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The Charlemagne Line Part 2

Other lines directly linked to de Roucy through their wives are Hainault & de la Maasgau

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 13

Charlemagne Half-Cousins Charlemagne & Rotrude are both ancestors.

HS LINK The Franks AOE II Bio
Einhard BIO Einhard BIO SOURCE
Einhard Alternate with Latin
King of France 768-814; son of King Pepin I the Short
b 2 APR 742 Ingelheim?
d 28 JAN 813/14 Aachen/Aix la Chapelle

He married 30 Apr 771 in Aix-la-Chapelle/Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia

Hildegard of Alemannien %Hildegarde of Vinzgau
Hildegarde was age 13 when married,
died age 26 after having 9 children
b 758/757, Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
d 30 Apr 0783, Thionville,Austrasia
in St Arnoul Abbey, Metz, Austrasia, France

Hildegard was, through her mother, a great-great-granddaughter of the heroic Swabian duke GODFREY, whose sons and grandson had continued to oppose Charles' ancestors as usurpers of the authority of the Merovingian kings. Her father, however, was a Frank from the middle Rhine region whose association with the Carolingians brought profit and influence to himself and his descendants...."

Charlemagne Map
The Light Green areas were lands held by Charlemagne in 771 A.D.
The Dark Green areas were lands acquired by Charlemagne by 800 A.D.

Rotrude [rt9;191-13]
dau of Carloman

She married Girard Count of Paris 743-775 [rt9;191-13]

The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 14

Siblings Pepin, Louis I & Rotrude & their half sister Aupals, are all ancestors.

Pepin King of Italy & Bavaria
King of Italy 781-810; Consecrated King of Lombardy 15 Apr 781 b Apr 773
bapt. at Rome, 12 Apr 781 by Pope Adrian I
d 8 JUL 810 Milan

apparently by a daughter of Duke Bernard younger brother of King Pepin I the Short he had a natural son Bernard

Emperor Louis I 'the Pious' Aka: 'the Fair'; Kaiser Ludwig I
[rt18;p369][rt5,6][S414] [S2016] [S2144][S2159]
King Of Aquitaine 781; King Of France; Emperor 814-840
b Aug 0778 Chasseneuil, France
d 20 JUN 840 Near Ingelheim, Germany
bur Ingelheim

He married (1) Ermengard~
d 3 OCT 818 Tours

He married (2) Lady Judith "The Fair Maid" of Altdorf Aka: Judith of Bavaria
[rt18;p369;p372][S443] [S695] [S2016] [S2144] B&B LINK
b c800 Orleans, Loiret, France
d 19 Apr 0843, Tours, Neuistria

Aupals Aka: Alpais [rt9;191-14]
Natural dau of Charlemagne

She married Begue Count of Paris [rt9;191-14]
Chamberlain of Louis of Aquitaine 776
son of Rotrude & Girard

d 816

Rotrude %Hurodrud
dau of Charlemagne
b c775
d 06 juin 810

m c800

Rorico I Count du Maine %Roricon
b 0770
d 1 Mar 0839

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 15

Siblings Lothair I, Rotrud, Louis II, Gisela, Charles II the Bald & cousin Bernard are all ancestors.

Bernard King of Italy 813-Dec 817 (Natural Son of Pepin King of Italy)
b c.797
d 17 APR 818 Milan, (Aachen)

He married Cunigunde~ [rt9;50-15]
d aft 15 Jun 835

Emperor Lothair I(Son of Ermengard & Louis)
[rt5,6,13] Encarta Bio
b 795
d 29 SEP 855 Prüm

He married Ermengarde de Tours~
d 20 MAR 851

Rotrud (Daughter of Ermengard & Louis)
b c.800
d n.841

She married Gerard Count of Auvergne ~
d 25 JUN 841 Fontenoy (Poitou)

Louis II King of Germany (Son of Ermengard & Louis)
b c.806
d 28 AUG 876 [rt5, 6]

He married Emma of Altdorf
d 31 JAN 876

Gisela (Daughter of Judith & Louis)
b c.820
d n.1.7.874

She married Eberhard Duke of Friaul HS LINK
d 16 DEC 866

Emperor Charles II the Bald King of the West Franks (Son of Judith & Louis)
Roi d'Aquitaine (844), roi de Francie occidentale (840-877) Emp. (875)
b 13 JUN 823 Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, Frankfort-on-Main Frankfurt am Main
d 6 OCT 877 Cenlis,(in the Alps) or Brides Les Bains, Bourgogne

He married (1) Irmintrud of Orleans
b 12.10.(c.830)
d 6 OCT 869 Saint-Denis

He married (2)Richildis of Metz
d 910-914

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 16

Siblings Irmgard & Lothair II; cousin Gisela; cousins, siblings Judith, Louis II; cousin Rothild; & cousin Count Pippin are all ancestors.

