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A Grandchild's Heritage - AUDLEY Line

Audley Coat of Arms Audley Coat of Arms A Grandchild's Heritage
The Audley Line

Lineage = Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

Other lines directly linked to Audley through their wives are Mainwaring & Plantagenet & Mortimer & Clare

Sources are indicated by numbers in [red].

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Generation No. 1

Adam de Aldithley [6]
b c1145

He married ABT 1170 Emma fitzOrm de Derleveston
dtr. of Ralph fitzOrm
b c1150

Generation No. 2

Henry de Audley [rt6,11]
RES: Heileigh, STS, ENG
b 1175, of Heileigh, STS, ENG
d ABT Nov 1236

He married 1217 Beatrea de Mainwaring (Bertrade) [6,11] B&B LINK
b c1190
d AFT 1249

Generation No. 3

James of Audley [rt6,7,10]
Justicar of Ireland; Crusader
b c1220, of Heleigh, STS, ENG
d c11 Jun 1276, IRE

He married - Ela de Longespee Aka: Eleonora [6,7] B&B LINK
RES: of Stratton Audley & Wretchwick, Oxford, ENG
b 1228
m 1244
d ABT 22 Nov 1299

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Generation No. 4

Hugh de Audley of Stratton Lord Audley [rt3,7,8,9]
Justice Of Wales; Descendant Of Charlemagne
b 1267, Of Stratton Audley, Co. Oxford, ENG
d 1325

He married - Isolt de Mortimer of Hereford [rt3,7,8,9] B&B LINK
d 1338

"Isolde was heiress of the Manors of Eastington, Gloucestershire, and Thornbury, Herefordshire. She is apparently NOT the daughter of Margaret de Fienes - see "Ancestral Roots..." (1992),207-31. " [rt9][S783]

Generation No. 5

Hugh de Audley 2nd Baron Lord Audley 8th Earl of Gloucester [1,3,4,5,7]
Ambassador To France In 1341; 8th Earl of Stafford
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b c1289 Of Stratton Audley, Co. Oxford, ENG
d 10 Nov 1347 ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory

He married - Margaret de Clare of Hertford Oct 1292 - 9 Apr 1342
widow of PETER de GAVESTON Earl of Cornwall ABT 1284 - 19 Jun 1312 B&B LINK
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b Oct 1292, Prob, Caerphilly Castle, ENG
m 28 Apr 1317, Windsor, ENG
d 9/13 Apr 1342, ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory

Hugh Audley was summoned to Parliament v.p. on 30 Nov 1317 by writ directed Hugoni Daudele juniori, whereby he may be held to have become Lord Audley.
In right of his wife, he was created 8th Earl of Gloucester on 16 Mar 1336/7. [S504]

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Generation No. 6

Baroness Margaret de Audley [rt1,3,4,5,6][rt9;9-31][hs34] HS LINK - B&B LINK - ClarkeKing LINK
RES: Northumberland, ENG
b c1325, Gloucester, ENG
m BEF 6 Jul 1336, ENG
d 16 Sep 1348/7 SEP 1349 ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory, Kent, ENG

She married BEF 6 Jul 1336 Sir Ralph de Stafford [rt1,3,4,5,6][rt9;55-32][hs34] Knight
widower of KATHERINE de HASTANG of Chebsey ____ - BEF 1336
Original Member Of The Order of the Garter 23 Apr 1349; M.P. 1337-1349;
II Baron of Tunbridge; 1st Earl of Stafford; M.P. 1337-1349; Stewart of the Royal Household; 1337
Seneschal of Aquitaine, 1345; fought at Crecy; cr. Earl of Stafford, 5 Mar 1350/51;
RES: Stafford, Northumberland, ENG
b 24 Sep 1301, Co. Stafford, ENG
d 31 Aug. 1372, Tunbridge Castle
BUR: Tunbridge Priory, Kent, ENG

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