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Harold and Ruth Eller - - - THE FIRST ELLER FAMILY OF GOLF
Gene Pearce

120 Alta Viata Dr., Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Harold and Ruth ELLER

State's 1st family of golf

News Clipping

Ellers' love of game just par for course

By Joe Caldwell
Banner Sports Writer

In 1945, R.L. Magee, service superintendent of the DuPont Plant, went to a 31-year-old plant employee with the offer of a new job. How would the employee like to become golf professional of Old Hickory Country Club, which DuPont owned?

"Good gosh, Mr. Magee," said the employee, "Ten years ago, I would have jumped at the chance. But I'm 31 years old now. I don't know. I'll have to give it some thought."

The employee had no experience as a professional, but he was a good golfer. In fact, he had won the Old Hickory club championship three years in a row. After talking it over with his wife and brother, the employee, Harold Eller, decided to try the new job.

"I guess they wanted to get rid of me because I won the club championship three years in a row, so they decided to make me go to work out there," Eller, 75, said recently, laughing.

By the time he retired from Old Hickory in 1979, Eller had become one of the most respected club professionals in Tennessee. He and wife Ruth and their children, Beverly, Judy, Richard and Mike, are the state's First Family of Golf.

Judy (Mrs. Gordon Street of Chattanooga), 49, was inducted into the state's Sports Hall of Fame in 1980. Richard, 42, was inducted into Memphis State University's Sports Hall of Fame last summer. And Beverly (Mrs. Gene Pearce of Jackson), 53, will be inducted into her hometown's sports hall of fame Thursday.

That leaves Mike, 39, as the only one of the four children not yet in a hall of fame. But he takes it good-naturedly.

"I'm thinking of starting a Hermitage Golf Course Hall of Fame and electing myself the first member," he says, smile.

Mike, who is director of golf at Hermitage and at Stonebridge Golf Course in Memphis, the two courses owned by Nashville businessman Ray Danner, will be one of the host professionals next week when the third annual LPGA Sara Lee Classic is played at Hermitage. And Wednesday (May 2) will be an especially exciting day for him.

That is when his parents will be honored at Harold and Ruth Eller Senior Citizens Day at the Sara Lee Classic. All senior citizens 62 years or older will be admitted free that day to the first round of the tournament's pro-am competition.

"I'm so proud because they've done a lot for golf in the state. It was their whole life," Mike says. "Dad was such a great professional . . . so honest . . . such a great teacher. I would have regretted it if I had not gotten to work for him."

After graduating from the University of Alabama (where he played on the golf team) in 1972, Mike tried his hand outside the sport.

"I sold insurance for three years and I was miserable," he says. In 1975, he went to work for his dad in the pro shop. When Harold retired, Mike head professional at Old Hickory until he resigned in March 1985 to begin construction on the Hermitage course.

Growing up in the Eller household was not your typical family a setting.
"They say families don't eat together anymore. Well, we did," Ruth Eller recalls. "I never had a child that slept late. They all got up early, so breakfast was the meal at our house.

"And I wouldn't let them eat dinner until their daddy got home. Him being a golf professional, sometimes he didn't get home until 8:30 at night. I remember Beverly once saying, 'Mania, when I get married, I'm going to eat supper at 6:30 every nigh!'

"Around the breakfast table and dinner table, they had something they could all talk about, and that was golf," Ruth says.

"That and basketball," Mike recalls. "Richard and Judy were also good basketball players, so we'd either talk golf or basketball whatever season It happened to be."

Because a golf professional's busiest time is In the summer, the Ellers never got to take a vacation as a family. When Harold got his two weeks off In the winter, the children were in school.

"We never had a vacation where all of us were together at the same time," Richard recalls. "Oh, we might have had one a long time ago but Mike and I were too young to remember."

They were supposed to have their first family vacation with all members playing golf together last month at Hilton Head, S.C. But this was put on hold when Richard got involved in the reconstruction of the greens at Lebanon Golf and Country Club.

Richard, who lives in Franklin, and partner Harold Jackson have a golf course construction company, Golf Course Enterprises. They have also been building a new course in Mt. Juliet, but that course's owner, Charles Rowlett, has run into financial trouble. The construction has ceased while Rowlett seeks a buyer for the property

"We're still going to take that family vacation sometime this year at some golf resort," Richard says.

"I don't think the whole family,, has ever been on a course playing golf at the same time," he continued. "We've lived on 'em (courses) and worked on ~'em, but never played on 'em at the same time.

"In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Mom and Dad play golf together. As a professional, he always bad his games and she was busy taking care of the kids."

Ruth's personal claim to golf-playing fame was that she won the Old Hickory woman's club championship in 1953 "I guess a lot of the good players were sick that day," she says, laughing.

Her proudest accomplishment is having started the state's junior golf program.

None of the Eller children feels he or she missed out on anything because of the dominance golf had in their lives.

"It was the only thing we knew. The golf course was our backyard," Richard says. "We lived on the 16th fairway (at Old Hickory) I probably saw Dad more than most kids see their dad. I spent all day working with him. I liked the outside part of the business, like working on the course, and Mike liked the inside part - the pro shop and stuff.”

"It was a great atmosphere," Mike recalls. "Richard and I would wake up in the morning, tee off on No. 17 and play around to No. 16. That's the way we started our day. Then we'd go shag balls or caddy.

"I wish more kids could grow up around a golf course. It's a great environment. It was like having a 150 acre plantation."

"Judy took her first step on the putting green at Old Hickory," Ruth says. "I guess we were lucky that the people at Old Hickory didn't mind having children, playing golf there. Ours grew up on the golf course."

"They never forced golf on us, they always left it up to us," Richard says. But he also remembers the time he got interested in Little League baseball

"I was 8 or 9 years old and I was playing Little League and hadn't played golf in six or seven weeks," he says. "Dad came to me and said, 'If you're not going to play golf, there is a member at the club who wants to buy your clubs for his son.'

"The next day I was out there on the practice tee hitting balls. I don't think Dad would ever have sold my clubs, but I didn't want to take the he adds, smiling.

