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A Grandchild's Heritage
The Capet Line
Part II

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The CAPET Line
Generation No. 15

Siblings Henry I, Robert I & Adelheid,
children of Robert II "The Pious", are all ancestors.

Henri I Capet King of France 1031-1060 (Son of Robert II & Constance)
[rt9;53-22;101-22][rt15;134-32][rt5,6][S590] [S810] [S1033] [S1570] [S2016] Americana Biography
crowned 1025, Duke of Burgundy, Count Of Paris
RES: Vermandois, Normandy, France
b 1005/bef 17 May 1008/1011 Bourgogne, FR
d 4 Aug 1060, Vitry-Aux-Loges, France
BUR St. Denis

m (3) 29 Jan 1044/ABT 19 Jan 1050/May 19 1051 Rheims, France

Anne of Russia Grand Duchess of Kiev %Anna Jaroslawna Kijewskaja
[rt9;53-22;241-6][rt15;143-30][S590] [S1033] [S2016] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES: Ukraine & France
b 1036, Kiev, Ukraine
d 1075 FR

Robert I "The Old" of Orleans Duke of Burgundy (Son of Robert II.& Constance)
[rt5,6][rt9;108-21;113-22][S590] [S810] [S1033] [S2016] [S2199]
b c1011 Fleury-sur-Ouche, Ome, Normandie, FR
d 1075/21 Mar 1076
BUR: St Seine Abbey, Semur, France

m c1033

Eleanor of Seomur En Auxios %Helie de Semur of Burgundy
RES: of Seomu-en-Auxios
b 1016, Brionnais or Semur, Cote-d'or, France
d 22 Apr 1055

Adele of France %Adelheid
[rt9;128-22] - HS LINK
b c1014
d 8 JAN 1079

m (2) 1028

Baldwin V Count of Flanders
b c.1012
d 1 SEP 1067

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 16

and their cousins, siblings Henry of Burgundy , Constance of Burgundy & Princess Hildegarde Capet are all ancestors.

Hugh 'the Great' Capet aka: Hugh de CRÉPI, "le Grand", Hugh Magnus (Son of Henri I)
[rt9;53-23][S590] [S810] [S1996]
Duke of France and Burgundy, Count of Amiens, Chaumont, Paris, Valois & Vermandois
Marquis of Orleans, Leader of the first Crusade, 1096
RES: Vermandois, Normandy, France
b c1051/1057, Vermandois, Normandy, France
d 18 Oct 1101/1102, Tarsus, Cilicie, Turkey

He married -Adelaide Countess of Vermandois & Valois
Aka: Adela; Alix [rt9;50-23][S590] [S810] [S1996] HS LINK - B&B LINK
b c1062, of Valois, Bretagne, France
d 23 Sep 1120/1124 Vermandois, Normandy or Meulan, France

Child of Hugh & Adelaide is Countess Isabel Capet of Vermandois.

Philippe I King of France 1060-1108 (Son of Henri I) [rt5,6][S810] [S1570] [S2016]
b 1053, Reims, Champagne, France
d 29 Jul 1108, Melun, Isle De France, France
BUR: Abbaye St. Benoit-sur Loire

m (1) 1072

Countess Bertha of Holland Aka:Bertha of Westfriesland
[S810] [S2016] B&B LINK HS LINK
b c1054, Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
d 1093/Anfang 1094/29.7.1108, Montreuil-Sur-Loire, France

Henry Duke of Burgundy(Son of Robert I.)
b c1035
d 1061/66/1070-1074]

He married -Sibylle of Burgundy~

Constance of Burgundy(Daughter of Robert I.)
[rt9;113-23] - HS LINK
d 1092

m (1)
Don Alfonso VI Emperor of Spain
b 1030/ Jun 1040
d 30 Jun 1109

Princess Hildegarde Capet of Orleans Aka: Hildegard of Burgundy, Princess of France
dau of Robert I & Helie de Semur
[S590] [S2016] B&B LINK
b 1050
d AFT 1104

m 1069

William VI Count of Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine
[rt1,5,6][S590] [S2016]
Aka: GUILLAUME VIII Guido Goeffroy(VI); Guy-Geoffrey-William VIII d' Aquitanie
Count Of Poitou 1058-86
b c1033
d 25 Sep 1086

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 17

Brothers Henry Count of Portugal & Eudes I Duke of Burgundy and their cousins,
Countess Isabel Capet of Vermandois & King Louis VI Capet "le Gros" of France, are all ancestors.

