Behler, Paul, Holzer, Emerich, Reed, Fisher, and more.
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My Pennsylvania Dutch Roots

Behler, Paul, Holzer, Emerich, Reed, Fisher, Faust, Hartung, Yeager, Bittner, Braus, Buchner, Wertman, Borkey, Bensinger, and more.

       Both of my parents were from the Orwigsburg area of Pennsylvania and thanks to the fact that their families lived in the area for many many years and that the people in the area were very good at record keeping, I have been quite successful in tracing many of the branches of my family tree. In the following pages, I am attempting to share the information I have gathered hoping to be of help to others, and in the process, perhaps meeting some new cousins. I have attempted to document as many of my sources as possible and when I have received information from others I have tried to verify their sources but I am sure that there have been and will be mistakes in the material that I am presenting. Please do not take what I have included in this site to be absolutely true. I encourage everyone to use my research as a starting point and to go out and verify their information for themselves. If you run across anything in these pages that you know is not true PLEASE send me a note with corrections.

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My Parents

Arlin Behler and Marguerite Emerich

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My Grandparents

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