When I was growing up, Judy was winning everything and her name was. in the newspaper all the time. I didn't practice and play striving to beat Judy, but I wanted to succeed in golf like she did.

"Whatever sport she was playing, Judy was one of the greatest competitors I have ever seen” he says.

Ruth remembers Once when her daughters were young and they wound up playing against each other in the first flight of the Nashville Women's Golf Association match-play tournament.

"They were coming up to the 18th fairway at Belle Meade and both of them were about to cry because they knew one of them had to lose," she says.
Judy won.

"Before you ask the question, I'll tell you: Between Judy and me, Judy was the better golfer . . . She always was," Beverly says,

Judy says: "At the time, I didn't realize what a competitive person I was but I can remember when I was 7 or 8 years old lying down on the grow one time to see who was away.

"I also remember the first tournament Beverly and I played in. I was 9, and Daddy said playing in the City would be good experience for us Beverly was excited about it, but I just said, 'Why should I? I can't win anything.' I didn't want to play if I couldn't win.

"But I wound up playing my aunt (Laura) in the finals of the consolation bracket I beat her and won a silver dish. It was the first thing I ever won playing golf," she says.

"If we hadn't taken up golf, we would never have seen our father," Beverly says. "Dad never knew a day off when he was a pro. He worked seven days a week.

"That's not the way it is for a pro nowadays. People don't maw now how much work the pros put in back then. Pros have their days off now and have time to spend with their kids. Times have changed. But we had a good time growing up," she says.

Beverly's two sons, Barry and Ray, are professionals. Barry is head pro at Royal Oak Country Club in Greenwood, Ind., and Ray is an assistant pro at Stones River in Murfreesboro.

I sometimes wondered if Judy ever felt like she was missing out on anything as a child,” Ruth says. "But we were at one of my Junior tournaments recently and she said, 'Weren't those good days, Mama?'”

"I have often told my children that if I had it to do all over again, I can't think of anything I would do differently. It was wonderful,” Judy says.

"I don't think I missed out on anything growing up, unless it was dating a little" she adds "I remember one time this boy asked me for a date and Daddy wouldn't let me go out because I was playing in a the next day."

Harold became Interested in golf when as a youngster he used to caddy at Oakland Hills Golf Course in Brooklyn, Mich. He won a caddy tournament there at age 14. He moved to Nashville While in high school

He became one of the top teaching pros in this area. His children are living proof that the game can be taught successfully.

"You can teach golf at any age from the youngest all the way up," he says. "But the older you get, the harder it is for the muscles to function like you want them to. Early in life, they do what you want them to.

Being the pro and the greens superintendent, I worked from daylight to dark. I guess if my children hadn't taken up golf they would never have seen much of me."

Now retired, Harold and Ruth spend the winter months at their home wi Wellington Fla., and the rest of the year in Nashville.

One of their favorites in the Sara Lee Classic will be LPGA Hall-of-Famer JoAnne Carner. She and Judy have been close friends since they were teen-age amateurs on the U.S. Juniors team in 1956.

"I couldn't afford to run back and forth from Seattle to compete in the Juniors, so Harold and Ruth let me stay with them," Carner explains from her home in Palm Beach, Fla. "Judy and I struck up a friendship right off the bat, and we have been friends ever since. Harold and Ruth are like parents to me.

“Harold helped me with my first U.S. Women's Open, you know,” she adds. “In 1971, I stopped by Nashville to see them a week or two before the Open was in Erie, Pa., I was hitting the ball absolutely awful. Harold told me three things to do.

"I remembered two of them, and to this day, I don't remember what No. 3 was and neither does Harold,” she laughs. “But I won by eight shots, and I hit the ball longer off the tee than I ever hit it in my life. I hit one drive 310 yards and hit another one 295 yards uphill.

“That's the way Harold is. He has always helped everyone in the area and never taken anything for It. I think it's wonderful that citizens day at the Sara Lee is honoring them," Carner says.

The honor caught Harold and Ruth by surprise. "It was something I certainly didn't expect,” Harold says. We're honored. At least it means we haven't been forgotten.”

Judy sums it up best.

"I can't think of two nicer senior citizens to it name it after," she says.

( It is possible that I have the pieces of this article mis-arranged a bit. They were a bit out of order and I attempted to reorder them. [ADE] )

HAROLD ELLER (September 24, 1914), age 75, resides six months at Old Coach Rd., Hermitage, TN 37076 615 883-6931 and six months at 180 Pleasantwood Dr., Wellington, FL 33414 407 793-7681, member of the P.G.A.; head golf professional and green superintend~ent at Old Hickory Golf Club from 1945 until his retirement in 1979; named Professional of the Year by the Southeastern chapter of the P.G.A. in 1962; Harold Eller Trophy annually given to the winner of the Tennessee P.G.A. Assistant's Championship.

RUTH ELLER (August 6, 1917), age 72, resides with her husband, Harold Eller; founder and director of the Tennessee Junior Golf Association; served for 19 years as a committeewoman for the United States Golf Association, Ruth Eller Trophy annually given to the winner of the Tennessee Junior Girls' Championship.

BEVERLY ELLER PEARCE (June 12, 1936), age 53, resides with her husband. Gene. at 120 Alta Vista Dr., Jackson, TN 38305 901 422-4318; daughter of Harold and Ruth Eller; mother of Barry, age 30, and Ray. age 25; won the Tennessee Women's Senior Championship in 1987 and 1988; finished second in Women's Seniors in 1989; has won a total of 26 club championships, seven at Old Hickory Golf Club, Old Hickory, TN, one at Woodland Hills Country Club, Jackson, TN, and 18 at Jackson Golf & Country Club, Jackson, TN; director of the Tennessee Junior Golf Association; president-elect of the Women's Tennessee Golf Association; to be elected to Jackson-Madison County Sports Hall of Fame, April 26, 1990.

