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A Bibliography of African American Family History at the Newberry Library

 'The African American Odyssey'

Maafa African American Holocaust

Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

The Lynching of Mack Charles Parker

Black and White Southern Women Campaign to End Lynching, 1890-1942

Lynching at Garland City

Onwucheka Jemie - On "Lynching Song"

A Reign of Terror

Postcard from a Lynching

The Leo Frank Story

The Lynching of My Great Aunt

Lynching at Gallows Harbor

A Poem by Samuel Burbanks IV

Lynching and African American History

Lynching in America

The 13th Annual Report of the Massachusetts 

Anti-Slavery Society
Abolitionists Opposing Slavery and Tobacco
African Captives Yoked in Pairs
African Slavery in America
Agriculture and Slavery in Missouri's Little Dixie by R. Douglas Hurt
The American Colonization Society
American Slave Narratives: an Online Anthology
American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography
The Amistad Case
An Act concerning Free Negroes and Mulattos, Servants, and Slaves
Antebellum Slavery: Health/Mortality
Antislavery Uprisings in Virginia: A New Web Site
Antislavery Violence
The Atlantic Slave Trade: Demographic Simulation
The Avalon Project: Documents on Slavery
Background Information on The Mason-Dixon Line
Betrayal at Ebenezer Creek
Black Abolitionist Papers, 1830-1865
Black Slaveholders in the Antebellum South
Brewster's Rambles about Slaves in Portsmouth
Cabildo Online Exhibit
Cherokee Slave Revolt of 1842
Chronology of Emancipation during the Civil War
Civil Rights Timeline, 1850-1899
Civil War Angered Frederick Douglass
Class on "Happy" Slaves Under Fire
Common-Place: A Common Place, An Uncommon Voice
A Condensed Anti-Slavery Bible Argument
A Confederate Plan for Arming Slaves
Congressional Joint Resolution on Compensated Emancipation
Contraband Camps
Contraband Camp Refugees Treated with Contempt
The Destruction of Slavery
Directory of Underground Railroad Operators
Discovering the Past/Considering the Future: Lessons from the Eastern Shore
Dixie's Censured Subject: Black Slave Owners
Documenting the American South
Frederick Douglass Comes to Life
Frederick Douglass: "What to a Slave is the Fourth of July?"
The Dred Scott Case
The Dred Scott Decision
Benjamin Drew: Testimony of Canadian Fugitives
Dunkerhook, NJ, and Slavery
Emancipation: A Case Study
The Emancipated Slaveholders
Excerpts from Slave Narratives
Founding of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society
Free Blacks Before the Revolutionary War
Free Blacks in Texas
"The Freedmen's Bureau" by W. E. Burghardt Du Bois
Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War
Freedmen and Southern Society Project
Fremont's Proclamation
From Slave Labor to Sharecropping
Fugitive Slave Act
Gabriel's Rebellion
William Lloyd Garrison on the Death of John Brown
German Americans and the Slavery Issue
Group Hopes to Mark Escaped Slave 
Hideouts with Distinctive Rock Piles
Lest We Forget: The Untold History of America
The Life and Times of William Benjamin Gould
House where Uncle Tom's Cabin was written sells at auction
Howard University (click on Howard Past)
Humanity, Utility, and Logic in Southern Legal Thought
Indentured Servants and Transported Convicts
"The Irrepressible Conflict," 25 October 1858 by William Seward
Thomas Jefferson on Slavery
John Brown's Raid
The Life and Trials of Indentured Servants
Long Island Family's Story
Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Abolitionist
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Mason and Dixon's Line
The Mason-Dixon Line
The Minutes and Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the American Moral Reform Society
The Missouri Compromise of 1820
The Missouri Crisis (1819-1821)
Missouri State Manual Report
Morehouse College
The Morning Star, Dover's Anti-Slavery 

Newspaper Never Gave Up the Fight
Museum of African American History
My Land and My Mule
Noah's Curse and the Southern Defense of Slavery
Parks Asked to Emphasize Role of Slavery

Pennsylvania's Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery
Pension Requests from an Ex-slave
Petition for Abolition in Connecticut
A Pious Slave
Pre-Civil War Slavery was Illegal and Unconstitutional
Quindaro, Kansas and the Underground Railroad
Race and Place: African American Histories
The Randolph Slaves
"Reparations for Africa?"
Resources on Slavery at B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library
Restriction of Legal Rights for Slaves in Virginia and Maryland
Rhode Island Slave Trade
Rhode Island and the Slave Trade Triangle
Sankofa (Cybercast Film)

Servants and Masters in Plymouth Colony
Slave Religion
Slave Revolt on Board the American Brig Creole
The Slave Trade
The Slave Trade in Portsmouth, NH
Slave Voices from the Special Collections Library Duke University

Slave with Iron Muzzle

Slavery and the Civil War

Slavery and the Civil War, as Viewed by the Churches of God

Slavery and Indentured Servitude Resources

Slavery and free black community in early New Jersey

Slavery and Freedom

Slavery and Religion in America: A Timeline

Slavery and Resistance

Slavery, Expansion, Politics: Causes of the Civil War

Slavery in Connecticut

Slavery in Massachusetts, by Henry David Thoreau

Slavery in Middle Atlantic and New England

Slavery in Missouri

Slavery in the Oregon Country

Slavery in Pennsylvania

Slavery in South Carolina

Slavery on the Southwestern Borderlands

Slaves of a Different Color

Silas Soule: MA Abolitionist

Statistics of the Colored People in Philadelphia, 1818-1907

"A Statue to an Ex-slave on the A&M Campus?" by Dale Baum

Statutes of the United States Concerning Slavery

Stolen Childhood: Slave Youth in 19th Century America

Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation

Taking the Train to Freedom

Testimony of Canadian Fugitives

Thirteenth Ammendment

Thirteenth Ammendment Information

Thomas Jefferson on Slavery

Harriet Tubman: Moses of the Civil War

Nat Turner

Nat Turner's Rebellion

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad in New York State

The Underground Railroad in Rochester, NY

Underground Railroad Station

Understanding Slavery: The Lives of Eighteenth Century African-Americans

United States Colored Troops -- The Civil War

U.S. Government Used Slaves to Help Build the Capitol During Civil War

Virginia Statutes Regarding Indentured Servitude

War and Recovery
West African Slave Trade Map

What Happened to Slaves When Their Owners Died?

Whittier's Anti-Slavery Ode to New Hampshire