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Quentin Hourdouille


Ragnhildr ou Dublin 11th century
Raimund de Sabran Count of Forcalquier 12th century
Rainerio Marquis of Monferrat d c1126/c1140/c1136
Rainier see also Reginald
Ralph Basset of Drayton. co. Stafford
Ralph Basset Baron Basset of Drayton d 4 AUG 1265
Ralph Basset Lord Basset of Drayton d 21 DEC 1299
Ralph Basset 2nd Lord Basset of Weldon b 27 Aug 1300
Ralph De Engayne 11th century
Ralph FitzOrm
Ralph "The Staller" de Gael of Norfolk b <1011
Seigneur Ralph de Gael Earl of Norfolk b <1040
Ralph de Gael de Montfort Earl of Norfolk b c1078
Sir Ralph de Goushill
Ralph de Mainwaring 12th century
Ralph Mortimer d 1104
Ralph De Mortimer 5th Baron of Wigmore b 1190
Ralph de Paynell
Sir Ralph de Stafford b 24 Sep 1301
Ralph De Verney b c1225
Ralph Verney b c1379/1385
Sir Ralph Verney b 1410/1427
Ramero II Ordonez King of Leon d 950
Don Ramiro I King of Asturias, Oviedo & Galicia d 1 FEB 850
Raoul 3rd Count of Guisnes
Raoul de Lusignan Count d'Eu d 1 May 1219
Raymond de Burgundy Count Of Burgundy Count of Castilla b c1060
Raymond Berengar V Count of Provence & Forcalquier b c1198
Raymond Pag� dit Quercy b 1602
Rebecca Stanford b c1622
Reginald de Braiose b c1171
Reginald I "Langhals" Longneck Duke of Lorraine, Count in Hainhault b c850/860
Reginald II Count of Hainault b 0892
Reginald IV Count of Hainault %Renier, Rainier b c950-955
Reginar see Reginald
Reinald Count of Bar 10th century
Count Reinald II de Clermont d 1162
Renaud I Count of Burgundy b 0990
Renaud Lord of Courtenay d c1190
Renaud I Count of Nevers 1000-1040 d 29 MAY 1040
Reynold de Grey of Ruthin
Rhodri II Mawr "The Great" Prince of Deheubarth & Gwyned ou Galles d 878
Rhy Goncalez De Zavallos b 1254
Richard de l'Aigle d 18 Nov 1085
Richard Count of Amiens and Meaux b bef 801
Richard of Autun "the Justicer" Duke Of Burgundy b 882
Rev. Richard Barnard bap 30 Apr 1568
Richard Basset 12th century
Sir Richard Basset Basset of Weldon 13th century
Richard Bourne b c1575
Richard de Burgh
Richard de Camville of Staunton
Richard de Camville 1180 - 1226
Richard Card b 18 Sep 1598
Richard Card b 11 Jan 1716/17
Richard Chamberlayne of Tilsworth, Bedfordshire b c1392
Richard Chamberlain of Shelbourne Castle, Oxfordshire d 28 Aug 1497
Richard Fitz Eustace Lord of Clavering d 1163
Richard FitzGilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Clare b 1035
Richard FitzGilbert de Clare 1st Earl of Hertford b bef 1100
Richard FitzGilbert "Strongbow" de Clare King of Leinster b c1130
Richard de Clare 4th Earl of Hertford b c1162
Sir Richard de Clare 8th Earl of Clare b 4 Aug 1222
Richard Comyn of Northallerton & Badenoch d 1176-82
Richard Comyn Lord of Badenoch d 1244-49
Sir Richard FitzAlan 7th Earl of Arundel b 3 Feb 1266/67
Sir Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan 9th Earl of Arundel b c1313
Richard Fitz Scrob d c 1080
Richard Fowler of Sherbourne 15th century
Richard Goz
Richard Greene b 1525
Richard Greene b c1560
Richard de Moreville b c1125
Richard I, "The Fearless" 3rd Duke of Normandy b 28 Aug 0933
Richard Ryse b c1505
Sir Richard De Sutton 13th century
Richard Talbot d 1175
Richard Talbot d <13 APR 1234
Richard de Talbot b 1250
Sir Richard Talbot 2nd Baron Talbot K.B. b c1302/1305
Sir Richard Talbot 4th Baron Talbot of Blackmere K.B. b c1361
Richard Tattershall
Richard Thimbleby, Esq. d 24 Apr 1522
Sir Richard de Weyland
Richenza Aka:Walrade d 9.4.(<868)
Richilda of Arles b c830
Richilde of Toulouse
Richildis de Blois
Richildis Countess of Metz b c840
Richza von Polen b c1135
Ricomer Duke Burgundy
Ritigern % Rhydeyrn 3st century Deheubarth Line
