A Grandchild's Heritage - STAFFORD Line

A Grandchild's Heritage

Stafford Crest
Stafford Family Crest
Quarterly, first and fourth France and England quartered within a bordure argent; second and third Or, a chevron gules.

Other lines directly linked to Stafford through their wives are Audley & Ferrers

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Generation No. 1

Baron Edmund de Stafford I 1st Baron Stafford
RES: Stafford, Northumberland, ENG
b 15 JUL 1273 Co. Stafford, ENG
d by 12 Aug 1308

m <1298

Margaret Basset of Drayton [rt9;55-31][rt3][hs34]
Descendant Of Charlemagne
RES: Drayton, Co. Stafford, ENG
d 17 Mar 1336/37

Generation No. 2

Sir Ralph de Stafford
[rt1,3,4,5,6][rt9;55-32][hs34] Knight
Original Member Of The Order of the Garter 23 Apr 1349; M.P. 1337-1349;
II Baron of Tunbridge; 1st Earl of Stafford; M.P. 1337-1349; Stewart of the Royal Household; 1337
Seneschal of Aquitaine, 1345; fought at Crecy; cr. Earl of Stafford, 5 Mar 1350/51;
RES: Stafford, Northumberland, ENG
b 24 Sep 1301, Co. Stafford, ENG
d 31 Aug. 1372, Tunbridge Castle
BUR: Tunbridge Priory, Kent, ENG

He married (1) KATHERINE de HASTANG of Chebsey
d BEF 1336

He married (2) Baroness Margaret of Audley
[rt1,3,4,5,6][rt9;9-31][hs34] HS LINK - B&B LINK - ClarkeKing LINK
RES: Northumberland, ENG
b ABT 1325, Gloucester, ENG
m BEF 6 Jul 1336, ENG
d 16 Sep 1348/7 SEP 1349 ENG
BUR: Tonbridge Priory, Kent, ENG

Ancestral Roots line 9 reads: "31. MARGARET DE AUDLEY, age 18 yrs. bef. 16 Edward III (1343), only dau. and heir; d. 7 Sep. 1349; m. bef. 6 Jul. 1336, SIR RALPH DE STAFFORD, K.G. (55-32), d. Tunbridge Castle, 31 Aug. 1372, M.P. 1337-1349, Baron of Tunbridge, Steward of the Royal Household, 1337, Seneschal of Aquitaine, 1345, fought at Crecy, cr. Earl of Stafford, 5 Mar. 1350/1, K.G., 23 Apr. 1349, son of Edmund de Stafford and MARGARET BASSET (55-31). (CP V 736, XI 101, XII pt. 1 174-177; Banks I 408-411; DNB 53:458)"

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Generation No. 3

Elizabeth de Stafford ABT 1337 - 7 Aug 1375 [rt9;61-33][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531] HS LINK - B&B LINK
widow of FULK le STRANGE ____ - 2 Sep 1349
She was married for the first time with contract, under age thirteen. [MARRIAGE: 1 Mar 1346] He died of the pestilence.
d 7 AUG 1375

She married 19 Oct 1349 Sir John de Ferrers Knt. of Chartley
[rt9;61-33][rt2,3][hs34][S504] [S1531] Knight
Magna Charta Surety & Descendant Of Charlemagne
RES: Chartley Co. Stafford, ENG
b 10 Aug 1331/33, Southoe, Co. Huntingdon
d 3 Apr 1367, Slain At Battle Of Najera

Lineage = Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

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