Warrington, age 80, buried 2/25/87 Memorial Garden Waynesboro, died 2/23/87, daughter of Gellie Otto and Emma Victoria Johnson Sutherland, wife of John C. Warrington.

Savannah Courier 12/11/1986: Willie R. Williams, age 77, died 12/2/1986 at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, buried 12/4/1986 at Milledgeville Cemetery. Married to Mrs. Flora McBride. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Sherold Reid of Goodlettsville, Janeus Doyle of Sardis and one son, Jerry Williams of Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 12/11/1986: Inez Goff Austin, age 73, wife of James Curtis Austin, died 12/8/86 at Jackson Madison Co., Hospital, buried 12/10/86 at Corinth Cemetery, Decatur County. She was the daughter of Joseph W. and Elizabeth McBride Goff.

Savannah Courier 9/4/1986: Emma Adams, age 62 wife of William Adams, died 8/24/1986 at Peoria Ill., buried 8/24 Swan Lake Memorial Garden.

Savannah Courier 6/19/1986: Richard Albert Bridges, age 92, died 6/14/1986, buried 6/15/1986 at Lebanon Cemetery. He was the son of James C. and Sarah E. Hester Bridges. Survived by wife, Annie Ethel Blankenship Bridges; one daughter, Lois Hollin of Selmer; one son Ray Bridges of Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 6/12/1986: John W. Bell died at age 83. He was in a nursing home in Knoxville. Survived by wife, Lois Maddox Bell of Knoxville, father of James I. Bell.

Savannah Courier 5/29/1986: Mary Kelly reaches century mark, 100 yrs old; daughter of Margaret and Jeff Jerrolds who was daughter of Eliza Johnson Sinclair who was 94 when she died.

Savannah Courier 4/10/1986: Della Hanna Bevins, age 92, of Sardis: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 4/10/1986: E. W. Johnson, age 65, died 4/2/1986 at the V. A. Hospital in Memphis, buried 4/6/1986 in Memorial Garden. Survived by wife, Sadie Hayes Johnson. Son of George and Rosa Gean Johnson; two daughters, Mrs. Debby Richardson of Savannah; Mrs. Joyce Ayers of Andrew AFB, MD; five sons, Jerry and Michael of Tacoma, Wash., Dave of Las Vegas, NV, Philip of Fort Wadsworth, NY, Dan of Savannah, one brother, Lee Johnson, two sisters, Mrs. Elois Johnson and Mrs. Flora Mitchell of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 4/3/1986: Roxy Myrtle Ellis Pitts, age 87, died 3/27/1986 and buried in Milledgeville Cemetery, survived by husband, Hershel Pitts

Savannah Courier 2/27/1986: Brodie Eugene Johnson, age 73, Florence AL, husband of Ruby White, died 2/20/86, buried 2/22/1986 in Lutts Cemetery, son of Ancil and Icy Beckham Johnson, one son, Ancil Eugene Johnson of Collegewood, sister, Louise Fairley of Osceola, Ark.

Savannah Courier 11/7/1985: James G. "Jack" Spencer: Obituary

Savannah Courier 10/24/1985: Walker J. Short, son of Lillie Tiddle Adams Short.

Savannah Courier 9/26/1985: Tammy Johnson, daughter of Betty and Elbert Johnson, has one brother, Tracy Johnson.

Savannah Courier 8/29/1985: Homer White of Hookers Bend; Obituary.

Savannah Courier 8/29/1985: Ed Blankenship; Obituary.

Savannah Courier 7/25/1985: Annie Naomie Dobbins Johnson, age 78, died 7/18/1985 in Jackson, daughter of Jess and Jennie Harrison Dobbins, buried Mt. Hermon Cemetery on 7/20/1985, wife of Frank Leeth Johnson of Jackson, sons, Frank Leeth Johnson, Jr. of Fayetteville, Dennis Johnson of Jackson, four grandchildren, Brenda, Mark, Gina and Dara Johnson, two sisters, Mrs. May Hanks and Mrs. Drucella White of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 6/27/1985: Leona W. Murphy, wife of Daniel Murphy died 6/17/1985, buried Murphy Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 6/16/1985: Jim and Ruby Robbins daughter's death.

Savannah Courier 6/13/1985: Ernest Floyd Kennedy, husband of Cordie Johnson died 6/9/85, buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery on 6/11/85, Son (?) of Bessie Johnson Kennedy.

Savannah Courier 5/23/1985: Edna Anna Austin Johnson, age 71, died 5/14/83, buried 5/16/85 in Memorial Garden, married Joseph M. Johnson who died in 1970, survived by three daughters, Judy Groom of Saltillo, Jane Worley of Savannah, Frances Bevis of Memphis and one son Gary Johnson of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 11/22/1984: Marion Eugene Adams, age 77, died 11/15/1984 at Harbert Hills Nursing Home, son of Edward and Margaret Barnett Adams, buried 11/16/84 in Pyburn Cemetery. Survived by wife, Mamie Sparks Adams.

Savannah Courier 6/28/1984: Mitze Johnson, model, daughter of Janice Perkins Johnson, father is Larry Johnson.

Savannah Courier 6/21/1984: Millie Dee Essary, age 83, died 6/12/84 at home in Enville. She was a native of Dyer County, the daughter of Jack and Mae Spencer Adams. Married James Dexter Essary who died in 1970. Buried 6/14/84 in Gravel Springs. Funeral was in Milledgeville Presbyterian Church. Survived by five daughters, Faye Bishop of Enville, Mrs. Willie Sue Clark of Adamsville, Mrs. Lois Gene Smith of Reagan, Mrs. Judy Knouff and Marge Essary of Memphis. Six sons, Carlos Essary of Milledgeville, Max L. and James Essary of Enville, Auvie of Regan, Houston of Luray, Webb of Savannah, one sister, Mrs. Lela Neisler of Enville.

Savannah Courier 11/00/1983: Shirley McNeva Davis Johnson, age 47, died 10/24/83 in Jackson General Hospital, buried 10/26/83 in Milledgeville Cemetery, three daughters, Mrs. Charlotte Ann Hammett, Mrs. Cathy Thompson of Jacks Creek, Mrs. Veckie Simpson of Sardis, two sons, Michael of Regan and James of Henderson, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William O. Davis of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1983: Richard Don Murphy, age 79, died 10/7/83 at Hardin County Hospital, buried 10/9/83 at Mt. Herman Cemetery. Born in Wayne Co.; married Ada Horton. He was the Son of Tim and Lula Hinson Murphy (Olive Hill Community). Survived by two cousins, W. C. and Harry Murphy.

Savannah Courier 9/1/1983: Effie Baker Johnson, 75, wife of Eddie Johnson, died 8/23/1983 in Baptist Hospital of Memphis, buried 8/26/83 in Memorial Garden, daughter of Everett & Sula Mills Baker, one daughter, Mary Jean Reynolds of Selmer and one son Larry Johnson of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 3/31/1983: Lillian Harrison Johnson, age 67, died 3/26/83 in Hardin County General Hospital, buried 3/28/83 in Memorial Garden, wife of J. G. "Jamie" Johnson, the daughter of Harvey W. and Loutisha Shelby Harrison: SEE DETAILS FOR CHILDREN.

Savannah Courier 12/30/1982: Vera Nell Williams Johnson, age 66, died 12/26/1982 in Madison Co. buried 12/28/82 in Milledgeville Cemetery, daughter of A. C. and Betty Hutton Williams, taught school for 35 years, married Dennis Johnson, one brother, Willie R. Williams of Enville.

Savannah Courier 10/28/1982: Rainey, Robert Monroe Rainey, buried at Wesley's Chapel Cemetery, son of Robert L. and Maude Adams Rainey.

Savannah Courier 10/7/1982: Lilla May Stewart Maddox, age 79, died 10/3/82, buried 10/4/82 in John Lay Cemetery at Ethridge, married Bert Wallace Maddox.

Savannah Courier 9/9/1982: Lillian Orr Scott died 9/2/82, buried 9/5/82 in Lebanon Cemetery. She was the daughter of Will and Rena Pitt Orr: She was married to Robert Scott.

Savannah Courier 4/16/1981: Death of Ellis Johnson, age 66, son of Dave and Edna Hill Johnson.

Savannah Courier 4/2/1981: Mellissa Willis, age 77, daughter of John and Virginia Wagnor Willis and wife of Walter R. Rickman, died 3/28/81, buried 3/29/81 in Milledgeville Cemetery. Survived by four step-daughters, Mrs. Beatrice Hughes of Morris Chapel, Mrs. Grace Spencer, Mrs. Dorothy Bridges and Mrs. Marie Essary of Milledgeville, four step- sons, Otis Rickman,____, _____, ______, two sisters, Myrtle White of Action and Miss Hattie Willis of Corinth.

Savannah Courier 1/8/1981: Estle Virginia Phillips, age 66, died, burial Mt. Zion Cemetery. She married James C. Adams.

Savannah Courier 12/4/1980: Buford John Benson, age 77, died. Married Oren Willis.

Savannah Courier 9/18/1980: Ludie Jerrolds, age 77, died 9/12/80 at Florence Ala. buried 9/13/80 in Campground Cemetery, married 1st Webb Johnson, married 2nd Walter Johnson, one step-son J. C. Johnson.

Savannah Courier 9/18/1980: Brodie Vestal Bevins, age 86, died 9/14/80, buried 9/16/80 in Sardis Cemetery, son of John and Nancy Johnson Bevins married Della Hanna Bevins.

Savannah Courier 9/4/1980: Eddie W. Johnson, age 35, of Tacoma Washington died 8/23/80 in Dallas, Texas, buried 8/30/80 in Mt. View Memorial Park Cemetery, Tacoma, native of Hardin County, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Johnson, of Tacoma, five brothers, Jerry of Kaeserlautern, Germany, Donald, David and Michael of Tacoma, Washington and Phillip (Tony) of Keesler, AFB, Texas, one sister, Debra Richardson of Tacoma, grand mother, Rosa Johnson of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 7/31/1980: Vernon Clevo Johnson, age 55, son of T. C. and Nadie Moffett Johnson, died 7/26/80, buried 7/29/80 in Morris Chapel Cemetery, sisters, Mrs. May Hayes, Mrs. Cordie Kennedy, Mrs. Lydia Turnbow, of Morris Chapel, Mrs. Lorie Conder, Mrs. Alvada Ham, Mrs. Jodie McBride, of Memphis, two brothers, Clarence of Morris Chapel and K. C. of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 8/16/1979: Elvin Herman O'Neal, age 85, married Isabel Johnson, died 8/6/79, buried 8/8/79 in Morris Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/26/1979: Mrs. Ruie Hopper Inman, age 71, born in Henderson Co., died 7/14/79, buried 7/16/79 in Milledgeville Cemetery. She was the daughter of Tillman and Nealie Ellis Hopper. She was married to James Kenneth Inman; two sons, Bobby W. Inman of Memphis and Kenneth Ray Inman of Parsons, Step Mom, Maude Hopper of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 5/17/1979: Hershel U. Johnson, age 71, died 5/4/79 in Silver Spring Md., a native of Olive Hill, married Rosa, one son, Kendrich of San Deigo, one brother, Burgess Johnson of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 5/10/1979: Ira Rea Johnson, age 70, married Aaron Z. Johnson, died 5/2/79, buried 5/5/79 in Milledgeville Cemetery, a native of Milledgeville, daughter of Robert L. and Nancy Ross Meek, three daughters, Mrs. Linda Lou Chambers, Mrs. Nancy Jane Adams both of Memphis, Mrs. Glenda Sue Anderson of Southaven, Miss., seven sons, Joe, Bobby D. of Memphis, Donnie Edward and Harold Wayne of Southaven, Doyle Gene of Walls, Miss., James Alton of Covington and Robert Carroll of Long Beech, Miss.

Savannah Courier 4/12/1979: Hazel Lenn Johnson, age 84, died in Kansas City, Kan., on 4/6/79, (sons?), Carl E. Johnson Jr. of Kansas, and Clayton R. Johnson, Sr., of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 4/12/1979: Lexie Eura Manues Spencer, age 73, died 4/7/79. She was married to V. A. Johnny Spencer.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1979: Paulus Churchwell: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 2/22/1979: Robbie Horton Johnson, wife of James L. Johnson (obituary).

Savannah Courier 12/21/1978: Otis Henry Lewis: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 7/6/1978: Farris Stafford: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 6/22/1978: Thomas Albert Hopper, buried at Lebanon Cemetery, son of Jesse & Idella Bevins Hopper.

Savannah Courier 4/27/1978: Bill Patterson: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 3/16/1978: Claude Johnson, age 81, married Olive Sherrod Johnson, died 3/7/78, buried 3/9/78 in Center Hill Cemetery, son of Joseph E. and Sally Winfield Johnson, daughter, Mrs. Mrs. Coy Newman of Orlando, Fla., one brother, Clyde Johnson of Americus, Calf., three sisters, Mrs. Frank Freeman of Cordele, GA, Mrs. J. E. Daniel of Columbus, GA and Mrs. E. J. Arrington of Albany, GA.

Savannah Courier 3/2/1978: Jewels Stanfill Hanna: Obituary: buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/26/1978: Madgie Jarrett Minton, age 82, died Jan. 21, 1987 at Selmer. She was a native of Carroll County, the daughter of George and Harritt Joyner Jarrett. She was married to Eddie D. Minton. She was buried Jan. 221978 in Lebanon Cemetery. She leaves two daughters; Mrs. Mae Downing of Arlington and Mrs. Jewel Mitchell of Enville; three sons, Lonnie Burl Minton, Dean Minton and Eugene Minton; one brother, George W. Jarrett of Morris Chapel; one sister, Minnie Rogers of Montezuma.

Savannah Courier 12/15/1977: John Charles Jarrett, died 12/10/1977, buried Morris Chapel Cemetery, son of Ben F. and Meda Morris Jarrett.

Savannah Courier 12/1/1977: Edgar E. Brooks, Sr., age 92, married Nealie Johnson Brooks, died 11/23/77, son of Samuel and Addie Anderson Brooks, daughter, Myrthul Thompson, Katie Reed, Ann Sharp and Mrs. Aliene Hutcherson.

Savannah Courier 11/24/1977: Callie Delaney Essary, age 96, married Thomas L. Essary, died 11/19/77 at Chester County Nursing Home, buried 11/21/77 in Roby Cemetery, daughter of William W. and Mary Elizabeth Johnson, two daughters, Mrs. Betty Driskill of Corinth, MS and Mrs. Katie Phillips of Sardis, two sons, Ovid Essary of Enville and Rex Essary of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 11/3/1977: Felix Albert Delany, age 94, married Vera Harville Delany, died 10/27/77 in Decatur County Hospital, buried 10/29/77 in Marl Bluff Cemetery, son of William and Betty Johnson Delany, (SEE DESENDANTS).

Savannah Courier 10/271977: Bertha Edna Smith, age 84, buried 10/23/77 Hurricane Cemetery, daughter of Alex and Mary J. Carroll Smith. She was married to William Louis Phillips.

Savannah Courier 10/17/1977: Mrs. Oleta Clementine Cagle Frazier, age 68, died 10/19/77 at Jackson-Madison Hospital. Buried 10/21/77.

Savannah Courier 9/22/1977: Leonard Lois Johnson, age 67, married Allie Webb Johnson, died 9/14/77 in V. A. Hospital Marion, Ind., buried 7/16/77 Pisgah Cemetery, son of Michael and Mary Ida Howard Johnson, one daughter, Mrs. Lennie Davis of Marion, one son Michael Leonard Johnson of Reroia, IL, one sister, Annie Bell Jones, two, one-half sisters, Mrs. Mary Woodard and Mrs. Amy Laden and two one-half brothers, Artie and Lewis Hampton all of Gulfport, MS.

Savannah Courier 9/8/1977: Willie Raymond Ellis, age 69, died 8/30/77, Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 8/12/1976: Bertie Johnson Haynes, age 77, married David M. Haynes died 8/6/76, buried 8/6/76 in Morris Chapel Cemetery, born in Hardin County to Tommy and Nodie Moffitt Johnson, daughter, Bertie Trivitt of Memphis, son, Roy James Haynes of Millington, six sisters, Mrs. Alvada Hamm, Mrs. Loree Conder and Mrs. Jodie McBride of Memphis, Mrs. May Haynes, Mrs. Cordie Kennedy and Mrs. Lydie Turnbow of Morris Chapel, three brothers, K. C. of Memphis, Clarence and Clevo of Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 7/29/1976: John P. Phillips, age 88, death, Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 5/27/1976: Frances "Fannie" Adeline Breckenridge, age 84, buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery, daughter of Ashley and Louisa Maddox Breckenridge.

Savannah Courier 4/15/1976: Lula Bet McFalls Johnson, age 76, married Zeb Johnson, died 4/5/76, buried 4/7/76 in Centenary Cemetery, daughter of William and Roxie McFalls, one sister, Mrs. Beulah McFalls of Lutts, one son Elmer Johnson of Florence.

Savannah Courier 1/15/1976: John Henry Johnson, age 60, married Louise Hopper Johnson. Died 12/31/75 at Baptist Hospital, Memphis, buried 1/2/76 in Shiloh Cemetery, son of I. D. and Sarah E. League Johnson, two daughters, Sylvia Gallaher of GA and Wanda Gallaher of GA, two step-daughters, Mrs. Barbara Schielke and Mrs. Linda Hodges of Memphis, two brothers, I. D. Johnson, Jr. of Michie and Andy Johnson of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1975: Floyd Haywood Delany, son of William and Betty Johnston Delany, Henderson Co.

Savannah Courier 11/6/1975: Ellis Edwin Johnson, age 63, married Mary McGee Johnson of Lutts, son of Dennis and Oma Whitsett Johnson, died 10/29/75, buried 10/31/75 in Lutts Cemetery, three sons, Charles E., Perry and Ralph, six daughters, Mrs. Faye Swiney, Mrs. Hazel Harris, Mrs. Jerrie White, Mrs. Marieline Goodman, Mrs. Wayden Smith and Miss Sharon Johnson, two brothers, Sam and Roy, three sisters, Mrs. Jewel Ellis, Mrs. Estelle Morris and Mrs. Mary Morris.

Savannah Courier 10/30/1975: Alma Harbin Adams, wife of Monroe Adams, buried Piney Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/2/1975: Beadie Mae Parrish, age 35, wife of Paul Adams, died and buried in Pyburn Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 9/4/1975: Martha Horner Faulkner, married C. W. Faulkner, buried in Hurricane Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/24/1975: Lena Reeves Johnson, age 89, married Alvin Johnson, died 7/20/75, buried 7/22/75 in Cromwell Cross Cemetery, native of Wayne County, daughter of Newt and Geogia Kendrick Reeves, one daughter, Geneva J. Fore, one brother, Clarence Reeves, one sister, Murul Brewer.

