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A Grandchild's Heritage

The Ferrers Line
Ferrers Family Coat of Arms
verree de or et de goules

Muscegros, Stafford & Despenser are directly linked to Ferrers through their wives.

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The Ferrers Line
Generation No. 1

Wachelin de Ferres
¤ 1010 Ferrieres Normandy France
† 1089 in Normandy France
buried Castle of Tutbury Staffordshire England

§ 1035 in Normandy France

The Ferrers Line
Generation No. 2

. Henri de Ferres Earl of Derby and Earl of Nottingham
¤ 1036 in Ferrieres Normandy France
† 1088 in Caste Tutbury Staffordshire England
Buried Castle Tutbury Staffordshie England

§ Bertha

The Ferrers Line
Generation No. 3

Robert de Ferres Earl of Derby
¤ 1062
† 1139

§ 1807 in Brittany France

Hawise de Vitre
¤ 1069 in Vitre, Brittany France
† >1118

Generation No. 4

Robert de Ferrers Earl of Derby %de Ferrier
LINK - [S1805]
RES Warwickshire, ENG
¤ 1090 in Derbyshire England d 1141 in Meervale, Warwickshire England/1162
int Mirevale, Warwickshire

m 1135 in Nottinghamshire England

Elizabeth Boteler b c1090

Generation No. 5

William de Ferrers 3rd Earl of Derby
[rt9;194-6][S790] [S1805]
Earl of Ferrieres, Crusader
b 1140
d 30 Dec 1189/1190 bef 21 Oct Siege of Acre, Palestine, on a Crusade

m 1173 in Sussex England

Sibyl de Braiose
[rt9;194-6][S790] [S1805] B&B LINK
RES Wales
b 1157 fl 5 Feb 1227/28
d aft 1227

Generation No. 6

William de Ferrers Blazon Crusader - 5th Crusade William de Ferrers 4th Earl of Derby
LINK - [rt9;194-7][S810] [S1054] [S1123] [S1407] [S1805]
Crusader 1218; Accompanied the King in the expedition to Brittany and Poutou, 1230.
Earl of Derby (county created in 1138) Sheriff of Lancashire 1223-1227
RES: Ferrers, Derbyshire, ENG
b 1162 in Ferres Derbyshire England
d 22 Sep 1247

He married 2 Nov 1192 Agnes of Chester Lady of Chartley % Agnes le Meschin; de Meschines, de Blundeville
[rt9;127-29][S810] [S1054] [S1123] [S1805] B&B LINK
sister and coheiress of Ranulph, 7th Earl of Chester and Lincoln
RESIDENCE: Of Tutbury, Staffordshire, ENG
b 1178 in Tutbury, Staffordshire England
d 2 Nov 1247

Generation No. 7

William de Ferrers 5th Earl of Derby
[rt9;127-30][S810] [S1123] [S1306] [S1407] [S1805]
RES: Ferrers, Derbyshire, ENG
b 1193 in Ferrieres Normandy France/1193, Derbyshire, England
d 24 Mar 1254, Evington, Leicestershire England
int 31 Mar 1254, Merevale Abbey, Merevale, Warwickshire, England

m (1) <14 May 1219 Sibyl (d.s.p.) 3rd dau of William Marshall & Isabel de Clare

m (2) c1238

Margaret de Quincey
[rt9;57-29][S1123] [S1306] [S1805] B&B LINK
b 1210
d shortly bef 12 Mar 1280/81

Generation No. 8

Siblings Agnes de Ferrers, Robert de Ferrers & Sir William de Ferrers are all ancestors.
I have italicized Sir William's line to make it easier to follow.

Robert de Ferrers Earl of Derby [rt9;57-30][hs34]
b 1239
d 1279

He married 26 Jun 1269 Alianore de Bohun [rt9;68-30][hs34]
b 20 Feb 1313/14

Sir William de Ferrers of Groby
[rt9;58-30][S1805] Knight
b 1240 in Groby, Leicester England
d 24 Jan 1298/1299

He married - Anne le Despenser~
? dau of Sir Hugh le Despenser
b 1260

Agnes de Ferrers [rt9;189-4][hs34]
fl 9 May 1281

She married Sir Robert de Muscegros
[rt9;189-4][hs34] Knight
b c1252
d 27 Dec 1280

Generation No. 9

Sir John Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley; of Southoe & Keyston, [rt9;57-31][hs34] Knight
b 20 Jun 1271 Cardiff
d Aug 1312 Gascony

m bef 1300 his first cousin

Hawise de Muscegros of Charlton
dau of Sir Robert de Muscegros & Agnes de Ferrers (see Generation 5 above)
b 21 Dec 1276
d Jun 1340/c1345/Dec 1350

Sir William de Ferrers Lord Ferrers of Groby/ Baron Of Groby
[rt9;58-31 ][S504] [S1531] [S1805] Knight
RESIDENCE: Ferrers, Derbyshire, ENG
b 30 Jan 1271/72, Yoxall, Staffordshire, England
d 20 Mar 1324/25

He married - Ellen/Margaret de Seagrave % Ellen de Savage
[rt9;58-31 ][S504] [S1531] [S1805] B&B LINK
b 1271
d AFT 9 Feb 1316

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Generation No. 10

Sir Robert de Ferrers of Chartley
[rt9;61-32][hs34][S1531] Knight
RESIDENCE: co. Stafford, ENG
b 25 MAR 1309
d 28 AUG 1350

He married (1) bef Oct 1330 Margaret [rt9;61-32][hs34][S1531]
RESIDENCE: co. Stafford, ENG

Anne de Ferrers [rt9;74-33][rt2][S1531] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES: Groby co. ENG
d 8 Aug 1337/8 Aug 1367

m 20 Apr 1335, Groby co. Leicester

Sir Edward Despenser of Buckland
[rt9;74-33][rt2][S1531] Knight
RES: Buckland co. ENG
d 30 Sep 1342, Slain at Morlaix

Generation No. 11

Sir John de Ferrers of Chartley [rt9;61-33][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531]
Knight & Descendant Of Charlemagne
RES: Chartley Co. Stafford, ENG
b 10 Aug 1333, Southoe, Co. Huntingdon
d 3 Apr 1367, Slain At Battle Of Najera

m 19 Oct 1349

Elizabeth de Stafford
[rt9;61-33][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531] B&B LINK
b c1337
d 7 Aug 1375
widow of FULK le STRANGE ____ - 2 Sep 1349
She was married for the first time with contract, under age thirteen. [MARRIAGE: 1 Mar 1346] He died of the pestilence.

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Generation No. 12

Sir Robert de Ferrers 5th Lord of Chartley
[rt9;61-34][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531][www3] Knight
Magna Charta Surety descent & Charlemagne descendant
RES: Chartley co. Stafford
b 31 Oct 1357/9
d Mar 1412/13
bur Merevale Abbey

He married - Margaret le Despenser [rt9;70-36][rt2,3][hs34] [S504] [S1531][www3] HS LINK - LINK
b ABT 1380
d 3 Nov 1415
BUR: Merevale Abbey

Generation No. 13

Phillipa de Ferrers [rt9;61-35][hs34][www1][www3] HS LINK
b c1390[www1]
d 3 Nov 1415
bur at Norton 5 Nov 1415

m c1419 in England

Sir Thomas Greene of Greene's Norton
Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1454
[rt9;14-34][hs34][www1][www3][www14] LINK Knight
b 10 Feb 1399/1400 Norton
d 18 Jan 1461/62

Lineage = Ferrers -> Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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