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A Grandchild's Heritage - PLANTAGENET Line

Plantagenet Family Crest Plantagenet Family Crest A Grandchild's Heritage
The Plantagenet Line

Plantagenet Encarta Exerpt

Other lines directly linked to Plantagenet through their wives are Anjou, de Montfort,
Beaugency, Normandy, Poitou, Angoul�me, Carcassonne & Castile

Sources are indicated by numbers in [red].

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The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 1

Count Geoffrey of the Gatinais
b 925 Gatinais, France
d >966

Generation No. 2

Count Aubri of the Gatinais
b 950 Gatinais, France
d >990

Generation No. 3

Geoffrey I "Ferreol" Count in the Gatinais; Count of the Chateau-Landon [www1][S590] [S2016]
b c970 Gastinois, France
d 1000

m <999

Beatrice of Macon Aka: Beatrix [www1][S590] [S2016]
dau of Alberic II Count of Macon, Seine-Et-Loire, France
b c974

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The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 4

Count Aubri-Geoffrey II "Ferreol" Count in the Gatinais and of Chateau-Landon [rt9;118-22][rt1,6][hs][www1][S590] [S2016]
Count Of The Gatinais, 1034-1043
RES Gatinais, FR
b c1000, Chateau Landon, Seine-Et-Mame, France
d 1 Apr 1046, Anjou, France

m c1018/1035

Ermengarde of Anjou % Blanch, Blanca [rt9;118-22][rt1,6][hs][S590] [S2016] B&B LINK
b c1010/1015/1018, Anjou, France
d 18/21 Mar 1076, Anjou, France

The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 5

Fulk IV
Fulk IV "le Rechin" Count of Anjou Aka: Foulques (the Bad Tempered, the Rude, the Surly)
[rt1,5,6][rt9;118-23][S590] [S810] [S2016]
b 1033/43, Anjou, France
d 14 Apr 1109, Anjou, France

m (1) 1070

Hildegarde of Baugency

He married (5)

Beatrice of Montfort l'Amauri of Evereux %Bertrada
[rt9;118-23][S590] [S810] [S2016] - B&B LINK
b c1060, Montfort Amaury, Ile de France, France
d 14 Feb 1116, Fontevrault, France

The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 6

Ermengarde & King FULK V "Le Jeune" are half sister/brother.

Countess Ermengarde of Anjou
[rt9;119-24][www30] B&B LINK
daughter of Count FULK IV "le Rechin" & Hildegarde de BAUGENCY
b c1070/1090, Anjou, France
d 1 Jun 1147

m (2)

Alan IV Fergant 4th Duke of Brittany [rt5,6][rt9;39-25][www30] The Conqueror and His Companions LINK
widower of Princess Constance de Normandy of England 1061 - 13 Aug 1090 dau - King William I "The Conqueror" de Normandy of England b c1067
d 13 Oct 1119

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Fergant -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

King Fulk IV
King Fulk V "Le Jeune" the Young Count of Anjou,
King of Jerusalem 1131-43
[rt1,6][rt9;118-24][S11] [S590] [S810] [S2016]
son of Count FULK IV "le Rechin" & Beatrice de MONTFORT
b 1092, Anjou, France
d 10 Nov 1143, Jerusalem

m (1) 11 Jul 1110, France

Ermengard of Maine % Erembourg; Ermenbourge de Mans; ARENBURGA

[rt9;118-24][S11] [S590] [S810] [S2016] B&B LINK
b ABT 1096, Maine, France
d 1126, Maine, France

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The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 7

Geoffrey V Coat of Arms
Geoffrey V 'the Fair' Plantagenet Count of Anjou & Maine
[rt1,5,6][rt9;118-25][S11][S137][S590][S810][S1049][S1112][S1570] Encarta Bio
11TH Count & Duke of Normandy 1129-1150
b 24 Aug 1113, Anjou, France
d 7 Sep 1151, Chateau Du Loire, Eure-Et-Loir, France
int St. Julian's Catheral, Le Mans, France

m 3 Apr 1127/22 May 1127, Le Mans Cathedral, Sarthe, FR

Matilda of Normandy Princess of England

[rt1,6][rt9;1-24][S11][S137][S590][S810][S1049][S1112][S1570] B&B LINK - Encarta Bio
Empress Matilda of Holy Roman Empire, "MAUD" de NORMANDY
b 7 Feb 1101/1104 Royal Palace in Sutton Courtenay (Berkshire) ENG
d 10 Sep 1167/69 Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Franc.
int Fontevrault Abbey

He assigned with Adelaide of Angers [S810]

Child of Geoffrey V 'the Fair' Plantagenet & Empress MATILDA "MAUD" de NORMANDY is King HENRY Anjou II " Curt Mantel" PLANTAGENET.