Savannah Courier 6/6/1974: Aaron G. Johnson, age 32, married Vanda Eddings Johnson, died 5/25/74 in Monehin Tx., buried 5/29/74 in Lutts Cemetery, native of Wayne Co., son of Ellis E. and Mary E. McGee Johnson, one son, Roger, two daughters, Veaus and Veronda, three brothers, Charles E., Perry and Ralph Johnson, six sisters, Mrs. Faye Swinney, Mrs. Gearldine White, Mrs. Hazel Harris, Mrs. Manisolene Goodman, Mrs. Maydene Smith and Miss Sharron Diane Johnson.

Savannah Courier 4/25/1974: Rodney E. Sweat, (Infant), son of Niva Johnson, grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson of Counce.

Savannah Courier 3/7/1974: Miss Josie Florence Delaney, age 85, died 3/3/74, buried 3/4/74 Prospect Presley Ridge Cemetery, daughter of William and Betty Johnston Delaney, two brothers, Felix Delaney of Saltillo and Haywood Delaney of Sardis, one sister, Mrs. Callie Essary of Enville.

Savannah Courier 12/27/1973: James T. Hollen, age 20, died 12/18/73, buried Milledgeville - Sardis High School.

Savannah Courier 11/8/1973: Arbie Bevins Essary, age 87, died 11/31/73, buried Roby Cemetery, Enville/Finger.

Savannah Courier 10/11/1973: Felix Homer Kelley: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 7/12/1973: Clifford Alexander Bingham, age 79, died 7/4/73, buried Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/12/1973: Hugh Willis, age 68, died 7/7/73, buried Pisgah Cemetery. Born in McNairy Co.

Savannah Courier 5/10/1973: Robert A. Delaney, age 87, died 4/30/73, buried Shady Grove Cemetery, son of William and Betty Johnson Delaney.

Savannah Courier 5/3/1973: Egbert Johnston Parker, age 53, died 4/22/73, son of Odell and Ellen Johnston Parker.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1973: James Curry Adams, age 79, died, Son of James & Mollie Aulton Adams. He is native of Decatur Co.

Savannah Courier 2/8/1973: Leon Colbert, died 2/3/1973: Former Sheriff.

Savannah Courier 8/24/1972: Lonnie David Adams of Clifton, death.

Savannah Courier 6/1/1972: William Burl Robertson, age 86, died 5/22/72, buried 5/24/72 at Lebanon Cemetery. He was a son of Edward and Martha Pitts Robertson.

Savannah Courier 6/1/1972: Oda Lee Smith Bridges, age 79, died 5/25/72, buried 5/26/72 at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/3/1972: Mrs. Phona Coffman Adams, age 70, wife of Garlin Adams, died, lives at Pyburn.

Savannah Courier 1/13/1972: Mattie Dickson Ross, age 69, died 1/7/72 at Milledgeville, buried 1/9/72 at Milledgeville Cemetery. She was married to Dr. Monroe D. Ross. One son, Bill Ross, one brother, Earl Dickson, two sisters, Mrs. A. E. Patterson and Mrs. Eulis G. Bishop.

Savannah Courier 6/10/1971: Homer Temple Johnson, age 76, native of Hardin County, died 6/1/1971 in Hardin County Hospital, buried 6/2/1971 in Campground Cemetery, married Mrs. Annie Banks Johnson, two sisters, Mrs. Annie McFalls and Mrs. Era Thompson, one brother, Walter Johnson.

Savannah Courier 2/4/1971: Mrs. Mary L. Fisher, age 77 of Morris Chapel and Sarah Johnson of Sardis are sisters.

Savannah Courier 12/10/1970: Eddie Sherman Johnson, age 61, married Effie Baker Johnson, died 12/3/70 in Hardin County Hospital, buried 12/4/70 at Memorial Gardens, one son, Larry Johnson, one daughter, Mrs. Mary Jean Reynolds, two brothers, W. L. and Flenoy of (?), four sisters, Mrs. Lela Felker of (?), Mrs. Effie Smith, Mrs. Aline Clifton and Maudie Rosenquist.

Savannah Courier 11/19/1970: (front page) Johnny Ray Adams, age 14, died of heart attack playing basketball Thursday night, son of Dillard Adams.

Savannah Courier 11/12/1970: Mrs. Brenda Gail Hanna, age 22, died in Car Accident, buried at Milledgeville. Survived by one daughter, Connie Hanna: Her mom is Mrs. Ruby Bartholomew.

Savannah Courier 10/1/1970: George Arthur Scott, age 71, married Mollie Johnson, died 9/26/70 in Ozusa Cal., buried Mars Hill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 4/9/1970: James Kenneth Inman of Sardis: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 2/5/1970: Joe Manuel Johnson of Rt. 1, Erin, TN, age 58, married Edna Austin Johnson, died 1/31/70 in Erin, Tn., buried 2/2/70 Memorial Garden, on son Gary, three daughters, Mrs. Frances Beves, Mrs. Jane Worley and Mrs. Judy Kelley, son of Wesley Johnson of Renzer Ms., two sisters, Mrs. Inez Mills and Mrs. Dorothy Palmer, four brothers, Greg, Arlene, Dennis and Hermon.

Savannah Courier 1/22/1970: Lank G. Vanhoose: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 8/21/1969: Willie Scott Hopper, age 59, of Sardis died 8/18/69, buried 8/19/69 at Sweet Lips Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/20/1969: Thomas Albert Hamm, age 84, died, has two sisters, Mrs. Daisy McBride of Sardis and Mrs. Lily Johnson of Henderson.

Savannah Courier 11/14/1968: Jesse Harrison Shirley, age 76, died 11/9/68, buried 11/11/68 at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/8/1968: Mrs. Mary Magdalene S. Jarrett, age 62, died 10/25/68, buried 10/27/68 Old Union Cemetery. She was married to George H. Jarrett of Morris Chapel. SEE SURVIVING FAMILY.

Savannah Courier 2/12/1968: Rosa Barker Shands, age 81, was married to John S. Shands, died 2/6/68 in Hardin Co. Hospital, buried 2/2/68 (?) in Lebanon Cemetery. Survived by two daughters, Jewel McDaniel and Mrs. Zeola Barker, two sons, A. D. and O. C. Shands.

Savannah Courier 2/1/1968: Dossie Lilbourn Hopper, age 73, died 1/26/68 at Saltillo, buried 2/10/68 (?) at White Lawn Cemetery, was married to Ora Sloan Hopper, one son, Freeman Hopper, three daughters, Mrs. Juanita Martin, Mrs. Frank Lee Austell and Mrs. Oneita Lathram, one brother, Leonard Hopper, four sisters, Mrs. Walter Snodgrass, Mrs. Annie Morgan, Mrs. L. V. Snodgrass and Mrs. Della Crider.

Savannah Courier 1/25/1968: Mrs. Lula Layton Johnson, age 69, of Rt. 1, Counce died 1/6/68 at Hardin County Hospital, buried 1/10/68 at White Sulpher Cemetery, married, Griff Johnson of Counce, one daughter, Mrs. Elsie J. Whitten of Memphis, two sisters, Mrs. Lois Nix and Mrs. Mamie Thomas, two brothers, Millard Layton and Alf Layton.

Savannah Courier 8/17/1967: Ada Johnson Thomas, age 86, married William Jesse Thomas, died Sunday 8/13/67 in Hardin County Nursing Home, buried, 8/14/67 in White Sulphur Cemetery, one son, David Thomas, four sisters, Mrs. Lilly Price and Mrs. Della Morris of Poplar Spring MS, Mrs. Rubie White and Mrs. Annie White.

Savannah Courier 6/29/1967: John Franklin Willis, age 83, died 6/18/67 in Lexington Hospital, buried 6/19/67 in Sardis Cemetery, married Dora Stanfill Willis. Survived by three daughters, Mrs. Victor Schwarts of St Louis, Mrs. Buford Benson of Sardis and Mrs. D. W. Hanna of Sardis, two sons, Paul of St. Louis and R. J. of Memphis, one half brother, Knox Willis of McKinney, Tx.

Savannah Courier 5/18/1967: Douglas Ponds, died 5/10/67, buried Lebanon Cemetery; brother, Buster Ponds.

Savannah Courier 5/18/1967: Bertie Lee Bishop, age 66, died 5/12/67, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/17/1966: Mrs. Vora Cleo Bridges Harwell, age 59, died 11/3/66 Hardin Co. Hospital, buried 11/4/66 at Milledgeville Cemetery, was married to Arlie Harwell (Sardis), daughters, Mrs. Kathern Smith, Mrs. Geneva Maness, one son, Max Lee Harwell, one brother, Miles Omer Bridges, three sisters, Mrs. Allie Dickson, Mrs. Maude Hopper, and Mrs. Lucy Alexander.

Savannah Courier 11/3/1966: George Marvin Bridges, died 10/21/66, buried 10/24/66 at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Lived at Clifton.

Savannah Courier 11/3/1966: A. C. (Buck) Williams, buried 10/30/66 in Milledgeville Cemetery, father of Willie Williams and Mrs. Dennis Johnson of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 9/22/1966: Corene Woodruff Baker, age 66, died 9/15/66, buried 9/17/66 at Lebanon Cemetery. She died at Hardin Co. Hospital.

Savannah Courier 9/1/1966: O. Lott, Postmaster at Milledgeville, killed in Auto Accident.

Savannah Courier 8/18/1966: Garvin Landreth Bridges, age 64, was married to Lela Shelby Bridges, died 8/14/66, buried 8/16/66 at Milledgeville Cemetery, two sons Clifford A. and Larry S. Bridges; one sister, Mrs. John Weeden, one brother, Edward Bridges.

Savannah Courier 7/21/1966: Mollie Mary Stafford, died 7/16/66, buried 7/18/66 at Milledgeville Cemetery, mother of Farris Stafford.

Savannah Courier 7/14/1966: Emma Lou Bingham Hughes, age 45, died 7/1/66, buried 7/3/66 at Milledgeville Cemetery, married Arsoline Hughes; daughter of Clifford Bingham; one sister, Theo Smith; one brother, Hershel D. Bingham.

Savannah Courier 7/7/1966: Icy Stricklin Johnson, age 81, died at home and was buried 6/27/66 in Holland's Cemetery, one son, Billy Johnson, one step-daughter, Mrs. Pierce Cherry, two sisters, Mrs. Sallie Tucker and Mrs. Minnie Stricklin, one brother, Jim Stricklin.

Savannah Courier 6/2/1966: Jess Hopper, age 88, died 5/2?/66 Jackson-Madison County Hospital, buried 5/28/66/ at Lebanon Cemetery, one daughter, Miss Jesse Lee Hopper of Memphis, two sons, Albert and Joe Hopper.

Savannah Courier 5/12/1966: Robert Earl Harrison, age 41, died 5/10/66, buried 5/9/66 at Shiloh Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 4/28/1966: Agnes Blackstock David, age 37, died 4/22/66, buried 4/24/66 Milledgeville Cemetery, wife of Harbert Davis, sister of Lorene Johnson of Henderson and Jean Blackstock of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 3/31/1966: Ollie Gray Bishop, died 3/15/66, buried 3/16/66 Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/17/66: Loran Wiley Goff, died 2/2/66, buried 2/4/66 at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/20/1966: Catherine Herring Hughes, died 1/10/66, buried 1/14/66 at Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 1/6/1966: John Ponds, drowns at Saltillo Ferry.

Savannah Courier 12/30/1965: Thomas Houston Phillips, age 71, died 12/22/65, buried 12/23/65 at Sardis Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/7/1965: Roxie Ann Bridges, age 69, died 9/26/65, buried 9/27/65 at Milledgeville Cemetery, one son, Jeff Davis; five daughters, May Bishop, Mrs. Nellie Lake, Mrs. Desser Bridges, Mrs. Helen Martin and Mrs. Pearl Bishop; one sister, Miss Ester Turnbow of Clifton.

Savannah Courier 9/26/1965: Samuel Ernest McCoy, age 84, died 9/17/65, buried 9/18/65 at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 9/26/1965: Charles Ponds, age 89, died 9/15/65, buried 9/18/65 at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 9/9/1965: Daniel Webster Flatt, age 70, died 8/26/65, buried 8/27/65 at Lebanon Cemetery, three sons, J. P., James and Don ; four daughters, Galtha Swift, Louise Bryant, Eula Harmon and Jean Addeman; one brother, Perry Flatt; one sister, Mrs. Len Harmon.

Savannah Courier 8/26/1965: Sarah C. Hopper, age 95, died 8/18/65, buried 8/19/65 at Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 8/26/1965: Mr. Knox D. Hannah, age 61, died 8/18/65, buried 8/19/65 at Shady Grove, was married to Verna Davis.

Savannah Courier 8/26/1965: Mennie D. Cromewell, age 89, died 8/18/65, buried 8/19/65 at Mars Hill.

Savannah Courier 7/22/1965: Mrs. Jo Ann Owens Lane, age 81, died 7/20/65, buried 7/21/65 at Oakland (?) Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/8/1965: Caleb Newton Creasy, age 85, buried in 7/7/65 Lebanon Cemetery, brother to Ester Johnson of Dyersburg.

Savannah Courier 6/10/1965: Lewis Johnson Morris, age 49, buried 6/6/65 in Lutts Cemetery, married, Estelle Johnson Morris, he is the son of Mattie Johnson Morris.

Savannah Courier 5/27/1965: George Lawrence Johnson, age 71, buried 5/24/65 in Memorial Garden Cemetery, survived by wife, Sally Porter Johnson, three sisters, Mrs. Claud Weatherford, Mrs. Arthur Franks and Mrs. Craig Franks, three brothers, Robert, Bently, Cecil of Savannah, served in WW1.

Savannah Courier 5/6/1965: Talmadge Lewis Webb, age 26, husband of Doyce Ann Johnson Webb of Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 4/22/1965: James Wylie McBride, died 4/18/65, buried 4/18/65 at Prospect Cemetery. Daughter is Alma Young of Enville.

Savannah Courier 4/22/1965: Ollie Julian Adams, age 87, died 4/15/65, buried 4/17/65 Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 4/22/1965: Talmadge Lewis Johnson, age 26, died 4/17/65, buried 4/18/65 at Morris Chapel, married Doyce Ann Webb, one daughter, Tammy Ann Webb, mother is Mrs. Truman Mitchell Wade. (see Courier dated 5/6/1965. Is last name Webb or Johnson?)

Savannah Courier 4/8/1965: Sarah Teague Johnson, age 89, married Isaac Daniel Johnson, buried 4/5/65 Shiloh Cemetery, three sons, I. D. Jr. of Childress Hill, John H. and Andy, both of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 3/18/1965: Eulis Wesley Tidwell, age 45 of Milledgeville, died 3/12/65, buried 3/13/65, husband of Lavelle Johnson Tidwell.

Savannah Courier 3/4/1965: Lillie C. Jackson, age 77, died 2/23/65, buried 2/24/65 in Center Hill Cemetery, married Tom Jackson of Counce.

Savannah Courier 2/25/1965: Ollie Hanna Hopper, age 85, died 2/17/65, buried 2/18/65 at Lebanon Cemetery, two son, L. D. and Leonard; four daughters, Zella Snodgrass, Mrs. Annie Ruth of Saltillo, Mrs. L. V. Snodgrass and Mrs. Della Crider of Milledgeville; two brothers, Jess and Elvis Hanna; two sisters, Ora Johnson and Mrs. Maudie Bridges.

Savannah Courier 2/25/1965: Ollie Hanna Hopper, age 85, died 2/17/1965, buried 2/18/1965, in Lebanon Cemetery, two sons, D. L. Hopper and Leonard Hopper, four daughters, Zella Snodgrass, Mrs. Annie Ruth of Saltillo, Mrs. L. V. Snodgrass and Mrs. Della Crider of Milledgeville, two brothers, Jess Hanna and Elvis Hanna, two sisters, Mrs. Ora Johnson and Mrs. Maudie Bridges. (see Milledgeville Cemetery.)

Savannah Courier 12/12/1964: Polly Martin Hanna, age 81, died 12/12/64, buried 12/14/64 at Milledgeville, five sons and four daughters (names not given).

Savannah Courier 12/10/1964: John S. Spencer, died 12/6/64, buried 12/7/64 at Lebanon Cemetery, son of Zoala and James Spencer.

Savannah Courier 11/12/1964: Jerry M. Bridges: Story: Killed in auto accident by Reeder Robbins, 11/9/64 on Sardis Rd., son of Mrs. W L Terry of Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 8/27/1964: Joe Bishop: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 7/23/1964: Hattie Flatt Smith, age 71, died 7/17/64, buried 7/19/64 at Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 6/18/1964: Josephus S. Fenley, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 6/18/1964: Henry Phillip Cagle, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 6/11/1964: Mrs. Emma McEntyre Russom, age 84, buried at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/28/1964: Richie Dela / Lela Conaway, age 74, died 5/20/64 at the Hardin County Hospital, buried Thursday, brother, Jess Conaway and one half brother, John Conaway; two sisters, Mrs. Hattie Golf and Mrs. Belle Shenley.

Savannah Courier 4/23/1964: Alfred David Johnson, lived at Michie, age 46, survived by wife, Etta Bratton Johnson, died 4/11/64 in Hardin County Hospital, buried 4/13/64 in West Shiloh Cemetery, five sons, Edward, Elbert, Larry, Gary and Doyce, three daughters, Miss Dorthy Johnson, Miss Marie Johnson and Miss Glenda Johnson, two sisters, Mrs. Alma Tilley and Mrs. Rachel Copeland, one borther, Walker Johnson.

Savannah Courier 4/9/1964: Clarsie Cagal Johnson Ganus, age 71, died 4/5/64 at Enville, buried 4/7/64 at Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 4/2/1964: Roy Lee Hopper, age 37, died in Peken, Ill.

Savannah Courier 3/19/1964: Thomas Wylie Davis, age 89, buried at Shady Grove.

Savannah Courier 2/12/1964: Nancy Armintle Leneberry Turnbo, age 66, buried at Clifton Cemetery, wife of John A Turnbo of Clifton.

Savannah Courier 1/9/1964: Annie Laura Outlaw Love, age 95, of Hookers Bend, Mr. Love died 6/29/1936.

Savannah Courier 12/5/1963: Sam Watson, age 80, buried 11/24/63, lived at Hookers Bend.

