Penobscot Loyalists

Penobscot Loyalists

Many people searching for their ancestral Roots are unaware of their possible Loyalist connections. As an aid for those whose ancestors came from Charlotte Co., New Brunswick and possibly Washington Co., ME, I am putting these scanned pages on line of a Penobscot Loyalist document that I have in my possession. The original source for this document is unknown but it appears that it might be the Maine Historical Society. A recently received email has cleared up the original source and the note is included here for your information:

Arnie Krause --
I am the author and copyright holder of all the material you have posted on the Penobscot Loyalists found at: and linked scans.  This material was published in the December 1983 issue of Downeast Ancestry (vol 7, no 4), a now defunct genealogical publication.  That issue was dedicated to the Penobscot Loyalists and I served as both author and editor of the material.  I have no objection to your posting my copyright material providing you modify the web page naming me as author & copyright-holder and listing the publication.
Robert C. Brooks
PO Box 30
Sandy Point ME 04981


The numbering method refers to the pages in the original document. The colored marks are my method of identifying those that have been entered into my database at the time of scanning.


126-130 Penobscot Loyalists: A Bicentennial Tribute

130-131 Listing of those in The Penobscot Journal: 1782

132-133 Penobscot Inhabitants Certified Loyal: 1783

134-137 Penobscot Loyalists Settled at Passamaquoddy: 1784 (taken 10 June 1784)

138 Map of "Upper Penobscot", yellow dot is location of Castine.

139-141 The Settlement at Penobscot: 1784 (taken 13 July 1784)

142-145 Penobscot Association Land Grants: 1784

146-148 Loyalist Claims at the Public Records Office in London

149-150 Loyalist Letters

            126 127 128 129
130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139
140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149