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NOTE: At the present time, many links are broken as has changed their method of identifying people in any WorldConnect database. This may change with time if reverts back to the original system.

Please help me!! If you find any broken Links when viewing pages associated with this web then please send me an email with "Broken Link" as the subject. The easiest way to report the information is to copy the URL address shown for the page that you were viewing and paste this into the email and also do a copy and paste of the text where the link was found. Thank you.

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Welcome to my web. The Goals and Purpose of my Web may be of interest as it gives a broad picture of what you will find. If you are not sure how a web works then you are invited to a short explanation of Webs


  1.  Genealogy
  2.  History: History of my database and this Web.
  3.  PDF eBooks Privatized: Links to a library of eBooks of over 100 different families. Mainly Charlotte Co., NB, and many other areas.
  4.  PDF eBooks: General description with links to the actual pages.
  5.  Purpose of Data Base includes a link to St. Croix Valley Families.
  6.  Useful Links
  7.  General Information & Genealogy Notes
  8. Genweb: link to my old page
  9.  Saskatoon Genealogy Society Home Page
  10.  Photos and Scanned Documents : Contains both known and unknown photographs. Help to identify who the people are.
  11. Saskatchewan Land Survey also includes New Brunswick and brief info on how US system differs: If your ancestors homesteaded in Saskatchewan and you know the land location then you may find this useful. If they were from New Brunswick then you will see how that system works.
  12. DNA based genealogy research.
  13. Krause Newsletter:  Newsletter of different Krause branches.
  14. Search Engine: Search for names found in my database or a global search.
  15. Searching Your Roots: A must for those who need an orderly approach to genealogy research.
  16. Sudoku Mind Exerciser: Use a step by step approach to this game
  17. Next Generations: The stories and photos of our children and grandchildren. PW not req'd.
  18. COVID-19: This is a presentation of how the Covid-19 cases have spread in Canada using data published for the Nation on 2 April 2020. An equation has been developed that shows the number of cases vs. time. The curve fits over the range of time from day 13 to day 35 and presents some possible insights into further enhancements that would give a better fit. The main contribution is the mathematical model that was developed for both the exponential growth as well as the exponential decay. the last part on decay is major item/contribution. The mathematical model fits the actual data over the range day 34 to day 74 measured from the time when only two cases were known.
  19. CoS BRT Discussion: Topics for discussion or my comments that I had on "Next Door"
  20. Racial Origins, Shared DNA, & Big-Y Analysis: Can DNA testing determine your Racial Origins? Many different DNA testing companies sell kits that purport to tell you what percentage and origin of your ancestors. Is this Fact or Fiction? Watch this link as the paper is being developed. A major part of the Autosomal DNA test is determining the amount of shared DNA between individuals. This option is looked at in more detail. Big-Y results are analyzed for Branch-01 Krause,
  21. Weekly Genealogy Meetings: Weekly Zoom meetings are being initiated to inform people how to learn how to interpret Autosomal DNA data and share information with your cousins.
  22. FTDNA Webinar: Outline and contents of Webinar to be presented 1 May 2021 at 1:00pm CST.
  23. Br-01 Krause Reunion: This link has moved, see item # 12 above, DNA based Genealogy research, third last item item in that list.
  24. Population of Human-kind: We are walking in the ashes of our ancestors and don't even know that we are. This sounds macabre but it is not but just the cycle of life of any object or item. Read more about it at the link shown.
  25. Truth or Fiction: The is a very difficult topic as it is based on information that you must read to see what it means, if anything. It might also be the next big break through for mankind, I don't know.

 Send Me Email Put "Gen1:" in the subject area

Search Engine: Search this site for possible connections to your Roots. Database is at WorldConnect, see St. Croix Valley Families

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A more extensive Search Engine for the names used to be in my database at WorldConnect or use the Global Search Engine for the total WorldConnect Database. These link will be restored if WC ever gets them working again.


A new method is being tested for how I am going to make my database available to the public. WorldConnect appears to be a total failure as it appears that is making it impossible to access any useful information. This new method is to make a privatized version of my GED file publicly available so that anyone can download the GED file and produce a database using whatever genealogy program that they use. New method Arnie's Database

For anyone with a membership with, I have a very small database that is located at the following link. This database only shows a limited number of people in my Pedigree but it does contain links back to this web that gives full details on what has been achieved in the last twenty-five years of research. The links are only found when viewing the "Profile" information or the Facts pages. The link shown above is for my father and his Fact page shows the links. Additional links are found for my mother, Hilda Andrews.

The database at WorldConnect has been removed and what remains is a file with only 12 individuals that are to see if WC is ever going to achieve what was available with the old system. The notes available for the person shown on the screen are important information as well as the notes for the father of this pseudo person.

If you wish to visit my Genealogy database at WorldConnect then you have to go through the following convoluted process. First you go to the link shown for World Connect then enter my Gedcom Name as aek740a in the box then click GO.  WorldConnect. WARNING: The new format at WorldConnect has additional links that are shown for any location of birth, marriage, or death. The accuracy of the location is not very good for places that were present years ago and some from the late 1800's are hundreds of Km/miles in error. If you don't already know where the place is located then be very careful in your use of what is shown. There may be links in the notes for people that are associated with these locations and the link will be shown in HTML code with the actual link shown between the quote marks. To use this link just hi-lite the text between the quote marks then right click on your mouse and select "Open in a new window/screen" and you will see what my link used to show.

The webpages at RootsWeb are nolonger maintained as they pointed to WorldConnect which is also no longer in use. The old page at RootsWeb info is shown in the link. The Book "Forest of Trees" that was available at FTM could not be updated so has been removed and is now available from the PDF Books section of this page.

