Historical Notes
First Canadian Ancestors

Jean Trudel [630]

The first mass celebrated at L'Ange Gardien was in the house of your ancestor Jean Trudel. A pioneer of the parish of L'Ange Gardien, Jean Trudel settled on the coast of Beaupré, near Québec, in 1655. His farm was approximately a mile and a half on the side of the Montmorency Falls. In 1911, a monument commemorating Jean Trudel was erected by his descendants on the site of his original house which still had visible foundations at that time.

At the beginning of colonization, up until the time that churches and chapels were built, services were held in a settler's home by missionnary priests. At L'Ange Gardien, these services were held in the house of Jean Trudel. This is noted in an act of 1664 whose subject was the election of marguilliers (?).

It is interesting to note that ducing the census of 1666, Jean Trudel was identified as "canvas weaver". For many generations, one of our national industries was this weaving and your ancestor Jean Trudel was one of those who contributed in its development.