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A Grandchild's Heritage

The de Clare Line
Clare Family Crest
Or, three chevronels gules
The De Clare Family
by Daniel Mersey

Lineage 1= De Clare -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Lineage 2= De Clare -> Despenser -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Lineage through AVELINA de CLARE= De Clare -> FitzPiers -> DeBeauchamp -> Blount -> Marbury ->
Hutchinson -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Lineage through ALFFAED of Normandy= De Clare -> Wessex -> Bernicia -> Huntingdon -> St. Liz -> Quincey -> Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

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The de CLARE Line
Generation No. 27

Godfrey Count of Brionne & Eu Aka: Geoffrey [rt1,8]

Child of Count Godfrey of Brionne & EU is: Count GISLEBERT (Gilbert) of Brionne & EU [rt1,8]

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Generation No. 28

Gilbert Count of Brionne & Eu %Giselbert

Generation No. 29

Hastings Warrior Richard FitzGilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Clare
[rt9;184-2][1,8,11] - Hastings Warrior
RES: Normandy & Clare, Suffolk, ENG
b 1035
d bef 1090
BUR: St. Neots, co. Huntingdon.

He married -Rohese de Giffard
aka: Rohaise de Bolebec,
[rt9;184-2][8,11][S1014] B&B LINK
RES: Normandy & ENG
d BEF 1090


He accompanied WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR on the invasion of England in 1066 and received great estates, including Clare in Suffolk, from whence the family took its name. "A Baronial Family in Medeival England: The Clares, 1217-1314; Michael Altschul; The Johns Hopkins Press, 1965:

1.Richard FitzGilbert, styled (from his possessions) "de Bienfaite", "De Clare", and "de Tonbridge". Lord of Bienfaite, Orbec in Normandy; Clare & Tonbridge in England. Regent of England jointly with William de Warenne during the Conqueror's absence in 1075. King William granted him one of the largest fiefs in the territorial settlement. The lordship centered on Clare, Suffolk, which had been an important stronghold in Anglo-Saxon times. The bulk of Richard's estates lay in Suffolk, Essex, Surrey, and Kent, but comprised holdings in other counties in the southern and eastern parts of the kingdom as well. In addition, William (King) arranged for his marriage with Rohese, sister of Walter Giffard, later earl of Buckingham, and her dowry, consisting of lands in Huntingdon and Hertford, became absorbed in the family inheritance. "De Tonbridge", Lord Bienfaite.

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Generation No. 30

Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare Earl of Kent, Earl of Cardigan [rt9;184-3][1,8,11,13]
Founder Of The Priory Of Clare, 1090, 2nd Earl of Clare
RES: Of Clare, Suffolk, England & Tonbridge, Kent, ENG & Wales
b c1054, Castle Tonbridge, Kent, ENG
d aft 1113/ABT 1114/1070 [rt9;184-3]

He married -Adeliza de Clermont Aka: Adelaide de Claremont1074 - AFT 1117 [rt9;184-3][8,11,13] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES: Of, Northhampton, ENG
b c1060/1074, of Northamptonshire, England
d AFT 1117, England

Generation No. 31

Siblings Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, GILBERT de CLARE & ALICE de CLARE are all ancestors.

GILBERT de CLARE's line is italisized to make it easier to follow.

Richard FitzGilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Hertford
Lord of Clare, Tonbridge, Cardigan; founded the priory of Tonbridge."
RES: ENG & Wales
b bef 1100, of Hertford
d 15 Apr 1136, slain by the Welsh in Grwyney Forest near Abergavenny, Wales during a journey
BUR: Gloucester

He married -Adeliz le Meschin of Chester %Alice
[8,11,12] B&B LINK
b c1098 Of Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
d 1128

Gilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Pembroke 1138, [rt9;66-25][S11][S590]
Clare of co. Pembroke, England
b 21 Sep 1100, Tunbridge, Kent, England
d 6 Jan 1147/8 BUR: Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill, Monmouthshire, ENG

Clare of co. Pembroke, England Coat of Arms
Clare of co. Pembroke, England Coat of Arms
Argent, on a chief Azure, three crosses pattee fitchee of the field.

He married -Isabel de Beaumont of Leicester Aka: Elizabeth [rt9;66-25][S590] B&B LINK
b ABT 1100

Alice de Clare [rt9;246-25][www5][S590] [S633] B&B LINK
RES: Kent, ENG
d 1163

She married - Aubrey II de Vere [rt9;246-25][www5][S590] [S633]
Justicar of England; Master Chamberlain Of England 1133
Sheriff of London & Middlesex 1121, 1125
b 1062/ABT 1100, Of Great Addington And Drayton, Co., Northampton
d 15 May 1141, Slain In London.

