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A Grandchild's Heritage
Index of Names - S

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Saire de Quincey of Buckley & Daventry b c1090
Saire IV de Quincey 1st Earl of Winchester d 3 Nov 1219
Samuel Dyer b 10 Oct 1635
Samuel Groton b bef 12 Feb 1592/1593
Samuel Stanford
Sancha De Ayala d 1418
Don Sancho 'el Motila' Lopez De Ayala b 1246
Sancha Fernandez De Barroso b 1282
Sancha Infanta de Castilla b c1155
Dona Sancha Princess and Queen of Leon d 7 NOV 1067
Sancha Infanta de Navarra b c1135
Sancho III King of Castile b 1134/1135
Don Sancho Perez De Gamboa b 1186
Don Sancho II Garces King of Navarra & Pamplona

Don Sancho Garcia Lord De Salzedo, Rico Hombre, fifth Lord of Ayala d 1195
Sancho Senhor Of Velasques Lord of Ayala b 1012
Sandde ou Deheubarth 8th century
Sapienne Rabeau b c1600
Sarah de Beauchamp b c1255
Sarah Lloyd b c1630
Sarah De Monchensi
Sarah Smiton b 1654
Sarah Wodell
Seisyll 10th century
Sibell m Hugues de Montgomery
Sibilla Fowler d 1525
Sibyl see also Sybil
Sibyl de Braiose fl 5 Feb 1227/28
Sibylle of Burgundy
Siegbert 'the Lame' King of Cologne d 509
Siegefrede Prince of Denmark 1st Count of Guisnes
Sigrid living 1126
Sigurd Earl of Northumberland Aka: Siward d 1055
Simon Arcan d 10 December 1733
Simon de Dammartin Count of Aumale d 1239
Simon Martineau m 25 Feb 1726
Simon Martineau m 16 FEB 1789
Simon Martineau dit St-Onge m 1764
Simon de Moreville d c1140
Simon Savard
Simon Savard d 15 AUG 1664
Siomon Airdrigh na hEireann d c477BC
Siorna Airdrigh na hEireann d c569BC
Siward Danish Earl of Northumbria
Smiorgoill 8th century BC
Spondana 7th century
Sprote de Bourgogne b c908
Stephan I of Varasc b c1055
Stephanie of Longwy b 1031
Stephen King of England Aka:Stephen of Blois d 25 Oct 1154
Stephen Alexander Barb� b 25 Nov 1962
Stephen II Count of Blois, Champagne, Brie & Chartres b c1045
Stephen Le Blount m c1196
Stephen de Bretagne Lord of Richmond 12th century
Stephen Wilcox b 6 FEB 1633
Stephen Wilcox b c1670
Stephen Wilcox b c1684
Suanahild Billung d 26 NOV 1014
Suer Perez De Toledo b 1088
Suin 1st century
Sunifred of Urgell of Barcelona
Sunyer I Count of Barcelona d 954
Susanna m Bef 1586 Edward Hutchinson
Susanna Thompson bap 6 Sep 1607
Suzanne Dugast b c1600
Suzanne Lecompte d 24 DEC 1666
Suzanne Pag� b 30 apr 1654
Swanhilde m Charles Martell %Sunnichild
Sybil see also Sibyl
Sybil de Chaworth b 1082
Sybil de Montgomery 11th century
Sybil de Salisbury b 1127
Sybilla b c1048
Sylvain Joseph Gerard B�lair Feb