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ADDERLEY Family Forum

Greetings, and Welcome to the ADDERLEY Family Forum website!

The goal of this site is to provide a place where members of the various branches of ADDERLEY families from around the world can meet, review each other's research, and hopefully find out just a little bit more about our family.

My brother Phil has done a phenomenal job documenting our branch of the ADDERLEY tree, a job he inherited from my father, Syd. We believe our branch started in England, settled in Ireland, emigrated to Bermuda and has since spread out around the world.

Throughout his years of research, Phil has made contact with other ADDERLEY families and researchers. He has begun documenting these other ADDERLEY branches that have not yet been directly linked to our direct line. In total, 22 lines of ADDERLEYs that appear unconnected thus far are posted on this site. The research is VERY preliminary on all but Line 21 (and to some extent Line 1), and is by no means intended to represent a complete line.

We should acknowledge all the Adderleys and their descendants and friends for their contributions to the wealth of genealogical information we have on file today. With many, the information started as the collection of ones best memories; with others it came through smaller but concentrated family histories, both oral and written, that were passed down through the generations. And finally we owe a debt of gratitude to those who made material contributions in the form of specific research in archives and public record offices around the world: Lines 1-18: Mr. William John Adderley, late of Wakefield, England and Mr. John Henry Adderley, late of New York City, New York, USA, compiled a great deal of information from a variety of family members and, to a lesser extent, various genealogical sources at the beginning of the 20th Century. Much of that work was deposited and archived in the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. We include it with gratitude, but researchers of specific lines may have to conduct additional research to verify most of the information with additional genealogical sources.

Our hope is that this site will help bring researchers and family members together, so we can build a giant ADDERLEY tree filled with all shapes, sizes and colours of ADDERLEYs from around the globe!!!This site is under construction right now. If you find a link to your line of the family, or have information that may link up some of these 22 branches, please feel free to get in touch and fill in some of the blanks!!! I'm happy to offer other interested ADDERLEY researchers a place where they can either post details or links to their research so that they can share what they've learned with others and make contact with missing branches.

I've been busy researching my EASTON and BLACKMORE families from my mom's side, and have posted my EASTON research online. I've found it to be a fantastic way to connect with family members, both near and distant, and share research with others who are investigating both related and unrelated lines.

Please feel free to email me, and we'll work together to build this into a worldwide ADDERLEY forum.

thanks, Keren

ADDERLEY Research:

LINE 1: Descendents of Thomas Adderley and Joanne Thirskill, 1500s County Salop, England(

LINE 2: Descendents of Abraham and Tabitha Adderly,1600s Bermuda/Bahamas (

LINE 3: Descendents of John and Elizabeth Adderley, 1800s England(

LINE 4: Descendents of Richard Adderley, 1700s Shropshire and Staffordshire Counties, England(

LINE 5: Descendents of Charles Adderley and Sarah Staffs, 1700s England (

LINE 6: Descendents of John Adderley and Ann Page, 1800s Windsor,Berkshire, England (

LINE 7: Adderley Family of Salop, Shropshire, 1700s, including Thomas Adderley and Ann Iberson/Mary Jones(

LINE 8: Adderley Family of Ireland and USA, 1700s(

LINE 9: Descendents of Robert Adderley and Alice Castledine, 1700s Mount Sorrel, Leiscestershire, England (

LINE 10: Thomas Adderley, 1700s England, possibly Stone, Staffordshire area (

LINE 11: Thomas Adderley, 1700s England, Stafforshire area

LINE 12: James Adderley, 1700s Shropshire/Cheshire England (

LINE 13: Thomas Adderley and Jane Wilks/Elizabeth Short, 1700s, Wolverhampton, England (

LINE 14: John Adderley, 1800s, Wolverhampton-Canada(

LINE 15: Adderley of County Down, Ireland (

LINE 16: Descendents of Thomas Adderley, 1700s South-West England (

LINE 17: Descendents of William and Elizabeth Adderley, 1800s Ireland/England, USA (

LINE 19: Descendents of Richard Adderley,1600s Chetwynd, Shropshire, England - Chris Summerton research(

LINE 20: Descendents of George Adderley, late 1700s, Staffordshire, England - Rich Williams research(

LINE 21: Descendents of Edmund Lloyd Adderley, Bermuda(

LINE 22: Descendents of Robert Adderley and Margaret Moore, 1700s Staffordshire, England - Stephen Foote research (

Here are some websites that mention ADDERLEYs: :

William Adderley of Halstow, Kent, and daughter Frances 1600s (

The research of Polly Holmes Court mentions this ADDERLEY link because Frances is the second wife of George Douglas 13th Earl of Morton (Scotland). George was a Lt. Colonel in the Army and a Minister of Parliament for Kirkwall and subsequently for Linlithgow then the Isles of Orkney and Shetland prior to succeeding to the earldom in 1730.

Charles Frederick Adderley (

Chuck Adderley celebrated his 100 birthday, shortly before his death. He was born in Ireland and emigrated to Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada, and is part of the LINE 1 ADDERLEY tree.

The Hale Connection 1 (

This page contains the research of David Hale of Australia. The Hales and Adderleys connect through the marriage of Mary Hale to Edward Adderley who married in the 1660s in Alderley, Gloucestershire. Their descendents are part of the LINE 1 ADDERLEY tree. This site also shows connections between the ADDERLEY and BERNARD families in Ireland. James BERNARD family became the second Earl of Bandon.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

EASTON family research (
Rootsweb is a great resource for both beginner and experienced geneology researchers (
This is a fabulous geneology search site! (

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