- 147 -

JUDY ELLER STREET (August 24, 1940), age 49, resides with her husband, Gordon P. Street, Jr., at 1649 Minnekahda Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37405 615 265-0295; daughter of Harold and Ruth Eller; mother of four children, Mrs. Lorie Mallchok, age 26, Gordon III, age 25, Elizabeth Anne, age 20, and Miriam, age 19; one of the greatest high school athletes in Tennessee history, scored 2,027 points in 92 basketball games in four seasons for an average of 22 points per game; won Tennessee Women's State Amateur seven times; won U.S.G.A. Junior Girls twice; won Women's Southern twice and was runner-up twice; won National Women's Intercollegiate; scored the deciding points as the youngest member of 1960 U. S. Curtis Cup team that defeated Great Britain and Ireland; won three matches in the 1960 British Women's Amateur; named to the International ~Churchmen's Sports Hall of Fame; selected to the 1962 U. S. Curtis Cup team, but did not compete because she was pregnant; named to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame; named to the University of Miami (FL) Sports Hall of Fame; honored along with Lew Oehmig, Polly Boyd, Betty Rowland Probasco, and Dr. Cary Middlecoff by the Honors Course in Chattanooga for as a group having won a total of 29 Tennessee amateur golf championships; named by Golf Digest Tennessee's greatest woman golfer; director of the Tennessee Junior Golf Association; plays golf very rarely, currently one of Chattanooga's best tennis players; also won Women's State Skeet shooting championship the only time she competed.

RICHARD ELLER (January 2, 1947). age 43. resides with his wife, Jami, at 332 Riverbend Dr., Franklin, TN 37064 615 794-9706; son of Harold and Ruth Eller, father of Ben, age 21, Eliza, age 16, and Kelsey. age 1; won Missouri Valley Conference Championship as a member of the golf team at Memphis State University; won Tennessee Open twice; member of the ~P.G.A.; former assistant golf professional at Old Hickory Country Club, Old Hickory, TN; former head golf professional at Hermitage Woods Golf Club, Hermitage, TN. Wolf Run Golf Club, Murfreesboro, TN, Nashboro Village Golf Club, Nashville, and Forrest Crossing Golf Course, Franklin, TN; member of the Castle Heights Military Academy Sports Hall of Fame; member of the Memphis State University Sports Hall of Fame; Tennessee P.G.A. Player of the Year in 1979; Tennessee P.G.A. Merchandizer of the Year in 1982 and 1983; five-time qualifier for the National Club Pro Championship; competitor in the Tennessee Cup Matches for the past 16 years; presently involved in golf course construction.

MIKE ELLER (August 17, 1950). age 39, resides with his wife, Barbara, at 310 Brandywine Dr., Old Hickory, TN 615 847-4198; son of Harold and Ruth Eller; father of Ashley, age 14. and Drew, age 11; graduate of the University of Alabama, member of the P.G.A.; former assistant and later head golf professional at Old Hickory Country Club, Old Hickory, TN, 1983 recipient of the Tennessee P.G.A.'s Horton Smith Award; 1986 Tennessee P.G.A. Professional of the Year; currently co-owner and golf director at Hermitage Golf Course, Old Hickory, TN, site of the L.P.G.A. Sara Lee Classic, and Stonebridge Golf Course, Memphis, TN; former president of the Tennessee chapter of the P.G.A.; named a committeeman by the United States Golf Association in 1990.

148 -

BARRY PEARCE (September 31, 1959, age 30, single, resides 7271 Queen Mary Courts, Apt. F, Indianapolis, IN 46227 317 782-9960, son of Gene and Beverly Pearce; played golf at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville; member of the P.G.A.; former assistant golf professional at Nashboro Village Golf Club, Nashville, TN, Lexington Country Club, Lexington, KY. and Meridian Hills Country Club, Indianapolis, IN; former head golf professional at Old Oakland Country Club, Indianapolis, IN; currently head golf Professional at River Oak Country Club, Greenwood, IN; as amateur teamed to win Tennessee State Four-Ball; as professional teamed to win Kentucky Pro-Assistants Championship and Kentucky Pro-Pro Championship.

RAY PEARCE (May 27, 1964), age 26, resides with his wife, Connie, at 1106 East Rye Court, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 615 896-5750; son of Gene and Beverly Pearce; father of Elaine, age 3, and Davis, age l; All-State in football and basketball and finished second in the Tennessee high school golf tournament at Did Hickory Academy in Jackson; played football and golf at Memphis State University and the University of Tennessee at Martini won the Gulf South Conference Championship as a member of the UT Martin team; member of the P.G.A.; assistant golf professional at Stones River Country Club. Murfreesboro, TN; completed Business School 11 in February and expects to receive his Class A card soon, won the Tennessee P.G.A. Assistant's Championship in 1988 and 1989' attempted to qualify last two years for the P.G.A. Tour; won the 1988 Ping Open at Oak Ridge and several other Nashville area events.

GENE PEARCE (February 10, 1937), age 53, resides with his wife, Beverly; member of original founding board of Capital City Golf Association, Tennessee's largest, in Nashville; former director and green chairman of Jackson Golf & Country Club; director of Tennessee Golf Association and since 1980.

CONNIE PEARCE (January 26, 1966), age ~2q. resides with her husband, Ray, and their two children, Elaine, age 3. and Davis, age l, has Just begun to play golf; is the secretary for Dick Horton, the executive secretary for the Tennessee Golf Association and the Tennessee chapter of the P.G.A.



