King John of England set his seal to the Magna Charta on June 15, 1215. The document limited the power of the English monarchy and granted rights to John's vassals. Many English legal traditions, including the right to trial by jury and equal access to courts for all citizens, had their origins in the Magna Carta.

Enforcement of the Magna Carta was entrusted to 25 barons who were authorized by the document to use force if necessary to make the king obey the agreement. All were excommunicated by Pope Innocent III in Dec 1215.
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Early Blazon LINK shows list of sureties & their Coats of Arms [Blazons]

The following are ancestors from that group of 25 sureties.

Sir Gilbert de Clare
Henry de Bohun 5th Earl of Hereford
Hugh Bigod
Sir John de Ferrers Knt. of Chartley
John de Lacy
Richard de Clare
Robert de Vere
Roger le Bigod
Saire IV de Quincey
Sir William de Huntingfield of Frampton
Sir William Malet

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Some ancestors named in the Magna Charta

Alan MacDonal Earl of Galloway
William d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel
William de Longespee Earl of Salisbury
Sir William Marshal 3rd Earl Of Pembroke
William de Warenne Earl of Surrey