Isabel Capet of Vermandois Countess of Leicester Aka:Elisabeth; Isabel de Crepi
[rt9;50-24;140-24][www1][www6][S590] [S695] [S1082] [S1807] B&B LINK - HS LINK
RES: Normandy, FR
b 1072/1081/c1085, Beaumont, Vermadois,Normandy
d 13 Feb 1130/31, St. Nicaise, Meulan, D-Sens, France

m (1) 1096

Sir Robert I de Beaumont 1st Earl of Leicester
[rt9;50-24;140-24][S590][www22] The Conqueror and His Companions LINK Knight
Aka: Robert of Meulan, Lord of Beaumont, Pont-Audemer and Brionne, Count of Meulan.
Companion of Willam the Conqueror at Hastings 1066
BIRTH: ABT 1049, Pont-Audemer (Beaumont), Normandy, France
DEATH: 5 Jun 1118, Leicestershire, England
Buried - Preaux

m (2) 1118

William II de Warenne 2nd Earl of Surrey & Warrick
[rt9;50-24;140-24][hs3][www1][S590] [S695] [S1082] [S1807]
b 1071/1081
d 11 May 1138
BUR: Chapter House, Lewes, Sussex

Louis VI Capet "le Gros" King of France 1108-1137 aka: "the Fat"
[rt9;101-24;117-24][rt5,6][S810] [S1570] Crusader
son of Philip I & Bertha
b 1077-78/1081 Ende
d 1 AUG 1137

m (2) 1114/1115-1120

Adelaide of Savoy aka: Adelheid; Adelaide de Maurienne; Adele (Alix) De Savoy De Maurien [rt9;135-26][S810] HS LINK
b 1092/1100
d 18 NOV 1154

Portugal Ancien Blazon Count Henry of Portugal (Son of Henry & Sibille)
[rt9;112-24][rt13] Dynastie du Portugal LINK
b 1035/1069-1070
d 1 Nov 1112
bur Braga Cathedral, Braga Portugal

m 1093

Infanta Dona Teresa Alfonso de Leon of Castile
[rt9;112-24] HS LINK
fille naturelle d'Alphonse VI roi de Castille
d 1 NOV 1130

Eudes I Borel, Duke of Burgundy %Odo (Son of Henry) [rt9;108-24]
b c1060
d 23 Mar 1102/03 Cilicia/Kleinasien

He married -Mathilde of Burgundy Aka:Maud [rt9;108-24] HS LINK
sister of William Testard, Count of Burgundy
b c1060

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 18

Brothers Pierre I "Peter Capet" de France, Louis VII Capet "the Young" & their cousins Affonso I King of Portugal & Hugh II Duke of Burgundy , are all ancestors.

Pierre I "Peter Capet" de France Lord of Courtenay (Son of Louis VI.) [rt9;117-25][S810] [S1570]
Crusader 1147; in England 1178
b c1125/1126, Courtenay, Loiret, France
d 10 Apr 1183

He married -Elizabeth de Courtenay [rt9;107-25][S810] B&B LINK - HS LINK
b 1127
d 14 Sep 1205

King Portugal Ancien Blazon Afonso I Le Conquérant 1st King of Portugal 1128-1185 (Son of Henry)
comte du Portugal 1128-1139, puis devient roi du Portugal 1139-1185
[rt9;112-25][rt13] - Encarta Bio - Dynastie du Portugal LINK
b 1109/1110
d 6 Dec 1185

m 1146

Mathilde of Savoy %Maud, Mafalda
[rt9;112-25] HS LINK
b c1125
d 4 NOV 1157

Hugh II Duke of Burgundy (Son of Eudes I)
b c1085
d 1143

He married -Mathilde de Turenne~
d c1160

Alice of Burgundy Aka:Ela (dau. of Eudes I)
[rt9;108-25][hs3][hs15][hs78] HS LINK
b c1080
d 1194