Savannah Courier 11/28/1963: James Thomas Etheridge, age 63, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/14/1963: Alvin Thomas Hanna, age 80, survived by wife Polly Martin Hanna of Saltillo, died 11/7/63, buried 11/9/63 at Milledgeville, four (?) daughters, Mrs. Ida Crawford, Mrs. Anna Rhea Dyer, Mrs. Earline Adkins, four sons, Deleware F., Willoughby, Ruil and Wilbern, one step son, Collis Hanna, three sisters, Mrs. Maude Bridges, Mrs. Lynda Johnson, Mrs. Ora Johnson, Mrs. Ollie Hopper, tow brothers, Elvis Hanna and Jes Hanna.

Savannah Courier 9/19/1963: Isaac Daniel Johnson, age 87, died 9/11/63 at Home in Michie, buried Thursday, he lived at Childress Hill, survived by wife, Mrs. I.D. Johnson, three sons, I. D. Jr., John H. and Andy, one sister, Sarah Jane Haynes.

Savannah Courier 6/27/1963: John Green Ellis, age 85, died 6/13/63, buried 6/15/63 at Lebanon, married to Ollie Grissom of Sardis; two daughters, Mrs. Hazel Bridges and Mrs. Marie Davis of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 6/13/1963: Leatha McCoy Smith, age 76, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/23/1963: John Jackson Crowell, age 86, buried Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/21/1963: Argile Lee Ross, buried Shady Grove.

Savannah Courier 3/7/1963: Charles E. Bingham, age 80, buried Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/7/1963: Ada DePrest Turnbow, buried Sardis Cemetery: Roscoe's Mom.

Savannah Courier 2/28/1963: Tommie Jaleen Johnson, buried 2/22/63 in Savannah Cemetery, daughter of Tommy Lewis Johnson, three sisters, Julia Ann Johnson, Sharon Jean Johnson and Derenda Jo Johnson, granparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Lewis all of Savannah.

Savannah Courier 2/21/1963: Robert Lenzo Smith, age 68, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/7/1963: Cal Harrison Bevins, age 74, died Sunday night at home at Sardis, buried Tuesday at Lebanon Cemetery. Survived by wife, Pearl Brasherd and one brother, Brod Bevins.

Savannah Courier 12/27/1962: Freddie Wayne Ross, age 25, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/15/1962: Amanda Dethrage Gresham, age 68, buried Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/18/1962: Jessie Dee Hanna, age 70, born in Hinkle, died 10/10/62, buried 10/12/62 in Milledgeville Cemetery, survived by wife, Lucille B. Hanna; four daughters, Rebecca Kinchen, Mrs. Nettie Sue Sowell, Miss Patsy Jean Hanna and Miss Juliet Hanna; four (?) sons, Junior Dee, Ronnie; one brother, Thomas Oliver Hanna; one sister, Mrs. Dellie Bevins.

Savannah Courier 6/21/1962: Lonnie Alger McMurry, died 6/7/62, buried 6/7/62 at Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife Gertie Lane McMurry, daughter, Mrs. James Butler; sisters, Mrs. Delia Hanna and Mrs. Mattie Hamilton; two on half sisters, Mrs. Mary Phillips and Mrs. Ethel Hopper; one brother, R. C. McMurry.

Savannah Courier 4/19/1962: Mrs. Ina Flanie Johnson Wicker, age 63, of Adamsville, born in Morris Chapel, died 4/8/62, buried in Adamsville Cemetery, survived by husband, J. H. Wecker, two sons, J. H. Wicker, Jr. and Thomas J. Wicker, one daughters, Mrs. Henry Sagle, sisters, Mrs. E. H. O'Neal, Mrs. E. Chambers, (Mrs. Laura Roland, is this a sister?) two brothers, Herby and J. C. Johnson all of Ardmore, OK (?).

Savannah Courier 2/1/1962: Mrs. Florine Harber Maddox, wife of W. Poe Maddox, Huntingdon Attorney, died Tuesday at her home, age 58, buried Thursday in Huntington. Born at Morris Chapel the daughter of Mrs. Ollie Harbert and the late Mr. L. L. Harbert, former Hardin County Judge.

Savannah Courier 12/14/1961: Mrs. Martha Johnson Lindsey, age 86, died Monday morning at Hardin County Hospital, buried Tuesday at Crump, born in AL, daughter, Mrs. Vertie Hutchens, two sons, Porter and John L., step daughter Maudie Googh: step son, Willie Lindsey, sister, Mrs. Rena Davis.

Savannah Courier 11/23/1961: Opal England Little, age 55, buried Sardis Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/23/1961: James Warren Watson, age 75, died: Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 10/12/1961: Margaret Barnett Adams, age 76, buried in Pyburn Cemetery, wife of Edward M. Adams.

Savannah Courier 9/14/1961: Silas Truman Flatt, age 64, died Sunday, 9/10/61 at Madison Co., Hospital, buried Monday, 9/11/61 at Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife Maudie Flatt; two brothers, Albert and Leonard Flatt; seven sisters, Mrs. Hattie Smith, Mrs. Marvin Russom, Mrs. Maggie King, Mrs. Ettie Hill, Mrs. Beulah Richards, Mrs. Dee Smith and Mrs. Dorothy Cox.

Savannah Courier 4/27/1961: Mrs. Litha Pusser Redden, age 77, died 4/14/61 and buried in Milledgeville Cemetery, two sons, Cletus and Ulis Redden; five brothers, Hugh, Pink, Fred, Sol, Druie Pusser; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Wright and Mrs. Parallee Gourby of ??, Mo.

Savannah Courier 4/27/1961: Charles Edgar Carter, age 80, died 4/20/61 and buried at Shady Grove, survived by wife, Rosella Brooks Carter, five sons, Tom, Frank, Rayburn, John L. and Charles; two daughters, Mrs. Laura Woods and Mrs. Edith Hart; two half brothers, Brownlo and Osborne Carter.

Savannah Courier 4/13/1961: John Washington Shea, age 77, died 4/6/61 at home, buried in Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife, Adelle Adams Shea, one daughter, Mrs. Mamie Carter, three sons, Ruil, Elmer and Faris, two sisters, Mrs. Mollie Johnson of Blytheville and Mrs. Tiny Goff of Counce,

Savannah Courier 4/13/1961: Barney Brownlow Pitts, died 4/9/61 and buried at Russell Chapel Cemetery, survived by wife Allie Holland Pitts, one son, Hardy P. Pitts; one daughter, Mrs. Francis Davis; two brothers, John A. and Luther P. Pitts; one sister, Emma Northcutt.

Savannah Courier 4/13/1961: Milledgeville News: Those attending the funeral were: Mrs. Reba Shea and Ronnie of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Goff, Mrs. Mollie Johnson, Earnest and Hershell Johnson of Blytheville.

Savannah Courier 2/23/1961: George William Lee McBride, age 69, died 2/20/61 at home in Sardis, buried 2/22/61 at Milledgeville Cemetery, farmer and minister, former Hardin Countain, survived by wife, Mrs. Carrie Austin McBride; one son, Onie McBride; two daughters, Mrs. Ora Morris and Mrs. Flora Williams.

Savannah Courier 2/16/1961: Hugh L. Hanna, age 85, former Deputy Sheriff, died 2/13/61 at home, buried Tuesday in Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife, Della Hanna, one son, Hugh L. Hanna, Jr., four daughters, Mrs. Carrie Johnson, Mrs. Cora Kent of Enville, Mrs. Agnes Doss of Memphis and Mrs. Fannie Smith of Saltillo, one brother, Thomas Hanna of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 2/2/1961: Mary Bridges Sheffield, age 88, died 1/28/61 in Sweeney, TX, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery; one son, Bert Sheffield of TX; she was a native of Hookers Bend.

Savannah Courier 1/19/1961: Menerva Gillian Burros, age 85, buried 1/12/61 in Milledgeville Cemetery, one son, O. T. Burrous, two daughters, Mrs. Sadie Johnson of Sardis and Mrs. Tray Brown of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 12/29/1960: Lilbern Harrison Johnson, a native of Hardin County, died at home on 12/22/60 in Milledgeville, buried 12/23/60 in Milledgeville Cemetery, survived by wife Lydia Hanna Johnson of Milledgeville, two daughters, Mrs. Herbert Holland of Tuscumbia AL and Mrs. J. C. Bridges of Milledgeville and one brother, Hughie Johnson of Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 9/8/1960: William Alexander Goff, age 67, died 9/7/60, buried 9/8/60 at Shady Grove Cemetery, survived by wife Hattie Conway Goff.

Savannah Courier 8/25/1960: Callie Shirley Moore, died 8/18/60, buried 8/19/60 at Sardis Cemetery; survived by son W. C. Shirley, of Sardis; brother John C. Hanna of Hinkle.

Savannah Courier 8/3/1960: Tina McCormack Flatt, age 59, died 7/27/60 after being struck by car at home at Rt. 2 Adamsville, buried 7/29/60 at Lebanon Cemetery, survived by husband Dan Flatt of Mud Creek; three sons, J. P., James and Don; four daughters.

Savannah Courier 7/7/1960: William Taylor Nolen, age 79, buried at Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 7/7/1960: William F. Winchester, age 84, buried at Lebanon.

Savannah Courier 6/9/1960: Lucinda Hanna Shirley, 93, died Monday, buried 6/7/60 at Hanna Cemetery, one son, Harrison Shirley; one g-son, Edward Shirley.

Savannah Courier 5/5/1960: Mrs. Daisy Ann Shannon, age 78, died Tuesday at Saltillo, buried Wednesday at Corinth Church Cemetery in Decatur County. Survived by husband, Willie Shannon; four sons, Alfred, Falcon, Cleedith and Neal; three daughters, Mrs. Eunice Thompson, Mrs. Eula McMurry, Mrs. Reba Shea both of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 4/14/1960: Jennie Lane Spencer, age 81, buried 4/12/60 at Lebanon Cemetery, she was born in Hookers Bend, survived by husband, John S. Spencer, one son, James G. Spencer of Lebanon Community; one daughter, Zola Mae Spencer of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 12/17/1959: Perry Morton Harbert, obituary, Front Page News:

Savannah Courier 10/8/1959: James Hobert Craig, died 10/2/59, buried 10/4/59 at Sardis Cemetery, survived by wife, Lillian Crawford Craig, three son, Aaron, James and Winston; two (?) daughters, Mrs. Verda Hanna, Mrs. Butonne V. L. Craig; two sisters, Mrs. Clemmie Montgomery and Mrs. Carrie Goff.

Savannah Courier 8/6/1959: George Washington Hutton, of Sardis, buried at Milledgeville: Father of Spencer Floyd Hutton.

Savannah Courier 7/9/1959: Pattie Dalbey Hughes, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/9/1959: Elsie Cagel Pugh, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/15/1959: Omer Earl Singleton, age 34, suicide, Hurricane Community. Married Mrs. Hershey Pusser Singleton, buried at Corinth Cemetery Decatur Co.

Savannah Courier 4/10/1959: Edward Melvin Adams, age 83, buried in Pyburn Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/6/1959: Josie Lane Bingham, age 86, died 2/28/59, buried 3/1/59 at Shady Grove Cemetery, survived by two daughters, Myrtle Ross, Mrs. Beatrice Sanford; one son, Homer Bingham; one sister, Mrs. Jennie Spencer of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 2/20/1959: Ellis Isaiah Stanfield, age 72, died 2/12/59, buried 2/14/59 at Sardis Cemetery. Survived by wife, Flora Wade Stanfield, who lives in Adamsville; two son, Carl and Charles; three daughters, Mrs. Clarice Wilkins, Mrs. Hazel Barlow and Mrs. Helen Tyler.

Savannah Courier 1/30/1959: Eli Clayton Dale, buried in Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/30/1959: Ada E. Mitchell, buried in Sardis Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/19/1958: Helen Louise Johnson, age 2, buried 12/16/58 in White Sulphur Cemetery, daughter of Freeman Johnson of Corinth, one brother, Robert Lee Johnson, grand mother is Mrs. Nellie Dickerson of Bowling Green Ky.

Savannah Courier 8/8/1958: Mack Thomeson, (of Saltillo) died 8/3/58.

Savannah Courier 7/25/1958: G. F. Brown, (of Jackson) died 7/17/58, buried 7/19/58 at Sardis Cemetery, survived by wife Susie Austin Brown, four daughters, Mrs. B. J. Kelley, Mrs. Stella Essary, Mrs. Hastings Jones and Mrs. R. C. Keller; two brothers, D. T. and King; one sister, Mrs. Hattie Hanna.

Savannah Courier 4/18/1958: Daniel M. Johnston, age 85, died 4/11/58 at Healeat (?), FL, buried this afternoon (Friday) in Savannah Cemetery, son of William Stockard Johnson and Sarah Jane McDougal Johnston, funeral was attended by his niece, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Kanksby, survived by one brother and three nieces.

Savannah Courier 4/4/1958: Charlie A. Cagle, age 76, of Enville, father of Mrs. Dora Mae Johnson.

Savannah Courier 4/4/1958: James Thomas Ross, age 76, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, formally of Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 3/21/1958: James William Barber, died 3/16/58, buried 3/18/58 at Lebanon Cemetery, surviving wife, Flora Duck Barber, four son, Leonard, Edward, Earl, and Farris, one brother and one sister.

Savannah Courier 2/24/1958: William Franklin Russom, buried at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/31/1958: Ray Muriel Dickson, age 25, killed in auto accident 1/26/58, buried 1/27/58 at Milledgeville Cemetery, parent, Earl D. Dickson, grand mother, Mrs. Marion Dickson of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 11/22/1957: Mrs. Melissa Myra Smith, age 85, died 11/7/57, buried 11/8/57 at Spring Hill Cemetery, survived by three son, Claude, Clarence and Gladys; one daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Phillips.

Savannah Courier 11/15/1957: Wesley A. Williams, age 84, buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, Sardis.

Savannah Courier 7/19/1957: Mrs. Ida May McMurry, died 7/13/57, buried 7/14/57 at Milledgeville, survived by three daughters, Mrs. William Senter, Mrs. Carvnelle Welford and Mrs. Maurine Alexander; two son, J. T. and Earl.

Savannah Courier 7/5/1957: Mrs. Maggie Lee Adams, age 58, buried 6/29/57 in Lone Chestnut Cemetery. Survived by three sisters, Mrs. Thelma Pope of Bethel Springs, Mrs. Ruth Geter of Smithville, KY, Mrs. Rena Richardson of Decaturville, two brothers, Albert Adams of Humboldt and Thurman Adams of Kenton.

Savannah Courier 5/3/1957: Rebecca Morris Thompson, age 84, buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/3/1957: James Earl Bingham, age 69, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/8/1957: Robert F. Doss, died Sunday and buried Tuesday in Lebanon Cemetery, survived by one daughter, Pauline Conway and two sons, Russel and Arvil.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1957: Baby Johnny Crowell, buried Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/1/1957: Bertie Hardin Johnson, age 81, died 1/22/1957, at her daughters home, Mrs. John Dowdy in Clifton, buried 1/24/1957 at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, she was the widow of John N. Johnson and the daughter of Watt and Alverta Hardin, she leaves grand daughter, Mrs. Bradford Locker and brother Jim Hardin of Dallas Tx.

Savannah Courier 11/2/1956: Mrs. Mazie Wade, age 64, died, survived by husband, Albert Wade.

Savannah Courier 9/21/1956: Josephine Johnson Denson, age 71, of Adamsville died and is survived by husband, Tom C. Denson.

Savannah Courier 7/6/1956: Mr. Otha Redford Bridges, age 43, Rt. 1 Saltillo, buried 6/29/56 at Old Hurricane Cemetery, survived by wife, Marie Collins Bridges, two sons, Otha and Jerry of Saltillo; three daughters, Mrs. Patsy Menzie, Miss Robbie and Lottie Bridges of Henderson; three sisters, Mrs. Leona Greasom, Mrs. Bernice Hardin and Miss Jean Bridges; step mother, Beulah Bridges.

Savannah Courier 5/23/1956: Robert Nixon Johnson, age 81, of Savannah, died 3/20/56 in Hardin County Hospital, buried 3/22/56 in Holland Creek Cemetery, survived by wife, Icy Strickland Johnson, one daughter, Mrs. Edith Cherry, one son, Mr. Fay Johnson and one sister, Mrs. R. A. Haynes.

Savannah Courier 5/18/1956: Mr. Thomas Cordie Johnson, of Memphis, age 86, buried 5/16/56 in Morris Chapel Cemetery, three son, Clarence and Vernon of Morris Chapel, K. C. of Memphis, seven daughters, Mrs. Mae Haynes, Mrs. Cordie Kennedy, Mrs. Birdie Haynes, Mrs. Lydia Turnbow of Morris Chapel, Mrs. Loree Nichols, Mrs. Alvada Hamm and Mrs. Jodie McBride, all of Memphis.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1956: Nellie Lawrence Baker, 79, buried Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife, Corene; sister, Mrs. Rosie Shands of Adamsville.

Savannah Courier 3/23/1956: William Alfred Oldham, age 84, buried 3/23/56 Shady Grove Cemetery, survived by wife, Fannie Hanna Oldham; one(?) daughter, Mrs. Beulah Hanna, Mrs. Ruby Rogers and Mrs. Allene Meadors; two son. Roy and Roland.

Savannah Courier 3/23/1956: Mr. James Edgar Smith, age 63, of Morris Chapel died 3/19/56 at Hardin County Hospital, buried 3/20/56 at Milledgeville Cemetery, survived by wife Hattie Smith; seven daughters, Mrs. Artie Russom, Eva Cummings, Audrey Wilson, Nola Duke, Martha Stanfield, Mrs. Ruth Duke and Mrs. Willie Cramer.

Savannah Courier 12/9/1955: Mrs. Martin Albert Wade, age 83, of Sardis, buried Sardis Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/2/1955: Mr. Grady B. Thompson, age 52, of Rt. 2 Sardis, buried at Marl Bluff Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/4/1955: Truman Ellis, age 50 (of Enville), buried at Milledgeville Cemetery, brother to Hallie.

Savannah Courier 8/12/1955: Mr. Johnnie Morris, age 59, of Sardis, buried 8/6/55, survived by wife and three daughters, Mrs. Cecil Johnson, Mrs. Cleatis Smith and Mrs. Lesie Tucker.

Savannah Courier 8/5/1955: James Anderson Lewis, age 72, of Rt. 2 Sardis, died 7/31/55, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, survived by wife, Mattie Lewis; three daughters, Ina Dickson, Lela Carroll and Zula May Bishop; two son, O. H. and Brodie Lewis; three brothers, B, A., Dudley and M. P.

Savannah Courier 6/17/1955: Miss Marjorie Ann Kerr, age 37, died 6/5/55 at Lawrenceburg, buried 6/7/55, born in Saltillo, daughter of U. H. and Della Thomas Kerr--

Savannah Courier 5/6/1955: Esber Osmond Edward, age 65, buried at Maral Bluff. His is of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 3/4/1955: Mr. Virgil J. Johnson, age 72, died 2/25/55, buried 2/26/55 in Lutts Cemetery, lived at Rt. 2 Lutts, two daughters, Mrs. Bud Copeland and Mrs. Elmer Tillie, two sons, David and Walker of Lutts.