Child of Geoffrey V 'the Fair' Plantagenet & Adelaide of Angers is HAMELIN Anjou de PLANTAGENET.

The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 8

King Henry Anjou II " Curt Mantel" Plantagenet & Hamelin of Anjou Plantagenet are half brothers.

King Henry II Coat of Arms
Henry II " Curt Mantel" Plantagenet King of England
[rt1,5][rt9;1-25][S11][S137][S443] [S590][S634][S810][S1112][S1570]
Encarta Bio - Americana Bio
Ruled: 25 Oct 1154-1189, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou
b 5/25 Mar 1132/33, Le Mans, France Normandy
d 6 Jul 1189, Assasinated, Chinon Castle, Indre Et Loire, France
BUR: Fontevraud Abbey, Maine Et Loire, France
HENRY II Coat of Arms Gules, three lions passant gardant in pale Or

m (1) Countess Annabel Balliol Aka:IDA [S590]

Child of HENRY II & Countess Annabel Balliol is WILLIAM de LONGESPEE.

m (2) 18 May 1153 Whitsuntide, ENG & Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, FR

Countess Eleanor of Aquitaine aka: l_anore d'Aquitaine, Eleanor of Poitou, (POITERS)
Duchess of Aquitaine, Countess of Saintonge, Angoumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bordeaux, Agen.
[rt1,5,6][rt9;110-26][S11] [S137] [S443] [S590] [S634] [S810] [S1570] B&B LINK - Americana Biography - LEE LINK
Countess Of Saintonge, Angoumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bor
b 1122/1123, Chateau De Belin, Guinne, France
d 3/31 Mar 1204, Fontevraud Abbey, Maine-et-Loire, France
int Fontevraud Abbey, France

Child of HENRY II & Eleanor of Aquitaine is King John I.

Hamelin of Anjou Plantagenet de Warenne 5th Earl of Surrey Viscount of Touraine [rt9;123-26][www5][S810] [S790] [S1033]
'natural' son of Geoffrey V 'the Fair' Plantagenet
b c1130
d 7 May 1202

He married in 1162/April 1164

Isabel de Warenne Countess of Surrey
[rt9;83-26][www5][S810] [S790] B&B LINK
sole daughter & heir of William III de Warenne
b c1136
d 13 Jul 1199 BUR: Chapter House, Lewes Priory, Sussex

Children of Hamelin of Anjou Plantagenet & Isabel de Warenne are Ida (Isabel) Plantagenet, Maud de Warenne & William de Warenne.

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The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 9

Siblings Eleanor of England, John I Lackland & half brother Sir William de Longespee are all ancestors,
as are their cousins Ida (Isabel) Plantagenet & Maud de Warenne & her brother William de Warenne .

Eleanor of England(Daughter of Henry II) [rt1][rt9;110-27]
b 1161/13 OCT 1162 Domfront
d 21/25 Oct 1214 Burgos

m 1169

Alfonso VIII King of Castile [rt1][rt9;113-27]
b 11 NOV 1155 Soria
d 6 OCT 1214 Gutierre .........Munoz

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Castile -> Plantagenet -> Normandy/Clare -> Meschin ->
Mainwaring -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

John I Lackland Coat of Arms
John I Lackland Anjou Plantagenet King of England, Duke of Normandy (Son of Henry II)
Reigned 6 Apr 1199-18 Oct 1216
b 24 Dec 1166/1167, Beaumont Palace, Kings Manorhouse, Oxfordshire, England
d 19 Oct 1216 Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire, Eng
bur Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, England

m (2) 24 Aug 1200 at Bordeaux Castle

Queen Isabella of Angouleme of England Aka: ISABELLA TAILLEFER
OCCUPATION: Acceded: 8 OCT 1200, Westminster, Abbey, London, England
b 1188, Angoul�me, Charente, France
d 31 May 1246, Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France
bur Fontevraud Abbey
Note: 2 husbands - 14 kids

Child of King John I Lackland Anjou Plantagenet & Queen Isabelle of Angouleme is King HENRY III PLANTAGENET.

Child of King JOHN I Lackland Anjou Plantagenet & an unknown mistress is Joan, Princess of Wales.