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Generation No. 32

Cousins ROGER "The Good" de CLARE & King RICHARD Fitz_Gilbert "Strongbow" de CLARE are both ancestors.

Roger "The Good" de Clare 3rd Earl of Clare [1,8,9,10]
2nd Earl of Hereford
RES: Tonbridge, co. Kent, ENG
b by 1116 Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England
d 1173, Oxfordshire, England
BUR: Eynsham, Priory, Oxfordshire, England

He married -Maud de St. Hilary %Matilda St. Hilaire
[S590] [S1007] [S1407] B&B LINK
RES: Norfolk, ENG
b c1132, of Burkenham, Field Dalling, Norfolk
d 24 Dec 1195, Norfolk, England


Succeeded his brother GILBERT (died 1151) as EARL OF CLARE. Earl of Clare or Hertford. Roger de Clare, Lord of Clare, before 1156 he was recognised as Earl of Hertford. 3rd Earl of Hertford, Lord of Clare; quarrelled with Thomas Becket? over Tonbridge Castle and was unsuccessful in opposing Rhys ap Gruffyd [1132-1197], Lord of Deheubarth.

Roger de Clare, of Clare, Herefordshire and Tonbridge, co. Kent. 2nd Earl of Hereford and generally styled Earl of clare. Fought in Wales 1157 (CP, 5: 124, 6: 499-501; DNB, 4: 396-397).

Richard Fitz Gilbert "Strongbow" de Clare King of Leinster
[rt9;66-26][S11] [S590] [S790] [S1993]
Acknowledge The Suzerainty Of HENRY II Of England
2nd Earl of Pembroke, Justicar of Ireland
b c1130, Tunbridge, Kent, England
d 20 Apr 1176, Dublin, IRE
BUR: Holy Trinity (Christ Church Cathedrall), Dublin, IRE
ARMS:..Or (gold), three chevrons Gules (red), with a label of five points Azure (blue)extinct 1176.

King RICHARD's Coat of Arms
King RICHARD's Coat of Arms
Or, three chevrons Gules, with a label of five points Azure

m 26 Aug 1171, Waterford

Countess Aoife MacMurrough of Leinster Aka:Eva
[rt9;175-7][S11] [S590] [S790] [S1993] B&B LINK
Acceded 1185 Countess of Leinster
RES: Leinster IRE
b c1143 Leinster, Ireland
d AFT 1186

aka: "Eve of Leinster" MacMurrough, Aoife of Leinster, Mac Murchada Aoife (Eva) ISABEL (Eva)of Leinster, Countess of Ireland.
"Source: A Short History of Ireland, by J.C. Beckett,p. 15-16. She was a Princess of Ireland, married to the Strongbow as a reward for his military exploits there."

Generation No. 33

Siblings Richard de Clare & Aveline de Clare & 2nd cousin Countess Isabel de Clare are all ancestors.

Richard de Clare Blazon Magna Charta Surety Richard de Clare 4th Earl of Hertford [rt9;63-27][rt1,7,8][S11] [S590] [S1123]
Aka: Richard Fitz Roger de Clare
6th Earl of Clare, Hertford & Gloucester, Magna Charta Surety 1215
b c1162 Tunbridge, Kent
d 28 Nov 1217

He married -Amice FitzWilliam de Mellent de Caen Countess of Gloucester
Aka: Amica of Leicester
[rt9;63-27][S11] [S590] [S1007] [S1123] B&B LINK
RES: Of Glouchester, ENG
b 1160 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
d 1 Jan 1224/25

Aveline de Clare Aka:Eveline
[S810] [S1807] B&B LINK d by 1225

m Geoffrey FitzPiers de Mandeville Earl of Essex
[S810] [S1807] [S2025]
Justiciar of England
b 1162 Northampton, England
d 14 Oct 1213 Walden, Essex, England
BUR: Shouldham Priory

