Lignée Lanoue Line

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The Lanoue Line
Generation No. 1

Pierre Lanoue (1643-1714)
b 1643
His father passed away before his birth.
Originally from France he came to Acadia around 1668.
Later, he returned to France where his son Pierre was born in Dol in Bretany in 1683.
In 1693, he returned to Acadia.
Census showed that he was 45 years of age. (He preferred not to give his age).
He was a cooper.
His son was ten years old.
He was involved in trading by boat between Acadia and Boston.
d c1714.

In 1681 in Port-Royal, married Jeanne Gautrot
daughter of François Gautrot* and Edmée Lejeune*
b 1664
bur 19 October 1749 Port-Royal at the age of 85

The Lanoue Line
Generation No. 2

Pierre Lanoue (1683-1754)
b 21 Nov 1683 Dol, Bretany, France
d 15 January 1754 Lorembec, Cape Breton
He was probably half farmer half fisherman.

On 21 November 1702, married Marie Granger in Port-Royal
daughter of Laurent Granger & Marie Landry
b 1680
Marie probably went in exile with one of their sons.

The Lanoue Line
Generation No. 3

Pierre Lanoue (1706-1772)
b 4 Jan 1706 Port-Royal
As widower was deported to New England in 1755.
He arrived in Assomption, Quebec, in 1767.
d suddenly in St-Jacques de l'Achigan, Quebec where he had settled after his exile.
Present: Pierre Lanoue and Marin Granger.

He married (1) 1730 at Mines

Françoise Thibodeau
daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Anne-Marie Bourg in Pissiquit
b 26 Sep 1708

He married (2) 4 November 1737 Port Royal

Anne Béliveau
daughter of Charles Béliveau and Marie Melançon
b 3 Jun 1717
Deceased 29 February 1752

The Lanoue Line
Generation No. 4

Pierre Lanoue (1738-1820)
b 21 Aug 1738
rehabilitated in Assomption, Quebec 22 September 1767.
Surnamed Laguerre (the war).
His deportation lasted twelve years.
His land situated near a creek in St-Jacques, was next to the land of Louis Fontaine.
d 6 November 1820 S.7.in St. Jacques, Quebec. Present were: His sons Pierre and Joseph.

He married (1) civil c1764 New England Marie Hildegarde Petito-Sincennes

He married (2) Marie-Joseph Dugas
daughter of Louis Dugas & Marie-Joseph Girouard

The Lanoue Line
Generation No. 5

Marie-Isabelle Lanoue (1778-1853)
b 24 Oct 1778 in St-Jacques
d 9 Nov 1853
bur 11 November 1853 St-Jacques Present were: cousin Joseph Lanoue, Claude Bourgeois.

m 7 November 1796

Jean-Baptiste Mirault

Lineage = Lanoue -> Mirault -> Bélair

SOURCE for this page http://lanoue.free.fr/boolan.htm
REFERENCES: from http://lanoue.free.fr/boolan.htm
"The data base for the first generations through the 6 th generation include: " Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Quebec" from Dr. Adrien Bergeron, the "Histoire Genealogique des Acadiens" de Bona Arsenault, from Drouin, plus important genealogist studies. These three sources formed a good base to continue my research. There is also Tanguay."

"I visited many parishes and obtained from registers any and all information pertaining to the Lanoue name. I checked all the civil registers in Bibliotheque Centrale in Montreal and Les Archives nationales in Quebec, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Ottawa. I visited cemeteries in areas where any Lanoue could have lived in Quebec province, in Vermont, New-York and two cemeteries in Massachusetts. Many parishes did not have registers available in areas where we could have access to them."

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