Presently some of the reports are:

  • 00Root-Krause     This report consists of  several branches of the Krause/Kruse/Kraus/Krauss/other variations of spelling of the Krause name.
  • 00Root-Austin      Report on several branches of Austin families from New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Maine. Do you have Austin relatives? The ancestors Samuel John Austin, the UEL that came to New Brunswick, Canada, in 1783 have been found and proven true by Y-Chromosome DNA testing results. See the images shown at  Austin Photos
  • 00Root-McIntyre  Report on several branches of the McIntyre line from Scotland to Canada, Michigan, then to Saskatchewan.
  • 00Root-Corning    This report is the collection of trees of various members of the Corning Clan.
  • 00Root-Hodgins    This report is the collective work of several people who have entered the data from the book "Hodgins ...Kindred Forever". the report has several additions compared to the original book by Lester Hodgins.

  • 00Root-Name        Other chapters that cover other major and minor family lines. These genealogy reports are an attempt to help other people that might be searching their "ROOTS". Beware!! the data, in many cases has not been verified. If you find errors, then please  contact me.

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Privatized PDF eBooks & PDF eBooks for all to see

Privatized PDF eBooks:(no password required)
Since Rootsweb/WorldConnect is very difficult to use since has been trying to rewrite the software, I am making information available from my database in the form of eBooks that have been produced form a version of my database as of 24 Nov. 2019. This database cannot be updated so all eBooks are called Final Versions. However, I am still updating a different database that grows daily and has now reached over 260,700 individuals.

PDF eBooks:(password or private link required to access eBook)
In the interest of making more data available that has full documentation and sources, PDF format eBooks are being made available. The link is the section shown in YELLOW that says PDF format eBooks. These books with full detail are available with the use of a password. Only proven descendants of a family line will be given the password after they have contributed information to the database. A newer version of access to the full detail eBooks is now being used and that is by using cloud storage to hold the eBook in a folder associated with the family name. In some ways this is easier but in other ways, it is much more difficult. Multiple steps are required to download the eBook to your computer when you receive an email giving you the link to a new version of your eBook. Instructions for obtaining your private copy.

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Some memorable photos of achievements of our grandchildren. Given the chance and good coaching nothing will limit their achievements.

  • Wannop Granchildren from Calgary, AB. Their father, Trevor, was the coach and all three grandsons played Little League Ball. Connor's team won the Alberta championship and went to the Canadian Playdowns, lost in the final game, score 1-0 for White Rock BC.  Team Photo. Connor is #16, Trevor is the tallest coach in the back row.
  • Krause Grandchildren from Kelowna, BC. Both Tyler and Jordan played hockey and won NCAA hockey scholarships to continue their education. Tyler went to Bentley University in Boston and Jordan started at Duluth, MN then went to North Eastern University in Boston. In Jordan's junior hockey years, her team won silver the first year and gold for the next three years. Her Dad was the coach for the last three years. Jordan's greatest achievement was to be on Team Canada U18 and won the Gold in 2012.  Tyler's photos:  #1#2#3.   Jordan's photos:  #1#2

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General Information & Genealogy Notes

Many people interested in tracing their ROOTS find it difficult to know where to start. As an aid to those in need of help the following link on tracing your Ancestors and Cousins is provided. The main item for the beginner is the section on "Getting Started".

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Austin Photos

If your Austin relatives look like either one of these two members of the Austin line, you are asked to  email me Put "Gen3:" in the Subject area

The Austin gentlemen shown in the two images are descendants of two brothers, one born in 1791 and the other in 1792. See the following link for more information on their ancestral line. This link opens the eBook on the descendants of Samuel John Austin, Loyalist, from Queens Co., NB. DNA testing has proven that he was the one from CT and not the one from VA as shown in the book "Loyalists of New Brunswick" by Esther Clark Wright. See details in the eBook if you are from this line.

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Purpose of this Data Base

Forest of Trees

The title shown at WorldConnect is: Loyalist Descendants of New Brunswick and Maine Plus Others. Since I receive many emails from people saying their ancestors were not Loyalists then why do I have them in my database. Well the title tries to cover all of this by the last part that says "Plus Others". Some families had both Loyalist and Patriots in the same family. That Revolutionary War was ended long ago and our ancestors fought on whatever side they thought best and some even ended up on both sides as evidence is now showing. Forest of Trees is a more appropriate title but it tells nothing of the area, or time-frame as explained in the page on Purpose and Goals in the link shown below.

Newest information: Scanned version of "Hodgins...Kindred Forever(HKF)". I am planning on making a new version of HKFbLH available in both a PDF eBook and hardcopy. The original HKFbLH was 395 pages and the version now called HKF-LV, Last version, is 1760 pages. It is a last version since I cannot add new individuals to the database because the genealogy program that is used to produce the last version is not the one that is currently used for my database. If anyone knows of a publisher that will publish either a one or two volume hardcopy of the book that also includes a disk which contains the scanned pages of the original HKFbLH and a PDF version of HKF-LV, then please send me an email. Put "HKF-LVpublisher" in the subject area

NEW: See the NEW Additions.

The Purpose and Goals of my database and Web are explained in the link just shown. You are highly advised to visit that page as you may find my web or database contains information that may assist you greatly if the people you are tracing, or their ancestors, come from the same area that I cover which is very wide and diverse.

See information in General Information for assistance in tracing your Ancestors and Cousins. PDF books are also available for some families.

(Note: Credits to all of those that have contributed and done the research that went into the the genealogy of those in the database. If all were listed, it would be in the thousands.)

If you click on the link shown below, it will take you to the start of my webpage which will allow you to see the extent of this web that consists of over 4000 files. If you click on your back icon in your browser you will go back to how you got to this page.

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