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Cadell Prince of Deheubarth d 909
Cairbre Cromeinn/Corbred 2nd century
Cairbre Fionmor/Conn 1st century
Canbert Count of Laon 8th century
Cancor Count of Oberrheingau
Caradog ap Gwyn 10th century
Carloman d 754
Carynthaphuch Jackson b c1580
Caswallon 1st century Deheubarth Line
Caswallon 1st century Gwyned Line
(Lewis) Caswell Wilcox b 10 Oct 1871
Catherine Arianne Bélair b 1 Aug
Catherine Drayton b c1324
Catherine Geoffroy b c1620
Catherine Larairie m 2 APR 1719
Catherine Riverin 17th century
Cecily see also Cicely
Cecily Avenal d 10 Aug 1301
Cecily Charnells
Ceneu 4th century
Charibert of Neustria
Charlemagne b 2 APR 742
Emperor Charles II the Bald King of the West Franks b 13 JUN 823
Charles III "The Simple" King of the Franks b 17 Sep 879
Charles Béliveau
Charles Dyer Card b 29 May 1768
Charles Duke of Lower Lorrainne b 953
Charles Martell d 22 OCT 741
Charles Paillé Aka: Paillart b 20 sep 1683
Charles Dyer Wilcox b 20 Jan 1788
Childebert King of Cologne fl 450
Christian du Plessis b c1263
Chrodobertus I of Neustria
Chrodobertus II of Neustria %Robert fl 653-678
Chrotlind m c695 Lambert II of Neustria
Chrotrudes see also Rotrud & Routrou
Cicely see also Cecily
Cicely m Henry of Essex 12th century
Cicely de Weyland m bef 11 May 1335
Claire Marie Wilcox b 31 Aug 1898
Claude Bélair dit Dalbec b 27 September 1825
Claude Jourdain
Claude Robillard b c1650
Countess Clemence of Bar-le-Duc of Dammartin b c1110
Clement Lafleur
Cloderic 'the Parricide' King of Cologne d 509
M. Clodius Celsinus Adelphus Prefect of Rome fl351
Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius of Rome Prefect of Rome d c390
St. Clodulphe Bishop Metz 7th century
Clothilde see also Dode
Clovis the Riparian, Frankish King of Cologne fl 420
Cobhthach Airdrigh na hEireann d c267BC
Coel 'Hen' "the Old" Aka:Coedhebawg (Old King Cole) d 295/c430
Conaire 1st century
Conaire I. Airdrigh na hEireann/Fedlimid d c60AD
Connla Airdrigh na hEireann d c211BC
Conaire II. Ri na hEireann/Findacher d c220
Conrad Count of Paris
Conan I "The Crooked" Duke of Brittany Count of Rennes d 27 Jun 992
Conrad I Count of Burgundy d 16 FEB 863
Conrad I King of Burgundy d 19 OCT 993
Conrad II le Jeune Duke of Burgundy b 0825
Constance of Burgundy d 1092
Constance of Castile d 1160
Constance of Provence of Arles & Toulouse b c973
Constantine I %Causantin. King of Scots b c836
Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus Byzantine Emperor 912-959
Crinan 'the Thane' Earl of Atholl b 978
Cunedda d c389
Cunigunde d >15 Jun 835
Cynan ab Iago of Gwynedd 11th century
Cynfyn ap Gwerystan 10th century