She married (2) William III Talvas Count of Ponthieu & d'Alencon [rt9;108-25][hs3][hs77][hs78]
d 30 JUN 1171

Louis VII Capet "the Young" King of France 25 Dec 1137-1180 [rt9;101-25]
son of Louis VI
b 1120
d 18 Sep 1180

He married (1) 1137 (no ancestor children) divorced 1150 Countess Eleanor of Aquitaine aka: l_anore d'Aquitaine, Eleanor of Poitou, (POITERS)
Duchess of Aquitaine, Countess of Saintonge, Angoumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bordeaux, Agen.
[rt1,5,6][rt9;110-26][S11] [S137] [S443] [S590] [S634] [S810] [S1570]
B&B LINK - Americana Biography - LEE LINK
OCCUPATION: Countess Of Saintonge, Angoumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bor
b 1122/23, Chateau De Belin, Guinne, France
MARRIAGE: 18 May 1152, Whitsuntide, ENG & Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, FR
DEATH: 3/31 Mar 1204, Fontevraud Abbey, Maine-et-Loire, France
BURIAL: Fontevraud Abbey, France

He married (2) (her 2nd)in 1154 Constance of Castile [rt9;115-26]
d 1160

He married (3) (no ancestor children) 13 Nov 1160 Alix of Champagne
d 24 Jun 1206

Follow the line [Bélair] of Robert I "Le Grand " de France at Les Comtes de Dreux

Robert I "Le Grand " de France Comte de Dreux, du Perche et de Braine-sur- Vesle
fils de Louis VI, roi de France & Adelaide of Savoy
¤ c1123 Braine
† 1184/11.10.1188

§ 1152

Agnès de Baudemont Dame de Braine %Agnes of HAINAULT, HENNEGAU
¤ 1130
† 24 juillet 1204

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 19

Cousins Adelaide of Courtenay, Uraca of Portugal & Eudes II Duke of Burgundy , are all ancestors.

Adelaide of Courtenay (Daughter of Pierre I) % Alice (Alix) Capet de Courtenai de FRANCE
[rt9;117-26][S504][hs3,15,71] HS LINK B&B LINK
b c1160
d 1218

She married Aymer I Taillefer de Valence Count of Angoulême
%Ademar;Adhemar;Aimar;Ymer, Audemor
[rt9;153-27][rt1,5][S11] [S137] [S504] [S590]
b Of Angouleme
RES: Angouleme, Aquitaine, France
d aft.1218/16 Jun 1202 Limoges

Portugal Ancien Blazon Uraca of Portugal (Daughter of Afonso I.)
reine de Leon et reine des Asturies et reine de Galice
[rt9;112-26] - HS LINK
b c1148-1150/1151
d 1178/1188

m (1) 1160

Fernando II King of Leon
b c1138
d 21/22 Jan 1188 Benavente

Eudes II Duke of Burgundy (Son of Hughes II) Aka:(Odo)
b c1110
d Sep 1162

He married -Marie de Champagne HS LINK
b c.1128
d c.1190

Alice of France (dau of Louis & Constance) [rt9;115-27]

m 1195

William III Count of Ponthieu [rt9;109-28]
b 1179
d 1221

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 20

Hugues III Duke of Burgundy (Son of Eudes II.)
b c1148
d 23 AUG 1192

He married -Beatrix Princess de Vienne HS LINK
b 1160/1162
d 16 DEC 1228

The CAPET Line
Generation No. 21

Anne of Burgundy (Daughter of Hughes III.) HS LINK

She married -Count Amedeo IV of Savoy Duke of Aosta
b 1197
d 13 JUL 1253

Lineage = Capet -> Savoy -> Saluzzo -> Fitzalan -> Strange -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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