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A Grandchild's Heritage

The Beaumont Line
Beaumont Coat of Arms
Echiquete d'argent et d'azur
House of Beaumont LINK

Other lines directly linked to Beaumont through their wives are Capet

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The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 1

Bernard de Harcourt
b 904

He married - Sprote de Bourgogne
b c908

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 2

Torf "the Rich" de Harcourt
b c928

He married - Ertemburge de Briquebec
b c930
d c955

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 3

Tourade (Torod) Lord of Pont-Audemer Aka: Thorold de Pontaudemer [hs26][www1]
b c949
d aft 1035

He married - Wevie de Crepon (Aveline) [www1]
b c942

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The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 4

Humphrey Lord of Vielles
b c980
d 28 Sep 1044

He married - Aubrey de La Haie
b 984
d 20 Sep 1045

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 5

Roger de Beaumont Earl of Meulan [rt9;50-24][S590][www1]
Lord of Beaumont-le Roger and of Pont-Audemer
RES: France
b c1010 Pont-Ademer, France/Abt 1022,
d 1090 Abbey de Pre'aux, Pontaudemer, Normandy/29 Nov 1094

He married in 1040 Adelise of Meulan Aka: Adeline de Meullant; Adelinde of Meulan; Adelina, Countess of Meulent [rt9;50-24][www1][S590] HS LINK
dau of Galeran III Count of Meulan Aka: Waleran d 8 DEC 1069
b c1014 of Pontaudemer, Normandy, France
d 8 Apr 1081

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 6

Robert I de Beaumont & Henry I de Beaumont are siblings.

Knight Sir Robert I de Beaumont 1st Earl of Leicester
The Conqueror and His Companions LINK - Hastings Warrior - Knight
Aka: Robert of Meulan, Lord of Beaumont, Pont-Audemer and Brionne, Count of Meulan.
Companion of Willam the Conqueror at Hastings 1066
b c1049, Pont-Audemer (Beaumont), Normandy, France
d 5 Jun 1118, Leicestershire, England
Buried - Preaux

He married in 1096 Isabel Capet of Vermandois Countess of Leicester Aka:Elisabeth
[rt9;50-24;53-24;66-24][S590] [S695] [S1082] [S1807] B&B LINK - HS LINK
RES: Normandy, FR
b 1081/1085, Beaumont, Vermadois,Normandy
d 13 Feb 1130/31, St. Nicaise, Meulan, D-Sens, France


aka: Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois de Cpri; de Crepi, Elizabeth (Isabel) of Valois, Bretagne, France, of Vermandois. Isabelle's mother, Alix, Countess of Vermandois & Valois, certainly belonged to an illegitimate branch of the Carolingians, but Alix' marriage to Hugues "le Grand" of France, (causa uxoris) Count of Vermandois, makes all of her descendants, including Isabelle, a member of a junior branch of the royal Capetian dynasty of France.

Henry I de Beaumont de Newburgh 1st Earl of Warwick 1090
[www1] b c1048
d 20 Jun 1119/1123

He married by 1100 Marguerite du Perche

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The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 7

Siblings Waleran II de Beaumont, [B�lair] Isabel de Beaumont [Barb�]
& Robert II de Beaumont [Barb�] are all ancestors.
Cousin Roger de Beaumont [Barb�] is also an ancestor.

Isabel de Beaumont of Leicester Aka: Elizabeth [rt9;66-25][S590] B&B LINK
b c1100

She married (1) Gilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Pembroke 1138 [rt9;184-4][S11] [S590]
Clare of co. Pembroke, England
b 21 Sep 1100, Tunbridge, Kent, England
d 6 Jan 1147/48
BUR: Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill, Monmouthshire, ENG

Lineage = Beaumont -> De Clare -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Knight Sir Robert II de Beaumont2nd Earl of Leicester [rt9;53-25][S590] Knight knighted 1122;
Justicar of England, 1155-1168
b 1104, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
d 5 Apr 1168, Leicester, Leicestershire, England

He married AFT 1120 Amice de Montford Aka: Amica de Gael, Amicia Ware
[rt9;53-25][S590] B&B LINK
b c1108, Norfolk, England

Roger de Beaumont de Newburgh 2nd Earl of Warwick Aka: Roger de Newburgh 2nd Earl of Warwick
b c1102
d 12 JUN 1153

He married by 1130 Gundrade of Surrey Aka:Gundred de Warenne
[rt9;84-25][hs3][www1] HS LINK
b c1117
d c1166

Waleran II de Beaumont Count of Meulan %Galeran IV, Val�ran II de Beaumont-Meullent
Fils de Comte Robert de Beaumont et de Isabelle de Vermandois
b c1104
d 6 avril 1163

m 1141

Agn�s d' Evreux de Montfort %Elizabeth
b 1110/c1123
d 15 d�cembre 1181

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 8

Siblings Hawise de Beaumont & Sir Robert III de Beaumont & second cousin Waleran 4th Earl of Warwick are all ancestors.

Hawise de Beaumont Aka: Hedwig [rt9;63-26][S590] B&B LINK
RES: Leicester
b c1130
d 24 Apr 1197

She married c1150 William Fitz Robert de Caen 2nd Earl of Gloucester
[rt9;124-27][S11] [S590]
Lord Of The Manor Of Glamorgan And Of Cardiff Castle
b 23 Nov 1116, of Glouchester d 23 Nov 1183

Sir Robert III de Beaumont 3rd Earl of Leicester Count of Meulan from 1166 to 1199
[rt9;53-26] Knight - Crusader 1179
b bef 1135
d 1190, Durazzo, Greece

He married ca. 1155 Petronilla de Grantmesnil [rt9;53-26]
d 1 Apr 1212

Waleran de Newburgh 4th Earl of Warwick
b bef.1153
d 24 Dec 1204

He married (2) Alice of Harcourt [rt9;84-26]
dau of Robert of Harcourt of Staunton-Harcourt, co. Oxford
& Isabel de Camville living 1207/08, dau of Richard de Camville of Staunton

Isabelle de Beaumont-le-Roger %Isabeau de Beaumont-Meullent, Isabel de Meulan
dau of Waleran II de Beaumont
widow/Veuve of Geoffroy II de Mayenne m 1161
b 1147
d 10 mai 1220

m 1170

Maurice II de Craon
b c1126
d 10 ao�t 1196

Lineage = Beaumont -> Nevers -> Croy -> Bournel -> Marle -> Baillon -> Miville -> St-Onge -> B�lair

The Beaumont Line
Generation No. 9

Alice de Beaumont-le Roger de Newburgh
d 1246/c.1263/bef. 1268

She married -William Mauduit Baron Mauduit [rt9;84-27][hs]
d Apr 1257 of Hanslope, Bucks

Lineage = Beaumont -> Mauduit -> De Beauchamp -> Blount -> Marbury ->
Hutchinson -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Margaret de Beaumont [rt9;53-27;60-27][S1033][S590] B&B LINK
Aka: HARCOURT, Margaret b. ABT 1156 Hampshire, England d. 12 JAN 1235/36
b ABT 1155, Hampshire, ENG
d 12 Jan 1235/36

She married BEF 1173 Saire IV de Quincey 1st Earl of Winchester
Crusader 1219; Desc. of Charlemagne; Magna Charta Surety
b 1155
d 3 Nov 1219, Damietta, Holy Land, Asia Minor, Prob. Eqypt

Lineage = Beaumont -> Quincey -> de Vere -> Bigod -> Fitz-Eustace -> Bisset -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

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