Peppin II de Vermandois Count of Senlis, Peronne & St. Quentin Aka:Pippin
(Son of Bernhard King of Italy) [rt9;50-16][rt18;p375][S11] [S137] [S414] [S443] [S759] - LINK
b c815 St. Quentin, Vermandois, France/ 0818 Vermandois, Neustria
d >840/c845/ 0892 Milan, Italy
He was deprived of the throne of Italy by Emperor Louis, the Debonaire, and received a part of Vermandois and the Seigneuries of St. Quentin and Peronne.

Irmgard (Daughter of Emperor Lothar I)Princess of Italy Aka:Ermengarde of Burgundy [S1934] [S2016] B&B LINK
b ABT 0830, Alsace-Lorraine
d aft. 849

She married Giselbert Count of Maasgau
d n.877 (Lothringen)

Lothair II King of Lorraine (Son of Emperor Lothar I.)
[rt5,13] Encarta Bio
b c.835
d 8 AUG 869 Piacenza

He married Richenza~ Aka:Walrade
d 9.4.(n.868) Remiremont

Gisela (Daughter of Louis II & Emma)

She married Erchanger I Count of Schwaben ~

NOTE: Judith & Louis II are siblings.

Judith (Daughter of Emperor Charles II & Irmintrud) [rt1]
b c.844
d n.?.4.863-870

She married Baldwin I Duke of Flanders~ [rt1]
d 2 JAN 879 Arras

Louis II King of France (Son of Emperor Charles II & Irmintrud) [rt5,6] HS LINK
b 1 SEP 846
d 10 APR 879 Compiegne

He married (1) Ansgard of Burgundy~
d 18.11.(n.879)

He married (2) Adelheid of Paris HS LINK
b c.855/860
d 18.10.(n.900) (Altdorf)

Rothild (Daughter of Charles II & Richildis)
b c.871
d 928/929

She married Roger Count of Maine
d v.31.10.900 (Maine)

Hersent of France (Daughter of Charles II) [rt9;140-17]

She married Reginald I "Langhals" Longneck Duke of Lorraine, Count in Hainhault
Aka: Rainer I of Hennegau, Reginar, Regnier [rt9;140-17][rt9;155-17][rt5][S1934] [S2016]
b c.850/ABT 0860, France
d 25 Aug 915-19 Jan 916 Pfalz zu Mersen/0916, Meersen

dau of Charles roi d'Italie & Ermentrude d'Orléans
b c865

m c889

Geslin Count of Maine %Gauzlin, Godefroi, Gozlin
b c860
d entre 907 et 914

Lineage = Charlemagne 2 -> Mayenne -> Vitrie -> Nevers -> Croy -> Bournel ->
Marle -> Baillon -> Miville -> St-Onge -> Bélair

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The Charlemagne 2 Line
Generation No. 17

Half-siblings Ermentrud & Charles III "The Simple"; cousin Berta; & cousins Herbert I & Peppin III are all ancestors.

Berta (Daughter of Lothar II. & Waldrade)
b c.863
d 8 MAR 925

She married Theotbald Count of Arles HS LINK
b c.879
d ?.6.887/c.895

Herbert I Count of Vermandois (Son of Peppin II)
[rt9;50-17;118-17][rt18;p375][S590] [S759] [S783] [S2159]
Seigneur of Senlis & St. Quentin, 1st Lord De Peronne
b c845-850 Peronne, Somme, Picardie, France
d 900/902/6.11.907 murdered/Assassinated

He married BEF 0880 Beatrice de Morvois~ %Bertha
b c850, Frankreich

Ermentrud (Daughter of Louis II & Ansgard)