Capital Publishing Company, 8105 MacArthur Boulevard, Cabin John, Maryland 20818

Alexander Siceloff of Davidson Co. (N.C.), son of Airhart & Elizabeth Siceloff, b. 12-25-1809, d. 11-1-1895, m. Eliza Wyer, b. 10-8-1812, d. 10-2-1872.
Siceloff, Adaline, b. 5-19-1832, d. 4-18-1862, 2nd wife of E.D.C. Harris.
"Mary (Polly), b. 9-7-1833, d. 8-12-1921, m. John A. ELLER, son of George & Mary Yokley ELLER.
"Joseph B., b. 10-27-1836, d. 11-19-1898, m. Laura Mock, b. 10-23-1840, d. 8-25-1906.
"Elizabeth, b. 1844, d. 1916, m. Samuel ELLER, son of George & Mary Yokely ELLER, b. 1838, d. 1922.
"Columbus m. Martha Pledger.
"Augusta, m. George Hauser.
"Janet, b. 4-18-1851, d. 8-3-1920, 2nd wife of John C. Thomas, b. 6-13-1842, d. 10-30-1918.
"Edward L., b. 4-8-1854, d. 4-20-1909, m. 2-8-1876 Julia Mock, dau. of John Madison Mock & wife Louzena Chadwick Mock. Lauzena Chadwick Mock was dau. of John & Elizabeth Lowe Chadwick.
"Julia Mock, b.

George ELLER of Davidson Co. (N.C.), b. 3-1-1792, d. 7-20-1869, m. Mary Yokely, b. 3-22-1795, d. 11-27-1871.
  • Issue:
    ELLER,Hugh, b. 9-12-1817, d. 4-25-1843.
    "Lorenzo, b. 11-7-1822, d. 6-13-1904.
    "Henry, b. 1-24-1828, d. 8-29-1854.
    "John A. b. b. 12-19-1830, d. 9-22-1920, m. Mary Siceloff, dau. of Alexander & Eliza Wyer Siceloff, b. 9-4-1833, d. 8-12-1921.
    "Samuel, b. 1838, d. 1922, m. Elizabeth Siceloff, dau. of Alexander & Eliza Wyer Siceloff, b. 1844, d. 1916.

    John A. ELLER, of Davidson Co., (N.C.) son of George & Mary Yokely ELLER, b. 12-19-1830, d. 9-22-1920. m. Mary Siceloff, dau. of Alexander & Eliza Wyer Siceloff, b. 9-4-1833, d. 8-12-1921.
    ELLER,Frances, b. 7-27-1858, m. 1879 Wm. Penn Pickett, son of Samuel & Asenath Montgomery Pickett, b. 6-16-1859, d. 8-25-1930.
    "Mary, b. 11-6-1860.
    "Sarah, b. 3-24-1863, m. Rev. Joseph J. Eads.

    Records owned by Mrs. W.P. Pickett, 802 N. Main St., High Point, N.C.
    .....Submitted to EFA by Dorothy Newbold, P.O. Box 507, Ball Park, GA 30107


    HENRY AND MARTHA (PATSY) ELLER are the ancestors of the Eller family members who had a reunion Sunday at Boiling Springs Baptist Church in Purlear. The couple lived In the Purlear area.

    Eller Reunion Held

    The Eller Reunion was held Sunday, June 10 at Boiling Springs Baptist Church at Purlear with their pastor the Rev. Wayne Osborne offering the opening prayer.
    Kate Eller, chairperson, directed the business meeting of the descendants of Henry and Martha (Patsy) Eller.
    Their children included Elizabeth Cardwell, Cleve Eller, Martha Minton, Suzie Eller, John Eller, Jim Eller, Bob Eller, Jacob Eller, Alice Woodie, Ellen Norman.
    Many states were represented for the 19th re-organized event. After 40 some years as an annual event, it was disbanded for a few years. Gifts were awarded to Lexie M. McNeil, oldest, 90 years, from Charlotte;
    Blake Eller, youngest, Bluefield, W. Va.; Peggy Jean Wilkes, farthest distance, Texas; and Venver and Novella Foster, married longest, 60 years.
    Special prayers were held to remember the deceased members since last year.
    Efforts are being made to construct a family history for publication to preserve the family heritage.
    New officers elected were: Angie Eller, chairperson; Homer Eller, vice chairperson; Louise Bishop, secretary and treasurer; and Jeanette Haynes, publicity chairperson.
    A covered dish dinner was served at the picnic shelter of the church.
    Plans are to meet next year on the second Sunday In June.

    ( North Wilkesboro, N.C., The Journal Patriot, - 6-14-90 )



    38 Skyline Blvd., Oroville, CA 95966

    Dear William (A.W. Eller, 370 Upham St., Lakewood, CA 80226)

    Thank you for- your reply. I joined the E.F.A. around the 12th of April, which was shortly after Byron, here in Oroville, made me aware of it.

    I am the oldest member (59) of my family line and am sorry to say I know very little of it's history. I did order the back issues of the Chronicles, and after reading the story of Jay Vernard Eller, I believe I have figured out my line. I know my Grandfather was John Flory Eller and was a minister in Empire, CA before I was born. Of course it was for the Church of the Brethern. I've enclosed what I believe to be my family tree. I have also written Lowell in Salem, VA and to Vernard in LaVerne, CA, who I believe to be a pretty close cousin. I've heard from Lowell, no information yet, but I have yet to hear from Vernard.

    I am looking forward to Estes Park in 91 and hope I can make it. I am retired from the State of California but my Dept. has asked me to do some part-time inspection work for them. I leave for Korea next Monday for 3 months. Goodness knows where I will be after that . . . Marvin



     A-8962 Gröbming
    19 March 1990

    Dear Fellow Namesakes and Cousins!

    Since you were so kind as to introduce me in "The Eller Chronicles," Vol. IV, No. 1, February 1990, 1 no longer have to do it myself. The enclosed items are for you from Mr. Georg Eller of Bingen on the Rhine, whose name I first heard in 1988 while visiting in the home of Franz Eller in Meran/Algund in the South Tyrol, to whom I then wrote, and with whom I subsequently have gotten on well. In his first letter he told me about your association, about which I am very happy, and I thank you at the same time for sending the Chronicles. I will read it in detail, for everything in it interests me greatly.

