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 According to James M. Black, genealogist for the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City and author of Families and Descents of Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Gholston, Goldston, Golston, Etc., the Goldston (Golsan) families likely descended from Ralph De Gulston (or Goldston), the first family of whom record has been discovered, mentioned in the building of Conwayclick for enlarged picture  Castle in 1283.

Since this effort was started in 2002, several family members have contributed a copy of their own family history.

Where errors and omissions are obvious- or where I added personal knowledge of my own- will be shown in RED.

From Black's book, the Chatham County families were extracted and compared with Herbert's history, which I believe to be most accurate other than the spelling and probably some typos...

Herbert J. Goldston, Sanford, NC, (b 1897- d 1980)
James M. Black, LDS, Salt Lake City, Utah
 Marci Goldston Kulesus, High Point, NC
             Allan M. Goldston, Winston-Salem, NC, (b 1929) who typed Herbert's Goldston History
Ola Neal, Maryland, who left copy of her history of William Goldston at the Goldston Library.






Text in RED is written by Allan M. Goldston (born 1/4/1929) and is intended to clarify and substantiate the writings of the family historians mentioned above.

Herbert's genealogy text is printed in BLACK. Since Herbert did not have the advantage of a SPELL CHECKER, I believe some of the names have been misspelled... so to do a refined search, use only the first 2 or 3 letters of the name. Please notify me by email of corrections needed in names, dates, places and your comments, so I can update the genealogy. Cut & Paste the changes into an email and send to:

The most complete genealogical history of the Goldston Family I have found was written by Herbert J. Goldston, (b Nov. 6, 1897, d Aug 10, 1980), Sanford, NC. The document was distributed at the Goldston Family Reunion in 1955 and updated in 1959. Herbert was the surviving brother of the Goldston Brothers (Johnny & Herbert) Twin Auctioneers, well known in the 30's & 40's for their showmanship and auctioneering skills. His document is complete with family names spelled (or miss-spelled) as he had written.

Excerpts from a book by James M. Black, Mormon Church LDS, entitled “Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Goldston Family History”, published in 1959 by James M. Black, 2731 Loran Heights Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, appear in BLUE.

To view the 2002 Goldston Reunion name list, click here.

William Goldston Last Will & Testament Descendants of Mary Austin Goldston Kirkman

William Goldston

by Ola Neal, Maryland

Descendants of George Washington Goldston
Descendents of Joseph John Goldston, Sr. Descendants Sally Ann Goldston Foust

Descendants of

Edward Moreau Goldston

Chatham County

in the 1900's

Descendants of Lou Kate Goldston Maxwell

Descendants of

Thomas Jefferson Goldston

Tennessee families


Hacking Match

escendants of Atlas Rush, Sanford, NC

William J. Headin

Goldston History 1864

Herbert J. Goldston

Family History

About me

Allan Goldston, Winston-Salem, NC

Andrew Jackson


The Goldstons in Chatham County

Johnny & Herbert Goldston, Twin Auctioneers

Maps, Drawings and Pictures


The Chatham Rabbit


How the Goldston boys trapped rabbits


Lumber Business

Allan Goldston

Photos of Robert Lee Goldston

Family and Descendants

from Jerri Goldston Mayberry

Old Family Cemetery

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Roland H. Goldston, Jr.

His life and times by his brother, Allan

The Dean's List

The humor of Dean B. Davis, husband of Evelyn Goldston 3/26/1921 - 12/6/2000


White Lake, NC



Chatham County in 1870 Map




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