Isabel de Clare Countess of Pembroke [rt9;66-27][S11] [S590] [S790] [S1993] HS LINK - B&B LINK
Countess Strigoil
RES: ENG & Pembroke Castle, Wales
b 1174 Pembroke, Wales
d 1220, Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales
BUR: Tintern Abbey

m (1) Aug 1189, London, ENG

Sir William Marshal 3rd Earl Of Pembroke
[rt9;66-27][S11] [S590] [S790] [S810] [S1993] Knight
Marshall Of England, Protector, Regent of the Kingdom 1216-1219.
RES: ENG & Pembroke Castle, Wales
b 1146 of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
d 14 May 1219, Caversham, ENG
BUR: Temple Church, London, England

m (2) 30 Mar 1231 Richard, Earl of Cornwall

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Generation No. 34

Knight Richard de Clare Blazon Magna Charta Surety Sir Gilbert de Clare 7th Earl of Clare
Magna Charta Surety 1215 [rt1,7,8][rt9;63-28] Knight
5th Earl Of Glouchester; 5th Earl Of Hertford
fought at Lincoln 1217
b 1180, Of Hertford
d 25 Oct 1230, Penros, Brittany, France
BUR: Tewkesbury

He married 9 Oct 1217 Countess Isabel Marshall of Pembroke Aka: Countess Strigoil. [1,7,8][rt9;63-28] B&B LINK
b 9 Oct 1200, Castle Pembroke,Wales
d 17 Jan 1239/40 Berkhampstead Castle, Hertfordshire,England

Generation No. 35

Sir Richard de Clare 8th Earl of Clare
[rt9;63-29][1,2,5,7,8] Knight
6th Earl of Hertford & Gloucester;
Ambassador To France 1259; Descendant Of Charlemagne
RES: Suffolk, ENG
b 4 Aug 1222, Mellent, Gloucestershire
d 15 Jul 1262, in Ashenfield

m (2) 25 Jan 1237/8

Maud de Lacy Countess of Lincoln
[rt9;54-30][rt2,5,7,8] B&B LINK
Magna Charta Surety And Descendant Of Charlemagne
RES: Lincoln, ENG
b c1223 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
d by 10 Mar 1288/9

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Generation No. 36

Sir Gilbert "The Red" Knight de Clare Baron of Clare
[rt9;63-30][rt1,2,3,4,5] ClarkeKing LINK Knight
9th EARL Of Clare, 6th Of Hertford, 3rd Of Gloucester
knighted 14 May 1264
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b 2 Sep 1243, Christ Church, Hamptonshire, ENG
d 7 Dec 1295/99, Monmouth Castle, ENG
BUR: Tewkesbury, ENG

m (1) 1253 Alice
dau of Gui, Sire de Cognac

m (2) 30 Apr 1290, Westminster Abbey, ENG

Princess Joan "Of Acre" Anjou Plantagenet
[rt9;8-29;9-29][rt1,2,3,4,5,6] B&B LINK - NOTES
RES: Acre, Israel; & London, & Suffolk, ENG
b c1272, Akko (Acre), Hazafon, Israel
d 23 Apr 1307, Clare, Suffolk, England
BUR: Austin Friars' At Clare, Suffolk, ENG

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Generation No. 37

Siblings Margaret de Clare & Alianor de Clare are both ancestors.

Margaret de Clare of Hertford
[rt9;9-30][rt1,2,3,4,5] B&B LINK
widow of PETER de GAVESTON Earl of Cornwall ABT 1284 - 19 Jun 1312
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b Oct 1292, Prob, Caerphilly Castle, ENG
d 9 Apr 1342, ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory

She married (1) 1 Nov 1307 Piers de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall
d 19 Jun 1312 executed

m (2) 28 Apr 1317, Windsor, ENG

Hugh de Audley Lord Audley 2nd Baron [rt9;9-30][rt1,2,3,4,5]
Ambassador To France In 1341; 8th Earl of Stafford, 8th Earl of Gloucester 16 Mar 1336/37
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b ABT 1289, Of Stratton Audley, Co. Oxford, ENG
d 10 Nov 1347, ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory

Alianore de Clare (Eleanor) [rt9;8-30][rt1,2,3] B&B LINK HS LINK HS LINK
Grandaughter of King Edward I
b Oct 1292, Caerphilly Castle
m May 1306, Westminister, England
d 30 JUN 1337[rt1]

m (1) May 1306

Sir Hugh "The Younger" le Despenser
2nd Lord of Loughborough [rt9;74-32][rt1,2,3] Knight
Descendant Of Charlemagne; Baron Despenser
RES: Loughborough, Co. Leicester, ENG
b Co. Leicester, ENG
d 24/29 Nov 1326, Hanged and Quartered At Hereford, ENG
BUR: Tewkesbury Abbey, ENG

She married (2) Sir William la Zouche de Mortimer

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