A Grandchild's Heritage - FitzPiers Line

A Grandchild's Heritage

The FitzPiers Line

Lineage 1 through Maud de Fitz John = FitzPiers -> DeBeauchamp -> Blount -> Marbury ->
Hutchinson -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Lineage 2 through Joan Fitz John = FitzPiers -> Butler -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Other lines directly linked to FitzPiers through their wives are Bigod & Clare

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Generation No. 1

Piers de Lutegareshale
[S810] [S1407] [S1807]
b c1138
d 8 May 1198, Winchester, England
Died a monk at Winchester. His son Geoffrey caused his body to be transferred from the cemetery of the monks into the church.
(CP, 5: 122; OGHBE: 351)

He married - Countess Maud de Mandeville of Essex
[S810] [S1407] [S1807]
b c1138

Generation No. 2

Geoffrey FitzPiers de Mandeville Earl of Essex Aka:FitzPeter
[www11][S810] [S1807] [S2025]
Justiciar of England
b 1162, Northampton, England [Walden, Essex]
bap Cherhill, Wiltshire, England
d 14 Oct 1213, Walden, Essex, England
int Shouldham Priory

He married - Beatrice de Say [rt9;97-27]
dau of William de Say

He married - Aveline de Clare
[S810] [S1807] HS LINK - B&B LINK
b c1172 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England[www11]
d c4 Jun 1225[www11]

Generation No. 3

Half-Siblings Sir John FitzGeoffrey & Maud Fitz Geoffrey are both ancestors.

Maud Fitz Geoffrey de Mandeville, Countess of Essex [rt9;97-27]
dau of Geoffrey & Beatrice
d 1236

She married - Henry de Bohun 5th Earl of Hereford, 1200 [rt9;97-27]
Hereditary Constable of England, Sheriff of Kent, Magna Charta Surety, 1215
b 1176
d 1 Jun 1220 on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Sir John FitzGeoffrey de Lutegareshale of Essex
[rt9;73-29][S633][S810] Knight
son of Geoffrey & Avelina
OCCUPATION: Justiciar of Ireland 1245-1256
b c1215?? in Shere, Surrey, England[www11]
d 23 Nov 1258, of Shere, Farnbridge

m AFT 1230

Isabel de Bigod
[S633] [S790] [S810] [S1993] B&B LINK
b c1212, of Thetford, Norfolk, England
d 1239

Generation No. 4

Siblings Maud de Fitz John & Joan Fitz John are both ancestors.

Maud de Fitz John Lutegareshale Aka:Maud Fitzgeoffrey (FitzJohn)ABT 1232 - 11 Apr 1304 [rt9;72-30][S810][S1982] B&B LINK
RES: Dublin, IRE
b Abt 1237 in Shere, Surrey, England[www11]
m BEF 1270 in Worcestershire, England (c1250 [www11])
d c18 Apr 1301 / 11 Apr 1304 (16 Apr 1301 in Grey Friars, Worchestershire [www11])

m (2) c1250/bef 1270

William De Beauchamp, 1st/9th Earl of Warwick [rt9;86-29][S810][S504]
born 1227/1237/c.1240 in Elmley Castle, Elmley Co, Worcestershire, England[www11]
died 5/9 June 1298 in Elmley Castle, Elmley, Worcestershire, England[www11]
bur 22 Jun 1298

Joan Fitz John
d ca. 26 May 1303

m c1268

Theobald le Boteler [rt9;73-30]
b c1242
d 26 Sept 1285

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