Robert (Marshall ancestor) b 1045
Robert Viscount of Auvergne
Robert I Count of Auvergne d c1032
Sir Robert I de Beaumont 1st Earl of Leicester d 5 Jun 1118
Sir Robert II de Beaumont 2nd Earl of Leicester d 5 Apr 1168
Sir Robert III de Beaumont 3rd Earl of Leicester b bef 1135
Robert II de Belleme Lord of Belleme b 1035
Robert de Bigod
Sir Robert Le Blount 1st Baron of Ixworth
Robert Le Blount d 1288
Robert Brownell b 1576
Robert de Brusse I b c1030
Robert de Burghersh Lord Burghersh
Robert de Caen 1st Earl of Gloucester Aka: Robert of Gloucester de Mellent b c1090
Robert Caron b 1612
Robert de Chaucombe
Sir Robert Cokefield
Robert Comyn 11th century
Robert de Ferrers d 1162
Robert de Ferrers Earl of Derby b 1239
Sir Robert de Ferrers of Chartley b 25 MAR 1309
Sir Robert de Ferrers 5th Lord of Chartley b 31 Oct 1357
Robert Fitz Eustace of Chester d 1163
Robert Fitz Suein of Essex 12th century
Robert Fitz Hamon Lord of Crelly in Calverdos Baron of Thoringni 11th century
Robert I Count of Flanders b c1035
Robert "The Strong" of France Duke of Neustria b c820
Robert I Duke of France d 15 Jun 923
Robert II "The Pious" King of France b 27 Mar 0970/71/72
Robert Greene b c1490
Robert Hamby
Robert Hamby b bef 5 Jul 1573
Robert of Harcourt of Staunton-Harcourt, co. Oxford
Robert Count of Haspengau d c764
Robert Janot 17th century
Robert de Lacy b c1080
Eudo 'Robert' de Lisours b c1100
Robert Malet 11th century
Robert Marbury b c1490
Robert de Mortain Earl of Cornwall, Count of Mortain b >1040
Sir Robert de Muscegros of Charlton d 29 Jan 1253/54
Sir Robert de Muscegros b c1252
Robert Pemberton 16th century
Robert de Quincey Lord of Buckley d c1198
Robert de Quincey d 1217
Robert I of Rouen %Count Rollo "The Dane" b 854
Robert de Vere Earl of Oxford bap 1164
Robert de Vere 5th Earl of Oxford b 1240
Robert of Vermandois Count of Meaux b 910/c920
Robert De Verney b c1260
Robert de Vitrie 12th century
Robert Wilcox
Robert III Count in Wormsgau d <834
Roger I de Montgomery Vicomte d'Hiemois d 1040
Roger II de Montgomery Lord of Montgomery; Vicount of Hiemois d 27 Jul 1094/1095
Roger II de Montgomery Comte de La Marche; Earl of Lancaster d >1123
Roger de Beaumont Earl of Meulan b c1010
Roger de Beaumont de Newburgh 2nd Earl of Warwick d 12 JUN 1153
Roger de Bigod
Roger le Bigod b c1150
Roger "The Good" de Clare 3rd Earl of Clare b by 1116
Roger de Huntingfield Lord of East Bradenham
Sir Roger de Huntingfield d c10 Jul 1257
Sir Roger de Huntingfield d <5 Dec 1302
Roger de Lacy d >1106
Roger de Lacy Earl of Lincoln fl 1215
Roger Count of Maine d c31.10.900
Roger de Mainwaring 12th century
Roger Mortimer b <990
Roger De Mortimer b 1158
Roger de Mortimer 6th Baron of Wigmore b c1230/31
Roger de Quincey d 25 APR 1264
Roger de Somery of Dudley, Warwickshire d <26 Aug 1273
Roger de Toeni 11th century
Roger Williams b c1599
Roger la Zouche 2nd Baron of Ashby b c1175
Gen. Rognvald Brusse d 1046
Rohese de Giffard d <1090
Rohese de Verdun
Roisin 1st century
Roitheachtach I. Airdrigh na hEireann d c747BC
Roland Lord of Galloway b c1135
Count Rollo "The Dane" %Robert I of Rouen b 854
Romanus II Byzantine Emperor 959-963
Ronald Victor Hamblen Barb� b 2 Dec 1938
Roscilla de Loches d bef 5 Jul 905
Rose Helion
Rose of Monmouth
Roselinde m 844
Rosella St. Poll
Rothilde of Neustria b c871
Rothrein 1st century BC
Rothride 12th century
Rotrud see also Routrou & Chrotrudes
Rotrud d 724 %Routrou, Chrotrudes
Rotrud b c800
Rotrude 8th century
Routrou see also Rotrud & Chrotrudes
Rozala of Ivrea b c950/960
Rudolf I King of Burgundy d 25 Oct 911-912
Rudolf II King of Burgundy d 11 JUL 937
Ryan Philip Girard b 26 Dec