She married ? of the West Saxons

Charles III "The Simple" King of the Franks (Son of Louis II. & Adelheid)
b 17.9.879
d 7 OCT 929 Peronne [rt1,5,6,9]

He married (1)Frederuna~
d 10 FEB 917

He married (2) Edgiva of England [rt9;148-17] HS LINK
b 896
d 951 [rt1,9] (Alfred - Cerdic)

Peppin III de Vermandois Count of Normandy (son of Peppin II)
Count of Senlis, Peronne, & St. Quentin, Bretagne
[rt18;p375][S11] [S137] [S414]
RES: Normandy, France
b c845, Vermandois, Normandy, France
d 0893

unnamed daughter of Pepin II Count Berenger of Bretagne
b c880

She married Paskwitan II Count of Rennes b c880
d >903

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 18

Siblings Herbert II & Adele of Vermandois & cousins half-siblings Louis IV of Outremer & Ermentrud of France & cousin Hubert Berenger are all ancestors.

Herbert II Count of Vermandois & I Champagne & Troyes (Son of Herbert I)
[rt9;50-18;118-18;136-18][rt18;p375][rt5,6][S590][S759][S790][S1934][S2174] HS LINK
b c880-890 Vermandois, France
d 23 FEB 943 St. Quentin, Aisne, France

He married (1) Liegarde Aka:Adela of Neustrien, de France, Hildebrante (dau of Capet 11b Robert & Beatrice/Adele) [rt9;48-19][S759][S790][S1934][S2174] B&B LINK
b c0897, Vermandois, Neustria
d AFT Mar 0931

Adele of Vermandois (Daughter of Heribert I)

She married Gebhard Count of Ufgau
d c.948 (Orleans)

Louis IV of Outremer King of France (Son of Charles III. & Edgiva) [rt9;148-18][rt5,6]
b 10.9.(920/921)
d 10 SEP 954 Reims

He married Gerberga of Saxony [rt9;142-18] HS LINK
b 913/914 Nordhausen
d 5.5.[968,984] Reims

Ermentrud of France (Daughter of Charles III & Frederuna) HS LINK
b 908-916

She married Godfrey of Lorraine

Beatrice de Vermandois (Daughter of HERBERT I & BEATRICE de MORVOIS)
[rt9;48-18;53-18][rt18;p375][S759][S1720][S2159] B&B LINK
b ABT 0880
d AFT Mar 0931

She married ABT 0893 Robert I Duke of France (Son of Robert I & Adelaide)
[rt5,6][rt9;48-18;53-18][rt18;p371][S759] [S1934] HS LINK
Marquis of Neustria; King of the West Franks 922-3; Count of Paris 888
BIRTH: ABT 0860/865, of Bourgogne, France
DEATH: 15 Jun 0923, Battle at Soissons, France

Hubert Berenger de Vermandois Count of Bayeux & Senlis
son of Peppin III [S783] [S2144]
b c850
d Killed By Rollo

He married BEF 0872 Daughter de RENNES [S783] B&B LINK
b BEF 0847, Rennes, France

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 19

Siblings Adela of Vermandois, Robert of Vermandois, Albert I & Ledgard of Vermandois, children of Herbert II, are all ancestors.

Adela of Vermandois Aka: Alix [rt9;48-20][rt18;p375]
b 910-915
d 960 at Bruges

She married in 934 Arnold I 'the Old' Count of Flanders & Artois Aka: Arnulf I The Great [rt9;162-18][rt18;p375][rt1,5,6]
b c.885-890
d 27 MAR 965/6

Robert of Vermandois Count of Meaux, Chalons & Champagne Count of Troyes
[rt9;118-19][rt18;p375][rt6][S790] [S2199]
b 910/c920 Vermandois, Normandy, France
d 29 Aug 968

m (1) c950

Adelaide-Werra de Chalons Aka: Adela heiress of Troyes [rt9;118-19][rt18;p375][rt6][S790] B&B LINK
b 934
d 982

Albert I ‘the Pious’ Count of Vermandois [rt9;50-19][rt18;p375]
b c.915/ca. 920
d 8 SEP 987/988

He married his distant cousin, Gerberga of Lorraine [rt9;140-19][rt18;p375] HS LINK
b c.935
d aft.7 Sep 978

Ledgard of Vermandois
b c.920
d 27.5.(n.978)

She married Theobald {Tetbald,Thibaut} Count of Blois
d 978/16.1.975

Siblings Mathilde of France, Charles & through their mother Gerberga of Saxony,
half sibling Gerberga of Lothringen, wife of Albert I (above), are all ancestors.