William Longespee Blazon William de Longespee Earl of Salisbury
LINK - [rt9;30-26]
Natural son of Henry II " Curt Mantel" Plantagenet
Counselor of King John for the Magna Charta
Crusader fought at Bouvines 1214 & Lincoln 1217
b 1176
d 7 Mar 1225/26

He married in 1198

Ela Countess of Salisbury
b 1188 Amesbury, Wiltshire
d 1216

Ida Plantagenet of Lancaster %Isabel (Daughter of Hamelin & Isabel)
[www5][S633] [S790] B&B LINK

She married - Roger de Bigod 2nd Earl of Norfolk ____ - ABT 1221 [www5][S790] [S633] [S1407]
Manor of Thetford in Demesne

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Bigod -> Fitz-Eustace -> Bisset -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Maud de Warenne (Daughter of Hamelin & Isabel) [rt9;123-27]
d c1212

She married (1) Henry D'Eu Count of Eu, Lord of Hastings [rt9;139-27]
d 11 Mar 1183

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Eu -> Lusignan -> Bohun -> Butler -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

William Warenne Blazon William de Warenne Earl of Surrey (1202-1240).
(Son of Hamelin & Isabel)
LINK - [rt9;83-27]
Counselor of King John for the Magna Charta
b 1166
d 1240

m (2) in 1225

Maud Marshall [rt9;69-28;76-28]
d 27 Mar 1248

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The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 10

Half siblingsKing HENRY III PLANTAGENET & Joan, Princess of Wales and their cousin Sir William de Longespee are all ancestors.

Henry III Plantagenet King of England 1216-1272
[rt1,5,6][rt9;1-27][rt15;1-25][S11] [S137] [S418] [S504] [S590] [S810] [S1061] [S1570] Americana Biography
Crowned At Age 9, At Gloucester, On 28 Oct 1216 Reigned 1216-1272
b 1 Oct 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire, ENG
d 16 Nov 1272, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk/Westminister London
BUR: Westminister Abbey, ENG

m 14 Jan 1236/37 Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England

Eleanor of Provence Queen of England 1223 - 24 Jun 1291
[rt1][rt9;11-30][rt15;54-25][S11] [S137] [S504] [S590] [S810] [S1033] [S1570] B&B LINK
OCCUPATION: Acceded: 20 JAN 1236, Westminster Abbey,London,England
b 1217/1223, Aix-En-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France
d 24 Jan/Jun 1291, Amesbury, Co. Wilts, ENG
bur 11 Sep 1291, Ambresbury Monas, Wiltshire, ENG

Crusader - 5th & 7th Crusade Knight William de Longespee Coat of Arms Sir William de Longespee of Salisbury
LINK - [rt9;122-29][S810] [S1123] [S1993]
Knight - Crusader
b 1212
d 8 Feb 1249/50 Palestine
slain 7th Crusade in a battle with the Saracens at Mansoure, Egypt
William de Longespee Coat of Arms, 1266; Azure, six lioncels rampant three, two, one Or

m 1226

Idoine de Camville IODINE
d c1251
[rt9;122-29][HS][S810] [S1123] [S1993]
Daughter & heir of Richard de Camville 1180 - 1226 by Eustacia Basset, dau of Richard Basset

Child of Sir William de Longespee & Idoine de Camville is Ela de Longespee.

Joan Princess of Wales (illeg. daughter of John; Mother not listed) [rt9;27-27;29A-27][rt1]
b well before 1200/1200/1210
d 30 Mar 1236/Feb 1237

She married in 1206

Llewellyn II 'Fawr' 'the Great' ap Iorwerth ou Galles, Prince of North Wales
b 1173, Dolyddelan, Nantconwy, Wales
d 11 Apr 1240, Aberconway Abbey, Carnarvonshire, Wales
BUR: Conway

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Clifford -> Gifford -> Strange -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

John de Warenne Earl of Surrey (Son of William & Maud) [rt9;83-28]
b 1231
d 1305

He married in 1247

Alice de Lusignan Aka:Alfais [rt9;153-29]
d 1291

The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 11

Edward I Edward I "Longshanks" Plantagenet King of England 1272-1307
[rt1,5,6][rt9;1-28;6-28;8-28][rt15;1-24][S11][S137][S273][S418][S440][S504][S539] [S590][S810][S1061][S1531][S1570]
Bio - Encarta Bio
Duke of Aquitaine, 1272
called "Longshanks" as he stood 6'2" tall (documentary film "History of Britain")
Crowned 19 Aug 1272/19 Aug 1274 Upon Return From The 7th Crusade
b 17 Jun 1239, Westminister Abbey, London, Middlesex, ENG
d 8 Jul 1307, Burgh-On-Sands, Near Carlisle, Cumberland, ENG
bur Westminster Abbey, London, Middlesex, ENG

m (1) 18 Oct 1254, Monastery Of Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain

Princess Eleanor of Castile Alianore of Spain
[rt1][rt9;110-30][rt15;52-24][S11] [S137] [S440] [S504] [S539] [S1531]
B&B LINK - Americana Biography - HS LINK
Queen Of England; Acceded: 19 AUG 1274, Westminster Abbey, London, England
b c1242/1244, Castile, Spain
d 29 Nov 1290, Herdeby, Near Grantham, Lincolnshire, Marlborough Castle, ENG
bur Westminster Abbey, ENG

m (2) 8/10 Sep 1299 Princess Marguerite of France (sister of King Philip III of France)

Eleonora de Longespee Aka: Ela
[rt9;122-30][HS][S810] [S1033] B&B LINK
dau of William
RES: of Stratton Audley & Wretchwick, Oxford, ENG
b 1228
d ABT 22 Nov 1299

She married in 1244

James de Audley of Heleigh, Staffordshire %Aldithley
[rt9;122-30][S810] [S1033] [S1123] Crusader
Keeper of the Castle of Newcastle-under-Lynn, 30 Oct 1250, Lord Marcher,
Sheriff of Salop 1261-1262, and Staffordshire 1270-1271, Justicar of Ireland
b c1220, of Heleigh, Stafford, ENG
d c11 Jun 1276, IRE

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

William de Warenne (Son of John & Alice) [rt9;83-27]
b 1256
d 15 Dec 1286 killed in a tournament at Croydon

He married in 1283

Joan de Vere
d 1293

Princess B�atrice Plantagenet of England dau of Henry III
� 25 juin 1242 � Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
� 25 avril 1277 � Londres, Middlesex, Angleterre

� 13 octobre 1260 � Westminster, Angleterre

Jean II Duke de Dreux de Bretagne, Earl of Richmond
� 4 janvier 1238-39 � Lyon, Rh�ne, France
� 18 novembre 1305 � Lyon, Rh�ne

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Dreux -> Ch�tillon/Flanders -> Dampierre -> Craon/Nevers ->
Croy -> Bournel -> Marle -> Baillon -> Miville -> St-Onge -> B�lair

The Plantagenet Line
Generation No. 12

Joan "Of Acre" Anjou Plantagenet Princess of England
[rt1][rt9;8-29][www28][S11] [S440] [S504] [S539] [S810] [S1503] HS LINK - B&B LINK
RES Acre, Israel; London & Suffolk, England
dau of Edward I & Eleanor of Castile
b 1272, Akko (Acre),Hazafon,Israel
d 23 Apr 1307, Clare,Suffolk,England
bur 26 April 1307 Austin Friars' Church, Clare, Suffolk, England

m (1) 30 Apr 1290, Westminster Abbey, England

Sir Gilbert II "The Red" de Clare Baron of Clare
[rt1][rt9;63-30][S11] [S440] [S504] [S539] [S810] Knight
9th Earl of Clare, 6th/7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester
RES: Gloucester, ENG
b 2 Sep 1243, Christ Church, Co. Hants, ENG
d 7 Dec 1295, Monmouth Castle, ENG
bur Tewkesbury, ENG

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Clare -> Meschin ->
Mainwaring -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Elizabeth Plantagenet Princess of England
[rt9;6-29; 7-29]
dau of Edward I & Eleanor of Castile
b 7 August 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales
d 5 May 1316 Quendon, Essex, England
bur 23 May 1316 Walden Abbey, Hartfordshire, England

m 14 Nov 1302

Humphrey de Bohun VIII Earl of Essex, Earl of Hereford [rt9;97-31]
Lord High Constable of England
b 1276
d 16 Mar 1321/22 slain at Boroughbridge

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Bohun -> Butler -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

Lady Alice de Warenne (dau of William & Joan) [1,7,8][rt9;60-31;83-30] B&B LINK
Heiress of Surrey
b c1290, Warren, Sussex, England
d <23 May 1338

She married in 1306 Sir Edmund Fitz Alan 8th Earl of Arundel
[1,5,7,8][rt9;28-32] Knight knighted 22 May 1285
M.P. 1306; Baron Of Oswestry, Co. Salop, Baron Of Clun-(Charlemagne)
b 1 May 1285, Marlborough Castle, Sussex, England
d 17 Nov 1326, (Beheaded) Herefordshire,England

Lineage = Plantagenet -> Fitzalan -> Strange -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

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