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Thomas and Amanda Paul late 1930's

Thomas and Amanda Paul

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Thomas and Amanda
    Thomas William Paul was born September 7, 1872 the second child and only son of William Paul and Emma Elizabeth Hartung. He had two sisters, Kate Louisa and Mary Matilda. Mary Matilda, known as "Tillie" married Harry Frantz and had three children, Emma, Titus and Eddie. Kate never married. J.H. Beer's book Schuylkill County Pennsylvania(pg 998) has the following to say about Thomas William Paul.

"Thomas William Paul was born September 7, 1872 in east Brunswick Township, where he received most of his education in the public schools, later attending the high school at Palo Alto one term.. He taught school for one term in West Brunswick township.. He grew up on the home farm, and continued to assist his father in its operation until twenty-two years of age. Then he married and entered the employ of Jonas Kunkel, as a farm laborer, remaining with him one year, after which he returned to the home farm, later buying the place from his father. The tract contains about one hundred acres, seventy-five acres of which are under cultivation, devoted to general farming. Mr. Paul attends market at Port Carbon and St. Clair, and being ambitious and diligent has taken his place among the most progressive agriculturists of the neighborhood. His neighbors have given practical evidence of the high opinion they have formed of his trustworthiness by electing him to the township school board, in which body he served for a period of sixteen years, until the new code went into effect. He supports the Republican party, and like a number of the family holds membership in the Church of God at Steigerwalt, of which he is elder at present. For sometime he was superintendent of the Sunday School."

    Amanda Paul was born Amanda Susan Becker May 19, 1870. She was the daughter of William Becker and Kathryn Stitzel. Her mother died the same year Amanda was born. She was raised by her father's next wife Cecelia Dorward Reinert. Amanda and Cecelia must have been as close as mother and daughter as Amanda named her second daughter Emily Cecelia.

    Amanda and Thomas were known as Granny and Grandpa Paul to their grandchildren. Their grandson, Arlin, spent much of his time working on the Paul farm and always spoke fondly of his time there. He was working with his grandfather in the field when Thomas Paul suffered a heart attack and passed on.

    Amanda and Thomas as well as other family members are buried at Steigerwalts Church of God, located between Orwigsburg and New Ringold.

Granny Paul with grandson Arlin Behler

Thomas and Amanda had six children;
Hilda May, born November 17, 1895 - married Francis Leymeister; Clarence Edwin, born January 24, 1897 -married Mayme Priscilla Gangloff; Emily Cecelia, born July 30, 1900 - married Samuel Edgar Behler; Edgar Milton, born June 20, 1903 - died May 26, 1904; Ettie Mildred, born June 20, 1903 - died Jan 4, 1904; Mabel Irene, born May 20, 1909 - married Carl Wertman

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