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A Grandchild's Heritage

BRAIOSE Coat of Arms

Lineage = Braiose -> Cantilupe -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

Other lines directly linked to Braiose through their wives are Pitres & Marshall & Deheubarth

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Generation No. 1

Brusse Earl of Caithness d 1031[8]
RES Normandy

He married - Ostrida of Gothland [8]
RES: Normandy

Generation No. 2

Gen. Rognvald Brusse d 1046[8]
RES: Normandy

He married - Felicia of Normandy [8]
RES: Normandy

Generation No. 3

Robert de Brusse I [4,8,9]
RES: Normandy
b c1030 Of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland d 1080

m c1020 Normandy

Emma of Brittany [4,8,9]
RES: Normandy
b c1034 Bretagne, France
d 1094

"a son, Brusi, who as far as can be found was the first to be called "Robert de Brusse". BRUSI (Robert de Brusse) married Emma of Brittany, circa 1020 A.D. in Normandy." [S1442]

Generation No. 4

William Braose Baron of Bramber 1049 - 1093 [2,4]
RES: FR & Sussex ENG & Wales
b 1049 of Brienze, Normandy, France
d 1093 Bramber, Sussex, England

He married - Agnes de St. Clare [2,4]
RES: ENG & Wales
b c1054 of Barnstaple, Devonshire, England

"Bramber Castle, in Sussex, now a ruin, held by William de Braose in the Domesday Book. check out I. J. Sanders's _English Baronies_, p. 108. It shows the descent of the Barony of Bramber from William I de Braose, d. 1093-6." "The editors of MCS for this Line 63 have linked Bramber and Gower together as if both are in Wales. Gower is near Swansea in Wales, but Bramber is in Sussex." Source: Henry Sutliff

Generation No. 5

Philip de Braose [2]
RES: Wales
b c1080 of Bramber, Sussex, England
d 1134 Palestine
BUR Palestine

He married - Aenor de Totnes %Aenor De Totnais [2,4]
dau of Judael of Totnes %Johel
RES: Wales
b c1084, Barnstaple, Devonshire, England

Generation No. 6

William de Braiose 1st Lord of Abergavenny, Lord of Bramber; of Gwentland [rt2,3,4]
Acceded: 1174; Sheriff of Herfordshire
RES: Sussex ENG & Wales
b 1126, of Bramber, Sussex, England d 1193

He married - Bertha FitzWalter of Gloucester [2,3,4] HS LINK - B&B LINK
b c1130, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Generation No. 7

Siblings WILLIAM de BRAOSE & SIBYL de BRAOSE are both ancestors.

William de Braiose Lord of Bramber [2,3,4]
Lord of Gower, Brecknock. "Lord of Hay, Brecknock, and Radnor. Jailer of Arthur of Brittany at Castle Falaise."
b c1153, of Bramber, Sussex, England
d 9/12 Aug 1211, Corbeil, France

He married - Lady Matilda de St. Valerie %Maud de St. Valery [rt2,3]
b 1155, Bramber, Sussex, England
d 1210, Windsor Castle,Starved to death by King John.

"She and her son William were starved to death in the dungeons of Windsor Castle, by King John, because she dared to tell the truth about his murder of Arthur of Brittany."

Sibyl de Braiose [rt9;194-6][S790] [S1805] B&B LINK
RES: Wales
fl 5 Feb 1227/28

She married - William de Ferrers 3rd Earl of Derby [rt9;194-6][S790] [S1805]
Earl of Ferrieres.
d 1190 bef 21 Oct Siege of Acre, Palestine, on a Crusade

Generation No. 8

Reginald de Braiose Aka: Reynold de Braiose [rt9;27-28]
b c1171 Bramber, Sussex, England
d 9 Jun 1228, Brecon, Breconshire, Wales

He married - Gwladus Dhu "The Dark" Llywelyn of Wales Aka: Gracia de Briwere~ [rt3,4,6,7]
b c1190 Gwynedd, Wales
d 1251 Windsor, BRK, ENG

Generation No. 9

Baron William de Braiose Lord of Abegavenny [rt9;177-8][rt3,4]
6th Baron de Braiose; a descendant of Griffith, King of Wales
b c1204 of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
d 2 May 1230, Hanged, Wales

He married - Eve Marshall of Pembroke %Eva [rt9;66-28][rt3,4,5] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES: ENG & Wales
b c1206 Of Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales
d BEF 1246

Lord William de Braose "Black Will". William de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny; Acceded: Brecknock; Lord of Totnes, Brecon and Radnor. "He was 6th Baron de Braose of Brecknock Castle-Lord of Abergavenney-Lord of Totnes, Brecon and Radnor. He was hanged. Royal Ancestors of Magna Carta Barons p 48,51; Cokayne Vol I p 21, Vol V p202, Vol IV p 379, Vol VI"I p 770 Ancestral Roots p 53, 1627, 2179 !Genealogical Society of Utah; Gareth Rice."

Generation No. 10

Sisters Lady Eve de Braiose, Eleanor de Braiose & Maud de Braiose are all ancestors.

Lady Eve de Braiose %EVA [rt9;66-29][rt1,2] B&B LINK
b c1228
d BEF 28 Jul 1255

m AFT 1238/Bef. 15 February 1246/47/48

Baron William de Cantelou aka: Lord Abergavenny; Baron Abergavenne CANTILUPE [1,2]
RES: Wiltshire, ENG
b c1216 Calne, Wiltshire, England
d 25 Sep 1254, Calsone,Wiltshire,England

Maud de Braiose aka: Matilda de Braose
[rt9;67-29][S790][S1050][S1993][S1007][hs] B&B LINK MH LINK HS LINK
RES: ENG & Wales
b c1226 Brecons, Wales
d bef 23 Mar 1300/01

m 1247

Roger de Mortimer 6th Baron Mortimer of Wigmore
RESIDENCE: Wigmore, HEF, ENG & Wales
b 1231 Cwmaron Castle, Radnorshire, Wales
d 27/30 Oct 1282, Kingsland, Herefordshire, England

Eleanor de Braiose [rt9;68-29]
d 14 Aug 1241

She married - Humphrey de Bohun VI Earl of Essex, Earl of Hereford [rt9;97-29]
d 27 Aug 1265

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