Mathilde of France (Daughter of Louis IV.) HS LINK
b Ende 943
d 26.(1/11).[981,992]

She married Conrad III King of Burgundy (Son of Rudolf II.)
b c.900
d 19 OCT 993 St.Andr\'e-le-Haut/Vienne

Charles Duke of Lower Lorrainne (Son of Louis IV.)
b Sommer 953 Laon
d n.991-992 Orleans [rt5]

He married Adelheid~
d n.991

Duchess Lady Poppa de Senlis de Vermandois of Normandy Aka: Poppa de Valois (dau of Hubert Berenger) B&B LINK
Dau of Berenger, Count of Bayeux
b c0872

She married c886, France Count Rollo (Hrolfr) "The Dane" Robert I SVERIGE of Rouen Aka: Rolf 0854 - 0930 ['SVERIGE' is Swedish for Sweden]
Rollon Rognvaldsson Gongen - A Fierce VIKING Leader Of Normandy
RES: Norway & Rouen, Normandy, FR
b 0854, Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
BAP: 0911, Christian-Catholic, baptised by Archbishop of Rouen, FR
d 927/930/932 Notre Dame, Rouen, France ()
BUR: Notre Dame, Rouen, France

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 20

Cousins (to varing degrees)Adelaide de Vermandois, Herbert III & Gerberga of Lower Lorraine, are all ancestors.

Adelaide de Vermandois (Daughter of Robert) Countess of Anjou Aka: Adela de Meaux; Adelais
[rt9;118-20][rt18;p375][rt1][S790][S2016][S2199] B&B LINK
b c0934/950
d aft 6 Mar 974/c974-987/975-78

m (1) c945 France

Lambert de Autun Count of Chalon [S2199]
b 924, of Autun, Seine-Et-Loire, France

m (2) 2 Mar 951/Mar 979

Geoffrey I 'Grisegonde' Count of Anjou Aka: Geoffrey I "Grisegonnel"(Greygown, Greymantle); Gauzfred; [rt9;118-20][rt18;p375][rt1,5,6][S790] [S2016]
b c0938/c940 Anjou, France
d 21 JUL 987 killed in battle

Herbert III Count of Vermandois (Son of Albert I)
b c.955
d 29.8.993/ca 1000/1002]

He married Ermengard of Bar-sur-Seine~ [rt9;50-20]
dau of Reinald Count of Bar
d n.1018

Gerberga of Lower Lorraine (Daughter of Charles) HS LINK
b [c.970,975]
d 27.1.(n.1018)

She married Lambert I Count of Löwen
b c.955
d 12 SEP 1015 Florennes (Lothringen)

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The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 21

Otto Count of Vermandois Aka:Otton, Eudes, Otho(Son of Heribert III)
b c.1000
d 25 MAY 1045

He married Parvie~ Aka:Pavia [rt9;50-21]

The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 22

Heribert IV Count of Vermandois
b c.1032
d c.1080

He married Adele de Vexin et de Valois [rt9;50-22]

The Charlemagne Line
Generation No. 23

Adelaide Countess of Vermandois & Valois
Aka: Adela; Alix [rt9;50-23][S590] [S810] [S1996] HS LINK - B&B LINK
b ABT 1062, of Valois, Bretagne, France
d 23 Sep 1120/1124 Vermandois, Normandy or Meulan, France

She married Hugh 'the Great' Capet aka: Hugh de CRÉPI, "le Grand", Hugh Magnus (Son of Henri I)
[rt9;53-23][S590] [S810] [S1996]
Duke of France and Burgundy, Count of Amiens, Chaumont, Paris, Valois & Vermandois
Marquis of Orleans, Leader of the first Crusade, 1096
RES: Vermandois, Normandy, France
b ABT 1051/1057, Vermandois, Normandy, France
d 18 Oct 1101/1102, Tarsus, Cilicie, Turkey

Lineage = Charlemagne -> Capet -> Savoy -> Saluzzo -> Fitzalan -> Strange -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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