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A Grandchild's Heritage
The Atholl Line

Lineage = Atholl -> Galloway -> Quincey -> Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

Other lines directly linked to through their wives are &

Sources are indicated by numbers in [red].

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The Atholl Line
Generation No. 1

Duncan Earl of Strathclyde [www1]

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 2

Duncan Lord of the Isles and of Atholl [www1]
b c950

He married (No Name) of the Isles [www1]

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 3

Crinan 'the Thane' Earl (Mormaer) of Atholl [rt9;170-19][rt1][www1]
Lay Abbot of Dunkeld; Governor of the Scots Islands
b 978
d 1045

He married (2) in 1000 Bethoc of Scotland Aka: Beatrix [rt9;170-19][rt1][www1][hs32,57,67] HS LINK
b c984
m. 1000

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 4

Brothers Duncan I the Gracious & MALDRED Lord of Carlisle are both ancestors.
I have CAPITALISED MALDRED's line to make it easier to follow.

Duncan I MacCrinan 'the Gracious' of Dunkeld, King of Scots 1034-1040 [rt9;170-20][rt1,5][www1]
b. Abt 1001/5 d 14 AUG 1040 murdered by MacBeth near Elgin

He married Abt 1030 - Sybilla~ [rt1][www1]
daughter of Siward Danish Earl of Northumbria
b c1048,
d. 1070

Maldred Lord of Carlisle and Allerdale [rt9-172-20]
d 1045 slain in battle

He married Ealdgyth Aka:Edith [rt9-34-21]

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 5

Siblings Malcolm III & Donald III Bane are both ancestors.
I have italicized Donald's line to make it easier to follow.

Malcolm III Canmore 'Great Chief' King of Scots 1058-1093 [rt9;170-21][rt1,5][www1]
crowned at Scone 17 Mar 1057/58 b 1031
d 13 NOV 1093 slain while beseiging Alnwick Castle

He married (2) at Dunfermline in 1068/9 Margaret of England Aka: St. Margaret of Scotland [rt9;1-22][rt1][www1] HS LINK
b 1046
d 16 NOV 1093

Donald III Bane King of Scots 1093-1097
[rt9;121A-23][rt1, 5][www1]
d Aft 1094

Gospatric I Earl of Northumberland 1067-1072; 1st Earl of Dunbar 1072-1075;
Lord of Carlisle and Allerdale[rt9-34-22]
visited Rome 1061
b c1040
d 1074/75

He married a sister of Edmund[rt9-34-22;38-22]

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 6

Siblings David I, Mary & Matilda children of Malcolm III, are all ancestors.

David I 'the Saint' King of Scots [rt9;170-22][rt1,5,7][www1]
b c.1080
d 24 MAY 1153 Carlisle

He married in 1113/4 Matilda of Northumberland Countess of Huntingdon Countess of Northampton (Maud) [rt148,24][rt1][www1] HS LINK
b 1072
d 23 Apr 1130/1

Princess Matilda "Atheling" of Scotland Aka:Edith
[rt9;1-23][rt1][www1][S11] [S137] [S590] [S790] [S604] [S1570] HS LINK - B&B LINK
b 1079, Dunfermline, Scotland
m 1 Nov 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England
d 1 May 1118, Westminster Palace, London, England
BUR: Westminster Abbey, or Winchester, London, England

She married 11 Nov 1100 Henry I Beauclerc King of England 1068 - 1 Dec 1135
[rt9;121-25][rt1][www1][S11] [S137] [S590] [S604] [S790] [S810] [S1570] Americana Biography
King Of England 1100-1135
b 1068, Selby, Yorkshire, ENG
d 1 Dec 1135, St Denis-le-Fermont,Near Gisors, France
BUR: Reading Abbey, Berkshire

David I 'the Saint' David I 'the Saint' from the
Charter of Kelso Abbey

Bethoc [rt9;121A-24][rt1][www1]
b Bef 1094

She married Hudred of Tyndale (Huctred) [rt9;121A-24][rt1][www1]

Waltheof Lord of Allerdale [rt9-38-23]

He married Sigrid [rt9-38-23]
living 1126

Mary [rt9;158-23]
d 31 May 1116

She married in 1102 Eustace III Count of Boulogne [rt9;158-23]

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 7

Henry of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon Earl of Northumberland [rt170,23][www1]
son of David I 'the Saint' b Abt 1114
d 12 Jun 1152

He married in 1134/39 Ada de Warenne of Surrey [rt9;89-25][rt1][www1] HS LINK
b Abt 1120
d 1178

Gunnild of Dunbar Aka: Gunhild; Grinolda [rt9-38-24][www10] LINK
b c1104

She married Uchtred Lord of Galloway [rt9-38-24][www10]
BIRTH: Abt 1100, of Galloway, Wigton, Scotland
d 22 SEP 1174

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 8

David Earl of Huntingdon [rt9;93-26][rt1,7][www1]
b 1144
d 17 Jun 1219/11 FEB 1233 Yardley

He married 26 Aug 1190 Matilda of Chester (Maud) [rt9;131-29][rt1] HS LINK
b 1171
d 6 Jan 1233

Margaret of Huntingdon [rt9;97-26]
d 1146

m (1) 1160, Conan IV Duke of Brittany

m (2) Humphrey de Bohun IV Baron de Bohun, Lord of Hereford [rt9;193-6]
Constable of England
d 1182

The Atholl Line
Generation No. 9

Margaret of Huntingdon [rt9;94-27][rt1,7][www1] HS LINK
b Abt 1194,
d 1228/Aft 6 Jan 1233,

She married in 1209 Alan MacDonal Lord/Earl of Galloway,
hereditary Constable of Scotland 1215-1234 [rt9;38-26][rt1,7][www1][www10]
named in the Magna Charta
b Abt 1170, of Runnymeade,Scotland d 1234

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