A Grandchild's Heritage - DESPENSER Line

A Grandchild's Heritage

The Despenser Line
Despenser Coat of Arms
Despenser Family Coat of Arms
quartele d'argent et de goules, ung bende de sable; les quarters frette d'or en le goules

Other lines directly linked to Bernicia through their wives are Burghersh, Ferrers, Clare, Beauchamp & Wessex

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Generation No. 1

Sir Hugh le Despenser
[rt1,3] Encarta Bio Knight
sum. 14 Dec 1264 Lord Despenser
d Aug 1265 Evesham

He married Aline Basset
dau of Philip Basset of Wycombe, Bucks

Generation No. 2

Sir Hugh le Despenser Knt. Earl of Winchester
[rt1,3] Encarta Bio Knight
OCCUPATION: Earl of Winchester
RESIDENCE: Loughborough Co. Leicester
BIRTH: 1 Mar 1260/1261; {1258 Warwick, Warwickshire, England[www4]}
DEATH: 27 Oct 1326, Hanged, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

He married - Isabel de Beauchamp of Warwick [rt1,3] rcjack LINK
OCCUPATION: Magna Charta surety descent
RESIDENCE: Elmley Co Worcester, ENG
BIRTH: ABT 1272, Warwick, ENG
DEATH: Aft 1286/Bef 30 May 1306, Elmley Castle, Worcester, ENG

Generation No. 3

Sir HUGH "The Younger" Knt. le DESPENSER & Sir Philip le DESPENSER are brothers.

Sir Hugh "The Younger" le Despenser Knt., 2nd Lord of Loughborough, Baron Despenser
[rt9;74-32][rt1,2,3] Knight
RES: Loughborough, Co. Leicester, ENG
b bef 13.6.1306Co. Leicester, ENG
d 24/29 Nov 1326, Hanged and quartered at Hereford, ENG
BUR: Tewkesbury Abbey, ENG

He married in 1306 bef 14 Jun Alianore de Clare (Eleanor)
[rt9;8-30][rt1,2,3] B&B LINK - HS LINK - HS LINK
Grandaughter Of King Edward I
b Oct 1292, Caerphilly Castle
m May 1306, Westminister, England
d 30 JUN 1337


Grandaughter of King Edward I, daughter and co-heiress of Gilbert de Clare, 9th Earl of Clare. About Jan 1328/9, Alianor married 2nd, as his second wife, to William La Zouche De Mortimer, Knt., who had abducted her from Hanley Castle. He died 28 Feb 1336/7.

Children of HUGH "The Younger" Knt. le DESPENSER & ALIANOR (Eleanor) de CLARE are
EDWARD LE DESPENSER & Isabel Le Despencer.

Sir Philip le Despenser Knight
d 24 Sep 1313 ENGLAND

He married - Margaret Goushill
dau of Sir Ralph de Goushill Knight & Hawise Fitz Warin b 12 May 1294 England
d 29 Jul 1349 England

Child of Sir Philip le DESPENSER & Margaret Goushill is Philip le DESPENSER.

Generation No. 4

Siblings Sir Edward le Despenser & Isabel Le Despencer and their cousin Philip le Despenser are all ancestors.

Sir Edward Despenser Knt. of Buckland [rt9;74-33][rt2][S1531] Knight
RES: Buckland co. ENG
d 30 Sep 1342, Slain at Morlaix

m 20 Apr 1335 at Groby, Leicestershire

Anne de Ferrers [rt9;74-33][rt2][S1531] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES: Groby, co. Leicester, ENG
d 8 Aug 1337

Child of Sir Edward Despenser & Anne de Ferrers is Sir Edward Despenser.

Philip le Despenser
b 6 Jan 1313 Lincolnshire England
d 22 Aug 1349

He married - Joan de Cobham
dau of Sir John de Cobham Knight & Hawise Fitz Warin
b England

Child of Philip le DESPENSER & Joan de Cobham is Hawise le DESPENSER.

Isabel Despencer of Loughborough [rt9;8-31;28-33][S504] [S810] [S1531] B&B LINK HS LINK
b c1312
m 9 Feb 1320/21, Kings Chapel, Havering-Atte-Bo, Essex, ENG
ANNULMENT: 4 Dec 1344

m 9 Feb 1320/21

Sir Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan 9th Earl of Arundel Earl of Surrey
[rt9;60-32][S418] [S504] [S790] [S810] [S1033] [S1531] Knight
Admiral Of The West 1340-41 - Descendant Of King Henry III
b c1313, Castle, Sussex, ENG
d 24 Jan 1375/76, Castle, Sussex, ENG
BUR: Lewes Priory, Lewes, Sussex

Generation No. 5

Sir Edward Despenser & Hawise le Despenser are cousins.

Sir Edward Despenser K.G., 4th Lord of Glamorgan
[rt9;74-34][rt2][hs34][www3] Knight Knight of the Order of the Garter
RES: co. Glamorgan, Wales
b c24 Mar 1335/36, Essendine, Rutland
d 11 Nov 1375, Llanberthian, co. Glamorgan
BUR: Tewkesbury Abbey, co. Gloucester

He married in 1364 Elizabeth de Burghersh [rt9;70-35][rt2][hs34][www3] B&B LINK
RES: Wales & ENG
b ABT 1330/1342
d c26 Jul 1409
BUR: Tewkesbury Abbey, co. Gloucester


Knt. K.G. nephew and heir of Hugh Despenser, was 4th Lord Despenser of Glamorgan and Morgannwg, Wales. He accompanied the Prince of Wales to Gascony in Sep 1355. He was summoned to Parliament from 15 Dec 1357 by writs directed Edwardo le Despenser. He was with the King in the invasion of France, Oct 1359 to 1360. [S1531]

Hawise le Despenser
b c1345 ENGLAND
d 10 Apr 1414 ENGLAND

m 7 Sep 1363 in England

Sir Andrew Luttrell [www2] Knight
b 1313 in England
d 6 Sep 1390 in England

Generation No. 6

Margaret le Despenser [rt9;70-36][rt2,3][hs34] [S504] [S1531][www3] HS LINK - LINK
b c1380
d 3 Nov 1415
BUR: Merevale Abbey

m Sir Robert de Ferrers 5th Lord of Chartley Knt.
[rt9;61-34][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531][www3]
Magna Charta Surety descent & Charlemagne descendant; Knight
RES: Chartley co. Stafford
b 31 Oct 1357
d 12/13 Mar 1412/13
bur Merevale Abbey

Lineage = Despenser -> Ferrers -> Greene ->
Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

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