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Walcheline De Beauchamp d 14 April 1236
Waldrada of Orleans fl 834
Waldrada de Wormgau b c825
Waldrat m Hadrian Count of Orleans
Waleran de Newburgh 4th Earl of Warwick d 24 Dec 1204
Walter De Beauchamp
Walter De Beauchamp b c1153
Walter Le Blount d 1322
Sir Walter Le Blount d 21 July 1403
Walter I de Bolbec
Walter Cantilupe b 1102
Walter II Cantilupe b 1128
Walter Clifford d 1263
Walter de Greene de Boketon b c1217
Walter Lacy d 1085
Walter de Lacy Lord of Meath
Walter 'Fitzedward' de Salisbury b 1100
Sir Walter Talboys b c1351
Waltheof Lord of Allerdale
Waltheof of Northumbria Lord of Bamburgh Aka: Walroef or Siward b 0960
Warin see also Guerin
Warin de Munchensi Lord of Swanscomb
Warinus see also Guerin
Welf I Duke of Altdorf b ABT 0780
Welf I Count of Argengau d bef 876
Wevie de Crepon (Aveline) b c942
Wichmann d c880
Wifred I 'the Hairy' Count of Barcelona & Girona d 907
Wifred II 'Borrel' Count of Barcelona, Girona & Osona d 26 Apr 911
Wigo I Count of Albon d 1075
Wigo II Count of Albon d 1063
Wigo III Count of Albon d 1080-1125
Will Morrison
Willa of Burgundy d bef 14 Jun 929
Willa of Burgundy
Willa of Tuscany d aft 966
Willa of Vienne & Provence d 14 Jun 929
William Count d'Alencon d aft 1148
William I Count of Angoul�me died c962
William II Count of Angoul�me d aft.1028
William III 'Taillefer' Count of Angoul�me d 1118
William IV 'Taillefer' Count of Angoul�me d >1178
William V Count of Auvergne d c1016
William IV Count of Auxonne b 1090/1095
William VIII 'the Toulousan' Count Of Poitou b 1099
Sir William Ayscough d 1456
William d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel d 12 Oct 1176
William d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel & Sussex d 24 Dec 1193
William d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel d Mar 1220/21
Sir William Avenal
William De Beauchamp b c1105
William De Beauchamp b c1130
William De Beauchamp b c1210
William De Beauchamp b 1237
William Le Blount 3rd Baron of Ixworth
William Le Blount
Sir William Le Blount b 1270
William Booth d 20 Oct 1509
William le Botelier Of Wemm b c1250
William Bourne b 1539
William Braose Baron of Bramber b 1049
William de Braiose 1st Lord of Abergavenny b 1126
William de Braiose Lord of Bramber b c1153
Baron William de Braiose Lord of Abegavenny b c1204
William Brownell b 1648
William I Count of Burgundy & Macon b c1024
William de Cantelupe b 1159
William II de Cantelupe b 1180/1185
Baron William de Cantelou b c1216
William Chamberlayne b c1436
William of Champagne
William Comyn 12th century
William Comyn j.u. Earl of Buchan d 1233
William Cope b c1450
William I de Creil Seigneur de Belleme d 1028
William Dryden
William Dyer
William Dyer b Bef 19 Sep 1609
William Engaine d 1130
William de Ferrers 3rd Earl of Derby d 1190
William de Ferrers 4th Earl of Derby b c1168
William de Ferrers 5th Earl of Derby b 1193
Sir William de Ferrers of Groby b c1240
Sir William de Ferrers Lord Ferrers of Groby b 30 Jan 1271/72
William de Fiennes d 1241
Sir William de Fiennes d 1302
William Fitzalan b 1105
William Fitz Osbern de Breteuil 1st Earl of Hereford b c1040
William Fitz Robert de Caen 2nd Earl of Gloucester b 23 Nov 1116
William FitzRoger of Gressinghall, Norfolk
William IV Count of Forcalquier d 1208/1209
William Gascaryk
Sir William Gibthorpe
William Green b c1793
William Greene b 1 Mar 1652/53
William Hamby b 31 Oct 1543
William de Hobrugg 13th century
Sir William de Huntingfield of Frampton b c1165
Sir William de Huntingfield b 24 Aug 1237
William Hutchinson b 14 Aug 1586
William de Longespee Earl of Salisbury b 1176
Sir William de Longespee of Salisbury b c1204
William Malet
Sir William Malet d 1217
William Marbury b c1448
William Marbury b 1524
Sir William Marshal 3rd Earl Of Pembroke b 1146
William Mauduit Baron Mauduit d Apr 1257
William McFarlan
William Nicholson
William Count of Perigord d aft.920
William Peverel Earl of Nottingham
William IV 'Fierabras' Count of Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine b c937
William V Count of Poitiers b c969
William VI Count of Poitiers b c1033
William III 'Talvas' Count of Ponthieu d 30 JUN 1171
William III Count of Ponthieu b 1179
William II Count of Provence b c980
Sir William Raleigh b c1420
William John Reynolds b 27 Sep 1887
William 'FitzPatrick' Earl of Salisbury b c1150
William de Say
William Smiton b c1630
William Swinford
William Talboys
William IV Count of Toulouse b 1040
William III Count of Urgel & Forcalquier d Oct 1129
Sir William de Valence b c1225
William de Warenne Earl of Surrey d 1240
William II de Warenne d 11 May 1138
William III de Warenne 3rd Earl of Warren & Surrey b 1118
William de Warenne Earl of Surrey d 1240
William de Warenne b 1256
William James Young b Jun 1894
William Gordon Harwin Young m 16 Oct 1937
Williswint m Robert Count of Haspengau wid 764
Wladyslaw I Herman Emperor of Poland b c1043
Wulfgrim II Count of Angoul�me d aft.1140
Wulgram III Count of la Marche & Angouleme
Wulgrin Count of Angoul�me d 03 May 0886