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A Grandchild's Heritage
Index of Names - G

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Gabran ou Alba King of Dalriada; King of Scots d 560
Galindo Velasquez third Lord de Ayala
Galleran Martin
Gallus Magnus Bishop of Troyes
Garci Melendez De Soto-Mayor b 1230
Garcia V Sanchez King of Navarra y de Pamplona d 970
Don Garcia VII Ramirez d Nov 1150
Garcia Rodiguez b 1132
Garcia Galindez de Salzedo 4th Lord of Ayala and Lord of Salzedo
Garcia Ibanez O De Toledo b 1232
Garcia Sanz Lord of Zurbano
Garnier Signeur de Loches b 0844
Garsende de Forcalquier
Garsende of Maine
Garsende of Vienne-Albon
Gaspard Chausse
Gebhard Count of Ufgau d c948
Genevieve Arcan m 25 Feb 1726
Genevieve Arsenault b 7 SEP 1773
Genevieve Chretien m 3 JUN 1771
? Count of Genf
Geoffrey I 'Grisegonde' Count of Anjou d 21 JUL 987
Geoffrey FitzPiers de Mandeville Earl of Essex b 1162
Count Geoffrey of the Gatinais b 925
Geoffrey I "Ferreol" Count in the Gatinais b c970
Geoffrey de Glanville
Sir Geoffrey Luttrell 14th century
Geoffrey V 'the Fair' Plantagenet Count of Anjou & Maine b 24 Aug 1113
Geoffrey de Rancon Seigneur de Taillebourg
Geoffrey la Zusche Vicomte de Rohan-Porhoet b c1105
Geoffroy de Semur Count of Semur b c0940
George Marquis of Cave 13th century
George Gilberthorpe b c1520
George Hamby b 1460-1470
George Potter b 1584
George Reynolds
Georges Beaudoin
Georges-�mile St-Onge b 26 May 1900
Georgina St-Yves m 25 Oct 1881
Gerard Count of Auvergne d 25 JUN 841
Gerberga of Burgundy b c.965-966
Gerberga of Chalon d 11 Dec aft. 985/c 990
Gerberga de Gatinais of Maine
Gerberga of Ivrea 10th century
Gerberga of Lorraine' b c935
Gerberga of Lower Lorraine b c970/975
Gerberga of Macon b c985
Gerberga de la Rochefoucauld 11th century
Gerberga of Saxony b 913/914
Gerhard Count of Macon b bef 1150
Gerold Bishop Mayenne
Gerold I Duke Allemania
Gerold I Duke of Swabia b ABT 0726
Gersenda of Toulouse
Gersende II of Sabran of Forcalquier d >1209
Gertrud of Saxony d 4 AUG 1113
Giallchaidh Airdrigh na hEireann d c552BC
Gilbert de l'Aigle b Abt 1073
Gilbert Le Blount 2nd Baron of Ixworth
Gilbert Le Blount 4th Baron of Ixworth %Hubert d Aft 1173
Gilbert De Boroughdon
Gilbert Count of Brionne & Eu 10th century
Gilbert of Chalons Count of Burgundy b 890
Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare Earl of Kent b c1054
Gilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Pembroke b 21 Sep 1100
Sir Gilbert de Clare 7th Earl of Clare b 1180
Sir Gilbert "The Red" Knight de Clare Baron of Clare b 2 Sep 1243
Gilbert 'The_Marshall' Fitzrobert b 1075
Sir Gilbert de Greinville of Hatton
Gilbert de Lacy d >1163
Gibert de Lacy d 1230
Gilbert Malet
Gilbert de Sanford
Gilbert de Segrave b c1202
Gilbert Talbot d <13 Feb 1230
Gilbert Talbot b >1219/1224
Sir Gilbert Talbot 1st Baron Talbot K.B. b 18 Oct 1276
Sir Gilbert Talbot 3rd Baron Talbot d 24 Apr 1387
Girard Count of Paris 8th century
Giroldus Dapifer 11th century
Gisela b c820
Gisela 9th century
Gisela of Burgundy b c1070
Gisela of Schwaben b 11 Nov c989-999
Giselbert II Count of Maasgau b c830
Gisla of Friuli b c880/885
Godefred Viscount of Eenham d c4 Sep 1005
Godefroy Duke of Allemania d ABT 0709
Godfrey Count of Brionne & Eu 10th century
Sir Godfrey Hilton d 5 Aug 1459
Sir Godfrey Hilton b 9 Nov 1419
Godfrey of Lorraine 10th century
Princess Godgifu of England b c1010
Goeffroi Taillefer Count of Angoul�me d aft.1048
Gomez Perez De Palomeque b 1256
Gomez Perez De Toledo Vazquez b 1308
Gontalo Diaz De Zavallos b 1225
Gospatric I Earl of Northumberland b c1040
Gratus % Gradd 3rd century Deheubarth Line
Gruffydd Prince of Deheubarth 11th century
King Gruffydd II ap Cynan Prince of Gwynedd b 1055
Prince Gruffydd ap Llewelyn Griffith I of N. Wales b c1011
Guerin see also Warin
Guerin Count of Poitiers d 677 Aka: Warin,Warinus
Guigo I Count of Albon d aft. 1063
Guigo VII Prince of Vienna d 28 JUL 1142
Guigo VIII Prince of Vienna d 28 JUN 1162
Guigonne de Salins d aft 1184
Guillaume Langlois b c1580
Guinidilda m Wifred I 'the Hairy' Count of Barcelona
Guinodeon Comtesse de Porhoet 10th century
Guncelin de Badlesmere
Gundrade of Surrey %Gundred de Warenne b c1117
Gundreda De Ferrers
Gunnild of Dunbar b c1104
Gunnor Bigod 12th century
Gunnora de Cr�pon of Denmark d 1031
Gunza see also Kunza
Guotepauc 4th century Deheubarth Line
Gurgust Ledlwm ou Deheubarth 5th century
Gutierre Armildez b 1231
Gutierre Perez b 1150
Guy II Count of Ponthieu d 1147
Gwawl ou Deheubarth 4th century
Gwladus ferch Llywarch
Gwenthlian Ferch Rhys
Gwladus Dhu "The Dark" Llewellyn of Wales b c1190
Gwriad ou Deheubarth King of the Isle of Man 9th century
Gwyar ou Deheubarth 7th century