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A Grandchild's Heritage
Part II

As sisters Maud & Eve Marshal are both ancestors, there are two lineage routes through Marshall that join again at Dyer.

Lineage = MacMurrough -> De Clare -> Marshall (Maud) ->
Bigod -> FitzGeoffrey -> De Beauchamp -> Blount -> Marbury -> Hutchinson ->
Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Lineage = MacMurrough -> DeClare -> Marshall (Eve) ->
De Braiose -> Cantalou -> La Zouche -> Greene ->
Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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Generation No. 53

  1. Cu-Corb: his son; King of Leinster.

    He had the following sons:

    1. Niadh Corb, who is described below
    2. Messincorb, a quo Dal Messincorb
    3. Cormac, a quo Dal Cormaic, and who was the ancestor of Quirk
    4. Cairbre Dluitheachar
  2. Niadh Corb: his son. He was a most valiant and warlike prince, "Nia" signifies hero. Had following sons:
    1. Cormac Gealtach, who is described below
    2. Ceathramhadh
  3. Cormac Gealtach: his son. He succeeded his father and was a great general, and led the Irish army into Scotland, to assist the Picts and Scots against the Romans, who were commanded by Agricola. The battle with the Romans on the Grampian Hills was fierce and bloody; but the superior discipline of the Roman legions made it decisive in their favor. At his death he was succeeded by his son...
  4. Felim Fiorurglas: his son. Had the following children:
    1. Cathair Mor, who is described below
    2. Main Mal, the ancestor of O'Kelly of Cualan (in Wicklow), O'Tighe, and O'Cuallan
    3. Eithne
  5. Cathair Mor, 109th Monarch of Ireland in the beginning of the 2nd century: son of Felim Fiorurglas.
  6. Fiacha Baicheda: youngest son of Cathair Mor; died 220. His father praised him for his bravery and spirit, and for the universal love he gained. He was called "the lame" on account of a wound he received in the battle of Moigh Acha, where his father was slain. From his posterity came the majority of the kings of Leinster
  7. Breasal Bealach (large lipped): his son; was the 2nd Christian King of Leinster. Had following sons:
    1. Labhradh, who is described below
    2. Enna Niadh, who begins family of O'Tooles

    The ancient kings of Leinster (Ui Cinnsealaigh = Hy Kinsella) had fortresses or royal residences at Dinn Righ, near the river Barrow, between Carlow and Leighlin; at Naas, in Kildare; and, in after times at the city of Ferns in Wexford, which was their capital; and also at Old Ross in Wexford; and at Ballymoon in Carlow. The Ui Cinnsealaigh were inaugurated as kings of Leinster at a place called Cnoc-an-Bhogha, attended by O'Nolan, who was the King's Marshal, and Chief of Forth in Carlow; by O'Doran, Chief Brehon of Leinster; and by MacKeogh, their Chief Bard.

    The major Leinster families begin to split off at this point.

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  9. Labhradh: son of Breasal Bealach. Had the following sons:
    1. Eanna Cinnsealaigh, who is described below.
    2. Deagh, a quo Ui Deagha Mor; in Ui Cinnsealaigh lands.
  10. Eanna Cinnsealaigh: elder son of Labhradh; married Conang; was named Ceann-Salach by Cednathech the Druid, whom he slew at Croghan Hill, in the King's County, where Eanna defeated Eochaidh Muigh Meadhoin (Eochy Moyvone), the Monarch, 365. Had following children:
    1. Feidhlimidh (Felim)
    2. Eochu (Eochaidh) Cinnsealaigh, who was exiled to Scotland by the Irish Monarch Niall of the Nine Hostages, whom Eochu later assassinated near Boulogne, on the river Leor (now the Lianne).
    3. Crimthann Cass, who is described below
    4. Earc
    5. Aongus
    6. Conal
    7. Trian
    8. Cairpre
  11. Crimthann Cass: 3rd son of Eanna Cinnsealach; was King of Leinster for 40 years; baptized by St. Patrick at Rathvilly around 448; slain in 484 by his grandson Eochaidh Guinech of the Hy-Bairche. Married Mell, daughter of Erebran of the Desies in Munster (son of Eoghan Bric, son of Art Cuirb, son of Fiacha Suighde, son of Felim Rachtmar). Had following children:
    1. Ingen, wife of Daire MacErcadh of the Hy-Bairche
    2. Nathach (Dathi), who is described below
    3. Fiacra the Fair, made first bishop of Leinster by St.Patrick
    4. Eithne Uathach, wife of Aongus MacNadfraech, King of Munster
    5. Fergus, who defeated Diarmuid MacCearbhaill at Drum Laeghaire, by the side of Cais in Hy-Faelain, defending the Boromha Tribute
    6. Aongus
    7. Etchen
    8. Cobthach
  12. Nathach: son of Crimthan Cass; was King of Leinster for 10 years; baptized in his infancy by St. Patrick. Had following children:
    1. Owen Caoch, who is described below
    2. Cormac
    3. Faelan, who had a son named Fergus
    4. Olioll
  13. Eoghan (Owen) Caoch: eldest son of Nathach. Had following sons:
    1. Siollan, who is described below
    2. Fergus, ancestor of O'Ryan
  14. Siollan (skinny person): son of Eoghan Caoch
  15. Faelan: his son; was King of Leinster for 9 years.
  16. Faolchu: his son. Had following sons:
    1. Elodach, King of Leinster for 7 years
    2. Onchu, who is described below
    3. Aongus, slain in 721 at Maisden, Mullaghmast
  17. Onchu: son of Faolchu
  18. Rudgal: his son. Had following sons:
    1. Aodh (Hugh), who is described below
    2. Flann, slain at Allen, in the Co. Kildare, 722
  19. Aodh: son of Rudgal. Had following sons:
    1. Diarmuid, who is described below
    2. Bruadar, slain in 853
  20. Diarmuid: son of Aodh; Had following sons:
    1. Cairbre, who is described below
    2. Tadhg, slain in 865
  21. Cairbre: son of Diarmuid; slain in 876

The next 10 generations in MacMurrough Part 3 lead to Countess Aife (Eva) MacMurragh of Leinster
who married King Richard Fitz Gilbert "Strongbow" de Clare of Leinster

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