Savannah Courier 9/24/1954: Mrs. Allie Williams, age 81, buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, survived by husband, W. A. Williams; Lived with T. L. Colbert.

Savannah Courier 9/17/1954: Mrs. Arzie Doss, age 72, died 9/13/54, buried 9/15/54, survived by husband, R. F. Doss; one daughter, Mrs. Pauline Conaway; two sons, Elmer and Russell.

Savannah Courier 8/20/1954: Mr. Jessie H. Brown, age 81, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/2/1954: Elvis H. Smith, age 13, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery; son of Burton Smith of Saltillo; brother to Alex, Charles Lee, David and Gilbert Smith.

Savannah Courier 4/2/1954: Mrs. Della Mae Dickson, age 68, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/12/1954: Mrs. Maude Little, age 79, survived by husband, C. P. Little, buried at Sardis Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/12/1954: William Gillis Spencer, age 81, of Enville, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/15/1954: Terry Lynn Johnson, age 3 Months, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, son of Cecil Johnson of Sardis, three (?) brothers, Edward, Shelby, Ray and Johny Williams Johnson.

Savannah Courier 12/18/1953: Mr. G. C. Harrison, age 67, buried at Savannah Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/18/1953: Thomas B. Lowery/Lourry, age 76, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1953: Mr. Walter Martin Dickson, age 73, buried at Lebanon Cemetery, survived by wife, Hattie Dickson; two daughters, Mrs. J. O. Young and Mrs. C. E. White; two son, Guy and Neil; one brother, N. B.; and one sister, Lucy Goff.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1953: Laura Etta Moore Newman, 81, buried 11/17/1953, three daughters, Mrs. Edna Johnson, Mrs. Roxie Crider and Mrs. June Munerly, one son, C. M. Moore.

Savannah Courier 11/6/1953: Ernest Hal Johnson, age 46, survived by wife Clara Johnson of Enville, buried 11/4/53 in Shiloh Church Cemetery near Enville, two daughters, Willie Faye Roe and Mrs. Mamie Stone, one son, Clyde T. Johnson.

Savannah Courier 10/9/1953: Mr. Dock Adams, age 81, survived by wife, Ollie Adams, buried 10/8/53 Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Elsie Kiddy and son, Lonnie Adams.

Savannah Courier 10/2/1953: Lee Ward Harrington, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/3/1953: Mrs. W. J. Johnson, age 73, died at the Hardin County General Hospital Thursday night, buried 6/27/53 in Savannah Cemetery, survived by husband, W. J. Johnson, six sons, James, Daniel, Luth, Charles, Samuel and Paul, two daughters, Mrs. Earley Austin and Mrs. W. A. Adams, one sister, Mrs. Grace Dancer of Corinth, six brothers, Walter and Emmitt Counce of Corinth, Charles Counce of Grady Ark, Joe Counce, Lon Counce and Paul Counce.

Savannah Courier 6/12/1953: Mrs. Grady Johnston, age 48, survived by husband Grady Johnston of Pickwick, died at Corinth Hospital Friday night, buried 6/7/53 at Salem Cemetery, one son, John S. Phillips of Corinth, one daughter, Mrs. Jack Barker of Savannah, two brothers, W. A. Strickland of Corinth and H. V. Strickland of Fabens? Tx., one sister, Mrs. R. C. Johnson Sr. of Corinth.

Savannah Courier 5/15/1953: Mrs. Willie Omah Dickson, died in Memphis 5/7/53, buried at Lebanon 5/8/53, survived by one son, Sid C. Dickson; two daughters, Mrs. Betty Gann and Mrs. Mae Smithson; two brothers, Lank and Sid Vanhoose; one grandson, John S. Dickson.

Savannah Courier 5/15/1953: Mr. John A. Montgomery, age 74, buried at Sardis on 5/6/53.

Savannah Courier 5/1/1953: Mr. Dan Lewis Gant, age 70, buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/20/1953: Mrs. Lucy Ann Wade, age 91, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/5/1952: Mr. Frank L. Johnson of Stevenson Al. died, survived by wife, Ethel Haynes Johnson and step-son, Billy Cotton.

Savannah Courier 10/17/1952: Amanda I. Medlin, age 75, survived by J. L. Medlin, buried at Prospect Cemetery on 10/17/52. Lived at Scotts Hill.

Savannah Courier 8/15/1952: Minor Felix Stafford, age 71, buried at Milledgeville Cemetery, father of Farris.

Savannah Courier 6/13/1952: Emma H. Johnson, widow of Zeb Johnson, born in Wayne Co. in 1877, married at Savannah 1894, moved to Ok. in 1911, died 5/22/52 Cement/Ament Ok., buried 5/25/52 there, Mrs. D. M. Farris and Mrs. Flora Seig are nieces.

Savannah Courier 2/1/1952: Thomas Jefferson Moffett, 92, did at home in Memphis on 1/25/52, buried 1/27/52 at Sardis Cemetery, survived by five daughters, Mrs. Charlye Phillips, Mrs. A. L. Brandon, Mrs. J. A. Ross, Mrs. W. W. Ford and Mrs. May Rice; two sons, O. Moffett of Saltillo and C. W. Moffett of Grass Valley, Calf.; two brothers, John and Drury.

Savannah Courier 11/16/1951: John Calvin Reddin, died 11/10/51, buried 11/11/51 at Milledgeville, survived by wife, Mennie Reddin and a son and daughter.

Savannah Courier 9/7/1951: Mrs. E. L. Hanna, age 72, died Monday, buried 8/31/51 at Sardis Cemetery. Invalid for many years but died of a heart attach, survived by two daughters, Mrs. Vera Balley and Mrs. John H. Williams; four sons, Knox, Aubrey, O. W. and E. W.

Savannah Courier 8/24/1951: Mrs. Emily G. Nolen, passes at age 95, mother of W. T. Nolen of Milledgeville.

Savannah Courier 7/27/1951: James A. Hopper, age 24, died at Gettysburg Pa. Army Hosp., buried at Saltillo, Son of D. L. Hopper of Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 6/29/1951: DeWayne Horace William, age16, died 6/25/51, buried Milledgeville, one brother and one sister; (I was pall barrier).

Savannah Courier 2/2/1951: W. H. Davis, born 9/2/1889, died 1/16/51, 61 yrs. 4mo. 14 days of age, survived by wife, Lillie Hannah, who was married 8/31/08, three sons, Curtis, Oid and Cleatis, two daughters, Eunice Moore and Eula May Morris.

Savannah Courier 2/2/1951: Mr. J. N. Murphy, age 75, buried Neill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/19/1951: Dock Terry, killed in traffic accident Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 12/29/1950: Mr. W. W. Burrors, age 80, Near Milledgeville, found dead in corn field Tuesday, buried at Liberty Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/3/1950: Mrs. Vida Goff, born 11/16/1889, died 2/24/50: Post master at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 1/20/1950: Mrs. Estella Shelton Meek, of Morris Chapel, born 9/2/1885, died 1/7/50, married W. L. Meeks, 11/14/1910 : See List of relatives: Mr. Sloan of Saltillo made a talk.

Savannah Courier 1/20/1950: Mrs. Lizzie Smith, age 67, born 5/29/1882, died 12/19/1949, survived by husband John Smith, four daughters. (named).

Savannah Courier 1/13/1950: Mrs. Lee Meeks: Obituary: (SEE ABOVE) ESTELLA SHELTON MEEKS.

Savannah Courier 11/4/1949: Hugh Yancey: Killed.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1949: Mrs. Vida Mae Kennedy Chalk, born 2/21/07 at Sardis, Henderson Co., married James Rual Chalk, 9/14/1924; died 8/6/49, buried 8/7/49. (see additional information.)

Savannah Courier 7/8/1949: Mr. Douglas Murphy, born 9/4/1913, died 6/30/49, son of Will Murphy: See Additional information.

Savannah Courier 2/18/1949: T. C. Smith, of Milledgeville; A banker died Monday.

Savannah Courier 2/4/1949: Mrs. Vera Adams Counce died 12/1/48, daughter of Ed Adams.

Savannah Courier 1/14/1949: Maxine Harrison, daughter of J. E. Harrison, died.

Savannah Courier 1/7/1949: Mrs. J. C. Smith, widow of J. C. Smith, buried Wednesday at Shady Grove, surviving daughters are, Mrs. Pearl Smithson, Mrs. Rubye Smith, Mrs. Addie Williams, Miss Ann Smith and Mrs. Opal Smith; son. R. C. and J. T. Smith.

Savannah Courier 8/13/1948: Mrs. Dena Sheppard, age 67, died at Sardis 7/28/48, buried at Lebanon.

Savannah Courier 3/26/1948: Judy Lynn Blurton, age 18 months, died 3/17/48, buried Johnson Cemetery, parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Neal Blurton, grand-parents are Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Johnson.

Savannah Courier 3/5/1948: Mr. John Allen, age 66. of Saltillo, died at Jackson Hospital on 2/27/48, buried 2/29/48 at White Lawn Cemetery; survived by wife, Alma Dickey Allen; son, John S. Allen and two sisters.

Savannah Courier 2/27/1948: Mr. P. E. Thompson, age 78, died 2/20/48, buried Shady Grove, two son, J. L. and Homer; daughter, Earline Thompson.

Savannah Courier 2/27/1948: William J. Phillips, age 37, died 2/23/48 at Kennett MO, buried 2/24/48 at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/3/1947: Mrs. Laura Estalee Johnson, widow of Richard Johnson, died at her home near Clifton on 9/1/47 at the age of 86, buried at Mt. Carmel, three son, Joe, Johnny and Wheeler Johnson, two daughters, Mrs. Mary Grimes and Mrs. Jim Warrington.

Savannah Courier 6/6/1947: Mrs. Martha Johnson Porter, died at home near Caruthersville Mo. on 5/24/47, buried Caruthersville Mo., one daughter, Mrs. Granville Cherry, five brothers and sisters, Coss, Robert and Mrs. Emma Stout of Savannah, Geo. W. Johnson of Coffeeville Miss. and Mrs. Robin Haynes of Fulton, Miss.

Savannah Courier 1/17/1947: (Elton Shea) Melton and McKelney killed Elton Shea 3/21/46; appealed death sentence, got 2-20 yrs. in prison.

Savannah Courier 8/23/1946: Charles Perry Smith, age 93 years, 8 mo. 6days, born 12/1/1852, died 8/7/46, married first, Hallena Graves; two children died in childhood; married second, Malessie Shelton Martin; four children, Mr. Willie Smith of Milledgeville, Mr. Ila Smith of Ackin(?), SC, Mrs. W. D. Smith of Hools(?), TX; one step daughter, Mrs. Mollie Short; married third, Mrs. Susan Duck Austin; two brothers, A. P. Smith of (?); two sisters, Mrs. W. B. Shelton and Mrs. Rena Grissom; grand sons, Perry, Jewell, Ila B., Coleman and Page Smith and Gavin Martin.

Savannah Courier 8/2/1946: Mrs. Addie E. Benson Hanna, died in a Car Accident 7/30/46 at Hospital in Springfield; two son, W. Jack Hanna, W. H. Hanna, Jr.; one daughter, Mrs. Louise McNeely; three brothers, Jim, Robert and Reeder Benson; four sisters, Mrs. Mollie Hodge, Miss Cora Benson, Mrs. Edna Dodds and Mrs. Johnnie Nixon; grand daughter, Margarett; Funeral at Sardis.

Savannah Courier 6/8/1946: John A. Moore, age 80, who lived near Saltillo, died last week, never married.

Savannah Courier 4/12/1946: Elton Shea: Story: Murder trial of Elton Shea who was murdered on 3/21/46.

Savannah Courier 11/16/1945: Mrs. Lillie Adams Baker, wife of Milton H. Baker died 11/6/45 at Woods Memorial Hospital, Waynesboro.

Savannah Courier 3/2/1945: Randalph Smith, son of G. M. Smith of Saltillo, listed as one of those who made the Supreme Sacrifice.

Savannah Courier 10/27/1944: Mr. J. C. Smith, buried at Shady Grove near Saltillo, Court Superintendent for many yrs.

Savannah Courier 9/22/1944: Norah Lou Ada Shands Crawford, born 10/6/1876, died 8/20/44.

Savannah Courier 5/19/1944: Mr. L. E. (Edgar) Johnson/Johnston, age 55, died at St. Louis Mo. on 5/5/44, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. (Sidney) Johnston, survived by wife Ethel Johnson, son, Ralph G. of U. S. Navy, step-daughter, Mrs. Jerry Ward of St. Louis, three sisters, Mrs. Jennie J. Kerneghan, Mrs. Bess J. Tanksley, Mrs. Louise J. Reid, two nieces, Miss Lala Tanksley and Miss Mary Louise Reid, three nephews, Sidney, John and Tommy Reid.

Savannah Courier 2/25/1944: Mrs. Janie Mofffett, died last week, buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery Sunday, survived by two sons, W. H. and C. R.; two daughters, Mrs. Haynes of Morris Chapel, Mrs. Medlin of Sardis. (see page two of paper)

Savannah Courier 2/25/1944: Mrs. Nell Wright Moffitt, born 9/9/1902, died in Knoxville on 1/12/44, age 41, married W. H. Moffett 12/25/1922; born to them, William H. Jr.; (a list of bro. and sis.)

Savannah Courier 1/21/1944: Mrs. Homer Mofffett, age 41 of Morris Chapel, died last Wednesday in Knoxville, buried Sunday in Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 7/30/1943: Mrs. John Smith, of near Hinkle, died last week.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1942: Gordon Johnson, died 1/7/42.

Savannah Courier 2/13/1942: Gordon Malone Johnson, born 10/12/1921, died 1/7/42, buried 2/2/42 in Cherry Cemetery, son of Robert Johnson, died in service.

Savannah Courier 8/15/1941: Joseph Spencer Smith, died 7/3/41; In memory of; by son Edward Smith.

Savannah Courier 7/25/1941: Joe Smith, of Saltillo, died 7/3/41; Mrs. Smith died 8/23/34: In Memory of; by daughter, Mrs. Irma Ticer.

Savannah Courier 7/18/1941: Mrs. Minnie Harwell, died in Milledgeville community.

Savannah Courier 7/11/1941: J. S. Smith, died 7/2/41, buried at Shady Grove last Thursday, daughters, Mrs. A. L. (Daisy) Presley of Sardis, Mrs. D. W. (Irma) Ticer of Waterloo, AL, one son, Edward Smith.

Savannah Courier 6/20/1941:John M. Adams: In Memory of by mother Fannie Adams who died 5/31/41.

Savannah Courier 2/14/1941: J. T. Smith, born 5/27/1867, died 2/5/41, buried on Boon's Creek in Hardin Co.

Savannah Courier 1/31/1941: Mrs. Vesta Moffett Morris, buried 1/22/41 in OK, lived in Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 11/24/1939: Mr. J. H. Allen, age 93, died at Saltillo, oldest man in Co.

Savannah Courier 10/20/1939: Hinkle: Cecil Smith, Cecil's baby died Sunday.

Savannah Courier 3/31/1939: Andy W. Blevins, died last week in Sardis, buried in Hinkle Cemetery (?).

Savannah Courier 8/6/1937: Mr. L. D. Johnson, died the first of week at Marmaduke, Ark., buried at Camp Ground Cemetery Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Johnson accompanied the remains of their Uncle to the funeral.

Savannah Courier 5/24/1937: Uncle John Bevins, died Sunday, buried Monday at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/7/1937: Anna Belle Shand Colbert, age 64 yrs. 6 mo. and 20 days, died 4/1/37, buried Lebanon Cemetery, born 9/11/1872; married Henry T. Colbert 1/30/1887; 12 Children; 2 already deceased. Those left are: Mrs. W. M. Dickson of Morris Chapel, Mrs. C. C. Hutcherson of Enville, Dosie and Ausie of Mariana, AR, Thomas of Enville, Veston of Finger, Mrs. T. B. Weatherington of Memphis, Mrs. L. W. Melton of Henderson, Thetus and Collas of Sardis; 27 grand children, 8 great grandchildren, one brother, Johnny Shand, one sister, Mrs. Jim Crawford both of Sardis.

Savannah Courier 5/7/1937: Milledgeville: Arline P. Holland, wife of Herbert Holland died.

Savannah Courier 3/26/1937: Lebanon: Mrs. Henry Kelly, died 3/20/37, buried at Corinth in Decatur Co. 3/21/37.

Savannah Courier 3/26/1937: Lebanon: Mrs. Jas. Spencer, funeral at Shady Grove Monday.

Savannah Courier 3/5/1937: Lebanon: Mrs. Clara Jarrett and children attended the funeral of John Allen at Sardis Friday.

Savannah Courier 1/29/1937: Mrs. C. W. Austin, passed away.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1936:Lebanon: Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Austin and son, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith, Mrs. Gladys Brewington and Muriel attended the funeral of Mrs. Coss Johnson at Holland Creek Cemetery Sunday.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1936:Card of Thanks: Family of Mrs. Coss Johnson: From Mr. Coss Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Johnson and children, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Weatherford, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Bently Johnson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Johnson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Franks, Mrs. Craig Franks and children, Mr. and Mrs. Graham Walker and daughter.

Savannah Courier 11/27/1936: Mrs. Coss Johnson, age 67, died Saturday, buried Sunday in family Cemetery, four daughters, Mrs. Arthur Franks, Mrs. Emma Franks, Mrs. Claude Weatherford and Mrs. Graham Walker, five son, George, Robert, Wheeler, Cecil and Bentley.

Savannah Courier 10/30/1936: Dr. L. A. Parker, of Saltillo died.

Savannah Courier 10/6/1936: Lebanon: Will Terry of Saltillo, died Monday, buried Monday at Lebanon.

Savannah Courier 1/17/1936: Mrs. Amanda Bingham, buried Shady Grove: Mom of Edward Bingham.

Savannah Courier 1/10/1936: Mr. William Spencer, age 85, died Friday of last week, buried at Lebanon Cemetery, sons, J. T.; J. S.; Perry; Albert; Jess; daughters, Mrs. T. J. Ross; Mrs. Harve Orr; Mrs. George Hutton/Hullis.

Savannah Courier 1/3/1936: Sam Crider, died 12/18/36, buried Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/3/1936: Aunt Elizabeth Pryor, of Humboldt was brought here and laid to rest, buried Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/20/1935: Jack Woods, Deputy Sheriff of Saltillo was killed in an encounter with Hu Anderson at Sulfur Well Community.