    Perhaps there are also Ellers in your lines from the South German region who then would belong to my clan. The Ellers are divided by origin into the Northern and Southern regions. Those bearing the name in Germany north of Bavaria derive their name from the Erle (alder), which is called Elle in the low German dialect. Hence: The Farmer at the Alderbush). Those who bear the name in the Tyrol, in the rest of Austria, as also Herbert Eller in Vienna, in the South Tyrol up to the territory of Trient, which belonged to Austria until 1918 and was called the Latin Tyrol because it was peopled with Italians, and likewise by Bavarians, all these derive their name form Gothic origins. After the Battle of Annihilation of the Ostrogoths, a Germanic tribe whose King Theodoric the Great freed his people from the serfdom of the Huns in present day Hungary, and led them to Italy, and there established the Ostrogoth Kingdom that was, however, attacked by the Byzantine Emperor under his successors, and was finally beaten and destroyed at Vesus, the remainder of his people fled to the wild regions of the Alps, namely the mountains of the Tyrol. Thus these Ellers, Descended from the Gothic agil hari or active army, became farmers in the Schmirn Valley, and gradually spread throughout the Tyrol, the Vorarlberg, Bavaria and even in individual cases, over into the rest of Austria, mainly through military service during the Austro-Hungarian Monarachy.

    My ancestors came through a cut in the mountains, the Tuxer Pass, into the Ziller Valley where they also became farmers. My father came from this valley. My grandfather came into the Styrian Enns Valley as a woodcutter, settled and prospered. My father, who was a wholesale lumber dealer, also became wealthy and died in 1917 when I was still young. My paternal relatives all live in the Tyrol, north and south of the Brenner Pass. Thus I am the only one of my name in Styria. In my student days there lived in Graz a Finance Officer of the same name, but he has died and his children moved away from Styria. To where, I don't know. The Tyrolean line belongs altogether to a common clan. I always take the trouble to look up the Ellers when I make my annual visit to the South Tyrol so that I can research when and who has moved away from the Schmirn Valley. In the telephone book of Trient there is a page of Ellers who are naturally itialianized and do not know from where they came. The South Tyrolers, though, feel united and are either fruit farmers or vintners or innkeepers or merchants. This is also true of Franz Eller in Algund, who runs a meatcutting machine business. In his house I also found the Eller coat of arms, a quartered shield with unicorn and the Luther Rose threefold recumbent on a band. The helmet also bears the unicorn. I could not find this shield of 1662 in the Siebenmacher Book of Heraldry. In answer to my inquiry in the Regional Archives in Innsbruck I was told that since 1918 coats of arms were not permitted to be duplicated. That is allied with the abolition of the titles of nobility and the founding of the Republic.

    In my last stay in the South Tyrol I learned the name of a book of heraldry which I am trying to find, but as of today have not yet had in my hand. Good things take their time! Since I live here out in the country, 180 kilometers away from my capital, I do not always have the chance to do research. Gröbming is a heavily visited tourist town in winter as well as summer because it is sorrounded by high mountains. It is north of the Dachstein Massif and south of the Tauern Mountains. Gröbming lies 20 kilometers east of Schladming which is known as a winter sport center for World Cup (?) races. Perhaps you have already heard of it. if there are among you families of Tyrolean ancestors, I ask that you write to me. I greet you all cordially and wish you the best!............. Dr. Rose Eller

    (Eds. A map of the areas mentioned in above letter will be included in the November issue. The Brenner Pass is a short distance south of Innsbruck, Austria, and the Ziller Valley is east of the Pass. Our thanks to Georg Eller of Bingen for his correspondence which led to the above letter. We look forward to an exchange of many letters with Dr. Rose Eller and invite her to share more history, geography, and genealogy on her Eller clan for publication in THE ELLER CHRONICLES. On behalf of the EFA an invitation has been extended to her to attend the 2nd Eller Family Conference. Information from Hook's 1957 book, THE ELLER FAMILY OF THE DISTRICT OF ALGAU OF SOUTHWEST BAVARIA, pp. 433-435 has been sent to Dr. Eller for her evaluation.


    Ancient places of ELLER families in Germany
    I. Wonsheim
    Klaus Napp-Zinn, Koln, West Germany

    At the first meeting of the Eller Family Association at Salisbury, N.C. in July 1989, 1 had the opportunity of talking a little bit about original living places of ELLER families in Germany. Of course, I focussed my report on such places in the former province of Rheinhessen (an administrative district of an average diameter of 25 to 30 miles, on the left bank of the river Rhine, with the city of Mainz at its northeastern margin), for my own ELLER ancestors originated from that part of Germany, and those of GEORG ELLER, another honorary EFA member, as well, who had provided some additional pictures. Several slides shown at that occasion appeared so interesting to some of the audience that they asked me to publish them in the Eller Chronicles, together with a few words of explanation. In conformity to this desire, such a series of reproductions is started by this article although the original colour slides can only be shown here in black and white.

    My first known ELLER ancestors ( i.e. those of my mother whose maiden name was ELLER) lived at Wonsheim, a village near the southwestern border of Rheinhessen, approximately        in the middle between the cities of Bad Kreuznach and Alzey (cf. the maps on the back of Eller Chronicles Vol. II, No. 1). Their history starts in the 1690s, when Johannes ELLER'S widow is mentioned (without her own name) in the Palatinate census of February 1698 and their son Johann Nicholaus ELLER (b. about 1663, d. 1743-10-26) married Anna Maria GERMANN (b. about 1678, d. 1734-12-27) at Wonsheim in October 1695. The husband was not only a farmer, but also a member of the local court and an elder of the Reformed parish of his village. - We only know two sons of this couple, born 20 and 23 years after this wedding: Johannes ELLER (b. 1715-07-07) and Johann Phillip ELLER ~(b. 1717-10-27). The latter became a brewer, went to Alzey, the county capital, and founded a family there. We shall trace his history and that of his descendants- and their houses!- in a subsequent article.

