Of Surry Virginia

The Addison name was first observed in Dumbartonshire Scotland where they were found soon after the year 1200 living along the banks of Loch Lomond, but soon after they moved south to Yorkshire in the the early 1300s.
The first record of this name in the new country was Thomas Addison who came to Jamestown in 1623.

We have found information covering nine generations of our family so far, with the oldest member being William Addison living in the 1700's.

Each bit of information we discover is another piece to the puzzle. If anyone has information not shown in our family tree, please contact me and we will ad it to our records.
We are interested in names, dates(birth,death,marriage), info on where members of the family lived over past times, burial locations of family members, and stories about our family.

If you would like to share some information with us, please contact us at:

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