Savannah Courier 11/1/1935: Memorial by Rosa Johnson: Fred Johnson, age 12 years, 4 months and 11 days died 10/8/35, buried in Savannah Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 8/23/1935: Mr. J. H. Cravens, died at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 7/26/1935: Mrs. Georgian Ellis, of Humboldt, died Tuesday Night at her home, buried in Odum Cemetery near Salem in W. Hardin; reared in Fellowship but lived last years in Humboldt, survived by brother, W. L. Sheffield of Hookers Bend.

Savannah Courier 3/22/1935: Mr. J. M. Seaton, of Lebanon, age 84, died Monday night, buried in Lebanon.

Savannah Courier 3/22/1935: Jim Harbert, died at Morris Chapel Friday of last week, buried Sunday at Morris Chapel Cemetery - The son of D. C. Harbert.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1935: James Rance Brewington, age 43 years and 3 mo. died 2/18/35, born 11/18/1891, married Miss Gladys Seaton 6/14/1924, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Seaton; three children; two boys and one girl, Noble, Murrel and Mondel.

Savannah Courier 1/4/1935: David Hanna, age 86 years, 6 mo. and 18 days, died 12/21/34, born 6/3/1848, married first, Liddie Craig; married second, Elizabeth Newman: six children, three deceased. Mrs. Hanna died 9/19/1919: Children are: Alec and Annie Hanna.

Savannah Courier 1/4/1935: Lebanon: Uncle Dave Hanna, buried Newman Cemetery 12/22/34.

Savannah Courier 1/4/1935: Mr. Buddie Garrett, died 12/28/34, buried Lebanon Cemetery, 12/24/34.

Savannah Courier 9/7/1934: Herschel Crowell, of Morris Chapel, Murdered Friday Night.

Savannah Courier 8/20/1934: William Edgar Orr, of Morris Chapel, died 8/13/34, born 4/18/1875.

Savannah Courier 7/27/1934: Bill Fondren, of Saltillo: His 6 yr old child was ran over by C. E. Carter and was killed last week.

Savannah Courier 7/201934: Mr. Hobart Moore, killed in W. Hardin as he jumped from a wagon and was hit by W. TN Experimental Station Auto.

Savannah Courier 7/6/1934: John W. Hanna, born 11/25/1843, died 6/13/34, married Martha E Newman 9/10/1868, she died 17 yrs ago. Children are, T. A., James W., Eliza and H. L., all still living, one brother, Dave Hanna; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Craig of TX and Mrs. Martha Ray of OK. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Savannah Courier 2/10/1934: Stella Wolfe Johnson, died 12/31/34, buried 1/7(?)/34, buried Mt. Herman Cemetery, mother of four children, wife of Dow Johnson.

Savannah Courier 1/19/1934: I. C. Johnson, born 9/23/1879, died 12/26/33 at the age of 54 years and 3 months, married Hester Gant Johnson on 12/29/1901, two sons, Herschel and Burgess, three sisters, Mrs. Emma Stout of Walnut Grove, Mrs. Robin Haynes, Mrs. Bid Porter of Fulton, Miss., three brothers, Coss, George and Robert Johnson.

Savannah Courier 5/12/1933: Lebanon: Mr. and Mrs. Will Morris: The little daughter of Morris' was buried here Sunday.

Savannah Courier 2/3/1933: Mr. George W. Bingham, died at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 1/13/1933: Mrs. Burl Phillips, buried at Lebanon 12/26/32.

Savannah Courier 1/13/1933: Lebanon: Merle Ray Bridges, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bridges was buried January 2, 1933.

Savannah Courier 8/12/1932: I. W. Bowers, shot in a still raid.

Savannah Courier 10/16/1931: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seaton: Their baby, Virginia Nell, died 10/6/31, 2 mo. and 13 days old: Leaves father, mother, two sisters and one brother.

Savannah Courier 8/28/1931:Memorial by grandmother, Baker: Neuton Edward Johnson, age 1 year, died 7/20/31, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Johnson.

Savannah Courier 6/19/1931:In Memory of Mr. R. N. Johnson: By his niece Hazel Johnson: Born 1/9/1855, died 6/10/31, buried in Fair View Cemetery at age 76 years, 5 months and 1 day, survived by three daughters, three sons and three sisters.

Savannah Courier 5/1/1931: John Owens, John, age 80, died 4/1/31, buried Harmony Cemetery, leaves several sons and daughters.

Savannah Courier 4/17/1931: Lebanon: Mr. Elvera Barber, age 73, died here Thursday.

Savannah Courier 3/20/1931: Lebanon: Herschel Kelly, age 16, died 3/14/31, buried Lebanon, Son of Sam Kelly.

Savannah Courier 3/20/1931: Mrs. Martha McNatt, age 62, died 3/5/31, buried Lebanon.

Savannah Courier 2/27/1931: Fellowship: Mr. T. A. Phillips, shot himself Sat. morning.

Savannah Courier 2/6/1931: Mr. J. G. Ross, of Clifton, died Sunday, Pioneer of progress in TN River territory.

Savannah Courier 1/30/1931: Lebanon: L. B. Bingham: Number from here attend funeral.

Savannah Courier 1/30/1931: Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Morris' twin babies died 1/22 and 1/25, born 12/1/30, grand-parent is Mr. H. L. Johnson.

Savannah Courier 1/16/1931: Lebanon: Jack Ellis, age 88, buried Tuesday Lebanon Cemetery, leaves a son.

Savannah Courier 1/16/1931: L. B. Bingham, dies if wreck, Auto plunged off bank. He was casher of Hardin Co. Bank at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 11/28/1930: Mr. Andy McCasland, passes on.

Savannah Courier 8/1/1930: Gravel Ridge: Mr. Green Robertson, buried Monday at this place. (Lebanon)

Savannah Courier 6/20/1930: Mrs. Emma McBride, died 6/13/30, wife of Mr. Jim McBride.

Savannah Courier 2/21/1930: Fellowship: Mrs. Mary Shepherd, died Friday of last week.

Savannah Courier 1/10/1930: H. C. Harrison, killed in wreck in Ark. formerly of Hookers Bend and Saltillo. Grandson, Hallie Murphy was driving.

Savannah Courier 1/3/1930: Mr. John M. Ross, died in Kenton, TN first of week, buried here

Savannah Courier 11/22/1929: Mr. John D. Harrison, died Tuesday last week, buried Mt. Hermon Friday.

Savannah Courier 10/25/1929: Mrs. Jamie Johnson, buried at Mt. Hermon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Fowler.

Savannah Courier 8/23/1929: Gravel Ridge: Mrs. Iva Smith, died last Tuesday and buried at Milledgeville Friday.

Savannah Courier 5/17/1929: James Allen Ross, age 26, buried at Lebanon: son of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Ross; killed in auto accident at Paris Island. He was in the Navy.

Savannah Courier 5/10/1929: An Appreciation: Dr. Elijah B. Walker, died 11/29/28 at the wheel of his Automobile.

Savannah Courier 11/30/1928: Dr. J. F. Harbert, of Snow Lake Ark., died Tuesday of last week, will be brought to Saltillo: Father of Lige, Jr.: See obituary this paper also.

Savannah Courier 9/28/1928: Mrs. Katherine Mosser, age 82, died near Viola on 8/30/28; Wife of O. N. Mosser. See obituary also.

Savannah Courier 7/6/1928: Mr. Jeff Ross, age 80, passed away.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1928: Mt Robert Hinkle, age 60, Cashier of Hardin Co. Bank at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 10/14/1927:Mrs. Kate Adams, age 70 died at home in the Pesgah Community, 8 Civil District, Monday of this week; buried Tuesday. Survived by husband and sister, Mrs. J. H. Malone. (See Mrs. Bill Adams 9/30/1927.) Died from injuries from wagon accident.

Savannah Courier 9/16/1927: Mrs. Clarence L. Ross, died 9/9/27: formerly Miss Kathleen Williams.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1927: Mr. W. R. Morris, of Sulfur Well, buried at Shady Grove, married Miss E. A. Carter.

Savannah Courier 3/18/1927: Gravel Ridge: Uncle Jack Ellis, buried here 2nd day of month.

Savannah Courier 1/14/1927: Mrs. Jack Adams, of Pinson, died, buried here Saturday at Gravel Ridge.

Savannah Courier 12/3/1926: Dr. Brazelton, of Sardis, died Saturday the 20th, buried Sunday in Brazelton Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/3/1926: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore, little daughter buried Newman Cemetery Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 8/6/1926: Gravel Ridge: Dossie McBride, died Sunday at the home of Mr. Phillips and was buried Monday at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/16/1926: Mrs. B. F. Johnson, of Fairview Ok., formerly Miss Mattie Powers. Dr. and Mrs. Johnson was guest here a few days ago and her death came as a surprise.

Savannah Courier 3/27/1926: Elmer Creasy found shot to death near Shiloh Park. He was from Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 10/30/1925: Lebanon: Mrs. Emma Baker, died of fever Wednesday night - survived by father and daughter.

Savannah Courier 7/17/1925: Judge J. W. Ross, found dead in wrecked auto in Forked Deer River, few miles from Jackson last Thursday morning, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ross. Judge Ross was a federal judge, buried at Jackson Friday of last week.

Savannah Courier 12/12/1924: Emily Davis Ross died, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ross.

Savannah Courier 4/4/1924:In Memory of Eugene Johnson, died at age of 24, leaves mother, aunt, one sister and two brothers.

Savannah Courier 3/14/1924: Mr. A. M. (Uncle Bud) Hopper, age 57, born 1/5/1857, died 2/4/24, married first/second (?) Bettie Pryor in 1900: leaves wife, two sisters, buried Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 11/30/1923: John Wylie Bingham, born 10/19/1862, died 11/23/23, married Miss Amanda Clayton, had 12 children, buried Shady Grove.

Savannah Courier 5/25/1923: George W. Harbert died of Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 12/26/1922: J. T. Orr, age 87 years, 9 moths, 27 days, died 1/8/22, buried at Liberty.

Savannah Courier 10/6/1922: Hinkle: Paulk Stenson Moore, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore died Monday, buried Newman Cemetery, has a twin sister, Ruth.

Savannah Courier 9/8/1922: Mr. Mack Neilie Orr, born 5/17/1877 at Saltillo, died at Bay City TX 8/19/1922 (list of children).

Savannah Courier 8/18/1922: Hinkle: Garrett Newman, was buried in family Cemetery Thursday, 8/3/22.

Savannah Courier 6/16/1922: Lebanon: Sherman Pitts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pitts died Thursday, 6/8/22, buried at Pitts graveyard Friday.

Savannah Courier 3/24/1922: J. B. Austin: In Memory of: 1 month and 4 day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Tim J. Austin, 3/13.

Savannah Courier 1/6/1922: Lebanon: Mr. Joe Hutton, died Sunday, buried Spring Hill, Monday.

Savannah Courier 8/5/1921: Saltillo: J. A. Pitts, died at son's in Memphis Saturday, buried Shady Grove.

Savannah Courier 5/27/1921: Those who died in war. Aubery Johnson died in Camp.

Savannah Courier 5/13/1921: Mrs. C. A. Ross, of Jackson, formerly of Saltillo, died first of week.

Savannah Courier 3/11/1921: Lebanon: The infant child of John Shea was buried here Thursday.

Savannah Courier 9/3/1920: Hinkle: (Uncle) Tobe Oldham, died Saturday, buried Lebanon Sunday.

Savannah Courier 3/26/1920: J. H. Nolen, drowned in TN River in January was found in river near Counce Sunday morning. He was the son of Rev. and Mrs. T. W. Nolen of Lebanon TN.

Savannah Courier 2/27/1920: D. G. Dickson, age 66 yrs., 2 mo., 1 day, born 12/17/1853, died 2/18/20, wife died 8/20/1917: Member of Shady Grove M. E. Church.

Savannah Courier 2/6/1920: E. J. Carter, born 1/1/1876, died 1/28/1920, married Miss Maud Wilkins: Six children, Miss Hortince and five boys, Manley Walker, Roy, Ray, Paul, and John J.: Member of Shady Grove M. E. Church.

Savannah Courier 11/7/1919: (Uncle) Billy Meadows, died last week and was buried at Shady Grove.

Savannah Courier 11/7/1919: J. M. Crawford and family attended the burial of Mrs. John L. Bevins of Sardis Monday.

Savannah Courier 8/8/1919: Hinkle: M. P. Newman, better known as Mitchell, of Saltillo, formerly of this place died at his home at Saltillo Saturday. He was buried here at the family Cemetery Sunday.

Savannah Courier 7/11/1919: In Memory of: Mrs. E. A. Harrison, born 10/12/1836, died 6/25/1919, married J. T. Harrison about 1857.

Savannah Courier 5/19/1919: G. T. Shannon, of Saltillo, died last week.

Savannah Courier 5/16/1919: Hinkle: Finis Baker, of Sardis died at the home of his father Sunday and was buried at Sardis Monday.

Savannah Courier 4/18/1919:Hinkle: Burial services for Sergeant Johnson at Enville last week.

Savannah Courier 1/24/1919: Mrs. Roxie Ann Lucas, of Saltillo, born 4/6/1859, died 1/15/19.

Savannah Courier 1/3/1919: Hinkle: (Aunt) Lyddie Hanna, afflicted with cancer, died Friday 12/27/18. She was buried on the home plantation Friday.

Savannah Courier 10/18/1918: Hinkle: The little girl of the late Lee Moore died Tuesday and was buried at Lebanon Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 10/11/1918: Hinkle: Lee Moore, of Lebanon, died Thursday, buried Friday.

Savannah Courier 7/19/1918: Hinkle: Mrs. Green Robertson, died from Measles Thursday, buried at Lebanon Friday, 7/12/18.

Savannah Courier 7/12/1918: Mrs. McBride: It is reported that Mrs. McBride, lived near Sardis, went suddenly insane Tuesday killing one child cut the throat of another and than cut her own.

Savannah Courier 3/29/1918: Hardin Franklin Orr, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Orr died 3/12/18.

Savannah Courier 3/22/1918: Lebanon: Gatha Moffett, of Sardis, died Saturday, buried Sardis Cemetery Sunday.

Savannah Courier 11/2/1917: Hinkle: Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hanna: Ida, daughter of Hanna's died Saturday 27, buried Sunday.

Savannah Courier 9/14/1917: Mrs. Tobe Oldham, of Fellowship died Friday, 9/7 and buried at Lebanon on 9/8.

Savannah Courier 8/17/1917: Hinkle: Miss Ida Bevins, died 8/11/17, buried 8/12/17 at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 7/27/1917: Hinkle: Jim Pitts, of Lebanon, about 30 yrs. old, died 7/21/17, buried in Pitts graveyard near Milledgeville on Sunday, 7/22/17.

Savannah Courier 6/29/1917: Isaac W. Ross, died 2/1/17, born 12/6/1832.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1917: By Ada Howard: In Memory of Eldred Johnson who died 9/27/1916.

Savannah Courier 4/20/1917: Mrs. Abe Blankenship, of Union Bend, died Tuesday of this week, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Brooks.

Savannah Courier 3/23/1917: Hinkle: (Uncle) John Dee Meadows, an old highly respected citizen died since our last writing.

Savannah Courier 3/23/1917: Hinkle: Mrs. Martha Hanna, wife of John W. Hanna, Sr., died 3/11/17, buried 3/12/17 at Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 2/23/1917: Mary Ann Howard, born 1/5/1851, died 2/9/17, married A. W. Blevins 5/25/1889, daughter of Cornelius and Jane Howard; nephew is H. M. Thomas.

Savannah Courier 2/2/1917: I. W. Ross, died.

Savannah Courier 1/26/1917: Hinkle: Mr. Ben Dyer, of Lebanon, died Sunday, 1/21/17.

Savannah Courier 4/7/1916: Hinkle: Mr. Monroe Stephens, died 3/19/16, buried at Spring Hill.

Savannah Courier 4/7/1916: Hinkle: Effie Golf, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Houston Golf died 4/1/16, buried at Lebanon, 4/3/16.

Savannah Courier 4/7/1916: Hinkle: John D. Hopper, of Lexington, buried at Spring Hill, 4/1/16 - Killed by his nephew Sammy Hopper.

Savannah Courier 11/19/1915: Hinkle: Mrs. Maggie Phillips, died Monday, buried Tuesday of last week.

Savannah Courier 11/12/1915: Hinkle: Bill Sheffield went to Wynn Ark. last week to attend funeral of sister, Mrs. R. C. Bridges.

Savannah Courier 7/9/1915: Mrs. W. F. Hinkle, of Saltillo, died 6/26/15.

Savannah Courier 6/4/1915: Harry Hughes, of Clifton, drowned - on front page.

Savannah Courier 12/4/1914: G. J. Moffett, of Morris Chapel died and buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/30/1914: Miss Tennie Johnson, daughter of Temple C. and Lectitia Rayburn Johnson, born 3/18/1833, died 10/3/14 on the anniversary of her mothers' wedding, born in Harding County and lived on Turkey Creek most of her life, after death of parents lived with sister and bro-in-law, John A. Smith. In 1911 sold farm and with niece Allie Malone moved to Pollard, Oregon where she died. Niece married A. G. Hughes in 1912, member of Methodist Church.

Savannah Courier 4/10/1914: Arch Austin, age 68, died 4/5/14.

Savannah Courier 4/3/1914: Della Johnson, wife of Lee Johnson, age 37 years, 3 months and 21 days, born 11/11/1876, died 3/6/14, married 11/20/1892, had 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys, 4 or dead, Freewill Baptist; Memorial by her Uncle W. B. Kelly.

Savannah Courier 2/20/1914: Hinkle: The infant son of Eber Meadows died of pneumonia a few days ago.

Savannah Courier 2/20/1914: Hinkle: The 11 yr old son of Tom Shirley of Hurricane died of pneumonia last week.

Savannah Courier 9/12/1913: West Hardin: Trip to Ark. to attend funeral of brother, Jack Phillips: Article by R. A. Phillips: On Negroes, mud turtles and Ark.

Savannah Courier 5/13/1913: Sam Parnell shot and killed Cleve Adams and Jake Tacker near Pickwick.

Savannah Courier 3/21/1913:Morris Chapel: Mrs. G. O. Johnson, died at her home Saturday, buried Sunday, leaves husband and 15 children.

Savannah Courier 2/27/1913: Ruth Tolbert: Body found last Saturday, two weeks after the Florence sank. Body taken to Saltillo for burial.

Savannah Courier 1/31/1913: Mrs. Ben Murphy, died at Plain View Ark. Brought to Saltillo for burial.

Savannah Courier 9/6/1912: Charles Baker (?), died in toilet room of Steamer Clyde.