    In the present issue of the Chronicles let us only talk about the elder brother and his family ! Johannes ELLER remained at Wonsheim as a farmer, and married there Anna Elisabeth FRANTZ (b. Wonsheim 1720-09-09, d. Wonsheim 1763-01-06). From their marriage three children are so far known (research is still going on!). The first born among them was a daughter, Anna Maria ELLER (b. Wonsheim 1745-02-28); at age 19 she married Johann Heinrich CHURSCHMANN from Alzey, a miller, lived with him in the mill of Weida close to Dautenheim near Alzey, and died there on 1789-04-11 after having eleven children whose descendants fill more than 60 pages of the Churschmann genealogy in Vol. 149 of "Deutsches Geschlechterbuch". Her youngest daughter, Sibylla CHURSCHMANN (b. 1788-12-10), married one of her cousins at Wonssheim: Peter ELLER.


    This cousin was a son of Anna Maria ELLER'S younger brother, Johannes Eller (b. 1750-5-28) who became a ~cooper and beer brewer at Wonsheim. On 1776-06-25 he married Maria Anna Katharina FRANZ, a member of his mother's family. Until now their only child known to me is Peter ELLER (b. 1786-06-28), Sibylla CHURSCHMANN'S husband (m. 1811-10-26). This couple had at least three children: Philipp Jacob (b. 1812-06-24), Peter (b. 1820-02-19), and Katharina (b. 1822-01-08) from whom descended part of the 19th and 20th century Wonsheim ELLERS.

    Anna Maria ELLER'S older brother was Philip Jacob ELLER (b. 1747-09-06) who married (1772-05-01) another member of the Franz family: Juliana Maria FRANZ (b. Wonsheim 1748-03-18). This couple and many of their descendants were already named in the Eller Chronicles (Vol. II, P. 145 and P. 17 respectively), for those ELLERS from Wonsheim who went to the United States about the middle of the 19th century were members of this branch of the family. Some of them are still aware of the place of origin of the family. Let me just mention Paul H. ELLER, e.g. (b. 1905-01-27), former dean of the Evangelical Theological Seminary at Napersville, Illinois, and son of the Rev. Joseph S. ELLER (see Vol. II, p. 17, right column, no. 2), who- at least until 1989- came regularly into the Rhineland in order to visit his ancestors' country, as one of his former students told me. Other descendants of Phillip Jacob ELLER'S continued living and working at Wonsheim, not only as farmers, but also as brewers and innkeepers. For a great many years one of the greatest inns of Wonsheim (now "Hotel zum Ochsen) was owned and operated by ELLERS, but recently this house has entirely been rebuilt in such a manner that one cannot imagine any longer what shape it might have had in earlier times.

    If today you should walk through the narrow streets of Wonsheim, you will no longer find the name of ELLER at any house door, and if you thumb thru the telephone directory of Wonsheim you will search the name of ELLER in vain. But which remains of ancient days may give you some idea with regard to the circumstances of the life of former ELLER generations? Let me lead you first to the Reformed (now "Evangelical") church. As the ornaments of the spire (Fig. I) may show you, it dates back to the Romanesque period, that means, it was built about the year 1200, but its lower parts go back to even earlier times. In 1754, a new nave was added to the old spire, and you may imagine that, for about 200 years, ELLERS have entered this nave thru the door below the arch shown in Fig. 2. (The inscription, Isaiah ch. 2, v. reads as follows: Come on, let us go to the Lord's mountain and to the house of Joseph's God: that He may teach us His ways and that we may walk on His paths.) In the interior of the church you will find the organ above the


    entance (Fig. 3); by chance, this organ was built by members of the organmaker family of STRUMM, another ancestral family of mine, in 1818, and you may imagine that during the many decades ancient ELLERS listened to its sound and were accompanied by this instrument when singing. And beside the altar (Fig. 4) you may see the baptismal font and an llth century column (Fig. 5).

    Only a few steps away from the church you will notice the ancient town hall (Fig. 6); for many years the Roman Catholic minority celebrated their masses in its groundfloor, while the upper floor served as elementary school. -Finally let us go to the cemetery. There we find tombs of the last ELLERS who lived in this village, and the war memorial (Fig. 7) shows - on the second plate from the left- the name of Peter ELLER, fallen in 1917.

    A list of all known members of the Wonsheim Eller family will be published upon a later opportunity. In this case research is exceptionally difficult for two reasons: Firstly, due to recent western German legislation it is not easy to obtain the permission to have a look into the official public (municipal) records of births, weddings, and deaths, for reasons of so-called data protection. Secondly, in the 1870s most inhabitants of Wonsheim left the Church and became members of a "free Protestant" sect, and nothing is known about their registration of baptisms, marriages, and burials. In the year 1900, e.g., Wonsheim had 715 inhabitants; 422 of them were "free Protestants", 236 were Evangelical, and 57 Roman Catholic. Possibly also the ELLERS of those times were members of the "free Protestant" community at least, during several years about 1880 "free Protestant" worships took place in ELLERS' inn.


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    6. Strecker, K.: Die Begend zwischen Rhein,; Nahe und Donnersberg im Jahre 1787. - In: H. Bechtolsheimer, J.R. Dietrich, and K. Strecker: Beitrage zur rheinhessischen Beschichte. Festschrift der provinz Rheinhessen zur Hundertjahrfeier 1816-1916; pp. 295-365. Mainz 1916.



    1. : The Romanesque spire of the Evangelical church of Wonsheim, built about 1200.

    2. : The entrance to the new nave of the Wonsheim Evangelical church, built in 1754.

    3. : The organ of the Evangelical church of Wonsheim, built by members of the organmaker family Stumm in 1818.

    4. : Altar and

    5. : Baptismal font in the church.

    6. : Wonsheim's ancient townhall. The first floor housed the elementary school, and the groundfloor the Catholic chapel.

    7. : This memorial on the Wonsheim cemetery is devoted to the victims of the two World Wars.


    Phyllis Jones, 509 E. Moore Ave., Gilbert, Az. 85234: Seeks more information on following:

    Cresley Eller, 1837, Buncombe Co., N.C. on 1800 census in Flat Creek E.D. 37, p. 32 is listed with wife, Leaky, b. 1841. Children: Joseph (1860), Jenni (1864), Naimi (1871)

    1880- census, Wilkes Co., Ed. 214, Wilkesboro, N.C.:Lizzie Eller, b. 1828, with son, J.C. 18, b. 1852. Who was the husband of Lizzie? Eas he James C. Eller, b. 1855, listed in 1900 census for- Wilkes Co., N.C. E.D. 155, Reddies River Twp., p. 9, who m. an Ellen and had a dau. Bertie, b. 1880?

