A Grandchild's Heritage - Fergant Line

A Grandchild's Heritage
The Fergant Line
The Rulers of Brittany

Other lines directly linked to Fergant through their wives are Nantes, Bretagne & Anjou

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Generation No. 1

Benedict Count of Cornouaille
b. By 950
d. Abt 1026

He married Guinodeon~ Comtesse de Porhoet

Generation No. 2

Alain Caignhart Count of Cornouaille {4}
d 1058

He married Judith of Nantes {4} B&B LINK
d 1064

Generation No. 3

Siblings Hoel & Agnes are both ancestors.

Hoel Count of Cornoville of Nantes [rt5,6][www30][rt9;39-24][www30]
jure uxoris Duke of Brittany 1066
d 13 Apr 1084

He married - Hawise of Brittany [rt6]{2,4,5}[rt9;39-24] B&B LINK
b. Aft 1027
d. 1072


Hoel de Cornouaille d: 1084 Duke of Cornouaille. Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (39:24) calls him Count of Cornouille and jure uxoris Duke of Brittany 1066. Also mentioned (119:24). Per Galliou and Jones' "The Bretons", The middle decades of the 11th century were extremely turbulent in all western French principalities."

"The minorities of WILLIAM THE CONQUERER (RIN 798) in Normandy and Conan II [ALAIN III's son/ Hoel's brother-in-law) in Brittany and the agressive policies of Geoffrey Martel, Count of Anjou [son of FULK NERRA (RIN 1258)], followed by a succession crisis on his death, stirred lesser figures, notably ambitious castellan lords, to assert their independence of central authority. This was seriously weakened in Brittany, as elsewhere, by civil war, especially that betweem Conan II and his uncle and former guardian, EUDES.

WILLIAM THE CONQUERER attracted several of the Breton lords from the northeast of the duchy into his service. In 1664 WILLIAM even campaigned in Brittany in behalf of Rivallon of Cambour and against Conan II. Conan was killed in 1066 while campaigning against the Angevins. He left no obvious heir and a succession crisis ensued. Hoel claimed the Duchy by right of his marriage to ALAIN III's daughter and Conan's sister, HAWISE, and held it until his own death in 1084, passing it on to his son, ALAIN IV FERGANT."

Agnes de Cornouaille
b c1018 Cornouaille, Brittany, France

She married her distant cousin Eudon de Porhoet %Eudes Compte de Penthievre Compte de Bretagne
b 999
d 7 January 1078/79

Generation No. 4

Alan IV Fergant 4th Duke of Brittany [rt5,6][rt9;39-25][www30] The Conqueror and His Companions LINK
widower of Princess Constance de Normandy of England 1061 - 13 Aug 1090 dau - King William I "The Conqueror" de Normandy of England b ABT 1067
d 13 Oct 1119

He married ABT 1093 Countess Ermengarde of Anjou
[rt9;119-24][www30] B&B LINK
daughter of Count FULK IV "le Rechin" & Hildegarde de BAUGENCY
b ABT 1070/1090, Anjou, France
d 1 Jun 1147


Duke/Comte Alain (Alan) la Roux Fergant de Bretagne, IV. Retired to the monastery of St Saviour's Redon to be a monk after surviving major illness. Count of Cornouaille not Leon - that belongs to the Penthievre line. He had a younger brother, Matthias who was Count of Nantes until 1101 or 1103/4 when he was murdered in circumstances which made the clergy of Nantes Cathedral call his death (and that of his knights) a matter of divine intervention. He also seems to have been gelded just before he died .


The latest thinking is that Ermengarde died in 1149 after her son, not before. She probably died in Jerusalem and also probably was buried in the Church of the Convent of St Anne where her younger son, the crusader Geoffrey, was also buried. (in c. 1117)

Generation No. 5

Hawise Fergent de BRETAGNE [rt9;39-26]{1,2}[www6][www30][S1017][S810] B&B LINK
b ABT 1096/1110 Bretagne, Indre, France
m abt 1147/1156?, Guilliers, Morbihan, France

She married abt 1147/1156 Geoffrey la Zusche Vicomte de Rohan-Porhoet [rt9;39-26]{1,2}[www6][www30][S1017][S810]
RES: Rohan, Bretagne, Indre, France
b ABT 1105, Rohan, Bretagne, Indre, France
d 1141

Lineage = Fergant -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

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