A Grandchild's Heritage - The de BIGOD Line

A Grandchild's Heritage

The de BIGOD Line

Other lines directly linked to Bigod through their wives are Vere & Plantagenet

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Generation No. 1

Robert de Bigod

Generation No. 2

Roger de Bigod
[rt11;184][S633] [S790] COEL LINK The Conqueror and His Companions LINK
Constable of Norwich Castle 1077
RES: Norfolk, ENG

m Alice de Toney Aka: Adeliza
[S633] [S790][www22]


Roger Bigod founded the priory of St Mary at Thetford, mentioning his wife and his son William. Extract from Domesday showing Roger Bigod recorded as tenant-in-chief in Norfolk, holding the manor of Thetford in Demesne.

Generation No. 3

Hugh de Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk
[S633] [S790]

He married - Juliana de Vere
[S633] [S790] B&B LINK
b c 1130

Generation No. 4

Magna Charta Surety Roger le Bigod Baron le Bigod
[rt9;69-28][S790] [S633] [S1407]
Manor of Thetford in Demesne; 2nd Earl of Norfolk 1189;
Lord High Stewart of England; Magna Charta Surety 1215
b c1150
d bef Aug 1221

He married - Ida Plantagenet of Lancaster (Isabel)
[rt9;69-28][S633] [S790] B&B LINK


Roger le Bigod, MAGNA CHARTA SURETY: One of the 25 sureties of the Magna Carta. Steward of the Houshold of Richard I and one of the four earls who carried the silken canopy over the monarch's head at his second coronation.

Roger le Bigod. 4th Earl of Norfolk. Died 1221, before 2 Aug. Fought under the royal standard at the battle of Fornham, 1173. In 1195-1196 sat as a Baron of the Exchequer. With his son, Hugh, he was among the 25 Barons elected to maintain the Magna charta, June 1215, for which all were excommunicated by Pope Innocent III in Dec 1215. He returned to his allegiance and his lands were restored to him in Sep 1217. (CP, 9: 586-589; DNB, 2: 486-487). Married Ida. [S633] [S1407]

Generation No. 5

Siblings Hugh Bigod & Jane de Bigod are both ancestors.

Magna Charta Surety Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk
Magna Charta Surety
d 1225

He married in 1207 Maud Marshall
b by 1190
d 27 March 1248.

Jane de Bigod
[S1411] B&B LINK

She married - Richard Fitz Eustace Lord of Clavering
Constable of Chester
d 1163

Lineage = Bigod -> Fitz-Eustace -> Bisset -> La Zouche -> Greene ->
Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Generation No. 6

Isabel de Bigod
[rt9;70-29;73-29][S633] [S790] [S810] [S1993] B&B LINK
b c1212, of Thetford, Norfolk, England
d 1239

She married (1) Gibert de Lacy of Ewyas Lacy, co. Hereford, & of Trim and Weoberley
[rt9;70-29] [S633] [S810]
d 1230

Lineage = Bigod -> Lacy -> Verdon -> Burghersh -> Despenser -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Knight She married aft 1230 (2) Sir John FitzGeoffrey de Lutegareshale of Essex
[rt9;72-29;73-29][S633][S810] Knight
Justiciar of Ireland 1245-1256
b c1215 in Shere, Surrey, England[www11]
d 23 Nov 1258 Shere, Farnbridge

Lineage = Bigod -> Fitz Piers -> Butler -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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