    Elizabeth Eller, widow, b. 1830, living in Buncombe Co., N.C. 1880 census E.D. 36 p. 13; had 20 yr. old daughter, Lou T., (it appers), and a 13 old son called Baby.

    1900 Symth, VA. census E.D. 78 p. 6, Marion Dist. appears J. Franklin Eller, b. Ded. 1836 in NC with wife Mary. Five children: Q.M. b. NC; B.H. b. Neb., both males, and Mollie, Mattie and Emma, all b. VA. Does anyone know full names?

    1870 census Wilkes Co., NC p.322: a Geo. Eller, b. 1814 NC with son, Phineas, b. 1852.

    1900 census Wilkes Co., NC, E.D. 1103, P. 12 Union Twp: Jackson Eller, b. 1863 with no wife listed, but a mother Edna, b. 1827, and children: Charlie M. 1891, Wm. A. 1894, and Mollie M. 1896. Could she be Edna Grimes, who married Henry 1851, Wilkes Co., NC?

    What happened to John Eller & Mary Bedford who m. 20 Feb. 1827 in Rowan Co., NC?

    What happened to John Eller who m. Margaret Lemley, in Rowan County, NC on 26 Apr. 1808?

    1850 census, Rowan Co., NC, p. 212: Who were parents of Jesse, b. 1830, Richard b. 1834, and Matilda, b. 1839, listed as living with another family?

    John Melcher Eller, planter, d. Rowan Co., N.C. (will probate Feb. 1841) Listed were: Jacob, John, David, Motlena, Christina (deceased), Betsy. Heirs of Christina named. Were these all children or grandchildren?

    1870 census, Wilkes Co., N.C.: Mary Eller, app. a widow, with dau. Minicha, b. 1850; son Cicero C. b. 1870; Mary b. 1811. Was he husband Jesse H., who m. Mary C. Wilcoxen 10 Jan. 1850, Wilkes Co., N.C.?

    1870 census, Wilkes Co., Wilkesboro Twp. N.C.: Peter Eller, b. 1805, with a Louisa b. 1835. Others: Claudin 30, Gaither 5, and Robert 1. Was Louisa a 2nd wife? Was Claudin a son by the lst wife?

    Wilkes Co., N.C. marriage record: Peter Eller m. Louisa Church 16 Nov. 1863. In the 1910 census, E.D.168, Wilkes Co., N.C., a Louisa B. Eller, b. 1886 with dau. Catherine 55, Mother 77. Is this family and the one just above the same family? Who was the lst wife?

    1860-, 1870, 1880 censuses, Wilkes Co., N.C.: Peter Eller b. 1825, Amanda Ann b. 1840. Children listed in 1880 census: Sarah 1852, William 1854, Henry H. 1855, Margaret 1858, S.J.(f) 1862, William P. 1864, M.A.(f) 1865, C.H. (m) 1872, A.C. (m) 1875, A.A. (Amanda Ann?) (f) 1879. What were the full names of these children?

    Leander Eller m. Loderma.(Date from L.D.S. records). 1880 census, Wilkes Co. Reddies River Twp., Ed. 221, N.C., p.221 lists her with son Tilden Hendricks, b. 1877. 1900 census, E.D. 155, P. 9 lists her with Calddonia, b. 1887. What was the date of birth of Leander and were there other children?

    Could the following 1850 and 1860 records be of the same family?
    1. 1850 census, Rowan Co., N.C.: Willis Eller b. 1815, wife, Mary A. 1823, with John W. 1841, Mary M. 1844, Mary J. 1849.

    2. 1860 census, Rowan Co., N.C. p. 211: Willis Eller b. 1823, wife, Adeline, b. 1825 with John W. 1841 (same as above), Jane, 1846, Neely 1850, William 1854, and Robert 1857.

    ############## end of querries page 162 ################


    This is a sample of the generational numbering, taken from Hook's book, pgs 197 thru 206. Some narrative and some genealogy has been deleted for sake of space but all narrative is desirable to be included.

    The children of Harvey and Mary Caroline (Vannoy) Eller were:

    1. William Hamilton Eller 6, (Harvey5, Simon4, John3, Peter 2, George Michael1), b., 29 Oct. 1842, in Wilkes Co., N.C., d., 22 Dec. 1922, at the home of his dau., Mrs. Paul G. Welch, in Greensboro, N. C. He married, 10 Nov. 1866, at Bloomfield, Iowa, Harriet (Hattie) A. Tracy, b. 13 March 1840 in Ohio; d., 20 Dec. 1921 in Greensboro, N. C. She was a daughter of Dr. Jonathan Tracy who emigrated from Ohio to Wapello Co., Iowa in 1852. Dr. Tracy returned to Ohio where he died in 1890.
      1. Ida Eller7, b., 1867/68; d., 1873/4. She lies buried in the cemetery at Clay Center, Nebraska.
      2. Annie Eller7, b. 1870 in Chester, Pa.; d. young and was buried in her grandfather Tracy's burial lot in Otway, Ohio.
      3. Julia A. Eller7, b. 20 Sept. 1872; d., 15 March 1897; m. Joseph S. Moore, a realtor and lumber merchant in Greensboro, N. C.
        1. Eleanor Moore8, b., 4 Aug. 1893, d., 26 March 1952; m., 21 May 1918, Frank S. Smith. Family lived in Leoniap New Jersey. They had a family of and one


        Rebecca Bird Smith10, b., 22 July 1952.
      4. Julianne Smith9, b., 26 Aug. 1921; m., 7 July 1945, Lieut. William Mackenzie Webb of Leonia, N. J.,
      5. Children,
        1. Steven Benjamin Webb10, b., 24 Oct. 1947;
        2. Joyce Mackenzie Webb10, b., 24 Oct. 1948;
        3. Nancy Webb10, b, 27 Oct. 1951.
      6. Benjamin McNiel Smith9, b., 23 April 1926 at Leonia, N. J.; d. 8 June 1946
      7. Pauline Moore8., b 17 Feb. 1895; d., 2 April 1903,
    2. William Cary Eller7, b 1874; d., at age of 3 and buried in the cemetery at Blair, Nebraska three days after the family's removal there.

