More About Me

More About Me

This is me and Dakota!!

My name is Amanda (Siebe) Ferley. I married my husband, Todd, on January 9, 1999. We have a son, Dakota, who was born March 27,1999. I also have a step-son, Mitchell, who was born June 1, 1998. (For pics of my boys, just scroll down a bit). Between the two of them, and Todd, I somehow find time to pursue my one and only hobby - genealogy.

We live in Jasper, Indiana. A very German town, located right in the middle of a very German County - Dubois. My family is mostly from around here, but Todd's family is found mostly in the West - South Dakota and Iowa.

This is my baby - Dakota Ray Ferley.
He was about 14 months in this pic.

This is my other baby - Mitchell Andrew Ferley.
He was almost 2 in this pic.

Our Little Painters

My Creed:

Cleaning and Scrubbing

Can Wait till Tomorrow,

for Babies Grow Up,

We've Learned to our Sorrow.

So Quiet Down Cobwebs,

Dust go to Sleep...

I'm Rocking my Baby,

and Babies don't Keep.


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