Savannah Courier 11/3/1911: Hinkle: J. M. Willis' four year old daughter died Sunday.

Savannah Courier 9/29/1911: Bill Moffett, of Morris Chapel, died Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 9/22/1911: Hinkle: Aunt, Ann Newman died Saturday night about 12: o'clock, buried Sunday in family cemetery, Rev. T. P. Moore and Whit Baker conducted the funeral.

Savannah Courier 9/8/1911: Ora Ann Rice, age 17 years and 8 months, born 8/6/1894, died 8/14/11, professed Christ 9/9/1908 but not satisfied until 7/1909, joined Missionary Baptist Church at New Fellowship 2nd Sunday in October 1910.

Savannah Courier 8/25/1911: Hinkle: Ora Rice, died Wednesday, 8/16, buried Springhill Cemetery Thursday.

Savannah Courier 6/30/1911: Hinkle: Mrs. T. P. Moore, of Sardis, buried at Springhill Cemetery last Friday.

Savannah Courier 6/23/1911: Hinkle: Mrs. A. E. Churchwell, died 6/15/11 at 9:15 p.m., buried at Lebanon Cemetery 6/16 by Rev. T. P. Moore. (her name Ellen) leaves husband, father and one brother.

Savannah Courier 6/9/1911: Hinkle: The infant son of and Mrs. J. M. Crawford died Monday and buried in the Newman Cemetery. Rev. T. N. Smith and Whit Baker officiated.

Savannah Courier 6/2/1911: George Rice Harbert. born 10/25/1891 at Savannah, died 5/18/11 at Paducah KY where he had gone from San Marcas, TX, buried at Morris Chapel.

Savannah Courier 5/26/1911: Morris Chapel: George Rice Harbert, Funeral Sunday morning.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1911: Hinkle: Mrs. Sarah Montgomery, buried at Shady Grove Sunday.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1911: Sarah Harbert Montgomery: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 4/28/1911: Hinkle: W. P. Reddin, of Sulphur Well, died Thursday, 4/20/11, buried Lebanon Friday.

Savannah Courier 4/14/1911: Morris Chapel: Miss Mary Harbert: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 3/31/1911: W. T. Wilkinson, of Saltillo dies.

Savannah Courier 3/31/1911: Dr. J. D. Harbert, of Morris Chapel, Obituary.

Savannah Courier 12/2/1910: Hinkle: Aunt, Eliza Tucker, died 11/21/10, buried at Lebanon by Rev. T. N. Smith.

Savannah Courier 9/16/1910: Hinkle: Miss Lizzie Hanna, of Lebanon, last week, buried at T. G. Newman Family Cemetery

Savannah Courier 8/26/1910: Hinkle: George Man: One of his boys died last Friday and was buried a Lebanon Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 8/5/1910: Hinkle: Green Ellis, of Sardis, died Friday, 7/29.

Savannah Courier 6/3/1910: Steamboat Saltillo: Sinks in Miss. River below St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Arch M. Patterson and young son lost.

Savannah Courier 5/27/1910: Hinkle: Uncle, Davis Smith, of Sardis, died Saturday, buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 5/27/1910: Steamboat Saltillo: Resolution from Savannah Lodge on Steamboat and Patterson's obituary of Mrs. Patterson.

Savannah Courier 5/20/1910: Steamboat Saltillo: Wrecked - List of those drowned.

Savannah Courier 5/6/1910: George Burks, Jr. killed at Lebanon Methodist Church by Luther Junior - See story.

Savannah Courier 4/15/1910: Selmer, TN 4/11/10 Pear Kennedy shot Oscar Smith five miles east of Selmer yesterday.

Savannah Courier 4/15/1910: Hinkle: Aunt, Martha Hooper, died 3/31/10, buried 4/1/10 at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 3/25/1910: Hinkle: Mr. and Mrs. George Petty little son burned to death. Other sons are Harvey and Walter.

Savannah Courier 2/4/1910:Hollands Creek: Mr. Wesley Johnson, died last Wednesday, buried Thursday.

Savannah Courier 2/11/1910: Selmer, TN 2/9/10: Bass Fulgham, who has defied the law for 3 years shot Mark and Will Hurst. (Officers)

Savannah Courier 2/4/1910: Mrs. Comly Scott Robertson, buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery. Obituary.

Savannah Courier 1/28/1910: Morris Chapel: Mrs. George Robertson, died Sunday, buried Morris Chapel Monday.

Savannah Courier 1/7/1910: Patty Story, returning from Sardis, killed thrown from buggy, buried at Savannah Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 12/12/1909: A Sketch of The Life and Death of Mrs. J. M. Bryant, buried at Old Sardis Cemetery: By Hattie M. Hanna, Sardis, TN, 11/26/09.

Savannah Courier 12/10/1909:Berlin: James Johnson, Jr., died last Saturday, buried Monday.

Savannah Courier 11/26/1909: Uncle, Clark Newman, died 9/10/09 at home of son T. G. Newman, Lives in TX: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 11/26/1909: Mrs. Dora Outlaw Bryant, of Sardis, died Monday, 11/15/09, wife of John Bryant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Outlaw: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 11/19/1909: Temple Johnson, died at Enor Ok. last Thursday and buried there, had lived near Old Town on Smith Fork. Few years ago moved to West Tn. where he resided until a few weeks ago when he went to Ok. He Married Miss Dickey of Cero Gordo. Wife and four children survive him.

Savannah Courier 7/9/1909: George Ross: Revolutionary War: Fought battle of Hanging Rock, Cowpen and others were disinterred from where they were buried on Indian Creek in 1846 and placed in National Cemetery at Pittsburgh Landing on Wednesday last. The remains of his wife who died in 1826 were placed there also. He is g-father of I. W. and Jeff Ross.

Savannah Courier 3/19/1909: D. Henry Duncan, (Millionaire) (Millman(?) of Ark., who was formerly of this place was shot and killed a few days ago.

Savannah Courier 2/19/1909: Mrs. Lorena Watson Bain, buried at Liberty Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 9/25/1908:Wesley Chapel: George Johnson's baby died 9/17/08, buried Hollins Creek Grave Yard.

Savannah Courier 6/26/1908: John Shannon, at Mt. Pleasant, 1 mile north of Saltillo, was killed by Bob Austin. Witnessed by J. M. Kennedy: See Story.

Savannah Courier 6/19/1908: Mrs. Jane Stephens Bridges, born 2/5/1840, married Wm. Bridges 1866, died 1/16/08. Lived with Son-in-law W. L. Sheffered. By S. K. Hurst of Decaturville, TN.

Savannah Courier 5/22/1908: W. U. Ross, died Wednesday morning, born in Wayne Co. near Clifton in 1834, married Miss Lucy Ross. Leaves two daughters, Mrs. A. A. Watson, and Miss Ida Ross, three sons, C. A., C. M., and M. S., one brother, Jeff Ross, two sisters; Miss Eliza Ross and Mrs. Gilis Holt; buried at Savannah Cemetery Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 4/10/1908: Mr. E. E. Ross, buried in Savannah Cemetery Monday. Drowned in Indian Creek last Saturday: See Story.

Savannah Courier 3/27/1908: Esq. H. L. Harbert, died near Pisgah.

Savannah Courier 2/21/1908: Morris Chapel: H. J. Wilkins, born in NC 1822; Lived in Morris Chapel: See Obituary.

Savannah Courier 2/14/1908: Mrs. John Bell, of near Saltillo, died at home Saturday, buried Shady Grove Sunday. Also see Saltillo news.

Savannah Courier 1/24/1908: Thomas L. Willis, the 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Willis, died.

Savannah Courier 1/24/1908: Resolution: In memory of Jas. G. Montgomery.

Savannah Courier 1/24/1908:Death: Mrs. Bob Meek of Morris Chapel; Miss Mollie Lucas; Thomas L. Willis, 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Willis.

Savannah Courier 11/29/1907:G. C. Broyles: See Obituary.

Savannah Courier 11/29/1907: Saltillo Lodge: Joseph T. Harrison death.

Savannah Courier 11/29/1907: John J. Williams, of Savannah, death and pictures.

Savannah Courier 11/8/1907: Tragedy Near Hinkle: Hamp Gardner was shot and stabbed by Marvin Dickson.

Savannah Courier 10/18/1907:Berlin: Willy Claud Johnson, 5 years, 2 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson died 10/2/07.

Savannah Courier 9/20/1907: John S. Johnson, died at home near Old Town Friday night.

Savannah Courier 9/13/1907:Tribute of Love: Mrs. Jane Smith died, sister of Miss Tennie Johnson, aunt of J. H. Benton.

Savannah Courier 8/23/1907: V. A. Cresap, died Thursday of last week, buried at Pickwick Friday.

Savannah Courier 8/23/1907: Mrs. Jane Smith died 8/8/07 at Economy, widow of John A. Smith.

Savannah Courier 7/12/1907: Mark Johnson, age 57, died 7/8/07, buried Union Cemetery, had wife and five children.

Savannah Courier 6/28/1907: The TN River Lodge: Sympathy to Abe Blankenship in death of wife.

Savannah Courier 6/28/1907: The TN River Lodge: Sympathy to George H. Hughes in death of daughter.

Savannah Courier 6/14/1907: Mrs. John M. Ross, of Kenton TN, died 6/11/07, buried at Savannah Cemetery, had daughter G. W. Shaw, a sister to Mesdames W. H. Blount and Phil Duncan: Moved to Kenton 2 yr. ago.

Savannah Courier 6/14/1907: E. E. Tarbet, of Saltillo, card of thanks; on death of their "little one" (6/7/07)

Savannah Courier 6/7/1907: Miss Flora Tarbet, died at Douglas Infirmary, Nashville TN 5/30/07, buried at Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 7/13/1906: Me. Griffin Johnson of Red Sulphur Springs died few days ago at age 85.

Savannah Courier 6/15/1906: Saltillo: Thomas Harrison, killed in battle on 3/7/06 at Mt. Dajo, Philippines.

Savannah Courier 6/8/1906: Saltillo News: Thomas Harrison, buried at Liberty.

Savannah Courier 1/9/1906: Saltillo: Death of Mrs. James S. Holland, (see other info.) and Mrs. J. M. Cupples; Mrs. Holland was formerly married to Mr. J. T. Davy (Mary Holland) (Alice Estelle Tyree Cupples)

Savannah Courier 6/8/1905: Mr. James Johnson of Popular Bluff, Mo. was here to attend the funeral of his brother's wife Wednesday.

Savannah Courier 6/8/1905: Mrs. A. S. Johnson of Pocahontas, Ak. Died at her home Monday and was brought back here for burial Wednesday. She was the daughter of Mr. John Black of Paulks Mill. She leaves husband and several children.

Savannah Courier 9/16/1904: Mr. C. L. Hefner, Editor of Savannah Courier died 8/26/1904.

Savannah Courier 9/9/1904: Letters of condolences to Mrs. Hefner.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1904: Mr. C. L. Hefner: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1904: Jack Canady killed by a train in Assumption Ill. Brother of Henry Canady (from Hardin Co.)

Savannah Courier 7/29/1904: Dee Nix drowned.

Savannah Courier 7/8/1904: Nixon: The little son of Bill Maddox and wife died on the 28th of June.

Savannah Courier 4/22/1904:Mt. Herman: Jim Johnson's baby died Thursday night.

Savannah Courier 4/4/1904: The report last week that Mrs. James Maddox had died was not true.

Savannah Courier 3/25/1904: Wesley Chapel: Mrs. James Maddox died Thursday the 17th. She was buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery. Rev. Cromwell and Rev. Robertson held funeral.

Savannah Courier 3/4/1904: Wesley Chapel: J. L. Neighbors, died 2/13/ in Ok.

Savannah Courier 2/26/1904: John Johnson died at his home on Hardin Creek near Mt. Carmel Saturday after a brief illness. He leaves wife, children and widow mother.

Savannah Courier 1/15/1904: Mr. W. S. Johnson, once a Citizen of this county but who has made his home for several years with sons James A. and Mark Johnson at Poplar Bluff Mo. died Tuesday, brought here for burial in Savannah Cemetery Thursday.

Savannah Courier 10/2/1903: Thomas Paine died 8/8 at Lexington, TN. Member of Savannah Lodge F&AM.

Savannah Courier 9/18/1903: Harrison Smith died due to fallen wall in Nashville Friday.

Savannah Courier 9/18/1903: Capt. Thomas Paine, Capt. in Confederate Army: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 8/14/1903: Capt. Thomas H. Pain: Death: (see 2-3 places in paper)

Savannah Courier 3/13/1903: Resolve From Robertson Chapel S. School, on the death of two members, Louis M. Black and Robert Dickson by Committee, W. W. Maddox, F. H. Maddox and Jennie Harrison.

Savannah Courier 3/6/1903:Mrs. Lucy Ross, wife of W. U. Ross died.

Savannah Courier 11/7/1902: Ruby Lee Moore, died 10/26: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 10/31/1902: Miss Ruby Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Moore of Maddox died Sunday.

Savannah Courier 8/1/1902: W. G. Newman, reports that his neighbor, Millard Meek was killed in a fight with his son John Meek last Saturday. Son had been driven from home, come back to see sick brother, fight.

Savannah Courier 5/30/1902: Savannah Lodge: In Memory of John Smith.

Savannah Courier 5/23/1902: Mrs. Mollie Maxwell DeFord: In Memory of.

Savannah Courier 5/16/1902: A Tribute to Mrs. E. D. Patterson.

Savannah Courier 5/9/1902: Memorial: Mrs. Mildred McDougal Patterson, Wife of Judge E. D. Patterson.

Savannah Courier 5/2/1902: Mr. John A. Smith, died at home 5 miles from Savannah last Saturday afternoon.

Savannah Courier 5/2/1902: Mrs. W. P. Story, (Nannie Story) died Sunday.

Savannah Courier 6/7/1901: From the Poplar Bluff, Mo. Republican, we learned of the death of Mrs. James A. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was formerly a citizen of this place and is well known here. The woman he married from Poplar Bluff six years ago was unknown here. She died in San Antonia, Tx. where she had gone for health reasons

Savannah Courier 5/3/1901: Mrs. Lucenda Ross, age 88, died Sunday, widow of Morgan Ross, who comes here in 1830. She was Miss Coffee of Maury Co.

Savannah Courier 12/21/1900: Miss Annie Johnson committed suicide by drowning herself in the Black Water of Popular Bluff Mo. on the 14th. She lived with her father, W. S. Johnson and her brothers, James and Mack who are in the mercantile business at that place. She left home early in the morning and found 3 hours later with a weight about her body that had been fastened by her own hands, this was attributed to ill health. She left a note pinned to her dress notifying her family of what she was going to do and requested that the dress be used as a burial robe and her body buried beside her mother in Savannah Cemetery. She was a niece to Dr. W. E. McDougal whose sister was her mother. She wrote a poem "Shiloh". Her remains were accompanied by her brother James and received the last token of respect from the living at 3: A. M. Sunday.

Savannah Courier 11/16/1900: W. P. Barnhill, Jr., died in San Antonio TX.

Savannah Courier 10/26/1900: John Smith, found dead in an out house near his residence in Cerro Gordo, died of an overdose of whisky.

Savannah Courier 10/26/1900: Mrs. John Johnson of Hollands Creek died suddenly last Saturday of congestion of the stomach.

Savannah Courier 10/12/1900: In Memory of: Mrs. May Edwards.

Savannah Courier 9/7/1900: Explosion of Amos Hardin's Steam Mill on Smith Fork, killed Alfred McMillin and a darkie, Willie Broyles.

Savannah Courier 5/11/1900: Lewis Guinn, shot at Bethel Springs Tuesday by Sam McDaniel.

Savannah Courier 3/9/1900: Ruth: Mrs. Mittie Hanna, wife of J. W. Hanna and daughter of Thomas Travllion of Ruth TN died 2/27.

Savannah Courier 2/23/1900: In Memory of: H. L. Yancy, died 1/11/00.

Savannah Courier 12/8/1899: Sardis: Addie Moore, daughter of W. T. and Genora Moore died.

Savannah Courier 11/10/1899: In Memory Of: William Duncan, born in Lawrence Co. TN 10/17/1829, died at home near Savannah Oct. 5, 1899.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1899: Tribute To: Noble Wesley Covey, Esq.: Remarkable Career - see story.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1899: In Memory Of: Noble Wesley Covey, Esq.

Savannah Courier 9/1/1899: Mrs. M. C. Willis, of Near Hopewell, died Sunday. Has been confined to bed due to typhoid fever.

Savannah Courier 9/8/1899: In Memory of: Mrs. N. E. Kerr (Young): born 5/27/1866, married Andy Kerr 4/3/89, died 8/15/1899.

Savannah Courier 7/21/1899: Lee Hopper, killed by lightening Sunday. Resides about 4 miles North of Saltillo.

Savannah Courier 5/26/1899: William Sinclair, brother to Mrs. E. J. Johnson died.

Savannah Courier 4/28/1899: A. M. Larue: Chester Co. Jail: Lynched by mob. He murdered John Young near Henderson TN. The dying man (Larue) said Ike Young and Dave Smith were men who shot him.

Savannah Courier 4/14/1899: Paulks: Rev. Bob Alexander, who has been confined to his bed for the past six months died Sunday morning. His remains were carried to the Harmony Cemetery Leaves a wife and daughter.

Savannah Courier 3/17/1899: Right: Fronia McBride, wife of H. J. McBride, died Thursday of last week, buried Swenia Chapel the following Friday by Rev. Lee Smith from Morris Chapel: leaves wife (?) and 3 children.

Savannah Courier 12/16/1898: Mrs. M. E. Walker, widow of Judge Elijah Walker, died Wednesday the 7th near Mt. Pleasant at her sister, Mrs. Green Ingram, she was 74.

Savannah Courier 11/25/1898: Mr. Nelson Moore, an old and highly respected citizen of the 13th C. D., near Saltillo, died Wednesday of last week, buried Thursday, about 70 years old.

Savannah Courier 11/11/1898:Old Town: Jim Johnson's baby died since the last writing from our neighborhood.

Savannah Courier 9/9/1898: In Memory of: James Thompson Carter: Obituary: born in Hickman Co. 2/18/1831, married Cynthia Barr in 1866, died 8/27/98.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1898: James T. Carter: Obituary.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1898: Leonard Owens, age 16, Obituary, Son of S. W. and T. J. Owens.

Savannah Courier 9/2/1898: In Memory of: Ethel Clark, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, born 4/6/1890, died 8/24/1898.

Savannah Courier 8/12/1898: 15 year old son of S. W. Owens, living near Swift was fatally hurt Tuesday of last week, falling in well, broke legs and spine.