    - 163 -

    1. Caroline (Carrie) Eller7, b., 28 Sept. 1877 in Blair, Nebr.; m., 9 May 1899, Paul G. Welch, b. 17 Dec. 1871; d., 12 Aug. 1934.
    2. Children:
            1. Harriet Ruth Welch8, b., 25 Jan. 1905 d. 10, Oct, 1906.
    3. Carolyn Louise Welch8, b., 4 Jan. 1915; m. 1 June 1940, William Hackworth.
    4. Elizabeth (Bessie) Eller7, b., 30 Jan. 1880; m., 3 June 1903, Whit R. Stone, b., 6 Feb. 1881; d., 29 June 1933.
    5. Children-
      1. Troy Hamilton Stone8, b., 13 June 1905; d. immediately,
      2. Elizabeth Eller Stone8, b. 15 July 1909;
      3. 16 July 1932, George Ruffin Dupuy,
      4. , 15 Dec. 1903.

    1. Barnett Cleveland Eller6, (Harvey5, Simeon4, john3, Peter2, George Michael1),


  • Jean Louise Eller9, b. 3 July 1930;
  • Hugh LeRoy Eller9, b, 10 Aug, 1931.
    1. Dorris Eller8, b. 5 Dec. 1906; d. 9 Aug.1908,

      1. Helen Ruth Eller8, b. 6 Feb. 1910; m. July 1954, Harry E. Evans

    1. Lulu Eller7, b. 11 Nov. 1874; m. 13 Nov. 1897,
    2. Ernest J. Sherburne who d. July 1948.
    3. Children, one daughter.
      1. Leo Marguerite Sherburme8, b. 15 Nov. 1898. She m. Donald Shoemaker

    1. Marguerite Eller7, b, 3 April 1881; d. 5 Sept.1923,, m.,.3 April 1907, Julien B. Buckley, b.9 Jan. 1876.

    1. Troy Cleveland Eller7, b. 9 June 1882; ~d., 28 June 1938; m., 4 Jan. 1905, Eva Morgan, b. 10 Aug. 1887. She m., 10 Sept. 1951, as her 2nd. husband, William Russell.

    1. Virginia Eller6, (Harvey5, Simeon4, John3, Peter2, George Michael1 ) was born., 18 Oct. 1845,She died, 30 Oct. 1897, She married, -21 Nov. 1867, James Hook of Wapello Co., Iowa, b. 30 Sept. 1839; d. 30 June 1905.


    Please fill out and return to Bill Eller by September 1, 1990

    to be held
    -July 18, 19 & 20, 1991 at the
    - Estes Park, Colorado
    Please bear in mind that negotiations with Holiday Inn for use of their facilities require that all registrants to the conference eat a meal each day at the Inn. (This pays for the use of the meeting rooms, etc.) Also, the planners need to provide the Inn a tentative number on which to base the reservation of a block of rooms for the EFA members and others who plan to attend. Therefore, PLEASE ASSIST THE PLANNING PROCESS BY ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND RETURNING THIS FORM TO:

    Bill Eller, 370 Upham St., Lakewood, CO 80226
    What are your present plans for Conf. '91?
    1. My tentative plans are, as of this date, to definitely attend. Yes ____ No ____
    2. My tentative plans are, as of this date, that I may attend. Yes ____ No ____

    If your answer is "yes" to either of above, how many do you anticipate will be in your party ______.

    1. If "yes" to either of above, do you now plan to stay at the Holiday Inn in Estes Park ($67.00 per night), the head-quarters motel for the conference.

    Note: the greater the number of rooms occupied by conference registrants, the greater the services at reduced cost.



    370 Upham St.
    Lakewood, CO 80226

    605 S. E. Park Avenue
    Corvallis, OR 97333

    2448 Third St.
    La Verne, CA 91750
    RR 2, Box 145-D
    Whittier, NC 28789


    BYRON H. ELLER, 6506 Jack Hill Drive, Oroville, CA 95966
    R. VANCE ELLER, 550 Fox Hollow Lane, Salisbury, NC 28144
    LOWELL ELLER, 678 Diamond Road, Salem, VA 24153
    THOMAS WM. FLANAGAN, JR., Townsend Mill, Young Harris, GA 30582
    JUANITA RUETZ, Rt. 5, Box 257, Jonesborough, TN 37659
    KATHLEEN SCHOEN, P. 0. Box 162, Connell, WA 99326


    LOUISE ELLER, 2932 Homeway Drive, Beaver Creek, OH 45385-5709
    GEORG ELLER, Bannzaunerweg 7, D-6530 Bingen/Rhein, W. Germany
    Prof. Dr. K. NAPP-ZINN, Gyrhofstr. 15, D-5000 Koln 41, W. Germany


    The PURPOSES of the ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATTON is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied family members into a cooperative effort to:

    1. promote a sense of kinship and consciousness of family history and tradition;

    2. promote and publicize local family reunions.

    3. hold a biennial Eller family conference open to all Eller and allied family members world-wide;

    4. encourage the restoration and maintenance of cemeteries or other sites of meaning to various Eller families; and

    5. encourage and aid genealogical and historical research on Eller and allied families, in the United States and Europe.

    ANNUAL DUES: $15.00/yr. payable Nov. 1 of each year. This includes membership and subscription to 4 issues of THE ELLER CHRONICLES. Individual issues $4.50 each; back- issues since Nov. 1987 available. make checks to EFA Family Assoc. and mail to the Sec/treasurer (address above).

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