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A Grandchild's Heritage
The Butler Line
MOTTO: God be my guide. .
MOTTO: Esse quam videri. To be, rather than to seem.
MOTTO: Comme je trouve. As I find it.

Lineage = Butler -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

Other lines directly linked to de Roucy through their wives are Hainault & de la Maasgau

Sources are indicated by numbers in [red].

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The Butler Line
Generation No. 1

Theobald le Boteler
d 1248

m Margery de Burgh [rt9;73-30]
Daughter of Richard de Burgh

The Butler Line
Generation No. 2

Theobald le Boteler[rt9;73-30]
b c1242
d 26 Sept 1285

He married ca. 1268 Joan Fitz John [rt9;73-30]
d c26 May 1303

The Butler Line
Generation No. 3

Edmund le Boteler[rt9;73-31]
Justicar & Governor of Ireland
d 13 Sep 1321 London

m 1302 Joan Fitz Thomas [rt9;73-31]
Daughter of John Fitz Thomas Fitz Gerald of Kildare

The Butler Line
Generation No. 4

Sir James Butler 1st Earl of Ormond K.B.
[rt9;73-32] [S810] [S1922] [S1993] [S1982] Knight
cr. Earl of Ormond Oct. 1328
b c1305
d 6 Jan 1337/8, Gowran

m 17 Oct 1326

Lady Eleanor de Bohun Aka: ALIANOR [rt9;7-30][S1922] [S1993]
b 17 Oct 1304, of Knaresborough,Yorkshire, England
d 7 Oct 1363


"He succeeded to the Butlership of Ireland, but notwithstanding his nonage, being under age at his father's death, had license 3 Dec 1325 for the fine of 2,000 marks to marry whom he pleased, and was created Earl of Ormond (the north part of the County of Tipperary) by patent bearing date of 2 Nov 1328 at Salisbury, the King then holding Parliament there. By patent, dated at Wallingford, in consideration for his services, and better to enable him to support the honour, had given to him the regalities, liberties, knight's fees and other royal privileges of the County of Tipperary, and the rights of a Palatine in that county for life. By virtue of this grant these privileges were enjoyed by the family until 1716. He is described by Clynn, the Annalist, to be a liberal, amicable facetious and comely person. He died in the flower of his youth. He married Eleanor, 2nd daugh. of Humphrey de Bohun (great-great grandson of Henry de Bohun) and his wife,Princess Elizabeth, daugh. of King Edward I (Longshanks). James & Eleanor had children viz. John, who died an infant, James and a daughter named Petronilla who married Gilbert, 3rd Baron Taubot ( generation 10 in the Talbot line)." [S1922]

The Butler Line
Generation No. 5

Petronella Butler
[rt9;13-31][S1922] [S1993] B&B LINK
d 1387

m BEF 8 Sep 1352/by 1361

She married by 1361 Sir Gilbert Talbot 3rd Baron Talbot [rt9;95-32][S1922] [S1993] Knight
Lord Talbot, of Ecclesfield, co. Hereford; M.P.1362
b c1322/1332 d 24 Apr 1387, Roales, Spain


"He was summoned to Parliament 14 Aug 1362 to 8 Aug 1386. This nobleman served under the Black Prince (Edward III, so called because of his fierceness in battle). In the 1st year of the reign of Richard II he was in the King's Fleet at sea, with Michael de la Pole, Admiral for the North. He married Petronelle and they had his son, Richard, 4th Baron Talbot." [S1922]

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