Savannah Courier 8/12/1898:Right: Old Lady Johnson, who moved to our community this spring is dead. She was about 85 yrs old.

Savannah Courier 6/17/1898: "Given Life Sentence": Gus and Dick Thomas given life for moon shining; they killed John Kennedy.

Savannah Courier 5/13/1898: Jane Ross, Obituary, born 7/18/1842 in Hardin Co. to Benaja Peacock, married John Ross 9/24/1868, died 2/22/1898 in Ark.

Savannah Courier 3/11/1889: Arthur Duncan, dead last Sunday, a student of Hardin College. Obituary also on this page.

Savannah Courier 3/11/1889: Ruth: Mrs. Ada Hanna, died last Saturday.

Savannah Courier 1/28/1898: John William Allison died 1/7/98.

Savannah Courier 1/7/1898:Right: Mrs. G. W. Johnson died one day this week.

Savannah Courier 11/19/1897: R. B. Harrison, of Olive Hill, died in Kenneth Mo. last Friday, son of A. J. Harrison. He and wife and father came to Kenneth a few weeks ago to work. Died of Typhoid Fever and buried Saturday there.

Savannah Courier 6/4/1897:Hamburg: Ed Johnson (Ed died Tuesday) Last Monday evening at Hamburg, difficulty arose between Robert Marlor and his two sons, Lafayette and Joe and between Ed Johnson and his son Lafayette. Ed Johnson was mortally wounded and died Tuesday. Lafayette Johnson has an ugly gash on his arm.

Savannah Courier 4/2/1897: Saltillo: Jasper Moore, son of E. W. Moore died of consumption Sunday.

Savannah Courier 3/12/1897:Nixon: Morgan Johnson's baby died with measles last week.

Savannah Courier 3/12/1897: Story of murder trial of A. G. (Gus) Thomas killing John Kennedy. (murdered).

Savannah Courier 3/9/1897: Ruth: Jasper Moore, died 3/28/1897, leaving many friends to mourn his death.

Savannah Courier 1/29/1897: Old father, Murry Scott, who lived on the line between Hardin and McNairy Co. died recently.

Savannah Courier 12/31/1896: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pitts, of Nashville, arrived here Monday with the remains of their children. Buried in Savannah Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 10/29/1896: Nashville: Jack, the son of Honorable John A. Pitts, died Monday evening after leg amputated at hip.

Savannah Courier 10/22/1896: Nashville: Miss. Mary Pitts daughter of Honorable John A. Pitts, died Sunday of a lingering illness of consumption.

Savannah Courier 9/10/1896: Memorial: B. G. Brazelton, died 6/16/1896, born 1/11/1848 Hardin Co., TN. High School in Paducah Ky. Taught in Hardin Co.: Member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church: Member of F. A. and A. M. Lodge #442.

Savannah Courier 8/13/1896: Nixon: There were four deaths last week, one of them was Bill Maddox's baby.

Savannah Courier 4/26/1896: In Memory of: Mrs. Annie Aekin Kindall, died 3/10/1986.

Savannah Courier 12/5/1895: Ruth: Mrs. John Anglen, died with consumption.

Savannah Courier 12/5/1895: Ruth: William McCall's baby died with sore throat.

Savannah Courier 7/4/1895: Bud Pitts put in jail Friday for killing old man Jim Scott near Clifton in this County in 12/1894. Bill Bryant is in jail for same thing.

Savannah Courier 6/20/1895: Jack Shelly charged with murder of Sam Lay: March 1894 guilty: appeal March 1895 guilty: another appeal - given freedom, D. W. Boyles his attorney.

Savannah Courier 10/4/1894: Mrs. Dr. Brazelton, died at her home in the 13th last week of consumption. She was the daughter of the late Clark Newman.

Savannah Courier 7/19/1894:Willoughby: Mrs. Dillie Johnson died at home on Horse Creek 7/1/94 after a long spell of sickness. She leaves a husband and one child.

Savannah Courier 5/3/1894: William B. Montgomery, of Sardis, died 4/6/1894, age 67, born and reared in this Co. His father, Maj. James Montgomery moved into this county in 1824.

Savannah Courier 5/3/1894: John F. Pitts, died Thursday 4/26/1894 in the 1st District. John A. Pitts now one of the leading lawyers of Nashville and T. F. Pitts of the firm Harbour and Pitts at Cerro Gordo are sons.

Savannah Courier 4/5/1894: Ruth: Mr. A. Barham, died 20th of this month.

Savannah Courier 4/5/1894: Ruth: Mrs. James Hopper, died 21st of consumption.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1894:Willoughby: James E. Johnson died at the residence of Mrs. L. M. Falls at 11:00 Friday night after suffering a great deal. Deceased was 16 yr old.

Savannah Courier 3/1/1894: Ruth: John Boswell and Tom Stanfield died recently.

Savannah Courier 3/9/1893: Nixon: Mr. Arch Gammill, died 3/5/1893 one of the oldest settlers of the County, coming from Marshall County.

Savannah Courier 2/2/1893:Pickwick: J. P. Johnson's youngest son, Eddie, died 1/14/1893.

Savannah Courier 12/1/1892: Lewis Yancey, died at his home near Morris Chapel 11/27/1892 - passed 90 yrs. old.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1892: Milledgeville: Mrs. Britt died the 12th.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1892: Milledgeville: John Brazelton died on the 10th of bronchitis, age 72 yrs.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1892: Pioneer Grove: Finley W. Harbert, born Richmond Co. NC, married Miss M. E. Rice of East TN. He died 10/7/1892, buried Morris Chapel, leaves 6 sons and 2 daughters.

Savannah Courier 6/16/1892: Delaney "Dillie" Morris born 4/21/1798, died 5/27/1892, 94 years, 1 month, 6 days, buried 5/28/1892 at Morris Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 1/28/1892:Nixon: Three deaths in one house last week, Phillip Howard and wife and wife of Mark Johnson.

Savannah Courier 3/26/1891: In Memory Of: Mrs. Maggie Lamb Reed, died Thursday, 3/19/1891, wife of John W. Reed.

Savannah Courier 10/2/1890: Mary Walker, died 9/15/1890, Pittsburgh Landing, wife of Thomas Walker - age 47 (See Obituary.)

Savannah Courier 7/24/1890: Ruth: Robert Pounds, died on the 14th of a congestive chill.

Savannah Courier 5/29/1890: Ruth: Mr. Sam Brooks, who lived near Sulphur Well died on the 19th of pneumonia.

Savannah Courier 3/13/1890: Adamsville: Tom Pitts, of Milledgeville, Son of Squire Alf. Pitts, deceased, died Wednesday of last week. He was recovering from an attack of measles, took pneumonia of a typhoid nature...

Savannah Courier 3/6/1890: Nixon: Mrs. John Maddox, died 2/23/1890, buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

Savannah Courier 8/29/1889: Mrs. Mary Span, nearly ninety-nine, born in Va. 12/17/1790, died last Friday night at residence of Thomas Ingall - Ancestor of Ingalls, Franks, Hinkle's and Russell's of this Co. and Gammills of Ark.

Savannah Courier 7/18/1889: 13th C. D.: Mrs. A. Ponds died on the 6th.

Savannah Courier 7/4/1889: Dr. William Allen died suddenly at his home near Saltillo Tuesday night.

Savannah Courier 4/18/1889: 13th C. D.: Miss Ponie Hanna died on the 8th of consumption, age 21years and 6 months, buried Shady Grove on the 9th by Rev. T. N. Smith.

Savannah Courier 4/4/1889: Resolution of respect for: Hon. Alfred Pitts.

Savannah Courier 2/21/1889: A. Pitts, Chairmen of the County Court, died at his home in Milledgeville at 7 o'clock Sunday morning of kidney disease. He was justice of the Peace since 1845.

Savannah Courier 8/2/1888: Saltillo: Melvin Moore, son of Rev. Thomas P. Moore, died on the 13th of congestion of brain.

Savannah Courier 8/2/1888: Saltillo: Mrs. Rebecca Person died near Lebanon Church on the 10th.

Savannah Courier 8/2/1888: Saltillo: Mr. Crowder died near Milledgeville on the 9th.

Savannah Courier 8/2/1888: Saltillo: Miss Cornie McBride, daughter of P. H. McBride, died on the 11th of congestion.

Savannah Courier 7/5/1888: Nixon: Marte Reed, son of Z. T. Reed, died last Saturday with typhoid fever.

Savannah Courier 4/19/1888: John Malone and two children and the little son of Hal Harding arrived from East TN Tuesday and went out to Mr. John Smith. Mr. Malone's baby has been at Smith's ever since his wife (who was a daughter of Mr. Smith) died last fall.

Savannah Courier 12/15/1887: Rockdale: Uriah Bevins died on the 1st after an illness of four days at the age of 76 yrs.

Savannah Courier 10/27/1887: Capt. George Moore died at his residence in Saltillo the 14th.

Savannah Courier 10/27/1887: We regret to note the death of Mrs. Allie Malone of East Tn.

Savannah Courier 10/20/1887: Miss Tennie Johnson on hearing of the death of her niece, Mrs. Maloney, left immediately for East Tn.

Savannah Courier 10/13/1887: Mrs. Dane E. Wandell, born in Clifton, Wayne County on 3/8/1848, married T. M. C. Johnson in 1869, left a widow with one child in 1872, married J. R. Wandell 3/1876 and died 8/14/1887 in Scottsboro, Ala.

Savannah Courier 7/21/1887:Rockdale: Mrs. Dudley Johnson died near Milledgeville on the 7th.

Savannah Courier 3/3/1887: Saltillo: In Memory of: Miss Mollie Barham.


Lexington Republican, Lexington, TN

Lexington Republican 9/17/1922: Dr. J. Pake Mackey Of Sardis, died 7/7/1926 at the age of 64 years and 14 days, he was the son of R. B. and Elizabeth Mackey, born 8/23/1862, married first (1) Miss M. Josie Johnson on 10/15/1885, had one daughter of this union, Carrie, who died 11/14/1889, his wife died 4/16/1891, married second (2) to Miss Dee Davidson on 5/7/1905, one child born to this union who died in infancy, his wife died 11/20/1912, married third (3) to Miss Edna Redin on 8/6/1914, two children, one dying in infancy and Frankie Lee second child, one sister, Mrs. W. O. (Fannie) Hill of Darden, two brothers, Franklin of Darden and Dr. Sidney L. of Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. Mackey, a Mason at 18, funeral by Rev. J. T. Bradfield and Rev. W. F. Boren at Union Church near Chesterfield Wednesday, burial was in near by cemetery.


Lexington Progress, Lexington, TN

Lexington Progress 12/18/1908: Walter Ross, formerly of Sardis hanged himself at McKenzie Thursday of last week.

Lexington Progress 7/2/1909: Miss Aslie Adams, age 25, died Wednesday at home of Joe Boswell 8 mi. North of Lexington.

Lexington Progress 4/26/1918: W. H. McBride, killed by Negro, Negro hanged and burned. (See full page Story), married Mattie L. Moore of Sardis.

Lexington Progress 4/30/1920: Harry Allen, of Hookers Bend, murdered and robed.

Lexington Progress 9/3/1920: J. Fielder Boswell damage suite settled with N. C. & St. L R.R. Boswell killed 8/16/1916.

Lexington Progress 9/10/1920: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Scott, daughter of William and Uresela Porterfield, born in Hardin Co. 7/4/1851, died 9/5/1920, married D. E. Scott of Decatur Co.

Lexington Progress 10/1/1920: Joe Lee Smith, age 55, of Regan died 9/27/1920.

Lexington Progress 3/4/1921: Dan Duckworth Hanna, Infant son of J. T. and Mrs. Maude Duckworth Hanna died Sunday evening.

Lexington Progress 4/8/1921: Sardis: Sam C. Newman, of Sardis, age 45, died 4/1/21, married 3 times: survived by wife and 3 children all by first wife, all sons and two unmarried.

Lexington Progress 6/24/1921: Story: Reuben Owens, age 10, of Walnut Grove Ala. shot by Mrs. B. F. Page.

Lexington Progress 8/5/1921: John B. Pitts, age 70, of Saltillo, died last Saturday at West TN Hospital (Pellagra Hospital of Memphis). His mental condition became worse and was carried to mental hospital at Bolivar. Surviving son is M. G. Pitts of Memphis. Body was carried to Saltillo for interment. Mrs. Pitts died at Saltillo less than two years ago. One other son, like the surviving son, saw service in the Spanish-American War a little over 20 years ago. He died several years ago of T. B. contacted during the army service. Mr. Pitts was related Messrs W. D. and J. W. Wright. Mr. Pitts served as an officer of the law in Hardin Co.

Lexington Progress 9/30/1921: Annie Maie Boling, daughter of R. A. and Adeline Ross, born 12/18/1895 near Sardis, died 9/6/1921.

Lexington Progress 9/30/1921: Mrs. Josie Montgomery Roy Robinson, born 2/15/1859, died 9/24/1921, born and reared near Saltillo, daughter of William B. and Pernicie Montgomery, married first, Jessie Roy, married second, L. D. Robinson. (see more)

Lexington Progress 1/6/1922: Josiah S. Hutton born 3/12/1854, died 1/1/1922, leaves wife, one son, four daughters, buried at Spring Hill near Sardis.

Lexington Progress 7/21/1922: Garrett Newman, of Hinkle, is at his father-in-law, John Montgomery and has the typhoid fever.

Lexington Progress 8/11/1922: Sardis: W. M. Garrett Newman, died last Wednesday of Typhoid fever, leaves wife and child, four brothers, three sisters, father and mother, funeral by Rev. T. N. Smith at Newman Graveyard.

Lexington Progress 2/8/1924: Jim Smith, died Tuesday afternoon several miles North West of Lexington, husband of Frances Adams, daughter of E. A. Adams of Wildersville.

Lexington Progress 3/7/1924: Dr. A. B. Hanna, age 88 years, 5 months, 26 days, born in Henderson, died Monday 3/3/1924 at home in Sardis. Mrs. Hanna was a former teacher from New Hampshire. They married in Ill. She died 12 years ago. Survived by son and daughter, Arthur and Miss Hattie, sisters, Mrs. Bettie Lewis of TX, Mrs. Miranda Hassell of Jackson, brother, Esq. T. M. Hanna, age 79, who walked the 19 miles to Sardis to attend funeral and walked back to Lexington without ill effects.

Lexington Progress 8/7/1925:Sardis: Mrs. Arie Johnson, wife of Jess Johnson, died early Monday morning. She was a very old lady. She left many friends and relatives in Sardis to mourn her loss.

Lexington Progress 8/21/1925: Death Of A Good Woman: Cora Ellen Ross born 8/26/1883, died 8/12/1927, age 43 years, 11 months, 12 days, married U. S. Newman Nov. 1920. He preceded her in death. She leaves three stepchildren, buried Spring Hill Saturday.

Lexington Progress 12/4/1925: Mrs. Nancy Smith, age 87, widow of the late E. D. Smith, who died in Sardis 16 or 17 years ago, died Nov. 18 near Sardis in the home of J. F. Tucker where she lived for several years.

Lexington Progress 1/8/1926: John Robert Adams died in Selmer (see story of him). He had a daughter named Ludie, married Billy (W. K.) Abernathy.

Lexington Progress 2/19/1926: Professor J. A. Johnson died Tuesday afternoon at the Eli Coffee Memorial Hospital. The body was shipped Wednesday to Sardis for burial. He was Professor of Commercial Law and Business Administration at Coffee High School. He leaves a widow, two children, father and two brothers. (Florence Exchange)(Newspaper)

Lexington Progress 2/19/1926: Jesse Johnson, age 30, died at Florence, brother of J. Sherman Johnson of Sardis, died Tuesday of last week buried Wednesday with Masonic honors. Married Miss Beatrice Riggs of Parsons, two children.

Lexington Progress 2/19/1926: Professor Jesse Johnson of Florence Ala. died 2/9/1926, buried in Prospect Cemetery Thursday.

Lexington Progress 9/17/1926: Dr. J. P. Mackey, son of R. B. and Elizabeth Mackey, born 8/23/1862, died 9/7/1926, married 1, Miss M. Josie Johnson 10/15/1885, she died 4/15/1891, married 2, Miss Dee Davidson 5/7/1905, she died 11/20/1912, married 3, Eda Reddin 8/6/1914.

Lexington Progress 11/19/1926: Thomas Z. Willis, age 64 years, 3 months, 16 days died 11/16/1926 at home of Nephew, J. N. Jones in 1st C. D. He never married. Buried Wednesday at McVery? Graveyard.

Lexington Progress 1/7/1927: Sardis: Rural Ray Carter died at Shady Grove. He is the son of late John and Maude Wilkins Carter, born 7/18/12, died 12/31/1926, father died 1/26/1920. Rural had four brothers and one sister. He was buried at Shady Grove.

Lexington Progress 4/6/1928: Frank B. Willis, (Senator) (see story), died last Friday night, was uncle to the Frank Willis who died in Jackson several years ago. Another nephew was Carl Willis, now district manager of Standard Oil of La.

Lexington Progress 4/6/1928: Madison Powell, age 92, father of G. V. Powell, died Monday afternoon 3/12, buried Tuesday 13, Forest Park Cemetery, born 9/8/1845 McNairy Co. Came to TX 1894, married Miss Martha C. Bevins 1/10/1869. Three children, wife and one son survive. Union Sold. 1st TN. (Greenville Morning Harold)

Lexington Progress 6/15/1928: Mrs. Smith (Sue Ellen Duck), born 4/7/1885, died 6/7/1928, married first John F. Austin 5/28/1870, 11 children (named), married second Charles Perry Smith 11/11 1923 and lived in Sardis, buried last Friday at Scott Hill.

Lexington Progress 6/15/1928: Sardis: Mrs. Sue Smith, died last Thursday, buried Friday at Scotts Hill.

Lexington Progress 6/22/1928: Sardis: Lester B. Bevins, died Saturday 6/16, buried at Spring Hill.

Lexington Progress 1/25/1929: "Killed Near Memphis": Mrs. J. H. Maddox who was present in her own automobile when Van Skelton was killed in the woods at the edge of Memphis Tuesday, formerly lived in Lexington and Bruceton and her husband, a brakeman for the N. C. The body was found by the I. C. crew and at first the woman denied having been with him but later admitted it and told that he was shot and killed by a Negro bandit. The woman was detained pending investigation. Skelton has a wife and five children.

Lexington Progress 2/8/1929: Mrs. J. W. Ellis, age 77, died 1/28/1929 in Greenville TX, buried Thursday, in Forest Park Cemetery. (Mary Caroline Ellis) born 2/11/1852 at Sardis to Dr. and Mrs. John England, married first to Louis McNatt 12/6/1869. He died 8/27/1887, married second to J. W. Ellis in 1900 in TX. (see children)

Lexington Progress 1/24/1930: Mrs. Carmel Maddox, age 40, died tonight from car and train wreck at Union City. Mr. Carmel Maddox was severely injured and son, six, received injuries.

