A Grandchild's Heritage - MESCHIN Line

A Grandchild's Heritage

The Meschin Line

Lineage = Meschin -> Mainwaring -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

Footnotes are indicated by numbers in [red].

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Generation No. 1

Anschitil [www6]
died Aft 1031

Generation No. 2

Ranulph de Bessin [www6]

He married - Alice of Normandy [www6] HS LINK

Generation No. 3

Ranulph II de Bayeux Aka: Ralph de Meschines [www6]
d aft 1089

He married - Maud de Abrincis~ Aka: Marguerite (Mahaut) d'Avranches; Margaret [www6] HS LINK

Generation No. 4

Brothers Ranulph & William are both ancestors.

Ranulph le Meschin Earl of Chester [S1905][S590]
BIRTH: ABT 1070, Of Briquessart, Livry, France
DEATH: Jan 1128, Chester, Cheshire, England
BURIAL: St Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England

He married - Countess Lucy of Chester ABT 1070 - ABT 1136 dau of Thorold
and Miss MALET, dau of William Malet.
widow of IVES TAILLEBOIS ABT 1050 - ABT 1094 & ROGER FITZGEROLD ABT 1060 - ABT 1097
BIRTH: ABT 1070, Of Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Children of Ranulph & Lucy are Ranulph & Adeliz.

William le Meschin [rt9;39-27][www6]
died 1130

He married - Cecily de Rumilly~ [www6]
daughter of Robert de Rumilly

Child of William & Cecily is Matilda.

Generation No. 5

Siblings Ranulph & Adeliz and their cousin Matilda are all ancestors.

Ranulph de Guernon le Meschin 2nd Earl of Chester [rt9;125-27][rt1][S1905][S590][S810]
Viscount d'Avranches
b ABT 1100, Castle, Gernon, Normandy, France
d 16 Dec 1153 BUR: St Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England

He married - Maud FitzRobert de CAEN ABT 1120 - 29 Jul 1189 [rt9;125-27][S1905][S590][S810] HS LINK - B&B LINK
BIRTH: ABT 1120, of Gloucester, England
DEATH: 29 Jul 1189, Chester, England

Adeliz (Alice) le Meschin of Chester ABT 1098 - 1128 [S590] [S1014] [S1905] B&B LINK
BIRTH: ABT 1098, Of Hertford, Hertfordshire, England

She married -RICHARD FitzGilbert de CLARE 1st Earl of Hertford BEF 1100 - 15 Apr 1136 [S1033][8,11,12,13]
Lord of Clare, Tonbridge, Cardigan; founded the priory of Tonbridge."
BIRTH: BEF 1100, of Hertford
DEATH: 15 Apr 1136, slain by the Welsh in Grwyney Forest near Abergavenny, Wales during a journey
BURIAL: Gloucester

Matilda La Meschine (Maud) [rt9;39-27][www6] HS LINK
dau & coheir of William

She married (1) Hugh de Mortimer

She married (2) Philip de Belmeis[rt9;39-27][www6]

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Generation No. 6

Hugh de Guernon of Kevelioc le Meschin 3rd Earl of Chester Aka: Hugh of Cyveiliog
Vicomte D; Avranches In Normandy
RES: Normandy & Chestershire, ENG
b 1147, Kevelioc, Co. Monmouth
d 30 Jun 1181, Leeke, Co. Stafford

He married 1169

Bertha d'Evreux de Montfort~ %Bertrada [rt9;125-28]
dau of Simon, Count of Montfort
d 1227

Generation No. 7

Sisters Amice le Meschin, Matilda of Chester, Agnes of Chester, Mabel of Chester & Hawise of Chester are all ancestors.

Amice le Meschin of Chester ABT 1178 - ____ [S1033][S2026][S1905][Aka: Amicia de Maschines. also b Chester, CHS, ENG.] B&B LINK

She married - RALPH de MAINWARING [S1033][S2026]
RESIDENCE: Chestershire, ENG

Matilda of Chester %Maud
[rt9;131-29][rt1] HS LINK
b 1171 d 1233

m 26 Aug 1190

David Earl of Huntingdon
b 1144 d 17 Jun 1219/11 Feb 1233

Agnes of Chester (Maud) Aka: AGNES le MESCHIN
[rt9;127-29][S810] [S1054] [S1123] [S1805] B&B LINK
Aka: de Blundeville. sister and coheiress of Ranulph, 7th Earl of Chester and Lincoln
RESIDENCE: Of Tutbury, Staffordshire, ENG
BIRTH: ABT 1174, Tutbury, Staffordshire, ENG
d 2 Nov 1247

She married 2 Nov 1192

William de Ferrers 4th Earl of Derby
[rt9;194-7][S810] [S1054] [S1123] [S1407] [S1805]
Crusader 1218; Accompanied the King in the expedition to Brittany and Poutou, 1230.
Sheriff of Lancashire 1223-1227
RES: Ferrers, Derbyshire, ENG
b c1168, Ferrers, Derbyshire, ENG
d 22 Sep 1247

Mabel of Chester (Maud)

She married - William d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel
d Mar 1220/21

Hawise of Chester (Maud) Countess of Lincoln
b 1180
d 1242/3

She married - Robert de Quincey
d 1217 London

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