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The Schwaben Line

Lineage = Schwaben ->

1 to Greene Schweinfurt -> Poland -> Castile -> Plantagenet -> Normandy/Clare -> Meschin -> Mainwaring -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
2 to Greene Schweinfurt -> Monferrat -> Saluzzo -> Fitzalan -> Strange -> Talbot ->

Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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The Schwaben Line
Generation No. 1

Erchanger I Count of Schwaben (Bavaria)
raised to the dukedom in 915
executed in 917

He married Gisela

The Schwaben Line
Generation No. 2

Kunigunde of Schwaben (Bavaria) HS LINK
d 7 Jun 9??

She married Luitpold Viscount of Ostmark
d 4 JUL 907 Pressburg, Bratislava

Bayern (Bavaria) is a Bundesland, but calls itself a "Freistaat." Bayern is divided into 7 Regions which are Oberfranken, Oberpfalz, Niederbayern, Oberbayern, Unterfranken, Mittlefranken, and Schwaben. Bayern has 71 Kreise, similar to US counties plus Landkreise plus kreisfreie Towns. There are a total of 373 Gemeinden in them - similar to US townships. In addition are 23 Städten - larger cities. Each Gemeinde or Stadt is an administrative division.

Swabia [sway'-bee-uh] (German Schwaben, Latin Suevia), with its capital at Augsburg, was a medieval duchy in the lands now forming southwestern Germany. Its territories covered the area now occupied by Baden-Württemberg (the Black Forest) and parts of western Bavaria (to the Iller River) and northern Switzerland. It owes its importance to its strategic position between the upper reaches of two of Europe's most important rivers, the Danube and the Rhine.

A history of Schwabia LINK.

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