Lexington Progress 2/21/1930: Mrs. E. A. Adams (Martha Jane Adams)died 2/14, daughter of George and Annie Kizer Damerson. Born in Gaston Co. N C. 11/8/1851, married Elijah Adams 1/19/1873, blessed with eight children, L. F. who resides on her grandfather's farm, the late Levi Adams, Mrs. R. E. (Medner) Lee, Wildersville, Rt.1, Mrs. Geo. (Guster) Essary, who died a few years ago, Mrs. N. M. (Laura) Frazier, who died several years ago, Mrs. George (Frances) Clayton, Rt. 5, Lexington, Mrs. Scott (Addie) Woodward of Jackson, Bob Taylor, who died in childhood at age 2. Survived by husband and three children. Buried in Beech River Cemetery.

Lexington Progress 6/27/1930: Hugh Hanna, son of late Calvin Hanna died suddenly at Sardis Tuesday night. Brother of Mrs. J. W. Newman and Mrs. W. I. Shirley both of Sardis.

Lexington Progress 5/22/1931: Mr. Elijah A. Adams, age 83, and Mrs. Rebecca Pruitt, age 62, married Thursday of last week.

Lexington Progress 11/20/1931: J. H. (Bud) Goff, born 7/24/1877, died 11/14/1931, father of Mrs. Lena Johnson.

Lexington Progress 1/1/1932: Mrs. Mattie Johnson, age 70, died at her home near Sardis on 12/19/1931, wife of John Johnson, survived by husband and four children, one of who is Pearl Finley who attended Lexington H. S., buried in Sardis Cemetery.

Lexington Progress 6/16/1933: E. A. Adams, age 83, born 9/26/1849 died 6/8/1933, son of Levi and Susan Rice (Webb) Adams. Married 1/19/1878 to Martha Jane Dameron, who had eight (8) children. Four (4) living: L F., Mrs. R. E. (Medina) Lee; Mrs. G. D. (Frances) Clayton; Mrs. H. S. Woodard of Jackson: 1st wife died 2/14/1930; married 2nd 5/14/31 to Mrs. Rebecca Pruitt. Buried Beech River Cemetery. Sat. 6/10/1933.

Lexington Progress 9/1/1933: Trial: Mrs. Jewell Harrington killed her husband DeWitt Harrington.

Lexington Progress 10/20/1933: Arthur Hanna, age 50, died at Sardis Tuesday of this week, married first, Miss Laura Brandon, married second, Miss Ruby Carroll who survives with 2 year old daughter Joy Elizabeth.

Lexington Progress 12/8/1933: Mrs. Dovie (Adams) Burrow died.

Lexington Progress 3/9/1934: Death of Mrs. Martha Josephine Smith, age 57, wife of Joseph Lee Smith.

Lexington Progress 3/16/1934: W. A. Austin, of Scotts Hill died.

Lexington Progress 4/13/1934: R. G. Newman, age 76, died in Jackson. Native of Hardin Co. but lived in Henderson Co. long time.

Lexington Progress 6/22/1934: Mrs. Eva Johnson, born 5/2/1913, died 6/12/1934, married Mr. Edgar Johnson on 12/1/1928, buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Lexington Progress 7/20/1934: Hobart Moore killed in auto accident.

Lexington Progress 8/10/1934: Mrs. Logan Jones died Saturday night near Lexington, daughter of J. W. Roberts and his first wife. She was about 40 years old, buried at Cross Roads.

Lexington Progress 10/5/1934: Death of T. M. Hanna, son of Capt. James Hanna and Eleanor Courtney Hanna, born 1/19/1855, youngest of 15 children, married Harriet Louise Duckworth 1/15/1873. They had 8 children, Ida, Lester, Nellie, Horace, Bess, Tom, Loice and Clarence, five children survive, Horace of Iuka, Ms.; Mrs. J. O. White (Bess) of Lexington; Tom of Sardis; Mrs. W. D. Harrison (Loice) of Savannah; Clarence of Memphis. He died Thursday morning 9/27/1934 at the home of his son J. T. Hanna near Sardis.

Lexington Progress 12/28/1934: G. D. Hopper died 12/1/1934, born in Henderson Co. 3/3/1869, married Miss Maggie Bevins 12/17/1890, they had four children. She died 11/18/1901, married second Miss Lena Oldham and they had five children.

Lexington Progress 4/10/1935: Jesse M. Johnson, age 79 years, 7 months and 22days, born 8/17/1855, died at the home of his daughter's, Mrs. I. G. Kennedy at Sardis after a brief illness if Pneumonia, on 4/9/1935, married Ira F. McBride in 1877. She died on 8/3/1925, had 10 children, 6 living, J. Sherman, Alvin, Luther, Irvin and Tom of Jackson, Tn., 11 grand-children, 3 g grand-children, buried Wednesday at Spring Hill Cemetery. Not a member of church but adhered to Primitive Baptist.

Lexington Progress 12/20/1935: Mrs. C. L. Guinn died 12/15/1935 in Savannah.

Lexington Progress 12/20/1935: "Killing and Cutting" in Saltillo at home of Hugh Morris, Jack Wood, deputy sheriff, shot and killed by Hugh Anderson.

Lexington Progress 10/2/1936: William Terry, age 64, died Monday morning at Saltillo, brother-in-law to sheriff John P. Chalk, Mrs. Terry a sister to Mrs. Chalk.

Lexington Progress 1/1/1937: The death of Joe Murphy.

Lexington Progress 5/7/1937: John William Bevins, born 11/4/1856, died at home at Sardis 5/2/37, married Miss Nancy Johnson in 1887, they had five children, John L.; Calvin; B. V.; Ella Ruth; Ida Perkins, buried in Lebanon the day following. (5/3/37).

Lexington Progress 1/21/1938: Newton Addison Adams died 1/17/38, son of Dock F. Adams. (see obit.)

Lexington Progress 5/13/1938: Sardis: Fayette Grissom died in home of daughter Mrs. John Ellis.

Lexington Progress 5/13/1938: Floyd Hughes died in the V. A. Hospital last week, buried in Odam Cemetery.

Lexington Progress 7/8/1938: Sardis: A small child of Otis Lewis, of Rt. 2, died of Colitis Sunday and buried at Shady Grove.

Lexington Progress 8/12/1938: Eli Johnson of Sardis, age 54 years, 11 months, and 18 days, born 8/21/1883, died at Western State Hospital, Bolivar, Tn. on 8/9/1938. Leaves wife Lizzie, son Tom, three daughters, Essie, Ethel and Luna Johnson, all of Sardis, buried at Fellowship Cemetery on the 10th.

Lexington Progress 8/26/1938: Sardis: Mrs. Nancy Bevins died at the home of a son Brode V. Bevins Sunday morning. She had been ill from a stroke.

Lexington Progress 10/7/1938: W. W. Delany, born 12/7/1844, died 9/14/1938 at his home near Sardis. One of oldest men in Henderson, County, married Miss Mary Elizabeth Johnson 65 years ago. She died 6 years ago, had 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls, 2 boys and 1 girl died.

Lexington Progress 10/21/1938: James Franklin Owens died, father of Nora Johnson.

Lexington Progress 2/17/1939:Sardis: Mrs. Nancy Meadows, died at the home of daughter, Mrs. Lucy Johnson, last Sunday, her only daughter.

Lexington Progress 9/8/1939: John L. Bevins, age about 77, 1 1/2 miles East of Sardis, died 9/1/1939, buried at Sardis Cemetery, wife died in past. Survived by four sons and three daughters, Luther and Henry of Sardis, Johnny of Scotts Hill, Kendrick of New Mexico, Mrs. Dowell Finley and Miss Anne Bevins of Sardis and Mrs. Johnny McBride of Jackson.

Lexington Progress 4/24/1942: Mrs. T. G. Newman, age 83, resident of Jackson died Wednesday night, buried at Newman Cemetery (see survivors)

Lexington Progress 7/23/1943: Sardis: Staff Sgt. Petty Nolan, of Camp in Ark., was killed last week, buried in Johnson Cemetery at Milledgeville.

Lexington Progress 9/3/1943: Rev. W. W. Adams, age 82, died in Missouri with son Frank W. Adams. Had lived in Lexington 1914.

Lexington Progress 2/11/1944: Sardis: Mollie Ellis, died Friday after a lingering illness of paralysis. She was 74 and lived with her son, Loren Ellis, buried at Lebanon Cemetery Saturday.

Lexington Progress 1/10/1945: Sardis: W. A. Oldham attended the funeral of Mrs. Ida Inman Thursday at Milledgeville. She died at Bolivar.

Lexington Progress 4/22/1945: Funeral services for J. G. Johnson, age 88, were held Monday morning of last week at Sardis Methodist Church, buried in Sardis Cemetery, survived by daughters, Mrs. Dora Goff of Sardis, Mrs. J. L. McGee of Loneoak, Ark. and Miss Pearl Johnson of Nashville, two sons, W. T. Johnson and R. R. Johnson of Sardis, 3 grand-daughters and 7 grand-sons.

Lexington Progress 5/17/1945:Resolution of Respect: By Sardis Church: John G. Johnson a residence of Sardis for many years, in fact most of his life, member of Methodist Church at Union Hill and Sardis died 4/15/45.

Lexington Progress 6/22/1945: Death of Dwayne Maddoxs of Huntington.

Lexington Progress 9/7/1945: Sardis: W. E. Meadows and wife, Mrs. L. A. Meadows and Mrs. Roy Benson of Memphis were called here last week by death of Mrs. Rebecca Willis, who died 8/24/45. She was one of 12 children of Calvin Hanna. She married Wiley W. Willis who proceeded her to the grave several years ago. They had 3 girls: one dying a number of years ago. The other are: Mrs. Verma Young and Mrs. Eula Powell. Also leaves several grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, 4 sisters, 1 brother. She was called "Aunt Becky". Her and her husband were in the grocery business for a number of years. She was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery Saturday.

Lexington Progress 1/4/1946: Sardis: Joe Hopper, who had been in bad health for several years died 12/31/1945.

Lexington Progress 1/11/1946: Joseph Perry Hopper, age 79 years, 1 month, 18 days, born 11/13/1866, died 12/31/1945, married Miss Amanda Bryant 2/23/1888, they had five children, four have died, leaving one son, R. C. Hopper; one g-son, Joe Neal and daughter-in-law, Avis Hopper, a nephew, John F. Hopper; two brothers and one sister, Mrs. John T. McAuley, Eli and Jessie Hopper. Buried Jan1, 1946 at Spring Hill Cemetery, member of Primitive Baptist.

Lexington Progress 1/11/1946: Sardis: Uncle Jim Redden, died Saturday morning, married Betty Jones, they had two children, Charlie and Mrs. H. C. (Ertie) Milliner. His wife died and then he married Ann Holt. Buried Prospect Cemetery Sunday.

Lexington Progress 3/7/1947:Sardis: J. S. Johnson, L. T. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Johnson attended the funeral of John Bridges at Lebanon.

Lexington Progress 3/14/1947: Sardis: Ulysses C. Smith, age 78, died Wednesday, buried Spring Hill.

Lexington Progress 6/10/1949: Sardis: Mrs. Annie Finley, wife of Ervin Finley and daughter to Mrs. John Bevins and sister to Mrs. John (Lovie) McBride and Mrs. Dal (Iness) Finley, died Tuesday night, buried Sardis Cemetery Wednesday.

Lexington Progress 8/12/1949:Sardis: Those attending the funeral of Mrs. Ruel Chalk (Vida Kennedy Chalk), daughter of I. G. and Bessie Kennedy on Saturday at Adamsville, were: J. S. Johnson and wife, W. A. Johnson and wife, J. I. Johnson and wife, Hershel Ross and wife, Cecil Johnson, Glen Ruth, Ernest Ruth, Ancil Bridges and wife.

Lexington Progress 9/9/1949: Mrs. Vida Mae Kennedy Chalk: Obituary.

Lexington Progress 12/16/1949: Mrs. Ollie Newman Blevins, daughter of William Garrett and Narcessies Jane Newman: Obituary: Married Andy W. Blevins.

Lexington Progress 1/27/1950: Sardis: B. A. Pitts and wife, Max R. Pitts and wife were called to Ark. last week by death of the formers brother-in-law, Auzie Colbert.

Lexington Progress 5/5/1950: Sardis: Mrs. Mary Grissom, wife of Frank Grissom, born 4/1/1886, died 4/19/1950, daughter of Perry and Annie Barham married first Lee Moore, had two children, both husband and children passed away, married second, Frank Grissom. Leaves husband and daughter Mrs. Lorene Austin and two stepchildren, Caron Grissom and Mrs. Irene Meeks.

Lexington Progress 8/4/1950:Sardis: Mrs. Lula McBride Johnson, age 63, died at home Sunday morning of cancer, buried Monday morning, married W. T. Johnson, 2 sons, Pafford of Sardis and Collus of Murray, Ky., daughter, Mrs. Lois Hayes of Sardis, 2 sisters, Mrs. U. C. Smith of Sardis, and Mrs. M. C. Clayton of Stantonville, brother, Enoch McBride of Sardis, buried in Church Cemetery at Sardis Methodist Church.

Lexington Progress 8/4/1950:Sardis: Mrs. W. T. Johnson, died Sunday morning about 3: A.M., leaves husband and daughter, Mrs. J. B. (Lois) Hayes, sons, Pafford and Collus, 4 grand-children, Vivian, Tommie, Gene, and Collen Johnson, brother, Enoch McBride, 2 sisters, Mrs. Maliss Smith of Sardis, and Mrs. Mitt Clayton of Stantonville.

Lexington Progress 9/22/1950: Sardis: Mrs. Clara Martin died at Sardis.

Lexington Progress 9/29/1950:Mrs. W. C. Arnold (Mom. of Eddy Arnold) died Sunday at St. Louis Hospital, born in Henderson Co., buried Tuesday at Henderson Cemetery. She was a cousin to J. W. Wright of Lexington and aunt of Neil Arnold. Funeral was in Jackson.

Lexington Progress 10/10/1950: Charles A. Murphy, age 72, died.

Lexington Progress 11/24/1950: Sardis: Mrs. Susan Wylie, age 83, wife of William Wylie died 11/15/1950 (see other data).

Lexington Progress 1/12/1951: Mrs. J. F. McBride, age 74, (Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Gower? McBride) died Saturday, buried Center Hill Sunday.

Lexington Progress 4/27/1951: Sardis: Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hopper and son Joe Neal attended funeral of Mrs. Hopper's uncle John Pertson in Henderson Sunday.

Lexington Progress 7/27/1951: "Uncle" Wesley Essary died only months before 100th birthday.

Lexington Progress 7/27/1951: Sardis: Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hopper, (found in 8/3/51 section) and Mrs. Jess Hopper attended the funeral of Pvt. James Hopper at Saltillo 7/21. He died in Penn Camp and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Doss Hopper.

Lexington Progress 8/10/1951: Sardis: Death of J. W. (Babe) Newman, age 87, son of Clark Newman (see details).

Lexington Progress 8/31/1951: Services held for Mrs. E. L. Hanna of Sardis, mother of Knox Hanna.

Lexington Progress 10/19/1951: C. L. (Leck) Guinn, age 78, died Tuesday, buried Thursday, Father of Mrs. Helen Houston of Lexington.

Lexington Progress 2/1/1952: Sardis: T. J. Moffett, age 92, died Friday. He married first Nancy Ann Lane, married second Trixi (?).

Lexington Progress 2/29/1952: Sardis: Mrs. Ader Morris Presley, age 57, died Thursday, buried Friday.

Lexington Progress 5/16/1952: Service held for Danny Glenn Presley, age 11, son of Glen Presley of Sardis.

Lexington Progress 6/27/1952: Sardis: R. C. Newman, died Sunday, the son of Sam Newman. Survived by wife and two sons, funeral near Jacks Creek Monday.

Lexington Progress 6/27/1952: Sardis: J. T. (Till) Hopper, died Saturday, wife, Mrs. Maude Hopper and one daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Inman, buried Lebanon Cemetery Sunday.

Lexington Progress 7/2/1952: James Tillman Hopper, age 68, born 11/5/1883, died 6/21/1952, buried Lebanon Cemetery, wife, Maude Bridges Hopper: One daughter, Mrs. Ruie Inman; two g-children, Bobby and Ray Inman; two brothers, Tolbert Hopper of Jackson and Walter Hopper of Halls; one sister, Mrs. Lucy Newman of Jackson.

Lexington Progress 8/8/1952: Sardis: Ray Shea, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shea of Sardis, died Thursday morning, buried at Milledgeville.

Lexington Progress 10/24/1952: Sardis: Mrs. Izella Bauly (?) died. Married/Mother to J. Logan Medlin.

Lexington Progress 11/21/1952: Alias J. Willis, son of Dan Willis died Sunday afternoon, married Nora Stanfill, children, one died in infancy. Those that survive are: Ovid, of Calf., Mrs. Ben Horvell of Saltillo, R. D. and Laverne of Sardis, Mrs. Hal Christopher of Henderson, 8 grandchildren, 3 sisters, Mrs. W. A. Johnson, Mrs. John Conoway of Sardis, Mrs. L. A. Meadors of Memphis. Buried Wednesday at Shady Grove Cemetery.

Lexington Progress 11/21/1952: Sardis: Mr. and Mrs. Ovid Willis of Calf., were called here last week on account of death of his father A. J. Willis.

Lexington Progress 12/5/1952: James Melton Crawford, age 72 years, 5 months, 2 days, born 6/20/1880, died 11/22/1952, buried Newman Cemetery: Six daughters, Mrs. J. H. Craig, Mrs. O. V. Weatherington, Mrs. C. C. Hanna, Mrs. Floyd Wilkins, Mrs. L. H. Jamison, Mrs. Oid Davis, one son, L. L. Crawford. He married Nora L. Shands in 1898. She died 8 years ago.

Lexington Progress 4/3/1953: Funeral held Wednesday for R. A. Chalk of Sardis, brother of Dora Johnson of Jackson.

Lexington Progress 5/15/1953: John A. Montgomery, of Sardis, died last Monday. (See list of children).

Lexington Progress 5/23/1953: Mrs. Mollie Short, age 86, of Milledgeville died Monday.

Lexington Progress 5/14/1954: Rites yesterday for Sherode Johnson Carter, age 73.

Lexington Progress 5/21/1954: Rites said for John L. Sheppard, age 74, of Sardis Wednesday at Cedar Grove, died Monday.

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